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Beck Blue Summer Reading Challenge FOUNTOFBLESSING 210 PHOENIX1949
7/22/17 9:13 P
Just drove to the rehab center where my dad is and back (1 hr each way) without buying any fast food GAILITCH 5 OSONIYE
7/8/17 5:35 A
Still fighting to get under 200 BEXCANDO 226 MIRAGE727
6/21/17 4:52 P
Discovered matcha powder for green breakfast smoothies GAILITCH 1 GAILITCH
6/12/17 9:40 P
The Starbucks smoked turkey protein box is a nice little lunch for under 350 cal when unexpectedly o GAILITCH 1 GAILITCH
6/3/17 1:39 P
TGIF!! Thought we could use a good smile!! Be str DANCIN2ANEWME 14 FUNNYFACE101002
5/20/17 7:04 P
8lbs down this month and finally feeling okay about my body (enough to take this pic this morning)af J15723 43 J15723
5/15/17 11:49 P
Today is the check point for my first goal. I started this process in September and my goal was to g LEEANNA79 242 MDOWER1
5/6/17 8:45 A
7/16/17 2:09 P
Used a new machine in the gym yesterday. Saw this meme in my FB feed, and though I can relate this MARZBARZ1 12 LEEWORD
4/30/17 11:45 A
It was 5 pounds easier going to the Friday work meeting upstairs than it was 2 weeks ago! GAILITCH 7 DTHOR6
4/29/17 9:26 A
What are your "must have" grocery items! PDLSTMPR1 115 KRYS210
6/1/17 3:16 P
5 more lbs down thats a total of 295lbs since Jan 2015!! I used to see all the commercials, lose 20l GPALMER29 276 SMOORE146
5/18/17 2:49 P
5/15/17 2:58 P
March Chat Thread CJBAGGINS 113 SOPHIEDO13
5/1/17 9:33 P
did you pray ELIZACG9 579 ELIZACG9
7/22/17 10:06 A
When you are craving pizza. Cauliflower bbq crust with bacon, red onions and jalapeños as my toppin RBCAN8V 14 NILLABEAN22
4/7/17 4:04 P
A year ago compared to today. Now i see the changes. HUFFELPOWELL16 72 DLJONES50
4/7/17 8:07 P
I am not able to exercise due to bad knees. Looking towards surgery soon. Not sure what to do regard IRISANDCHUCK 6 DAWNIEHEATHER78
3/25/17 11:05 P
2 years, 5 months. That's how long it took me to lose 117 pounds. No gimmicks, no quick fixes, no CARRIEB1011 282 BEVIEG41
3/18/17 5:28 P
My goal is to get to 127lbs currently 138lbs...its hard but I won't give up... FITNESSCHIC007 196 AQUA_CAT
7/22/17 12:12 P
Intentions for the 42nd 54-Day Rosary Novena CJBAGGINS 17 CJBAGGINS
3/21/17 12:43 A
What are you reading? ACHRISTIANGIRL 8377 SUITABLE
7/22/17 5:53 A
Did you overeat yesterday? LUNACELTA 140151 LWLAR7
7/23/17 2:50 A
I was giving a head of cabbage, and I have no idea what to do with it! SUMMERFODRIE 20 MELATREE45
3/1/17 9:17 P
I've been using the fat blocker Alli and I must say it is amazing. Since Jan 18th I'm down 15 pounds RJSHELLY729 14 STORM5920
3/1/17 7:33 P
Lent has begun and so has my personal challenge. No TV. No coffee. No straying from the diet. I 1888MICHELLE 3 DEBBIE1993
3/1/17 9:01 P
4/9/17 2:57 P
Novena for Priests February 14 - 22, 2017 CJBAGGINS 16 SLOWMO42
2/22/17 10:45 P
Why did I volunteer to bring cupcakes to work tomorrow to celebrate my colleague/tutor's wedding? It GAILITCH 25 NAOMI_ACOSTA
1/22/17 6:17 P
Anyone have any #advice on cutting back on #alcohol? I've been drinking heavily a few days week for CURVESNKISSES 23 VIVI65
1/22/17 8:50 A
Good Morning my spark friends have a great and strong day BIGRENTMAN 17 J38850
1/16/17 9:03 A
Online Sponsors for OA with SP in common. CRAZY_CAROLLYNN 20 NERDYSACGIRL
6/22/17 9:15 A
1/11/17 1:07 P
Some mom at the gym got mad at me cause I asked if I could use the treadmill their kid was SITTING o CAITIEHALL94 11 DIZZYBRITCHES
1/2/17 7:24 P
So I'm getting married on Friday!! One of the things my guy and I are doing all year for our first y MTTRAVELS 19 DIZZYBRITCHES
1/2/17 7:22 P
Just got a really nasty comment on my profile. I just deleted it, but I thought Spark was supposed t MAGLITE7 11 WANNACANHAVEIT
1/2/17 7:10 P
Week 1,Research and planning. Decluttering my living spaces and cabinets. #newyearnewme 7THDAYBEAUTY 5 JANEEZ4
1/3/17 8:11 A
Everyone who is new to SP, this app saved my life and has helped me tremendously. I began 11/13/16 LEXIGENE 31 LISAMARIE2015
1/2/17 9:42 A
Happy new year everyone 😘 CALLMEKK1993 13 MSMAKEOVER
1/1/17 6:31 P
I picked up a pair of size 12 jeans today during a thrift store shopping spree. Omg, they actually SSMITH762 438 KANHIOTE
3/8/17 1:40 P
Merry Christmas! This years present, starting weig MISSYKITTY0912 28 SAPHIRA70
1/1/17 7:25 A
Wow, today is an awfull day. So far I have eaten o TZPRESCILLA 21 JADAMUS24
12/25/16 10:49 P
I went digging thru clothes for something that fit MMRSMILES25 12 WLMNGIRL4
12/25/16 6:23 P
Wanted something nice to wear to church today, but COCOAGOAL 28 BANANASLOUIE7
12/25/16 9:41 P
Odd question, I am not able to make a blog post, has not worked in 2 days...Hmmm anyone have a solut LADYARTIST41 6 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
12/25/16 4:04 P
I use a rollator to move around and I have been walking around the house 3 times join commercial w SFRANKE7 4 ELJAYBOLAY
12/20/16 11:23 A
What have people been doing that really helps with DEBC82 48 VIVI65
12/21/16 9:28 A
I have fallen behind with tracking my meals the la FSPADE 12 SMYERS840
12/20/16 11:34 A
I am such a Grinch!! Just got a healthy streak going (food, exercise, budgeting) and want to just sk GAILITCH 9 DIZZYBRITCHES
12/20/16 11:31 A
Mom made dairy free sugar cookies today so I could KITSUNEMOMMY 4 MRSBKM
12/20/16 6:19 A
So here it is, the tears are flowing again because SUEMARIE513 18 GAILITCH
12/20/16 6:16 A
Ok feeling good and on track! Wore my size 10 pan YSILIBRA1 38 FYRAM45
1/2/17 11:02 A
I'm new here. I'm coming from a very disappointing JOANNABEERS 22 RAYEANN51
12/20/16 7:14 P
What are some of your coping strategies for emotio PEARSNFL 34 MELLIEGO
12/20/16 6:36 A
I think this calorie counter may be off. One avoc MICHAELALLEN74 10 SANSANDY1
12/20/16 11:59 A
Almost three months ago I committed to changing my MBPOPOCA 56 LMCBEE53081
12/20/16 10:30 A
I was just diagnosed diabetic. I have no idea wher CASSANDRA888I 22 1935MARY
3/28/17 6:45 P
Today is a work carry-in... I am packing my lunch JLMEVIS 6 LADYARTIST41
12/20/16 8:14 A
Last day of work before Christmas! I hope I can get everything finished that I want to, but it's als SHAPEUPCHELLE 8 LADYARTIST41
12/20/16 8:14 A
Im only down 11 pounds but to me that is a wonderf HMCSWEENE 81 K55814
1/4/17 9:48 A
What are you Grateful for today?? JILLYMAUI 820 KPHEALTHY4LIFE
7/21/17 12:24 P
December 2016 JANINE8969 17 NELLJONES
12/20/16 8:53 A
Happy Sunday everyone enjoy CHOCOLATE487 8 IMAWRKNPROGRESS
11/6/16 9:45 A
My weight keeps going up and down, I just got off THEJACKIEDEAN12 32 THEJACKIEDEAN12
11/9/16 10:33 A
What are y'all eating today!? Anyone following a s KIKI4888 6 TRINITYSCOTT58
11/6/16 10:18 A
I am a disabled woman in a chair looking for fitne GAMBIGIRL 11 AJISUUN
11/6/16 10:13 A
My aunt passed away early this morning. We were so ANTHROPOLOGY1 42 COLORADOBUMKIN
11/6/16 7:58 P
I went to the grocery store and they had put out t DWILK67 40 BABYGURL45
11/6/16 1:39 A
Today I started tracking my food again! I also ate IAMWORTHIT1113 9 IMAWRKNPROGRESS
11/1/16 2:52 P
So upset today. I was talking to hubby and told hi SUEMARIE513 61 DEJALABE1
11/2/16 7:59 P
I'm going to ask what may be a stupid question but ANTHROPOLOGY1 25 DAWNIEHEATHER78
11/1/16 5:18 P
Any one else suffering from Halloween candy in the SCUDDMISSILE 14 LATREALEILAND
11/1/16 2:45 P
Resetting tonight, this minute, at 9:30 pm after a GAILITCH 4 JLYNN559
10/24/16 10:21 P
Today the office food pusher insisted I take lefto GAILITCH 24 SHODGE23
10/19/16 6:28 P

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