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Hoping MSFIGGY checks in tonight. #PrayersForTurkey GAILITCH 5 NAOMI_ACOSTA
7/16/16 5:00 P
What does everyone do for a living? SOULOFFIRE15 270 LITTLEPITCHER
7/17/16 8:10 A
Ugh. When depression and anxiety tell you to go bu BECCA5158 13 BECCA5158
6/17/16 11:38 A
So my family has recently been going through a bum KIMMYKAT253 5 DANIELLEBREEN
7/13/16 10:47 P
Hi spark people, I am reaching out to anyone who DSMILE2000 35 GENESLITTLEGIRL
6/19/16 10:45 A
Tiredness plays a big part in how much of a good d SHAPEUPCHELLE 15 MMMBUJI6
6/17/16 8:36 A
You know what? I'm gonna be frank. I overeat my ca MOLLYKNICKS 14 GAILITCH
6/17/16 7:04 A
Good morning everyone! And happy Sunday. I need s SUBEEDOO22 6 GAILITCH
6/5/16 11:51 A
I struggle to get on treadmill and know it will make me feel good and lose weight. I promise myself BHART64 18 REE7REE
6/5/16 12:04 P
Any recommendations on some healthy but tasty dess BEKAW0816 16 BEKAW0816
6/6/16 10:18 A
Not sure how to handle this..on may 19th I was wei PEGGYDIA 10 GAILITCH
5/30/16 8:15 A
Weighed in this morning at 229 first time under 23 DAVISGONZALEZ90 33 JUJU5252
5/28/16 8:57 A
I haven't been here in a long time! I needed a res THEARTOFMEGAN 22 AOKDIET21
5/24/16 1:55 P
Started on my birthday last year. 71 lbs down. 6 SAFTANOMI 16 BANANASLOUIE7
5/24/16 7:31 A
Feeling a little low this morning. I know I have t DEBI0119 13 MAGGIEB1971
5/24/16 7:49 A
So I've been trying spark for a 3 days, didn't rea LIZI1984 13 LPATRICK0
5/9/16 2:58 P
Can anyone give me some tips on starting to meal p ALAGOS7 7 DIZZYBRITCHES
5/7/16 1:48 P
Got my waist measured during my yearly health screen and the lady wrote down 38"!!! I thought it was TORRIESJOURNEY 6 GAILITCH
5/3/16 5:28 P
I refocused my goals and priorities and started re KIERSTENELLA 7 TBREID
5/3/16 5:26 P
Any excuse to get to 10k steps on my fitbit. Danci TUM2YUM 7 GOINGLOTTIE
5/3/16 8:37 P
iOS App update crashing on launch? Edit: Try un/reinstall! iPhone 6, App updated last night (May 3), COLINDABRITZ 17 GAILITCH
5/3/16 5:17 P
Going crazy! Finals this week and next working 12 KUMASKITTY 5 HAD1148
5/3/16 5:23 P
Down 100 pounds as of this morning! Thank you eve ABCDOPEY 126 LORIEGIRL213
5/3/16 5:28 P
Revamping my goals. Setting myself up to lose 5 lb EMMAYBEE 9 EMMAYBEE
5/3/16 4:39 P
I just ate an entire package of cookies, and I did BREAKINCHAINS16 48 VALWARREN
4/30/16 8:51 P
First day tracking food in about 2 months. It give GAILITCH 7 CYCLE3815
4/30/16 6:43 P
It was cupcake day at work today. 17 flavors of cu BEACHROSE1965 66 SHERRIWEBS
4/30/16 8:27 A
How can a burger contain 770 cals? OMG! I am freak SANAABUBACKER 45 SANAABUBACKER
5/2/16 9:03 A
Yesterday was a tough day a close friend of mine w MICAH1992 60 REBEQUE21
5/1/16 10:53 A
What is your Ravelry ID? BDTEACH3197 1005 USMAWIFE
7/3/16 2:38 P
I love all of your Sparkpeople names! They are som TEAGIRL49 86 TIFFFIT
2/20/16 8:02 A
Working on recovering from a sinus and ear infecti NAOMI_ACOSTA 24 EKUCH03
2/16/16 9:25 P
Been going to the gym and counting my calories for XXVIC3TORIUSXX 19 CGODIN0
2/12/16 9:15 A
I love meeting new people. Dont care how old you a TASHA_NAE 27 TASHA_NAE
3/25/16 8:34 P
I am 5'4" and have 171 lbs to lose. I'm looking to MDMW78 30 PUNK-RIOT
2/12/16 4:19 P
Lost another pound. 😀 I know it's mostly water BEAR14GSB 13 GSABASS
2/12/16 8:33 A
Why hello size 12 jeans! Haven't had you on in a w JSTRUSS 28 DGORTMAN
2/12/16 10:00 A
I had a goal for today and nailed it I got 6000 st FUNNYFACE101002 9 NUTTYMCGILLICUD
2/11/16 8:44 A
I've been trying since the beginning of January to SYARGER3 28 MSANKS
2/11/16 9:46 A
I'm really struggling with my comfort and binge ea EPASLAWSK 12 GSABASS
2/11/16 8:37 A
So if your trying to keep your meals in the 500 ra GOLD1ELOCKS 7 CATHYPHELAN
2/11/16 8:27 A
Tough fighting the mindless boredom eating while d TRINA0TRUDEAU 15 TRINA0TRUDEAU
2/8/16 8:46 A
Hi, I'm new to this program. I had my son when I w ROBERD12 41 PJM1968
2/20/16 8:25 P
Just found the app today. Went to the grocery stor CCLINE536 21 DRBARNETT
2/7/16 10:56 P
My weight lose specialist have me on a no sugar(in DERAY24 51 DERAY24
2/8/16 12:21 A
Difficult convo with daughter. Life seems hard wit GAILITCH 4 DIZZYBRITCHES
2/7/16 2:40 P
Im trying to lose 89lbs by dec. 1. Anyone got any CLEZAMETA 18 IDESERVESUCCESS
2/15/16 5:39 P
I just logged 930 calories from ONE MEAL! OMG!!!!! RGEHMAN5 45 SAFTANOMI
2/6/16 9:05 P
Right now I please NEED PRAYERS for my friend Ryan KAMARO83 38 ROZIE7
2/6/16 6:30 P
I hate what is happening. I can no longer access SKIDEE 18 SPARK_MERLE
2/6/16 8:35 P
I got a FitBit last night -- brought it home-- and SCATANO 18 ADFUGATE
2/6/16 9:45 P
I have trouble eating 3 meals a day. And now it's KTURNER48 27 LOOKINGLASS58
2/6/16 10:22 A
I just joined here since needing AMYJO98032 5 GSABASS
2/5/16 9:08 P
Starting today i am giving up on pop. Any suggest MATTSGIRL290 18 GSABASS
2/5/16 9:07 P
This is my 5th day in a row of 1 or less mt dew a JUSTINWYATT1205 8 GAILITCH
2/5/16 8:18 P
Do you think it's a good idea to drink whey protei ANGEL107107 3 KEATYBANANAS
2/5/16 8:18 P
What do I do if I'm on my period? Girls help me. SHADYTHOJ 9 GAILITCH
2/5/16 8:15 P
I have gone 31 days with no alcohol! I just haveI SKYJEWEL726 11 MMELEDY82
2/5/16 9:08 P
My Fitbit estimates that I should be eating more c PCVCHRISTINE 7 PCVCHRISTINE
2/6/16 8:16 A
GOD IS WONDERFUL! My mri of the kidneys came bac TINA34S 19 PBOYD3
2/5/16 8:05 P
Dinner time! Even my picky eater loves the spaghet SHELBAAYY22 4 SHELBAAYY22
2/5/16 7:51 P
I need help on what to eat for breakfast, lunch nd ROLANDO47GEE 13 RPEOT1221
2/5/16 9:22 P
What are you doing for super bowl? How will you s BLESSINGS2016 11 GAILITCH
2/5/16 5:31 A
Began working out today, have 100 lbs to go. Reali KIMMYKAT253 20 GAILITCH
2/5/16 5:29 A
Day 4 =Success!! Each day is getting better!! I s KASSFRAZIER5 10 HETTA1949
2/5/16 8:07 A
Howdy all! Just want to say I am happy that I have MZTBLUZ 3 LULUBFN
2/4/16 3:20 P
Is it bad to stay under your daily calories....and SAMANTHABAGZ 13 CHINEDD
2/4/16 6:03 P
Been an emotional in law very sick KKELLEY64 13 AMBERHELMS23
2/4/16 4:15 P
Not feeling very good today. I want to work out b BR1974 14 BHARRISONO
2/4/16 6:47 P
Family is coming over for dinner tonight, any sugg MBARRON9 10 JPARKER73
2/4/16 10:29 P
What to do if I keep feeling hungry today? LJOSE5 17 JU5TEIVANITY
2/4/16 3:08 P
Is anyone else not a veggie eater? And please don' RPWILSON55 35 MOMTOMYRTLE
2/12/16 9:30 A
OK so goal was to lose 10lbs January month and I o LUVLEE1982 26 SIXLESTER69
2/2/16 3:47 P
How long does it take for you to start noticing a TIFFANY1089 16 GAILITCH
2/2/16 2:50 P
I see so much shame and regret in people starting GOSPELFAN 10 WINTERFLOWER
2/2/16 3:18 P

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