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Happy Sunday everyone enjoy CHOCOLATE487 8 IMAWRKNPROGRESS
11/6/16 9:45 A
My weight keeps going up and down, I just got off THEJACKIEDEAN12 32 THEJACKIEDEAN12
11/9/16 10:33 A
What are y'all eating today!? Anyone following a s KIKI4888 6 TRINITYSCOTT58
11/6/16 10:18 A
I am a disabled woman in a chair looking for fitne GAMBIGIRL 11 AJISUUN
11/6/16 10:13 A
My aunt passed away early this morning. We were so ANTHROPOLOGY1 42 COLORADOBUMKIN
11/6/16 7:58 P
I went to the grocery store and they had put out t DWILK67 40 BABYGURL45
11/6/16 1:39 A
Today I started tracking my food again! I also ate IAMWORTHIT1113 9 IMAWRKNPROGRESS
11/1/16 2:52 P
So upset today. I was talking to hubby and told hi SUEMARIE513 61 DEJALABE1
11/2/16 7:59 P
I'm going to ask what may be a stupid question but ANTHROPOLOGY1 25 DAWNIEHEATHER78
11/1/16 5:18 P
Any one else suffering from Halloween candy in the SCUDDMISSILE 14 LATREALEILAND
11/1/16 2:45 P
Resetting tonight, this minute, at 9:30 pm after a GAILITCH 4 JLYNN559
10/24/16 10:21 P
Today the office food pusher insisted I take lefto GAILITCH 24 SHODGE23
10/19/16 6:28 P
I love peanuts so much and I live with someone tha OMOKHAFE 11 CTEA88
10/20/16 7:42 A
Yay! Lost 1.2 lbs this week! #slowandsteady ; good morning everyone! Have a blessed day and don't le SUCHADIVA215 44 SUCHADIVA215
10/21/16 11:12 P
A 3-hr Java programming midterm this afternoon. Di GAILITCH 12 GAILITCH
10/18/16 1:12 P
What are you Grateful for today?? JILLYMAUI 772 SWEETPEA1399
12/8/16 12:58 P
Anyone know of any meal replacement shakes with no BBOTKIN 8 BANANASLOUIE7
10/16/16 3:49 A
I've just become so depressed lately I can barely SHAY321_321 20 PEPPER444
10/16/16 12:29 P
October 2016 JANINE8969 14 SWEETPEA1399
10/25/16 3:57 P
Quiz: What triggers your addiction? ELLENOIR80 49 JANINE8969
10/23/16 9:35 A
My family did the name calling growing up and they GOODELL96 14 GOODELL96
10/13/16 11:11 P
I am STARRVVVING! What snacks do you all use that' JACQUIEB75 55 LTRINH9
10/14/16 4:36 A
Who did 12335 steps today this girl right here. !! NICKY4338 9 JIGGLYBUTT43
10/13/16 10:08 P
Went over my carb goal for today, but it was only MINACARR36 8 BIGRENTMAN
10/13/16 9:31 P
I don't share my weight with any friends or family FRIENDSFIRSTKIM 49 DREAMSOFWONDER
10/13/16 9:24 P
My pet mouse passed away today. I got him when he CAITIEHALL94 8 BIGRENTMAN
10/13/16 9:33 P
We had to leave ran from hurricane Matthew I hope NICKY4338 18 NICKY4338
10/13/16 2:50 P
I lost two kilos after 1 month of simple workout a JONARCHO 9 FAYESTRAUF
10/13/16 10:43 A
Been at this for about 6 months and have lost 35 p LIGHTDRIVEN 34 VICTORIAFITZ
10/13/16 8:08 P
So, i eat too much fat and not enough protein. Wha MFITZPATANDMAG1 45 DENA2017
10/12/16 10:30 P
Hey everyone - it's nearing the end of the first d MLULU6 31 RTNOTE1960
10/13/16 8:18 A
Starting tomorrow I've been so off track and just GREEN99EYEZ 11 DIZZYBRITCHES
10/13/16 10:51 A
Did not pull through Tim Horton's on my way from w GAILITCH 3 DENA2017
10/12/16 10:30 P
I know it will get easier, with habit, than the re GAILITCH 21 DENA2017
10/12/16 10:27 P
Nearly hit target last month & last week was meant GEORGIE2PORGIE 8 KAYLYH
10/12/16 7:08 P
Hi has anyone tried overeaters anonymous or the FA COCOBEE2016 6 GAILITCH
10/12/16 3:43 P
11/6/16 10:13 P
10/12/16 9:27 A
My fiance and I are getting married in May and I w CFRADY5989 65 LMCBEE53081
10/13/16 2:09 P
Hi Im a newbie. Have to get my diabetes in check. HEYIMDI1 12 GAILITCH
10/11/16 10:39 P
I had a quesadilla salad from pollo tropical thinking its healthy come to find it's 1000 cals. All i GABY9327 21 GAILITCH
10/11/16 10:28 P
10/10/16 5:38 P
Recovery from relapse MICHELLEJARV 5 GAILITCH
10/10/16 3:20 P
Newcomers! Introduce yourself here! JANINE8969 520 KEAKMAN
12/5/16 10:45 P
Still dealing with the aftermath of hurricane Matt QUARTERMASTER3 5 BABYGURL45
10/9/16 2:25 P
How often does everyone weigh in. I drive myself c SPELLSJENNIFER 58 KIMYTIME4CHANGE
10/9/16 3:34 P
I did it! Weighed in today and have officially joined ONEderland! Spark friends, lets keep it up! KAYDIAHENDERSON 47 VANILLASKY15
10/10/16 1:37 P
Do you log in house work in exercise? MADILYNEVE 19 KIMBERLY6664
10/9/16 3:27 P
First day and I already screwed up. We went to Ji JHANLEY4139 13 BYGEM68
10/9/16 8:52 P
Help, been messing up the last two weeks. No track FRANZEN21 16 CHRISTYGN0
10/9/16 7:08 P
Oh-kay! I need my motivation back. After emotional MSFIGGY 24 TWEETIEBIRDIE
10/11/16 3:43 A
I just spent 5 minutes running around my kitchen table being chased by my boys (4 & 2 yrs old) ... o VANSRUFUS 38 JACKITRIPLETT
10/9/16 11:34 A
I am starting nicotine patches today so I am a lit MULROARA 6 GAILITCH
10/9/16 11:17 A
I'M SO HUNGRY TODAY! I already messed up 3 times t AWITTYNAME 21 MADILYNEVE
10/9/16 11:20 A
Hurricane has completely upset my fitness routine SARITARIUS 10 PAREEMATTOX
10/9/16 10:40 A
Today is my Birthday!!!! And my gift to myself is MSFIGGY 83 PAREEMATTOX
10/9/16 10:40 A
Just finished menu planning & grocery shopping for GAILITCH 10 KRYSTALLE68
10/8/16 6:01 P
It's 2:30 in the morning. Can't sleep. Hungry. EDNAEDWIN 16 EDNAEDWIN
9/26/16 9:25 A
Hello all. I am 63 years old and 280 pounds. I hav JULIEMACK 84 RALFBIRD
9/27/16 2:14 P
Well I'm new at this, but I figured I should start DEESIMPSON 11 CTEA88
9/24/16 6:52 A
After turning 50 the pounds just started creeping on. Ready to make some changes in my life. On da GRUMPYOLGAL 15 DOLLYMELISSA
9/24/16 6:36 A
Well today is the day...... I see my baby girl wa SEPT2016 18 THIS2WILPASS
9/24/16 8:31 A
I have tracked food and exercise for a week now!!! GAILITCH 17 JLAA33
9/11/16 1:48 P
I'm WORTH the time it takes me to get healthy! 😊 So many people want to lose weight fast... the VANSRUFUS 25 DAPHINIJIMENEZ
9/11/16 2:27 P
What is a good diet for me? I had open heart surge CURRISSA0711 30 CURRISSA0711
9/7/16 9:02 A
Got a new (beautifully clean) car last week and it GAILITCH 8 BMCC488
9/7/16 9:02 A
I am feeling really down last couple days. I don't HEALTHYME1969 14 LORNABURKE5664
9/7/16 10:22 A
Did good last night!!! Had an (I'm going over my c TORRIESJOURNEY 21 WHYTEBROWN
9/7/16 11:01 A
Hi everyone! I hope all are hanging in there! Today I had knee surgery( meniscus) I feel good, but I DELILAC51 6 PURPLEROSES08
9/6/16 11:50 P
Lost 34.5 pounds to date with no weight gain from MENTEBELLA 28 PENNYDOTY
9/11/16 1:33 P
So day one (again) is done and I'm proud to say I DWILK67 4 GAILITCH
9/6/16 8:30 P
Picking up the pieces after being blindsided with JUSTDOIT885 43 MERCIKALEB
11/30/16 10:06 P
Happy Labor Day/Monday y'all! I'm thankful today t MSDELTAGIRL 7 VIVI65
9/6/16 10:45 A
#lowcarb. I need to lose 200 Pound's. I am for lo JOSHBROWN 66 GAT174
9/12/16 10:18 P
Last week I gave away several old belts that are t IVANHOE64 11 SMARKO5
9/5/16 12:31 P

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