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Come chat with us on the Front Porch! LADYHYJINX 4294 FLASUN
7/25/17 5:17 A
7/25/17 4:49 A
7/25/17 4:39 A
7/25/17 2:56 A
Our Grandson Moshe enjoying his summer time!!! Would love to be there with him. FLASUN 12 JAMER123
7/25/17 12:18 A
7/23/17 5:35 P
Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Sunday!!! FLASUN 23 FOXBAY99
7/24/17 12:00 A
7/24/17 5:13 P
#deliciousdailymoment GLORYB83 27 KITT52
7/23/17 5:43 P
Yesterday my fitbit ended up with 13,844 steps and 5.51 Miles of walking!!! Night out with dancing FLASUN 11 JAMER123
7/23/17 12:07 A
Our beautiful daughter & crazy/funny Grandson!! Just wish we could see them more!!! (Brooklyn, NY) FLASUN 18 FLASUN
7/21/17 5:07 A
Believe it! GLORYB83 33 JAMER123
7/21/17 10:35 P
#deliciousdailymoment Our youngest granddaughter in her 2nd play, Peter Pan. She is brave girl, Lion JAMER123 15 DAWNWATERWOMAN
7/21/17 8:37 P
Wishing you all a Fantastic Day & Weekend ahead JUDITH316 17 4CONNIESHEALTH
7/21/17 11:14 P
Hot heat warnings all day in San Antonio Texas area -3:00 am and real feel temperature with humidity AOKDIET21 15 MRSBKM
7/21/17 9:44 A
Our cute 5 month old Grandson doing his Yoga !!!!! Never to early to start!!! FLASUN 18 CGARR442
7/21/17 11:25 P
Neighbors Avocado's on tree ...getting bigger...ready for my Salad!! How do you like your Avocado's? FLASUN 24 JAMER123
7/20/17 12:44 A
My daughter loves an Ap on her phone to make these cute pictures!!! Enjoying everyone sent to me!!! FLASUN 12 JAMER123
7/18/17 11:30 P
Our Grandson Moshe had a wonderful time with his parents at the Beach yesterday!!! FLASUN 14 MILLER-S
7/17/17 10:39 P
7-15-17 Today was 3.5 hours of walking in nature & 1 hour of swimming. All before 10am. The heat has SPARKLINGME176 21 SPARKLINGME176
7/18/17 3:46 P
Hope you have a relaxing Sunday!! Need to go out for our walk soon -weather still HOT this early in FLASUN 18 JUDY1676
7/16/17 11:49 P
Boy today is a challenge!! I'm running on lack of sleep and have to work late to boot! No rest for t NANCYANND55 11 FLASUN
7/15/17 9:10 A
We had another Great Friday night of Dancing....Jeffrey James Gang played some older Southern Rock & FLASUN 16 FOXBAY99
7/15/17 11:30 P
My BFF got me this beautiful pillow and bag yesterday...We watch her Mini Schnauzer for her when she FLASUN 18 JAMER123
7/15/17 12:10 A
I did this in water coloring class. FOXBAY99 12 FLASUN
7/13/17 5:22 A
Does anyone else enjoy making "Fairy Gardens?" I finally tried one out and think it looks pretty cu FLASUN 19 JAMER123
7/13/17 10:48 P
Our HEARTS belong to these two adorable grandsons!!! FLASUN 21 JAMER123
7/12/17 11:49 P
Our 5 month old grandson Is starting his day off with his Push-ups!!! FLASUN 20 JAMER123
7/12/17 12:30 A
Hi there, I'm new here. I'm 22, I weigh 210lbs. (121lbs. Lean Mass and 89lbs. Body Fat.) My goal wei F111694 20 MARINEMAMA
7/11/17 6:52 A
My mom & Preston ....He celebrated his 90th Birthday!! Party was lots of FUN!!! FLASUN 15 FOXBAY99
7/11/17 12:52 A
WIN Spark Points for our TEAM!!!! FLASUN 6683 FLASUN
7/7/17 5:37 A
Posted a photo RSCHWARTZ2 10 FLASUN
7/7/17 5:35 A
Question... how do you plan for a day that you know is going to be emotional especially when you ha LLOWE30 13 FLASUN
7/7/17 5:33 A
I've been spending hours in my kitchen the last 2 days: cleaning/organizing cupboards yesterday & *w PSYCHMASTER 6 FLASUN
7/7/17 5:31 A
Hey, all -- the TEAM POINTS are back! Go to My Spark Points page. Scroll down to variable bonus poin SPARKLINGME176 16 MILLER-S
7/7/17 7:10 P
8 hours at 6 flags today. We walked all over the place. 😅 CGARR442 17 IVANHOE64
7/7/17 7:56 A
Yitzchok is wondering which toy do I want to play with this morning! He also loves his new mat to la FLASUN 18 JAMER123
7/8/17 12:07 A
Have my blood work this morning...hard to not have my cup of coffee....Breakfast later this morning! FLASUN 12 JAMER123
7/7/17 12:04 A
A wealthy woman is giving a garden party, and several well-to-do guests attend. While the party ensu JUDY1676 3 FLASUN
7/5/17 3:26 A
51 minutes Strength Training and 20 minutes Cardio at the Fitness Center. They were open from 6 A.M. FOXBAY99 3 FLASUN
7/5/17 3:21 A
My two Grandsons enjoyed their 4th of July playing....Yitzchok got a new mat to lay on! Moshe is a g FLASUN 12 NANCYANND55
7/6/17 1:49 A
Our 5 month old Grandson, Yitzchok is celebrating 4th of July!!! FLASUN 8 JAMER123
7/4/17 10:57 P
Today will Be a Nice cool walk in our Beautiful Mall! Hope you Enjoy Your Celebrations! And Thank Y FLASUN 12 JAMER123
7/4/17 11:01 P
15 - Light Your Fire! HICIM705 20 PAMBROWN62
7/6/17 4:43 A
244 7-2-17 Yes! My newest marionette was SO well received! The children loved dancing with SPARKLINGME176 4 FLASUN
7/3/17 5:16 A
Happy 4th of July weekend to all my SP friends!! Have fun & stay safe. God Bless you all!! NANCYANND55 17 LIVEDAILY
7/3/17 3:48 P
I came really close!! NANCYANND55 26 COMEBACKKID12
7/5/17 8:15 P
Grocery Shopping Day!!! What isle do you start with?? Do you use Coupons??? FLASUN 32 IAMAGEMLOVER
7/3/17 11:19 P
June 29th 2017@ 267lbs on the left. December 2016 @ 312 on the right. I am down 45 lbs! (Lost 32 l TRINA 24 JULYTWO
7/2/17 6:23 A
Leslie Sansone 1 Mile, 100 day Challenge - April 5 to July 13. Day 88: 2 mile WATP Aerobic workout PAMBROWN62 6 HEALTHYHEARTZ
7/3/17 12:31 A
Got 500 Spark points on the Spin today! Really excited about it - Woo Hoo!!! DSJB9999 10 MADEINBRITAIN
7/3/17 3:07 A
A walk through my 304 lb weight loss!! I used to think i could never lose 50 lbs, but in 2 1/2 years GPALMER29 95 VIVI65
7/2/17 6:34 A
Sunset with a later dinner of lobster and steak JAVNMICH1969 13 BJK1961
7/4/17 1:33 P
Have blessed Sunday! ANNKRAN 5 YMWONG22
7/2/17 5:35 A
Happy 150th Canada Day to ya'll EH ;) POOKABELLA 7 OMAJ1953
7/2/17 6:28 A
Mommy of 2, determined to get back in shape! eat more healthily for myself!, as well as daughters an JESSICAEPATTON7 16 JESSICAEPATTON7
7/2/17 4:07 P
30 pounds down. It's been a year...a lot slower than I wanted or anticipated, but slow progress is s JUDYLYNN528 29 TRANSPO12345
7/2/17 8:42 A
Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Have a blessed Sunday. PAMBROWN62 16 HEALTHYHEARTZ
7/3/17 12:31 A
Good morning... MEROBERTS21 14 BOB5148
7/2/17 6:53 A
Hope everyone Enjoys their Sunday!!! FLASUN 28 HEALTHYHEARTZ
7/3/17 12:30 A
birthday register INDORTY 138 FLASUN
7/1/17 4:52 P
Summer Theme - You Are What You Repeatedly Do! KALISWALKER 27 CHRISSYWILSON80
7/19/17 9:40 A
Enjoyed 2 hrs of Dancing with Band, Mister Nice Guy at Gulfstream/Villages Sports of King Theater. R FLASUN 20 JAMER123
7/1/17 11:51 P
Our Grandson Moshe helped do some painting with his Mommy's Boss. Summer Camp starts soon!!! FLASUN 10 JAMER123
7/1/17 12:15 A
7/1/17 4:23 P
Good Morning, I hope everyone has a Blessed day! NANCYANND55 18 FLASUN
6/29/17 4:50 A
Just 3 more days until our Summer 5% Team Challenge begins... I'm working hard to start off strong a PSYCHMASTER 3 FLASUN
6/29/17 4:49 A
Getting ready to climb Stone Mountain again 🎉 CGARR442 25 COMEBACKKID12
7/1/17 12:44 A
6/30/17 6:39 A
Will be busy day of listing clothes on my Ebay...What are your plans Today??? FLASUN 21 JAMER123
6/30/17 12:30 A
Non-scale Rewards, Member Suggested Topic CERIUSLY 26 DENISE_RE
7/2/17 5:49 P
Going out early for morning walk...better for us since temps aren't so high!! Enjoy your Wednesday! FLASUN 29 JAMER123
6/30/17 12:31 A
Prayers pls. Dad is declining quickly. Sad, heavy heart. 1CRAZYDOG 38 1CRAZYDOG
6/28/17 5:46 P
Had to buy a New Coffee Pot ...Black +Decker!! How many cups of Coffee do you drink in the morning? FLASUN 34 CHRYSSIE718
6/28/17 5:35 A
Beautiful day here today! Cut the lawn yesterday. Nice workout! GODS_SERENITY 2 FLASUN
6/26/17 6:17 A

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