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18 months of consistency and dedication. Still on it! Feels great! FITCE96 16 STARRYTHOUGHTS
5/24/17 4:07 A
Set new habits! #MindOverMatter K37WYN 10 RAPUNZEL53
5/24/17 5:28 A
I haven't lost anything this month bc my schedule was completely different. I didn't go to the gym JENNYRENN 3 JENNYRENN
5/23/17 10:22 A
It doesn't matter if it's 10 minutes or 2 hours it's a workout! You got this! TIFFANI260554 24 FITWITHIN
5/23/17 10:11 A
Yesterday. My best day since I retired. . GRAMMYTINK 16 MEXGAL1
5/23/17 10:41 A
Left picture I weight 212. Right picture 145! Goal is to get back down to 145 maybe even 130! BEXTERS1 32 BEXTERS1
5/23/17 10:55 A
Got fitted for a bridesmaid dress and felt discouraged, everyone else was a size 4 and size 6. And h BEXTERS1 136 BEXTERS1
5/24/17 8:02 A
Ahh! I haven't seen the 180s in over eight years!! Almost 30 lb down! MAGLITE7 250 PROVERBS31JULIA
5/24/17 12:13 A
I know I have posted a few times today, but I am so proud of myself today. First time in such a long SOULOFFIRE15 16 ENGELKUH89
5/22/17 5:17 A
Hoping a little visual motivation will help on my journey! FREESTONETR 73 FITWITHIN
5/22/17 12:23 A
5/22/17 2:22 A
End of January I was at 260 lbs. I decided I need CAPTAIN1503 166 YMWONG22
5/22/17 6:00 A
I graduated today! Got my associates degree! I'm so proud of myself taking care of my health and edu SHERILEEJOHNSON 93 SHERILEEJOHNSON
5/22/17 5:14 P
Hello Sparkers, I'm new to the group and hoping to lose quite a bit of weight. I currently weigh 2 LBARROW05 263 MARYJOANNA
5/22/17 5:10 A
let's keep the glass of water on the first page LIBBYFITZ 1122 NASFKAB
5/24/17 9:21 P
Post a fitness icon! MINDYJ1 22408 NASFKAB
5/22/17 9:54 P
Small loss after a very stressful week and weekend. A loss is a loss so I will take it! CSMAIL1971 4 _LINDA
5/21/17 8:39 A
This is only my third full week but thanks to my 11 year old son walking with me. I accomplished my TONYL1226 9 CONNIET88
5/21/17 9:02 A
How far did you run today? COOP9002 31135 VICKYLYLES
5/24/17 10:22 P
did you exercise today??...if yes..WHAT did you do BIGPOPPAPUFF 22440 VICKYLYLES
5/24/17 10:22 P
Exercise Inside or Outside Today? TRIKEMAMA1 48681 VICKYLYLES
5/24/17 10:23 P
I've been at 142 for the past 6 weeks; therefore, YELIAB21 18 BJK1961
5/22/17 7:19 A
Today​ is my little boy's birthday,he turned two 😊 It just feels like yesterday when he was born OM GULSHAFAQ 19 MSANN59
5/21/17 1:54 P
My day yesterday! Went on a long walk with the Cancer to 5k group in the morning then came home and MICHELE3187 18 BLVING_IN_ME
5/21/17 8:41 A
Just finished my first 24ozs. of water. Now off to the gym for my 3 a.m. workout. FITWITHIN 9 BONNIEMARGAY
5/21/17 3:42 P
I've worked so hard to be where I'm at today. Started at 279. Down to 188!! Praise God:) QUEENGRAHAM 104 QUEENGRAHAM
5/21/17 3:28 P
Finished First 5k / Office Challenge & Sugar ! ERICAGON09 3 FITWITHIN
5/20/17 5:41 P
This year is about me and doing many different firsts. I am in my last year of my 20s and i am healt LUCKYLISA12002 4 FITWITHIN
5/20/17 4:27 P
I won 2 personal trainer seasons and a 30 day pass to a gym. All because I walked in the park today HALLOWEENLOV1 8 VAMPIRESBITING
5/20/17 4:24 P
Down 22 today :) super happy!! INITTOWINIT72 10 MOMMY2JJ2
5/20/17 5:28 P
I am so proud of myself, next goal is 15,000 steps daily. MOUCHE 6 MOMMY2JJ2
5/20/17 5:28 P
Daughter and I did a 5K this morning. I came in 3rd in my age group. I would never have even thoug JOYCEHARRIS3 7 CTYONIT
5/21/17 1:18 A
Down 10 lbs so I rewarded myself with a new hair color! KAYBRITMOODY 45 DEEREID2015
5/20/17 5:51 P
It's never too late to make a healthy choice. JVANAM 7 SUSIEMT
5/20/17 5:02 P
With results like this it keeps me on track and motivated! Total inches lost 96.25" !!! NATIVEDESIRES 25 ROCKRS
5/20/17 6:01 P
As I read alot of positive posts from everyone, it kinda upsets me, but only because I dont have the A64722 35 NANCYANND55
5/20/17 10:18 P
Super raw post. I am my own perfection. My body is a dang good body. I didnt beat obesity in the but LUCKYLISA12002 20 ADYLEIGH
5/20/17 7:41 P
First day back at the gym in a long time. I'm proud of myself. I even ran a little bit! SOUL_GEM 4 FITWITHIN
5/19/17 7:33 P
Getting so close to my goal!!!! SHALEESUN 239 DEECAFFEINATED
5/20/17 5:22 A
Hi my name is Monica and today is the first day to my new life I tend to lose weight then gain it ba MONICA728 304 ANGIEN9
5/20/17 1:03 P
I am happy to celebrate today my 30 pound weight loss. I am about 10 pounds from my goal and it has JENNIE_LEIGH 217 JENNIE_LEIGH
5/20/17 8:16 A
241.6 lbs feel good...I don't remember the last ti THEJACKIEDEAN12 172 PREJEANR13
5/20/17 12:05 P
Dinner tonight!! Peppers stuffed with ground chicken, onions, riced cauliflower, kale, and trader Jo GIRL*IN*MOTION 11 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
5/19/17 5:16 A
Keep moving... think result result results... Think healthy FITNESSVIXENN 8 FITWITHIN
5/18/17 8:23 P
Fasted inclined treadmill done! :) MSKIZ69 5 FITWITHIN
5/18/17 8:21 P
I went walking i would normally walk 1 mile but today I challenge myself and walked 2 miles instead. R86655 32 KITTYF54
5/19/17 11:27 A
Throwback thursday 195 pounds lost from a size 26 LUCKYLISA12002 178 KITTYF54
5/19/17 11:24 A
Shrinking little by little 263 down to 188 DBUCKNER4 302 KITTYF54
5/19/17 11:24 A
Used to workout alot then got lazy with 3rd kicking it off...can't wait for the results RAGERBOMB 7 BACKTOBASICSTR
5/18/17 5:53 A
Managed to go the gym last night. First time in a long time and guess what - I loved it. Feeling hop APPLEADAY2010 7 RO2BENT
5/18/17 5:36 A
Eating onboard a cruise ship? READY_STEADY_GO 41 BEVIEG41
5/22/17 3:02 P
post something pink GABSTER26 296 NASFKAB
5/24/17 10:48 P
What do you do at night to AVOID eating? KATHYWMN 590 MSPENCER7
5/19/17 11:20 P
What do you drink most frequently during the day? TRI_BABE 28277 SUITABLE
5/24/17 10:59 P
Hey everyone I haven't been on here in a couple day . I had a nice work out this morning and I'm hop ZAZABEANDER 7 QSHEPP
5/17/17 8:26 P
I'm just starting out. I weigh 230 and want to get to 120. Today I went on my longest bike ride it's KELLIELLIS13 17 KELLIELLIS13
5/18/17 10:37 A
Vail, CO..... Snowing very lightly. DETERMINEDJANET 22 POSEY440
5/18/17 7:40 A
My Starting Weight of 341.8 On 05/15/2017 JODY0410 40 NANCYANND55
5/17/17 6:32 P
8lb loss in a month. I'll take it! CHUNKYGIRL79 47 CHUNKYGIRL79
5/17/17 7:31 P
When I started using this app 10 days ago I weighed 309 lbs. When I woke up this morning I step on t SHANAHALL82 83 GITUMAJ
5/17/17 8:27 P
Finally! I've been stuck the last couple weeks and I finally lost the pound I need to get here. CHAS6113 288 NANCYANND55
5/17/17 6:59 P
Size 22 to size 10 KATIEPROULX8 266 ELLEYANNA
5/18/17 1:18 A
Insanity day 2: went better than day 1. Covered in sweat, pushed myself to keep going. Love that the BECCA_62283 3 RAGNAR359
5/16/17 9:22 A
Alittle motivation KOOKI140 14 ELYSIAN_DREAMS
5/16/17 9:42 A
5/16/17 9:40 A
Posted a photo YELIAB21 18 READY4LIVING
5/16/17 9:35 A
Rule #1 LALAP1012 27 JORDY1198
5/16/17 10:16 A
Started at 210 in February. So chuffed today! 😁 NAZYTEACH 133 TIME4ME2017
5/16/17 5:05 P
Started at 200 lbs, currently at 149 lbs. Been on my weight loss journey for over 2 years, it has no P25880 302 CUTZ333
5/16/17 3:41 P
Down 3.7 this week. 39.9 overall. JULESANA8818 21 LOUISE979
5/15/17 8:05 A
5/15/17 3:42 A
Posted a photo JROSS375 13 OMAJ1953
5/15/17 4:04 A
My wonderful husband made me a fantastic breakfast of pumpkin pancakes and bacon (350cal) and made l CHELSEA369 3 FITWITHIN
5/15/17 2:32 A
Posted a photo JROSS375 9 GODSCHILD2_2011
5/15/17 4:05 A
I'll keep pressing my way! I know I will WIN! MRSFANCYLADY 13 LIVINGCREATIVE
5/15/17 6:50 A

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