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Hydro One coming here to install unit--at 7am--and it's NOT raining! LEANJEAN6 14 RAINBOWMF
6/28/17 9:11 P
What a Fun Day Amishing yesterday ! I got fresh tomatoes, collards, peas, peaches, zucchini, pickle CANNINGNANNY 7 GARDENCHRIS
6/28/17 7:46 A
Posted a photo IAN2409 10 GARDENCHRIS
6/28/17 7:45 A
prayers needed -- no change in Dad's condition. 1CRAZYDOG 40 1958TMC
6/28/17 8:18 P
Why is it, every time I start doing something # he SILVER_WOLF1221 9 GARDENCHRIS
6/28/17 7:45 A
Downtown today using TTC ( transit) instead of the car. It made us walk through the subway stations, GGRSPARK 7 GARDENCHRIS
6/28/17 7:44 A
Posted a photo SIMPLY_JAE 14 1DAY-ATA-TIME
6/28/17 7:46 A
Gardening! The great stress reliever! TYMBERWOLFE 11 WALLAHALLA
6/28/17 10:37 A
Got up early and went to the gym, which as a night person is not fun for me! But, surprisingly I fe CINDYTW963 2 GARDENCHRIS
6/28/17 7:43 A
Posted a photo EDWARDS1411 12 GARDENCHRIS
6/28/17 7:43 A
Good Morning Friends, cheering you all on for a great Wednesday ahead... JUDITH316 27 JAMER123
6/29/17 12:14 A
I'm feeling like a million bucks! JSTETSER 32 -RUBIES-
6/29/17 1:19 A
It's sunny and lookin' good outside--for now! LEANJEAN6 19 RAINBOWMF
6/28/17 9:11 P
6/29/17 1:24 A
Paraprosdokian Wheel of Hangman SASSYJAY 13265 PAMBWS
6/28/17 6:06 A
6/28/17 8:08 A
Oh my goodness ! I'm getting so much support and friendly comment and chat it has made the world of GGRSPARK 6 GARDENCHRIS
6/27/17 7:01 A
6/27/17 7:01 A
Hubby asked, "Why do you waste so much time on that site (Spark people)?" Sadly, he doesn't get it. GMAM48 4 GARDENCHRIS
6/27/17 7:00 A
Posted a photo LEANJEAN6 26 RAINBOWMF
6/28/17 9:13 P
Just posted a new blog. Oh Sheet! I Am in Love. SKYDRAKE 7 GODS-PRINCESS
6/27/17 9:55 A
Whole wheat toast, fresh picked tomato (first one WALKIN4JEANIE 9 GARDENCHRIS
6/27/17 6:59 A
Food prepping and logging my food tonight! Setting myself up for success, even though I don't feel CINDYTW963 3 GARDENCHRIS
6/27/17 6:58 A
I'm using my summer vacation to enjoy Red Sox baseball, eat healthier, exercise more, and spend time JSTETSER 16 LIS193
6/27/17 11:38 A
Posted a photo JUDITH316 15 PICKIE98
6/27/17 7:47 A
Slow walk with the Labracadabrador in the 90 degree heat. Whew! BONNIEMARGAY 15 SPARKLINGME176
6/27/17 4:06 P
Going out for my run after I Spark JSTETSER 18 EJOY-EVELYN
6/28/17 9:11 P
This Week is my 1st full week I am on Summer Break..Let's Have a Successful Summer ahead in meeting JUDITH316 25 JAMER123
6/27/17 11:37 P
6/26/17 9:34 P
My reward to myself for today was going to the gym. Had a woman come up to me with a genuine smile a SILVER_WOLF1221 18 CLAYARTLIFE
6/28/17 10:07 P
Worked outside all day. It is getting ready to rain or I would still be out there. Feels good to be WALKIN4JEANIE 4 GARDENCHRIS
6/26/17 7:20 A
I have bananas just getting overripe by the minute. I love banana bread but want a middle of the roa GGRSPARK 9 JUDEDEL
6/26/17 10:02 A
Recent events had me thinking I should quit blogging until I got support from others, friends and ne GGRSPARK 15 JUDEDEL
6/26/17 9:53 A
Hey everyone, it's been a long time since I got on Spark. I spent all day going back and forth betwe MISSAMY72 9 MISSAMY72
6/26/17 8:50 A
Better finish the spring cleaning now that it's summer! BONNIEMARGAY 6 GARDENCHRIS
6/26/17 7:15 A
Had a lovely salad with avocado for dinner... LESLIELENORE 5 MBPP50
6/26/17 7:21 A
My sweet Labracadabrador helps me find the good stuff. BONNIEMARGAY 4 GARDENCHRIS
6/26/17 7:14 A
Posted a photo HICKOK-HALEY 20 BERRY4
6/27/17 2:02 P
Its Monday! I am going to try getting back on the minitramp this morning! Wish me luck!! WALKIN4JEANIE 6 GABY1948
6/26/17 8:51 A
6/27/17 4:44 A
Habits For Health and Fitness 52BINCE 164 2BDYNAMIC
6/25/17 9:20 P
First weigh in is tomorrow. Nervous, but excited. Even if the scale doesn't move I already noticed I SILVER_WOLF1221 3 GARDENCHRIS
6/25/17 11:58 A
Hours today doing windows, installing air conditioner , and clearing up the mess now. GGRSPARK 2 GARDENCHRIS
6/25/17 11:58 A
Posted a photo EDWARDS1411 11 GARDENCHRIS
6/25/17 11:57 A
Yesterday I went to my first vintage baseball game. What a great time it was! The theme was from JSTETSER 32 BURBANOVSKY
6/28/17 4:34 P
Get up, run, beautiful sunrise, thank you Lord, run, run, eat, shower, drive, now setting up sound a SLYDE-GLYDER 3 GARDENCHRIS
6/25/17 11:55 A
I am doing much better today. (I fell in the hotel shower on Friday morning.) Taking a rest day yes WALKIN4JEANIE 10 CANDISMITH1983
6/26/17 1:38 P
Today Is a Good Day for A Good Day !!! :} CANNINGNANNY 7 LIVEDAILY
6/25/17 9:35 P
God's Blessings on your Day and Week ahead... JUDITH316 27 JOHNWBROCKSR777
6/26/17 1:31 P
I cant do anything jarring to my muscles yet, so I worked out in the yard. It feels good to get in a WALKIN4JEANIE 4 PICKIE98
6/26/17 6:36 A
First weigh in...down 4.6 pounds. I know it won't always be like this but I'm happy. Now I just have SILVER_WOLF1221 8 GARDENCHRIS
6/25/17 11:52 A
To-day I SHALL spark a great day---I HOPE! LEANJEAN6 36 RAINBOWMF
6/28/17 9:14 P
6/28/17 8:09 A
6/25/17 2:21 A
After months of ' just fitting it in ' and standing , walking and stretching whenever I could , I ha GGRSPARK 8 GARDENCHRIS
6/24/17 9:06 A
6/24/17 9:06 A
This day is going to be a good Spark Day--Positive thoughts here! --WE CAN do this! LEANJEAN6 14 CATS_MEOW_0911
6/24/17 1:21 P
When I need to make readjustments to my lifestyle to accommodate circumstance the foundations of hea LESLIELENORE 6 GARDENCHRIS
6/24/17 9:05 A
Posted a photo EDWARDS1411 6 JUDY1676
6/24/17 10:01 A
Walking through the June gloom at the bay with the Labracadabrador. BONNIEMARGAY 12 CIERAPOET
6/24/17 9:14 A
#motivate GLAMNGLOWDIVA 8 LIS193
6/24/17 12:00 P
I have been really unfocused and unmotivated to lose weight, but I realized I have 3 weeks until my CINDYTW963 5 DOTSLADY
6/26/17 1:15 P
Good Morning World !!! :} Chicken Salad Roll Ups with celery and carrots CANNINGNANNY 13 PICKIE98
6/24/17 2:51 P
Well it has been a very bad week. Temps in 105 to 112. Had a power line pop. This started a grass fi REDDYOUNG 15 NANCYANNE55
6/24/17 2:46 P
It's a lovely sunny day here!--- LEANJEAN6 37 RAINBOWMF
6/28/17 9:15 P
6/28/17 8:10 A
Today is bill paying day, finish the laundry, sew a pillow cover (yesterday, I sewed a curtain for t CANNINGNANNY 4 GARDENCHRIS
6/23/17 7:10 A
Wiping sweat off my face. But first, let me take a selfie.🤳 i asked my friend what i should do with SILVER_WOLF1221 5 GARDENCHRIS
6/23/17 7:09 A
#motivate GLAMNGLOWDIVA 13 LIS193
6/24/17 12:03 P
Rocked out to Tina Turner for 50 minutes! ... Felt awesome .. 2BDYNAMIC 29 MIRAGE727
6/23/17 12:36 P
Have a Blessed Day and Weekend ahead! JUDITH316 15 JAMER123
6/23/17 11:58 P
Thank God for Little Boys! JSTETSER 25 MCJULIEO
6/24/17 9:30 A
Thanks all for your support especially since I have been dealing with an Arthritic and Psoriasis out JUDITH316 16 SILVAS7
6/24/17 9:04 P
Blasted arthritic hip started bothering me last night having had months of no discomfort. Positive s NEW-CAZ 28 _RAMONA
6/24/17 2:02 A
Just realized I recently crossed the 2 year point with Spark People. Down 55 lbs and maintaining. SLYDE-GLYDER 7 STOPPLAYING2011
6/22/17 10:31 P

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