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...Have much to give thanks to Him for ...::: 2BDYNAMIC 18 IAMAGEMLOVER
11/23/17 9:05 A
So yesterday was a rest day because I'm feeling so sick! But I'm back to the gym today!๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ˜ TARAMARTINEZ201 5 APPLEVEE
11/22/17 7:32 P
Too funny!!!! AMYMBUNCH 11 ORTATK
11/22/17 7:13 P
Posted a photo PCOH051610 10 MISTRESSOHORROR
11/23/17 8:25 A
Amazing how many calories you burn cleaning a bedroomโ€”Iโ€™m pooped! THESKINNYFOX 9 MONEYSTRETCHER
11/23/17 12:18 A
Mindless eating came to visit... I showed it out the back door. Bye bye ๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™€๏ธ ZOOMTHOM 10 SIMPLYKEN32
11/23/17 2:02 A
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Wishing you and your friends and families the best in health,happiness JUSTSTICKWITHIT 27 MISTRESSOHORROR
11/23/17 8:24 A
How is everyone handling Thanksgiving ?? Are you eating whatever you want or watching portions?? SANDYGG75 15 ITSAPROCESS
11/22/17 8:57 P
So because I'm working the next three days my daughter and I had our Thanksgiving dinner tonight and REESEK65 19 AKROXIE
11/22/17 10:16 P
Making tremendous progress! IDASO6 45 NOCALORIES
11/22/17 10:56 P
My new jeans are SIZE 16! Down from size 24. Tears of joy! SCAREDOFSCALE 157 DIGIT00
11/23/17 7:37 A
#BeforeAndAfter wonder how many pounds I have to lose to get a back with no creases?! lol. I'm close MADISONGREB 25 DININA48MN
11/22/17 3:54 A
I made my Christmas jam today. I give it out as gifts. Strawberry and cranberries.. pretty and yummy MBLANKFORD 22 SKMINNY
11/22/17 9:08 P
11/21/17 8:43 P
Really like this quote. I live by these words everyday. POGIRL17 19 MISTRESSOHORROR
11/22/17 8:43 A
21k steps in today! Yay! Trying to save some calories for Turkey Day lol! CMRKSU12 3 FROSTY99
11/21/17 8:41 P
Not as good as yesterday but I'll take it! Hope everyone had a great day! KENNYBARBIE12 15 BLUEJEAN99
11/22/17 1:48 A
#BeforeAndAfter feeling great! 1HOTGRANNY 139 MDOWER1
11/22/17 11:10 A
230 pounds down to 171 JNICKLIN89 187 ZRIE014
11/22/17 1:05 A
Note to self.... RHOOK20047 12 MBPP50
11/21/17 5:37 A
Cut my hair to donate today! CARINA640 28 PENDILA
11/20/17 11:42 P
Today is a very good day because I finally jogged 3 miles, plus I walked 2 more miles ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜. MICAELASANGUINO 28 DAIZYSTARLITE
11/20/17 10:45 P
This is what my husband sent me today. Iโ€™m so thankful that I have him in my life. He has keep me on 71PAMMY 13 GARDENCHRIS
11/21/17 6:56 A
Decided today would be different! Working on my last bottle of water to wrap up my water goal IWILLRISEUP86 14 KHSAMFLUTE
11/20/17 11:34 P
We just got a call. My sister in laws going to have another full body scan tomorrow. They think they BEVERLY1501 43 NANCYANND55
11/21/17 10:03 A
Simple healthy veggie forward dinner! GRATTECIELLA 15 SKEMERICH
11/21/17 9:44 A
Ate a half bag of bbq fritos,wasted my walk.... Gotta do better!! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 35 1CRAZYDOG
11/21/17 4:55 P
#BeforeAndAfter HENNYFLOW29 122 LORINTY
11/21/17 12:19 P
86 more pounds to go and 12 sizes i am just wanting to get to my size i was before i got pregnant wi LINGOD2010 7 FROSTY99
11/19/17 6:54 P
The "Before" photos. :) BRIDGETYATES 27 FROSTY99
11/19/17 6:53 P
Look at what I found today! I may still have bat wings, but my bat wings have muscles! PAM120800 25 EVILCECIL
11/20/17 7:23 A
Cleaned house this morning now at urgent care for me and my man. I hope everything goes well. LINGOD2010 6 LINGOD2010
11/19/17 11:31 P
I didn't walk like always I did yard work this afternoon and I felt twice as good when I got done. POLAR63 9 MISTRESSOHORROR
11/20/17 7:58 A
So I really need a boost I am trying to at the verry least get back to 220, if not 200 by march, bec NEKOMINI 5 NOCALORIES
11/19/17 9:32 P
I made a Fathead dough inspired #keto ravioli. It was very yummy but I'm now inspired to do an empan KSTEVERSON 26 ELLYMAE66
11/21/17 6:36 P
#BeforeAndAfter im very proud of myself. LINGOD2010 52 LARKDC
11/19/17 8:10 P
Thankful for my windbreaker and a beautiful place to walk my 5 miles today. DJJSTONE 17 NOCALORIES
11/19/17 9:29 P
hope you all had a safe healthy Sunday TRAILWALKERJO54 22 KITT52
11/21/17 11:44 A
By going to the Illumination Celebration at Peddler's Village last night, I not only achieved, but s POGIRL17 18 FROSTY99
11/18/17 8:34 P
White chicken chili MRSBKM 8 FROSTY99
11/18/17 8:33 P
It's been a good day! :) ANISIA_ 9 FROSTY99
11/18/17 8:32 P
December 2016 - november2017 ALBERTSMOM 12 MONEYSTRETCHER
11/18/17 9:23 P
Itโ€™s been good to get outside the last few days to hike. QUETZALGIRL 13 QUETZALGIRL
11/19/17 8:37 A
Long run day completed! KELELAEW 10 MPLSKEN
11/19/17 12:35 A
Posted a photo CAROLINAGIRL69 11 MOGLO
11/18/17 11:47 P
Dinner is served: grilled chicken collard greens onions and garlic. Well worth the wait on these gre TMP0418 22 CONSTANCE067
11/19/17 10:22 A
My highest weight and my current weight. I started losing weight seriously a year after that photo w GOODFELINE 165 LORINTY
11/21/17 12:21 P
I'm down 53lbs and only a pound away from under 200! #beforeandafter LIL1IAN 62 JAZZPUPPY
11/17/17 9:41 P
Have a great night everyone. Thanks for your help and encouragement. JUSTSTICKWITHIT 29 EVILCECIL
11/18/17 7:08 A
Best NSV ever. My wedding ring fits again. (Yes, they're sapphires) NADINE200 31 52114ME
11/17/17 10:12 P
12 lbs down since 10/12/17! #CrushingThisKetoLife PUMPHREY_NICOLE 18 ALLYLIZZY
11/17/17 9:50 P
Prepping for next week. Hardboiled eggs on the stove. Have to have #ketolicious food ready! #keto #k JACKIREI 14 COOKWITHME65
11/19/17 11:13 A
How's this for dedication this is my wife and I for dinner .. hard boiled eggs Black olives Peperoni STATONJAMES4 12 COLLEEN2016
11/17/17 9:17 P
Britt and Travis June 10 2017 TRAPPER2002 24 DIALYSISCHIC1
11/17/17 9:44 P
Home made dressing Paprika, ms dash olive oil B30112 22 HAPPIHOME
11/17/17 9:35 P
I didnโ€™t feeling like walking tonight, but I managed to get my ass up & walk 3.3 miles โ€œis what it i LISA1273 13 SMSUZIEQ36
11/17/17 11:19 P
๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Back when I got my license I was 165 and did what I was gonna be TEMPORARY LIE and said 145, TREE 12 ANGELA-105
11/19/17 6:13 P
I guess one thing good came out of being obnoxiously sick for a good week ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ im still thanking go CWEST4973 13 FROSTY99
11/16/17 9:37 P
today's hike...a little to the south so back to late fall scenery ; yesterday's snow was a little to SWEDE_SU 8 BESSHAILE
11/18/17 6:51 A
I'm starting over after losing near 78 lbs.... ive gained it all back and then some. Headed to the g STARCROSSED29 25 BEATRIZ269
11/16/17 11:58 P
Goal met!!! Now to start a new one:-) MLSSA33 25 COURTENAYE
11/17/17 12:32 A
I ate a salad from Wal-Mart for lunch. I have had them before but today it SUCKED. So gross but I at BROKEN89 20 INSPIRED26
11/17/17 10:24 A
Better workout day today! And Almost Friday yea! Hope everyone is having a great day! KENNYBARBIE12 9 MPLSKEN
11/17/17 12:28 A
Didnt meet my goal but atleast I kept moving today. TAMMIE_R 15 TAMMIE_R
11/17/17 9:32 P
I wasn't going to post this cause it's not much but this is huge for me and I'm proud. I thank you TMP0418 97 INSPIRED26
11/17/17 10:05 A
a winter walk in the woods SWEDE_SU 21 SHOCOSS
11/17/17 11:05 A
Saw this today while walking the Deemie. Rain in the valley in Reno! Snow up on the mountain already DEEMIE 6 FROSTY99
11/15/17 10:26 P
Beautiful sky tonight. It looks like itโ€™s on fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ CGARR442 27 IVANHOE64
11/17/17 9:38 P
Dinner tonight: spaghetti squash, broccoli, cauliflower, and ham. SISTER0614 14 FROSTY99
11/15/17 10:25 P
Hubby and I got rid of our old kitchen table and hauled up this table from the basement I got from m KENNYBARBIE12 12 -POOKIE-
11/16/17 2:51 A
Ready to kick this plateaus butt! Its been 5 weeks since I lost any weight and I know I need to get CPTNHOWDY4 8 IRONADONIS
11/15/17 11:15 P
I can't believe i let my weight get away from me. I am 217.8 lbs currently and after today will neve FAMEJAMECASH 34 JGR642
11/16/17 1:34 P
Todayโ€™s trip at jcrew - Iโ€™m a 10!!!! 214 to 145 ! MOMS3KIDS 123 MYTIMEAW8Z
11/16/17 9:12 A
Found a magical place on an impromptu lunchtime walk. NICCIS44 75 JGR642
11/16/17 1:33 P
So proud of my grandson-he has lost 102 lbs in the past year. His wife has lost 75. They are showi FROSTY99 9 JUDITHANNIE
11/16/17 7:57 A