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It's 2:30 in the morning. Can't sleep. Hungry. EDNAEDWIN 16 EDNAEDWIN
9/26/16 9:25 A
Hello all. I am 63 years old and 280 pounds. I hav JULIEMACK 84 RALFBIRD
9/27/16 2:14 P
Well I'm new at this, but I figured I should start DEESIMPSON 11 CTEA88
9/24/16 6:52 A
Today is my Birthday!!!! And my gift to myself is MSFIGGY 71 NELSANNA
9/28/16 3:35 A
After turning 50 the pounds just started creeping on. Ready to make some changes in my life. On da GRUMPYOLGAL 15 DOLLYMELISSA
9/24/16 6:36 A
Well today is the day...... I see my baby girl wa SEPT2016 18 THIS2WILPASS
9/24/16 8:31 A
I have tracked food and exercise for a week now!!! GAILITCH 17 JLAA33
9/11/16 1:48 P
I'm WORTH the time it takes me to get healthy! 😊 So many people want to lose weight fast... the VANSRUFUS 25 DAPHINIJIMENEZ
9/11/16 2:27 P
What is a good diet for me? I had open heart surge CURRISSA0711 30 CURRISSA0711
9/7/16 9:02 A
Got a new (beautifully clean) car last week and it GAILITCH 8 BMCC488
9/7/16 9:02 A
I am feeling really down last couple days. I don't HEALTHYME1969 14 LORNABURKE5664
9/7/16 10:22 A
Did good last night!!! Had an (I'm going over my c TORRIESJOURNEY 21 WHYTEBROWN
9/7/16 11:01 A
Hi everyone! I hope all are hanging in there! Today I had knee surgery( meniscus) I feel good, but I DELILAC51 6 PURPLEROSES08
9/6/16 11:50 P
Lost 34.5 pounds to date with no weight gain from MENTEBELLA 28 PENNYDOTY
9/11/16 1:33 P
So day one (again) is done and I'm proud to say I DWILK67 4 GAILITCH
9/6/16 8:30 P
Picking up the pieces after being blindsided with JUSTDOIT885 39 RALPHDB
9/13/16 12:39 A
Happy Labor Day/Monday y'all! I'm thankful today t MSDELTAGIRL 7 VIVI65
9/6/16 10:45 A
#lowcarb. I need to lose 200 Pound's. I am for lo JOSHBROWN 66 GAT174
9/12/16 10:18 P
Last week I gave away several old belts that are t IVANHOE64 11 SMARKO5
9/5/16 12:31 P
#streak Since Feb, regained 35 of 50 lbs lost because I stopped tracking food and exercise. Don't ca GAILITCH 3 GAILITCH
9/5/16 12:21 P
I have a NSV to announce! I just received the test GOMYMICHELLE 21 SONIA_THORNTON
9/5/16 1:20 P
#twinlife #babyweightisreal I need to loose 100 po MH20619 8 TSHAWGER
9/5/16 12:23 P
How often do you weigh yourself? #weightcheck COCOA38 87 GOMYMICHELLE
9/11/16 10:58 A
How many times is too many to start over? Uugghhh HORTON0212 31 CINNAMONSPARKLE
8/24/16 10:05 A
So I am pretty new, forgive me if this seems like C93483 20 MISHACHANGE
8/24/16 9:44 A
Been feeling depressed and not wanting to get out LUHNA023 14 GAILITCH
8/24/16 9:20 A
So excited 17lbs down! My husband is 14lbs down. D63783 19 MEHMIMI
8/21/16 11:20 P
I have had 2 good days of tracking what I eat. I f MRSFIT1016 6 BOBBI913
8/21/16 10:57 P
My son got married last weekend and I was so busy DWILK67 3 GAILITCH
8/21/16 10:11 P
This week I lost 3 and a half pounds, I am very pr LITTLEHAMMR1 37 PUREAWESOMEMESS
8/21/16 11:40 P
Hoping MSFIGGY checks in tonight. #PrayersForTurkey GAILITCH 6 GAILITCH
8/21/16 3:54 P
Question: who is good at accepting criticisim and SAB1926 9 BIGRENTMAN
8/21/16 3:48 P
Just wanted to give a shout-out to our admins, who GAILITCH 6 GAILITCH
8/21/16 3:36 P
Advice needed! Trying to rid a flea infestation in LUHNA023 20 WICKEDGARDEN
8/24/16 2:40 A
Any suggestions for getting my water intake for th DBROOKS5513 20 CHERRYMCJONES
8/21/16 3:21 P
Just started using this app pretty cool AYALATORREZ 14 DUNLAPNAT
8/21/16 3:24 P
Just wanted to give a shout-out to our admins, who GAILITCH 3 DUNLAPNAT
8/21/16 3:23 P
Walked 1 mile with Leslie. Feel good. #exercise #Fitness SWEATGAGIRL 24 BECCA0327
8/21/16 11:04 A
Getting #backontrack! I've been slogging through a GOODBYEADIPOSE 8 GOODBYEADIPOSE
8/22/16 11:04 A
One last supply run to Target & I'll be leaving my ENDUROVET 5 GAILITCH
8/21/16 10:34 A
I used family visiting as an excuse to eat beyond JACKIETILLEY 7 GAILITCH
8/21/16 10:31 A
I been having trouble staying focus last couple days with alot of stuff going on but I am back need CHRISSYWEBB1988 28 GAILITCH
8/21/16 10:29 A
I love this app thanks for all the support everyon CHRISSYWEBB1988 6 TWEDEE777
8/21/16 10:27 A
Friends? I'm new here & am wondering abt how the BROKENWING2005 11 STEPHFRY47
8/22/16 9:31 A
What are you doing today? Off to water slides wit JACQUELINE2010 11 S_MHANCOCK
8/21/16 10:50 A
So I get on the scale this morning. I am now down GETNHEALTHYDAD 14 CMFRYE
8/21/16 11:20 A
What is one thing your looking forward too, after MKPARKE77 62 DIZZYBRITCHES
8/21/16 4:11 P
Six mile speed walk DEBSANKS 4 SATURNPOET
8/21/16 9:54 A
So frustrated right now. Just finished my weekly w LOLAHH 31 DONNASCOTT57
8/22/16 2:43 A
Miskeyed my weight entry. Can I fix it? Sp now s BROKENWING2005 5 GAILITCH
8/21/16 9:53 A
Finally broke 200 199 today! It's been over a year OBLIVIONESS 86 CURA37
8/22/16 6:26 A
I lost 2.9 pounds this week!!! More importantly I KRISTIMOMMY 64 CHIFFVON
9/2/16 9:03 P
Week 6: down 4pounds Total 17😄 SANJASJOURNEY 24 NAYNAE23
8/21/16 3:15 P
Why is it sooooo hard to drink water out of a cup, but easy to drink it out of a bottle? I drink up B59155 9 GAILITCH
8/21/16 9:39 A
Anyone else wake up and think it's the wrong day? SSMITH762 15 DIZZYBRITCHES
8/21/16 10:17 A
First day on a long journey to a better me. CARTLICH2012 14 JLAA33
8/21/16 9:36 A
What does everyone do for a living? SOULOFFIRE15 440 INKPHIENDEE
9/28/16 12:21 P
Ugh. When depression and anxiety tell you to go bu BECCA5158 13 BECCA5158
6/17/16 11:38 A
So my family has recently been going through a bum KIMMYKAT253 5 DANIELLEBREEN
7/13/16 10:47 P
Hi spark people, I am reaching out to anyone who DSMILE2000 35 GENESLITTLEGIRL
6/19/16 10:45 A
Tiredness plays a big part in how much of a good d SHAPEUPCHELLE 15 MMMBUJI6
6/17/16 8:36 A
You know what? I'm gonna be frank. I overeat my ca MOLLYKNICKS 14 GAILITCH
6/17/16 7:04 A
Good morning everyone! And happy Sunday. I need s SUBEEDOO22 6 GAILITCH
6/5/16 11:51 A
I struggle to get on treadmill and know it will make me feel good and lose weight. I promise myself BHART64 18 REE7REE
6/5/16 12:04 P
Any recommendations on some healthy but tasty dess BEKAW0816 16 BEKAW0816
6/6/16 10:18 A
Not sure how to handle this..on may 19th I was wei PEGGYDIA 10 GAILITCH
5/30/16 8:15 A
Weighed in this morning at 229 first time under 23 DAVISGONZALEZ90 33 JUJU5252
5/28/16 8:57 A
I haven't been here in a long time! I needed a res THEARTOFMEGAN 22 AOKDIET21
5/24/16 1:55 P
Started on my birthday last year. 71 lbs down. 6 SAFTANOMI 16 BANANASLOUIE7
5/24/16 7:31 A
Feeling a little low this morning. I know I have t DEBI0119 13 MAGGIEB1971
5/24/16 7:49 A
So I've been trying spark for a 3 days, didn't rea LIZI1984 13 LPATRICK0
5/9/16 2:58 P
Can anyone give me some tips on starting to meal p ALAGOS7 7 DIZZYBRITCHES
5/7/16 1:48 P
Got my waist measured during my yearly health screen and the lady wrote down 38"!!! I thought it was TORRIESJOURNEY 6 GAILITCH
5/3/16 5:28 P
Any excuse to get to 10k steps on my fitbit. Danci TUM2YUM 7 GOINGLOTTIE
5/3/16 8:37 P
I refocused my goals and priorities and started re KIERSTENELLA 7 TBREID
5/3/16 5:26 P

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