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Our Mall had a display of Fruity Juicy by M.A.C. cosmetics.....What is your FAVE fruit to snack on?? FLASUN 10 CFMOSS
5/27/17 6:24 P
Come chat with us on the Front Porch! LADYHYJINX 3689 WALKINGGRANDMA
5/27/17 8:37 P
5/27/17 3:44 A
3-5 Letters-Make A Phrase Or Sentence Game ! SPARKETTE-CJ 5318 FLASUN
5/26/17 2:05 P
I walked over two miles with this little cutie today. She fell asleep 😴 CGARR442 4 FLASUN
5/26/17 4:16 A
Had a wonderful Salad yesterday for my lunch! YUM!!!! FLASUN 20 COCOAGOAL
5/27/17 2:35 A
I really blew it today. I had half a bag of chocolate chips for dinner. I ate slowly and enjoyed eve FOXBAY99 7 FLASUN
5/25/17 3:59 A
Did you have a woohoo Wednesday? My highlight was weights and ball crunches. How about you? Here is SPARKGUY 63 TXCURIOUS
5/26/17 9:52 A
Today Is ONE week with this cold!! Wish it would go away!!!! FLASUN 23 GLORYB83
5/26/17 10:24 A
One Liners 10/15# 10. I became a Professional Fisherman, but discovered I couldn't live on my net in NEW-CAZ 6 GABY1948
5/24/17 8:20 A
Most of my SparkFriends know where I go on my Wednesday's...3 Hours of Thrift shopping! Who wants to FLASUN 16 JAMER123
5/24/17 11:10 P
142! That's from a solid buck fifty at the doctors office 3 weeks ago. 8 pounds I am no longer carry LYONSFARM 12 ORTATK
5/23/17 7:19 A
Thoughts today in Manchester πŸ’™ K37WYN 13 BRIAR150
5/23/17 7:23 A
5/23/17 10:06 A
One Liners 9/15# 9. Next, was a job in a Shoe Factory. Tried hard but just didn't fit in. NEW-CAZ 13 IAMAGEMLOVER
5/23/17 12:39 P
Posted a photo JUDITH316 26 JAMER123
5/23/17 11:22 P
I'm sending love and support to the people of Manchester after the devastating and appalling attach NEW-CAZ 12 IAMAGEMLOVER
5/23/17 12:38 P
My Grandson has some Decisions to make today! "Which one of my toys do I pick to play with today?" FLASUN 21 LESSOFMOORE
5/24/17 9:32 P
One Liners 8/15# 8. I studied a long time to become a Doctor, but didn't have any patience. NEW-CAZ 6 KELLIEBEAN
5/22/17 11:02 A
My cute little "monster" grandson having a nap after all his exercising for the day! FLASUN 18 LESSOFMOORE
5/24/17 9:33 P
Posted a photo JUDITH316 22 MCJULIEO
5/21/17 11:56 P
Walking day for us at our Mall....I saw the Flamingo in window and had to get a Picture...I LOVE pin FLASUN 10 LESSOFMOORE
5/25/17 9:44 P
Who wants to join my Grandson, Yitzchok in doing his morning push-ups????? FLASUN 21 CGARR442
5/20/17 8:23 P
One Liners 6/15# 6. Next, I attempted being a Deli Worker, but any way I sliced it.... couldn't cut NEW-CAZ 8 JEANKNEE
5/20/17 12:02 P
5/19/17 5:03 A
One Liners 5/15............. 5. Then, tried being a Chef – figured it would add a little spice to m NEW-CAZ 12 JEANKNEE
5/20/17 12:24 P
Starting off this weekend with a sore throat....oh NO!!!! Hope it gets better soon. FLASUN 18 LESSOFMOORE
5/20/17 7:42 P
Did you have a Woohoo Wednesday? My highlight was basketball with my son. How about you? -- chris/sp SPARKGUY 81 LESSOFMOORE
5/21/17 9:23 P
One Liners 4/15# 4. Next, I tried working in a Muffler Factory, but that was too exhausting. NEW-CAZ 7 SPEDED2
5/18/17 3:50 P
My Grandson Moshe is baking Chocolate Chip cookies for everyone......YES you are allow to have ONE!! FLASUN 12 LESSOFMOORE
5/20/17 7:45 P
5/27/17 6:37 P
Believe in yourself JENNIFERRR1973 6 FLASUN
5/17/17 4:25 A
It stormed yesterday afternoon and night. Today is bright and sunny and beautiful. We will take a wa FOXBAY99 4 FLASUN
5/17/17 4:24 A
Testing with a pretty image. Good morning! SHEENADEE 12 FLASUN
5/17/17 4:24 A
One Liners 3/15~ ......... 3. After that, I tried being a Tailor, but wasn't suited for it -- mainly NEW-CAZ 10 JUDY1676
5/17/17 12:20 P
My daughter & grandson having their afternoon nap. Do you get a Nap during the day? FLASUN 29 LESSOFMOORE
5/21/17 9:24 P
2/15# one liners Then I worked in the woods as a Lumberjack, but just couldn't hack it, so they gav NEW-CAZ 9 JEANKNEE
5/16/17 1:17 P
Made me some kale to munch on while doing my meal prep for today. Got pancakes made and packaged in STUFFY864 5 TZIP91
5/16/17 10:55 A
To ALL SparkPEOPLE losing weight or inches........... .................. FLASUN 16 JAMER123
5/16/17 10:57 P
My first job was working in an Orange Juice factory, but I got canned. Couldn't concentrate. NEW-CAZ 13 JEANKNEE
5/15/17 7:04 P
Hope everyone enjoyed their Mothers Day!! I know I did!!! Talked to Mom and also to my DD and grands FLASUN 10 FOXBAY99
5/15/17 11:15 P
1884 days of sparking! Trip going great! I love my Mom, Happy Moms day to all :-) SPARKLINGME176 11 UPSY-DAISY
5/15/17 12:19 A
No pepsi since may 3rd!! Yeah me! I did it!! Have been cutting back on added sugar overall and DEEBREF52 6 FLASUN
5/14/17 4:38 A
Walked over 15 miles this week reaching my weekly goal for my morning walks CHANGING-TURTLE 12 FAITHP44
5/14/17 6:11 P
Rainy but got it done ROX5CAR 28 WHYTEBROWN
5/14/17 6:33 A
Wishing all the Mothers a very "Happy Mother's Day" FLASUN 10 FOXBAY99
5/15/17 11:34 P
Our Grandson Moshe loves playing this game...Anyone Remember this one??? FLASUN 12 JAMER123
5/13/17 11:40 P
My son, Stan and daughter-in-law Brenda just left, they were in town delivering Fire Pit Tables they JUDITH316 19 DAWNDMOORE40
5/13/17 9:50 A
I have my Gyn appt this morning.....just my check up....hope you Enjoy your DAY!!! FLASUN 10 FOXBAY99
5/12/17 4:41 P
Posted a photo BREWERS1311 14 FLASUN
5/11/17 5:08 A
289lbs to 246lbs...43lbs down a lot to go WKPORCHE 22 COLLEGEMOM23
5/11/17 8:06 A
First week is over n I'm happy to say I lost 7 pds first week.. 281 to 274 very proud of myself that A48897 11 SNS1968
5/11/17 8:45 A
Lost 4 lbs last week! Yay! LINDA33GB 14 GL0BALGIRL
5/11/17 7:02 A
Can not wait until it is warm enough to get in here. SHANTODD420 4 FLASUN
5/11/17 4:31 A
Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th. Dame Julia Elizabeth "Julie" Andrews KURTZIE1998 7 FLASUN
5/11/17 4:31 A
Two men are walking in the desert. They come upon a hole in the ground. One man asks, "How deep i JUDY1676 5 GABY1948
5/11/17 7:21 A
Our grandson Yitzchok is in deep thought !!! FLASUN 10 CGARR442
5/11/17 8:02 P
#eatingbeforeaworkout Should you eat before a workout or afterwards? BROOKLYNBLONDIE 4 FLASUN
5/10/17 3:35 A
Today I'm going to my FAVE thrift store to do some shopping!!! Senior DAY!!! 3 color tags will be FLASUN 17 JAMER123
5/11/17 1:12 A
5/26/17 5:17 P
Moving and grooving MOnday! 1CRAZYDOG 6 CHERIE682
5/9/17 9:57 P
Part of my exercise today was loading bags of mulch into my car then spreading it around my flower b MISS-WILLOW 14 OTTERBEME
5/13/17 9:15 A
Our Grandson Yitzchok is so worn out!! Tried to crawl ......he will get there soon!!! FLASUN 16 CGARR442
5/9/17 9:58 P
Today is my day for a new Haircut!! Then on to the Publix for Grocery Shopping!!! FLASUN 14 CGARR442
5/8/17 9:07 P
Nurses are angels in comfortable shoes!! Happy Nurses' Week! Thank you to all who nurse, ever nursed PRNCSCUP1-2FULL 4 FLASUN
5/7/17 4:03 A
Morning walk to start off the day. I hope you have a great day reaching goals! Here is today's qui SPARKGUY 18 EO4WELLNESS
5/8/17 1:34 A
Hello all, we have been having some nice warm to hot days from low 70's to high 98. I have been very CHANGING-TURTLE 8 PATRICIA-CR
5/13/17 6:28 P
Walked a total fo 4 miles and over 10,000 steps yesterday!! Our walking in our Beautiful Aventura M FLASUN 10 CGARR442
5/7/17 9:54 P
Motivation or Inspirational (Daily) KARMALETTA 166 INDORTY
5/26/17 5:15 P
Introduce Yourself Room JEANNEARI 972 SPARKLINGME176
5/8/17 1:26 P
5/26/17 1:47 P
A woman went into a hardware store to purchase a bale of peat moss. She gave a personal check in pay JUDY1676 9 SPARTANJAI
5/6/17 6:24 A
Guess who is coming to visit with us again....ARCHIE!!!!! First he needs to get his meals for the 5 FLASUN 10 JAMER123
5/7/17 12:06 A
Today is my very 1st day on this site....I was discouraged but feel hopeful now after reading your p FITGLORIA 272 CONNIET88
5/5/17 8:06 A
Happy Thursday my birthday today 67 God Good All The Time!! Bless to be hereπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸ˜²πŸ˜² MSANN59 85 M46074
5/23/17 4:35 P

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