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12/15/17 1:20 P
12/15/17 8:51 A
12/15/17 4:25 P
12/15/17 11:54 A
Our grandson Moshe is really Enjoying his Face Paints from his Great Grandma for Hanukkah FLASUN 21 EO4WELLNESS
12/15/17 4:36 P
Come chat with us on the Front Porch! LADYHYJINX 5704 TRACY6659
12/15/17 3:17 P
Introduce Yourself Room JEANNEARI 982 FLASUN
12/14/17 3:08 P
Moshe opened one of his gifts for Hanukkah....Game called "Sorry" Anyone remember that game? FLASUN 31 JAMER123
12/15/17 12:53 A
Hubby gave me money today for my birthday on Decem CHANGING-TURTLE 10 FLASUN
12/13/17 4:56 A
12/14/17 11:34 P
Our grandson, Moshe, Lighting the Menorah for Hanukkah. FLASUN 28 JAMER123
12/13/17 11:45 P
Day 13 complete of shoulder 30-day challenge. I included PushUps, Biceps, and Triceps too. EO4WELLNESS 7 MPLSKEN
12/12/17 11:43 P
Brrrr!! we have 50 DEGREE'S in Miami, FL this morning!!! How cold is your State?? FLASUN 34 FOXBAY99
12/13/17 6:18 A
My supportive hubby and his man cave/bed room/living room. June 3, 2016 hubby fall and broke his nec CHANGING-TURTLE 19 PATRICIA-CR
12/11/17 6:21 P
Homemade chicken and dumplings as healthy as we can make it. We will let it sit overnight and have i CGARR442 15 YELLOW09RED
12/11/17 12:28 P
Posted a photo MARINEMAMA 15 YELLOW09RED
12/11/17 12:27 P
Yesterday we had our FUN walk thru our Expanding Mall....Outside they built more stores....restauran FLASUN 15 ROCKYCPA
12/12/17 12:18 A
Having our Good Friend "Archie" return today. Will be visiting us till after the New Year!!! He is j FLASUN 17 JAMER123
12/10/17 11:57 P
12/9/17 12:15 P
Another FUN night at Hollywood Beach, Margaritaville & 5'Oclock Somewhere Dancing/Walking over 4 Mil FLASUN 25 JAMER123
12/10/17 12:08 A
#BeforeAndAfteriii i don't think even though a doc CHANGING-TURTLE 17 RAINBOWMF
12/12/17 9:58 A
Having my Christmas Lunch with BFF today. Here is who will be visiting us on Sunday and we babysit t FLASUN 22 JAMER123
12/9/17 12:21 A
Happy Thursday!!! Enjoy your DAY!!! FLASUN 14 JAMER123
12/7/17 11:22 P
Our 2 grandsons, Yitzchok & Moshe are looking forward to their Hanukkah starting in 5 days!!! FLASUN 23 ZINGIE825
12/7/17 8:40 A
Day 9 of arm challenge completed. This is SO fun AND easy AND I am already seeing major results. Wh EO4WELLNESS 11 1DAY-ATA-TIME
12/5/17 9:42 A
Hope everyone Enjoy's their Tuesday!!! How's your Holiday Shopping going ??? FLASUN 25 JAMER123
12/5/17 9:13 P
Hope you ENJOY your MONDAY!!! Stay focused/succes ssful/Positive & Marvelous!!! FLASUN 19 JAMER123
12/4/17 11:45 P
We had a Beautiful Sunshine & Lots of Walking at the Gulfstream Racetrack yesterday. No Wins!!! But FLASUN 15 ROCKYCPA
12/3/17 11:35 P
Good morning. I just felt like announcing that today is my birthday πŸ€“πŸŽ‚. I am bouncing around all h BUNNY_SHAWE 263 SCYANKEE46
12/2/17 9:49 P
Paid rent, paid bills at bank, bought bus pass went out for lunch, walked every were, 3.06 mile. Not CHANGING-TURTLE 18 PATRICIA-CR
12/2/17 7:44 A
12/2/17 7:27 A
Opening Day of our beautiful Racetrack, Gulfstream Park!!! Maybe Bet on a couple Races........Wish FLASUN 13 JAMER123
12/2/17 10:28 P
Welcome to December!!!! Have a very Successful Month....End of the Year and Keep Smiling!!!! I've n FLASUN 24 NITEMAN3D
12/2/17 2:11 P
11/30/17 10:03 P
Tomorrow is weigh in for the week- I know I didn't do well- but I am curious about the outcome... I MSJENNIFERVT48 9 DAWNWATERWOMAN
12/2/17 1:05 P
Enjoy your Last Day of NOVEMBER!!! FLASUN 23 JAMER123
11/30/17 11:10 P
Happy 41st Birthday to our Beautiful, Smart, A wonderful mother/wife/sister ....Our Daughter, Jennif FLASUN 27 JAMER123
11/29/17 10:14 P
DO YOU HAVE P.M.A. TODAY??? Wishing ya all a HAPPY Tuesday!!!!! FLASUN 25 JUDY1676
11/29/17 12:32 A
Late walk after an especially lazy day CGARR442 9 YELLOW09RED
11/27/17 9:00 A
Between the fall 2015 and fall 2017 I tracked 25 miles (total) and I walked nearly every day. Then EO4WELLNESS 17 KALANTHA
11/28/17 9:54 A
Got all my Christmas Decorating Done!! Anyone else have theirs all finished?? FLASUN 27 JAMER123
11/28/17 12:33 A
Happy Sunday!!! Hope you enjoy your day! What are your plans?? Going to Big Lots & Michaels this m FLASUN 25 JAMER123
11/26/17 10:17 P
Thanksgiving plans changed, MIL is passing over, we spent the day watching her sleep. I plan on cook SPARKLINGME176 40 MADEINBRITAIN
11/25/17 5:23 A
I am setting a goal to lose 10 pounds by my birthday December 31. I will do it by staying on the Son CHANGING-TURTLE 17 JOCELYNH711
11/25/17 5:00 A
Walking/Dancing off Our Thanksgiving Meal Over 14,000 steps and 5 Miles!! Beautiful Hollywood Beach FLASUN 21 1ZIPPYC
11/28/17 1:30 A
ARE YOU going to the SALES today???? FLASUN 57 CGARR442
11/24/17 10:41 P
Badge I received from Apple Watch for walking over 3.1 miles today 😊 CGARR442 14 FLASUN
11/24/17 4:02 A
Recipes SUSANELAINE1956 63 CINDYKC2000
11/26/17 12:24 P
Wishing you ALL a very Healthy, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! FLASUN 17 EO4WELLNESS
11/24/17 1:34 A
I'm so "THANKFUL" for these 2 beautiful grandsons! My DD is so far away but sends pictures to bright FLASUN 24 FOXBAY99
11/23/17 1:49 A
My MIL is still in hospital, looks like they are bring in Hospice. Since plans changed, for THXgivin SPARKLINGME176 38 THOMASINA57
11/28/17 9:31 P
Hope everyone Enjoys their Tuesday!!!! FLASUN 18 EO4WELLNESS
11/22/17 1:07 A
Good Monday Morning!!! What's on your Menu for Thursday - Thanksgiving ????? FLASUN 16 FOXBAY99
11/21/17 11:34 A
I am going back on the Sonoma eating plan. It is based on the Mediterranean diet. CHANGING-TURTLE 12 FLASUN
11/20/17 4:17 A
We enjoyed the Mall Walk..and they are expanding our Mall....Outside Fountain area is looking GREAT! FLASUN 20 JAMER123
11/20/17 12:00 A
Saturday!!! Walking our beautiful Mall later this afternoon!!! Need to get in those STEPS!! FLASUN 22 CGARR442
11/18/17 11:18 P
Enjoy your Friday!!! FLASUN 26 JAMER123
11/17/17 11:16 P
Lunch Starbucks turkey and pesto sandwich, better choice than a bulgar and fries CHANGING-TURTLE 13 PATRICIA-CR
11/16/17 6:14 P
Still have a long way to go but getting there one day at a time. #BeforeAndAfter ~BRY~2009 168 ~BRY~2009
11/16/17 2:36 P
Beautiful sky tonight. It looks like it’s on fire πŸ”₯ CGARR442 27 IVANHOE64
11/17/17 9:38 P
My morning is always "complete" seeing a picture of our lovely daughter & grandson! Pure LOVE!!!! FLASUN 19 JAMER123
11/16/17 11:40 P
Time for this Diva "Thrift Store Shopper" to go shopping today!! Who is coming with me today???? G FLASUN 16 ROCKYCPA
11/15/17 11:48 P
My success story is being featured!!!! Yay!!! ROX5CAR 3 FLASUN
11/14/17 9:31 A
My granddaughter fought sleep for hours and finally gave up. Her Mommy sent me this picture 🀣 CGARR442 5 COMEBACKKID12
11/14/17 9:42 P
OK...Now I've heard everything!! Stove Top is selling elastic pants for Thanksgiving!! $19.88 would FLASUN 26 CHOCOHOLIC2276
11/22/17 5:41 A
Our 10 Month old Grandson, Starting his Piano Lessons!!! FLASUN 24 KITKABOO
11/15/17 5:47 A
Had a wonderful 2 mile walk at our Beautiful Mall...All decorated already for Christmas....Love our FLASUN 24 KITKABOO
11/15/17 5:47 A
11/11/17 9:34 A
Thanking all the Service Men & Service Women !!!!! FLASUN 12 FOXBAY99
11/12/17 6:07 P
Thank you for courageously serving our country! God Bless you! NANCYANND55 12 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
11/11/17 7:08 A
This is one of my all time favorite pics of our son Brandon. Today he turns 24! Happy Birthday B!!! BOOHOOBEAR 13 CARTER3281
11/10/17 5:37 P
Having my blood work done this morning...waiting to have my coffee....miss my morning coffee!!! FLASUN 12 FLORIDASUN
11/14/17 8:06 A
I've been REALLY busy! Working, getting car ready to go visit MY mom for her B'Day & going to dentis SPARKLINGME176 10 ELIZACG9
11/13/17 8:54 A
"Look Grandma & Granpa" Yitzchok has one baby tooth on bottom coming in!! Just LOVE him!!! 10mths FLASUN 17 1958TMC
11/11/17 2:35 P
Today is my birthday πŸŽ‰I am 56 yrs old. I feel healthy and strong and would like to thank and praise MBLANKFORD 310 NEWME2BSKINNY
11/12/17 1:09 P