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Over 10,000 steps, and found three geocaches with my son while on vacation. A great day! And if you GRATTECIELLA 17 PATRICIA-CR
6/24/17 1:22 P
This is pre-surgery at 290 lbs. JANE0213 10 INPRAYER
6/23/17 10:10 P
Tonight's dinner: 3 oz. of veal, small ear of fresh sweet corn, small red potato. 368 calories GREEN-EYED-LADY 12 WFTGATL
6/23/17 10:51 P
Getting there... KJKELLEY920 24 CANDY_ANNE
6/23/17 10:53 P
Posted a photo SMCCOMBS17 12 KMILLER31
6/23/17 10:05 P
Almost too pretty to eat. Almost..... NEWLIFE210 12 _RAMONA
6/24/17 2:32 A
I finally made it to ONEderland! Yaaaay me! AURORA91 259 SAN47BEE
6/24/17 2:10 A
General Discussion Thread IAMWINNING 4819 APFJOMOGURL
6/24/17 9:25 A
WHEEL spark points YOU earned today..? NAN041 8087 SRIVERS1
6/23/17 8:52 P
Hello eve1, well i went to my doc and i lost another 2lbs. Here's my dinner wheat noodles an A49238 13 REEDSKI
6/23/17 3:46 A
All my foster kittens! ITHILDRIEL 12 4CONNIESHEALTH
6/23/17 8:50 A
Thursday workout: Jessica Smith 30 min day burning. 3441 steps 334 cals Total 9114 steps 748 cals. B MIMIGEE2 10 1DAY-ATA-TIME
6/23/17 12:38 P
I know this isn't really a good way to measure but I go base off my moleπŸ˜‚ I've come a long way in SWOODALL14 15 SWOODALL14
6/23/17 12:42 A
I am drenched in sweat and absolutely disgusting right now, but I just ran five miles. FIVE FREAKING KBEGEY 71 KARENWILL2
6/23/17 1:16 A
A friend gave me this today...makes sense! RHOOK20047 15 MBPP50
6/23/17 7:29 A
I decided to buy myself a promise ring as I am working on learning to love myself. It is a real diam MS_JOEY70 100 CLPT1969
6/23/17 4:58 A
Same shirt just two years and 300 lbs difference!! Keep climbing those mountains, you will fall down GPALMER29 201 CAJUNGAL328
6/23/17 8:28 P
Yesterday I posted that I had reached the two year mark of walking 10,000 steps or more per day. So WILEYTJ 8 PRYTANIAS
6/21/17 11:29 P
Another good day!! 300 lbs gone and keeping it gone!! Push yourself you can do alot more then you th GPALMER29 9 CASTALLCARES1
6/22/17 12:51 P
I had to walk a mile tonight while someone got to ride his fourwheeler lol how unfair! Lol LISA0801 6 AMBER461
6/21/17 9:37 P
It's what's for lunch tomorrow. The lemons are for my water. RAYMOSSISTER 8 RAYMOSSISTER
6/22/17 8:05 P
A little busy today: I decided to squeeze in a quick walk to the downtown market to get locally grow COMEBACKKID12 19 CGARR442
6/22/17 10:40 P
Great day today 😊Never give up, stay strong no matter what that scale says your body is smiling at MYAN1959 6 AMBER461
6/21/17 9:33 P
This is just what we picked tonight from our garden! All the tomatoes went into homemade salsa. LORBAN8 102 _RAMONA
6/22/17 5:01 A
I was getting a little discouraged by my current plateau so I decided to look through some old pics. SBABEYTA1 136 YMWONG22
6/22/17 4:14 A
Pesto garlic chicken with green beans and grape tomatoes. It's about 450 calories. And tastes pretty SGTMIKED 8 PINKPIXY22
6/22/17 2:08 A
I reached my goal today. 40 lbs gone since the start of the year. I was 205 now I'm 165. Never give DAVIDPROPHET 213 IMRAN99
6/22/17 2:46 A
No gym today just walked did pretty good HENNYFLOW29 5 FROSTY99
6/20/17 11:04 P
Dinner tonight. Chicken taco salad without taco shells. Only 265 calories. SHANAHALL82 17 ANGIELO24
6/20/17 11:23 P
Despite an unexpected late arrival home I surfed those negative thoughts and got 12 miles on the bik TMARIE856 4 FROSTY99
6/20/17 11:03 P
6/20/17 11:33 P
Motivation moment RHOOK20047 12 MBPP50
6/21/17 7:45 A
Made it 40 minutes tomorrow I will make it an hour πŸ’ͺπŸ‘Š LKEILS 9 LITTLEGOGO
6/20/17 11:33 P
Did you have a good Tuesday? My highlight was basketball with my son. How about you? Today's blog SPARKGUY 70 SHOAPIE
6/21/17 9:28 P
32 pounds gone :) many more to go but I can see and feel a difference in my clothes now! BECKY_US 111 MARINEMAMA
6/21/17 7:15 A
I did it!! 2 years straight (365+365=730days) of walking at least 10,000 steps a day!! WILEYTJ 166 MARINEMAMA
6/21/17 7:14 A
Posted a goal WALLAHALLA 5 BJK1961
6/22/17 10:16 P
I was 280 and I quite smoking cigarettes and gaine AMBERCOOK2 21 AMBERCOOK2
6/20/17 7:18 A
Motivation moment.... RHOOK20047 15 MBPP50
6/20/17 7:24 A
After the storm, a beautiful sky awaited! MITCHSTA1232 9 PICKIE98
6/20/17 6:37 A
Mommys lil Angel KK691322 16 NANCYANND55
6/19/17 11:17 P
I've lost 107lbs. and have maintained for a year. Now saving and planning for a tummy tuck, 😁. THUTCH65 87 MADEINBRITAIN
6/21/17 3:02 A
So I started on March 20th (pic on left) and pic on right is Father's day. Lost total of 55 lbs...n LOOSE1303 178 KAMAHULME
6/20/17 3:56 A
well this is my first day at a new life/ I am so tired of feeling bad about myself and not wanting DEBI4151 180 VIV1914
6/20/17 1:33 P
356-260 Currently 247 JENNIANN625 210 VIV1914
6/20/17 1:31 P
I am a new member and my goal weight is 175lbs. My current weight is 280lbs. I am ready for this jou 4YOLUNDA1 147 VIV1914
6/20/17 1:32 P
Just got back from a 22-day road trip that included Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Oklah INITFORLIFE3 5 FROSTY99
6/18/17 3:51 P
Yay!! Down this week another .8 lbs. Down 43.4 overall! Just 8.6 to goal. JULESANA8818 15 FROSTY99
6/18/17 3:51 P
Yesterday was a day on the lake. TANGOJAVA43068 13 FROSTY99
6/18/17 3:51 P
Today a baby fawn visits my walking path. TANGOJAVA43068 16 DBAKER571
6/18/17 4:54 P
Haha. I try not to do that too often NAZYTEACH 12 LEH93420
6/18/17 4:50 P
Small chicken salad. With grapes around150-200 calories TOMBENAVIDEZ 25 STOPPLAYING2011
6/18/17 4:26 P
Celebrating change with 45 pounds gone and 124" total gone from my body! Every step and every inch c NATIVEDESIRES 19 RETAT60
6/18/17 5:46 P
Preparing in bulk, my dinners, Pork with broccoli (and cabbage and carrots) stir fry!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„ COMEBACKKID12 11 CGARR442
6/18/17 10:40 P
Doesn't look too bad! It's my first time attempting to meal prep for the week. I also made a cilantr ADUKE6 10 SILVAS7
6/18/17 3:54 P
So true, NOMI_822 4 ASF220
6/18/17 4:17 P
One month difference! Scale didn't move much but you can see a clear change in posture and inches lo CHERIBERRIES 51 MDOWER1
6/18/17 6:57 P
Started at 288 a year ago and now down to 183. My MISTYNOEL3 171 MANDAWOLFEY
6/18/17 5:18 P
Well, I just joined the other day! My goal is to l JUDYB15 20 CINDA11
6/17/17 6:54 P
Day 11 of my diet and I've lost 6pounds . I'm feeling confident and have so much more energy now. O MAMAJOJO73 2 FROSTY99
6/17/17 1:41 P
6/17/17 2:25 P
I am on day 4 of Keto. My energy is starting to build and I feel amazing! The inflammation that I n GETTINFIT130 3 MRSMCSKINNY
6/17/17 4:14 P
Busted my record for a bike ride this year. Almost 36 miles in 2 hours and 48 minutes. Almost 1800 MHEDIN63 8 DRINKALOTH2O
6/17/17 1:52 P
Here is my unorthodox method for waking up on time, and not hitting the snooze. 1. Get a cat. Or MEREDITHJW 10 JEANNETTE59
6/17/17 2:27 P
I'm officially OUT of the "obese" bmi category!!!!!!! I'm so pumped! STARGAZ3R 87 DANICONNOLLY
6/17/17 5:01 P
FINALLY!! After a 3 week plateau, I have dropped and reached the 20 pounds gone mark! My first mini KAGE5209 222 GORDONED
6/17/17 10:32 P
Could use some TLC. In the past 6 months, I've lost my mother, a cousin, a 2nd cousin, my father las SUSANSKI 12 GLORYB83
6/17/17 6:56 A
Don't know why I've eaten such junk for so many years when eating healthful foods is so delicious! # LKMANNING7 17 WFTGATL
6/16/17 10:52 P
I'm loving kayaking GYPSY-SOUL1 35 FROSTY99
6/16/17 9:20 P
Posted a photo DGFOWLER 4 FOXBAY99
6/16/17 9:25 P
My homemade ice cream made from chopped strawberr C61873 11 SISTERDEAR
6/16/17 9:53 P
Sooo... here goes. I still have a LONG way to go, but here are my before and afters from YouV2. Not AHUTCHENS714 16 SOOZIE12
6/16/17 10:02 P
My 9 year old son cooked me a cheese and spinach q HEADNOTTAIL 45 KARENC69
6/16/17 11:14 P
Enjoying a beautiful evening paddleboarding. LME412 24 JDCRAWFORD73
6/16/17 11:46 P
Inches starting to show. Had been very hard to reduce the waist line IMRAN99 105 CIERAPOET
6/17/17 2:06 P

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