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Anyone try this yet? lol PROVING_IT 8 SARIC3
8/23/17 1:55 P
8/22/17 8:56 P
We decided to name her Pepper. We're still holding her for the 10 days required. But I doubt anyone ROBINLABELLE 8 BROWNDEN1
8/22/17 10:03 P
Ranch chicken and roasted vegetables POCKETFULOFSUN 12 CHRIS3874
8/22/17 9:10 P
Progress photo... still want to lose a good chunk tho. GOLDIEFOXX 135 4CONNIESHEALTH
8/23/17 3:52 P
I have lost thirty Lbs counting calories but hit rough patch. Since joining I have lost three pounds PENNEY19631 37 TRULY_BABS
8/22/17 10:18 P
I was already down 11 lbs in the first picture. 39lbs difference between these pictures. 50lbs total BREASH491 109 ISABEAUSROSE
8/23/17 7:43 A
53 pounds down and none of my pants fit!! BECKY_US 256 GINTEX
8/23/17 7:08 A
Posted a photo AMP1611 11 _RAMONA
8/22/17 2:13 A
8/21/17 11:10 P
Motivation moment RHOOK20047 24 MBPP50
8/22/17 7:15 A
Quinoa with marinara, mushrooms, peppers and broad beans topped with cojita cheese. Broccolini saut SEAOFCARNAGE 13 MDCALIFORNIA
8/22/17 6:30 P
My daily motivation for everything I do. During this walk, he decided he didn't want to ride in the BOBCATGIRL76 73 IDICEM
8/23/17 8:57 A
Delicious salad and grilled chicken for dinner CHUBBYFRANK83 15 MOMMY2JJ2
8/21/17 11:28 P
Locally sourced, organic salad, topped with havarti cheese, bacon and chipotle ranch dressing. Delic REBECKAH_FAITH 11 MRSMCSKINNY
8/22/17 9:10 A
I had started along journey in my life 380lbs now 279 it is awesome 29lbs away from goal weight CHUBBYFRANK83 73 FITWITHIN
8/22/17 5:55 A
Hey guys so aug 17th was my birthday I turned 38 I was hoping for a specific result for my birthday NBUTLER57 252 NBUTLER57
8/22/17 9:29 A
Posted a photo TIFFY30 12 MAZUR157
8/20/17 10:36 P
Rid of 40 lbs. And not stopping there CKEENER33 19 KEEPITSIMPLE_
8/21/17 10:30 A
Tonight's 🍽Dinner: EggplantπŸ† and Artichoke sauce, Green beans, Gralic breadπŸ₯–.. simple but good SHANAF2001 14 IJRYAN
8/20/17 9:55 P
We eee ee eee we um bum buway!! We eee ee eee we um bum buway!! In the jungle the mighty jungle the GPALMER29 20 GGRSPARK
8/22/17 11:19 A
Ready for the work week :) breakfast sandwiches an B13852 43 PRAIRIECROCUS
8/21/17 12:05 A
Posted a photo TIFFY30 8 LASTDIET2017
8/21/17 2:14 A
Posted a photo TIFFY30 8 PINKMUSTARD21
8/20/17 10:11 P
Froze over 11 pounds of green beans that we grew in our garden. BILLDREW4 31 MPLSKEN
8/21/17 12:59 A
Yummy spicy chicharrones covered chicken. Crushed them up and used them like I would breadcrumbs, so BARBEDWIREKITTY 15 KSTEVERSON
8/21/17 7:35 P
Ran my first ever 5k race today!!! What an amazing experience to smash a goal I never dreamt I'd re FREEANGEL3 63 LASTDIET2017
8/21/17 2:01 A
A friend of mine found this baby today. She can't keep her. I've been wanting a dog to go on walks w ROBINLABELLE 50 REESEK65
8/21/17 5:00 A
Hope you sleep well tonight. GARDENSFORLIFE 12 IAMAGEMLOVER
8/20/17 9:49 A
10 more lbs and I will be down to the weight I was when I weighed in at my 1st baby doctor appointme KOBRIEN13 4 JAJONESCPA
8/19/17 11:27 P
Alright I'm back on! Had an early miscarriage in May and that put me at a very low point emotionally SPRINGMARY 6 UNFINISHED56
8/20/17 12:48 A
Subflooring sanded, cleaned, primed, and floor sander rental returned. Everything prepared for floor BONNIEMARGAY 9 GARDENCHRIS
8/20/17 11:17 A
Today's workout: Treadmill 2 miles in 30 minutes, 20 minutes of foam rolling and stretching. PAR1251 8 CANNINGNANNY
8/20/17 6:24 A
Carpet shampooing, DONE!....Yard work, DONE!......Shower now, Resting! ...... Here is my HAPPY FACE! F5-FURY 14 F5-FURY
8/20/17 3:09 P
I sometimes struggle with incessant worry and anxious thoughts. Today was one of those days. It's SPRKYMOM 18 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
8/20/17 10:34 A
Was cleaning out some more drawers and found another O'Reilly t-shirt from my 500 lb days looks more GPALMER29 59 KATHYMAINE58
8/20/17 9:54 A
So true!! "WDD" WILLPOWER!! DEDICATION!! DETERMINATION!! GOD Bless You All!!! #portioncontrol #Beast GPALMER29 37 DJD135
8/20/17 9:35 A
I haven't posted or really even been on here much for the last couple of weeks. My precious daddy we MADDIEBSMAMA 33 SPRKYMOM
8/19/17 12:41 P
Been away for far too long. Too much has happened. But happy to be back. ATHENADRUID 6 STRONGERLEANER
8/18/17 10:48 P
Enjoyed kayaking this morning! Enjoying the weather and scenery all while burning some calories! GJANUZZI 13 GABIRUSZCZAK
8/19/17 12:34 A
Walking thru central park OOKLATHEMOK 22 MADEINBRITAIN
8/19/17 5:51 A
Ugh.... so I went to the doc because this cold has been getting really bad and I have bronchitis, a TODAYIAM 10 SILLYFILLY7
8/18/17 11:40 P
Feeling a little spacey today... COURTENAYE 18 ELSCO55
8/18/17 10:17 P
oh, Friday, I've been looking forward to this all week πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ DANICONNOLLY 23 ELSCO55
8/18/17 10:17 P
Not the same outfit.... and not a huge difference... but I'm proud. #vacation #tracking #steps #goal ELF41978 34 GABIRUSZCZAK
8/19/17 12:34 A
8/19/17 2:48 A
Lunch today shrimp, bean salad and Mexican quinoa, dinner is a protein shake AROQUES 4 KJWITT
8/18/17 10:28 P
Wrapping those veggies! #deliciousdailymoment KATIE_6401 19 RETAT60
8/18/17 10:29 P
Day 5 is done! This is the most days in a row that I've ever worked out! I usually find a reason.... JENNIFERROSE13 29 KAREN_EDMONDS
8/18/17 10:43 P
Make your own Taco night! Yummy!!! SHOPGIRL422 10 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
8/19/17 12:36 A
I dropped another 6lbs bringing my total weight loss to 61pounds... AWALKER83 126 TCANNO
8/19/17 4:02 A
I shared this today with someone and I wanted to p CONSTANCE067 115 JBLESSER
8/19/17 8:43 A
Spent the day with my mom at the Peaks of Otter.Had such a great time!! MBLANKFORD 23 JBLESSER
8/19/17 8:44 A
I did this....I can do anything. PLAINJANEDOE 2 ELSCO55
8/17/17 9:13 P
Posted a photo ANNIM80 16 DREA4119
8/17/17 11:58 P
#tbt My nephew. I can't believe he leaves for college on Saturday. OBIESMOM2 9 REGILIEH
8/17/17 11:47 P
Posted a photo BRENDA196122 14 STRONGERLEANER
8/17/17 10:47 P
Posted a photo ADARKARA 14 LIVEDAILY
8/18/17 4:30 P
happy healthy Thursday TRAILWALKERJO54 8 RAINBOWMF
8/19/17 9:41 P
I didn't feel like lettuce,nor can you see the cucumbers. This is on my homemade flat bread,absolute LLR630 25 PBVHCCVH
8/17/17 11:01 P
First day of sophmore year. Down 25 pounds from last year! LITTLEEMI2 97 AUNTRENEE
8/18/17 9:08 A
Workout #1 done! I've lost 5 lbs so far tracking food, but it's time to get these muscles working a AMBRIGGSTX 85 TCANNO
8/18/17 3:38 A
40lbs lighter than this time last year and, in just 26 days, getting ready to tell turning 40 to eff *GINA* 37 QSHEPP
8/18/17 6:47 A
Supper... chicken, spinach, and cheese GGIARRATANO2 7 _RAMONA
8/17/17 1:59 A
What are your short term and long term goals? HEADNOTTAIL 7 MSGO72
8/16/17 11:44 P
Okay I lied I said no more selfies for a while!! But I can't let you all forget how I look!! Everybo GPALMER29 15 CHERRYKOOLAID
8/17/17 1:10 P
I'm struggling tonight. Wanting to snack in the worst way!! I can get through this. Yes I can!! Oh m BEVERLY1501 40 DGRIFFITH51
8/16/17 11:44 P
My newest garden addition. Smell wonderful. FERGUSONP53 45 MSGO72
8/16/17 11:43 P
Down 103 lbs since January the more i lose the more confidence i have in myself :) EMILYSNEWLIFE 30 ERIN_POSCH
8/17/17 9:52 A
Two mile walk at the beach! CHEZBENTO 19 OMAJ1953
8/17/17 1:29 A
Did 2 miles this evening! RUNNING_PHOENIX 34 YBBHAPPY
8/22/17 10:31 A
Spent 4 hours on before pics and reading 5 chapters of book. Planned out meals for rest of the week JUSTSTICKWITHIT 19 SPRKYMOM
8/17/17 9:13 P
My face double chin gradually disappearing πŸ‘ŒπŸ» just turned 47 two weeks ago ASERET8470 14 CPHILLIPS64
8/17/17 8:39 A
Perfect view to end the evening walk. LLOWE30 15 BRENDA_77039
8/18/17 12:14 A
Didn't feel like it. But walking. ROBINLABELLE 134 MPLSKEN
8/17/17 4:13 P