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I have lost 2 lbs. for this week so my overall loss is 61 lbs. "Woohoo" I will take that, (that make BOBBIE_61 8 MOONGLOWSNANA
3/25/17 12:02 P
Hand to God. A 5 year old couldn't handle my energy this morning. Lol bvs ROLLIN76 4 -SPIRITSEEKER2-
3/25/17 11:48 A
Today is a new day!! I get to start over!! ❤❤❤ ANGELACREATIVE 2 EJOY-EVELYN
3/25/17 11:31 A
Wanted! More of the people I follow to post original and uplifting thoughts, photos, etc, so I have EJOY-EVELYN 1 EJOY-EVELYN
3/25/17 11:31 A
3/25/17 11:19 A
3/25/17 11:18 A
Last Veggie Eaten... PURPLEPEONY 1518 EJOY-EVELYN
3/25/17 11:18 A
Last Fruit Eaten... PURPLEPEONY 1316 EJOY-EVELYN
3/25/17 11:17 A
Change one (or no) letters (5) EJOY-EVELYN 1254 EJOY-EVELYN
3/25/17 11:16 A
Change one (or no) letters (6) EJOY-EVELYN 998 EJOY-EVELYN
3/25/17 11:16 A
BERSERK!!! Post ANY random emoticon! PURPLEPEONY 1044 EJOY-EVELYN
3/25/17 11:13 A
Change a letter OR Find a new word in the word GEMINICHIK 1635 EJOY-EVELYN
3/25/17 11:13 A
Finally it's another fantastic Friday! My glucose levels are going down, and I'm going for a hike! JSTETSER 8 WORKOUTWITHPAM
3/25/17 2:21 A
Homemade pancakes this morning, but I put only a tiny amount of syrup on them so I'll count this as SPARKGUY 24 AQUAGIRL08
3/25/17 9:37 A
Love this one! AALLEY2 9 TCANNO
3/25/17 4:57 A
That smile after a GREAT workout! WHYTEBROWN 10 KAREN2LOSE55
3/25/17 11:32 A
Broke my 10,000 step a day streak due to illness. I hit 21 days before my body crashed due to a vir BLESSED2BEME 8 HICKOK-HALEY
3/25/17 1:39 A
:).....Emoticon your mood! BELLACUDDLES 3478 BELLACUDDLES
3/25/17 8:00 A
Change one letter - JANETELIZABETH1 7753 EJOY-EVELYN
3/24/17 3:29 P
Two words, change one... JANETELIZABETH1 4781 EJOY-EVELYN
3/24/17 3:29 P
Word Association Game 4 JANETELIZABETH1 6975 EJOY-EVELYN
3/24/17 3:29 P
Words beginning with "M" game CHERRIET 21 CHERRIET
3/24/17 3:33 P
Isn't it great that dark chocolate in moderation is healthy? :) SPARKGUY 35 FOXBAY99
3/24/17 10:27 P
Thanks to all of you who took the time to read and comment on my "Be the Captain of Your Own Ship" b PCOH051610 3 JAMER123
3/23/17 11:36 P
Quick exercise in the sunshine this morning -- balance board and pushups. SPARKGUY 12 KEKEIKO
3/24/17 8:28 P
Thrilling , theatric Thursday JSTETSER 14 DS9KIE
3/23/17 9:51 P
That one second that we choose to walk rather than eat something wrong for us is the second that we FRANCESLUCAS 4 ADRIENALINE
3/23/17 7:29 P
Up early, waiting for my Avon order. Sleepy, sleepy, very sleepy. Have a great and very healthy T LADYANDREA2012 6 P7058PGA
3/23/17 5:24 P
Hoping today will be a better carb controled day! AALLEY2 5 TCANNO
3/24/17 4:19 A
(A-Z) Things to do INSTEAD of Eating... PURPLEPEONY 999 R2COUNTRY
3/23/17 8:08 P
Pressing on with a new day. Excited about the opportunities! FRANCESLUCAS 5 EJOY-EVELYN
3/22/17 5:33 P
Wonderful, whimsical Wednesday! JSTETSER 11 MARINEMAMA
3/23/17 4:39 A
I am loving that we are still getting snow! Yes, I'm weird like that! PCOH051610 6 CODEMAULER
3/24/17 9:28 A
I had a good day yesterday. I got a room all done and now is going to be my guest/grand daughter's LADYANDREA2012 4 TCANNO
3/23/17 4:48 A
I love the idea of trying new recipes and making meals an adventure! JSTETSER 14 DS9KIE
3/22/17 7:31 P
Our strong WHY and our BELIEF that we can succeed will get us exactly where we need to be! Don't be FRANCESLUCAS 4 EJOY-EVELYN
3/21/17 9:13 P
Good sleep last night! I have a couple of meetings today, so always great to have good energy for t SPARKGUY 21 TOSTAYHEALTHY
3/22/17 9:21 A
What MOTIVATES us to move forward should be strong enough to withstand any STORM in life that attemp FRANCESLUCAS 2 EJOY-EVELYN
3/21/17 9:11 P
Trying to cope with all the day situations while planning my day to get some things that are botheri LADYANDREA2012 7 JANET552
3/22/17 8:25 A
Workout this morning. WHITNEYLD 8 4CONNIESHEALTH
3/22/17 8:39 A
Sympathy extended to "50yearsawife" - husband passed away yesterday - see her page or notes.   SURVIVOR61 8 DGFOWLER
3/22/17 8:30 A
Progress is not giving up on myself! AALLEY2 4 TCANNO
3/22/17 6:26 A
Did you have a good Tuesday? My highlight was a short hike before a work meeting. How about you? SPARKGUY 68 TINALOUCHIC
3/24/17 11:25 A
Post a Woo Hoo! today if you love Jesus PURPLEPEONY 1850 R2COUNTRY
3/23/17 8:06 P
Love walking the boardwalk while taking in God's beauty. Today's walk was one done in prayer. EJOY-EVELYN 11 EJOY-EVELYN
3/20/17 11:49 P
Healthy dinner -- homemade burrito with rice and beans. Getting ready to watch my alma mater in the SPARKGUY 14 EJOY-EVELYN
3/20/17 11:41 P
I'm eating right, getting in my exercise, and keeping my blood sugar levels at 100. JSTETSER 17 EJOY-EVELYN
3/20/17 11:41 P
Glad that I got my workout in early this morning before the stress of the day! WHYTEBROWN 2 EJOY-EVELYN
3/20/17 11:40 P
I want to lose 40 pounds at least. I'm eating high carbs high protein daily. I know I need to be mor MTTRAVELS 5 MTTRAVELS
3/21/17 3:12 P
Debating if i drink the last 4 glasses i need or not before bed😕 A-A2008 6 A-A2008
3/19/17 11:20 P
Sunday to relax, after an accident that my grandaughter had yesterday afternoon and having to take h LADYANDREA2012 13 LADYANDREA2012
3/20/17 9:30 A
Making a healthy quiche today for my lunches this coming week. Planning ahead & being prepared help BLESSED2BEME 5 KEKEIKO
3/24/17 8:29 P
Got my sweat in this morning! WHYTEBROWN 4 JUDITH316
3/20/17 4:43 A
Let's work & play to get a healthy lifstyle, involve your family, friends and even your work place b SURVIVOR61 5 JUDITH316
3/20/17 4:40 A
Did you have a good Sunday? My highlight today was exercise bike, then sprints, then stretching. H SPARKGUY 40 FITFORLIFE4EVER
3/20/17 5:33 P
TV GUIDE: Post ANY TV SHOW you watched today! PURPLEPEONY 575 KATHYJO56
3/19/17 3:06 P
Saturday to do some chores at home and start a relaxing weekend. Happy and relax Day to all my spar LADYANDREA2012 3 EJOY-EVELYN
3/18/17 11:34 P
I'm working out! JSTETSER 15 MARINEMAMA
3/19/17 5:51 A
My tracker was back to it's old tricks again, but I rode for 60 minutes on my stationery bike. I'm WINNIE-POOH 6 MAALEX10
3/18/17 11:39 P
Happy Birthday to Me!! Going to celebrate with my family & see the new Beauty & the Beast movie. Fun HEALTHYBARB1 10 TERMITEMOM
3/19/17 5:45 P
Good sleep last night. Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you both have fun and reach your goals toda SPARKGUY 14 BROOKLYNBLONDIE
3/19/17 4:48 A
My "little" hike up Lazy mountain. Don't let the name fool you, it's far from lazy. 3000 ft up :D COACHSANDRALEE 9 SWEDE_SU
3/19/17 11:31 A
This one is fine and up right, not sure what happened to the last picture. COACHSANDRALEE 13 AQUAGIRL08
3/21/17 9:32 A
Feeling terrible about my food addiction. Doing awful counting calories and being Healthy. Just ne BOJO1517 5 EJOY-EVELYN
3/17/17 10:48 P
Non-scale victory. Today my boss told me I looked amazing in my street clothes. She thinks I need ne EVAOLIVER 4 EVAOLIVER
3/18/17 12:03 P
Had a fabulous holiday . . . Even danced! Such a good compliment to my workout. Have a fabulous wee EJOY-EVELYN 3 CRYSALLIS1
3/21/17 5:45 A
Happy ST Patty's Day! JSTETSER 19 HMBROWN1
3/18/17 9:06 A
I got my steps in yesterday. So excited that my tracker was not on pause. WINNIE-POOH 4 EJOY-EVELYN
3/17/17 10:38 P
You're a motivational powerhouse—nothing can stop you right now! Use that motivation to your advanta SURVIVOR61 5 KATHYJO56
3/18/17 12:42 A
Goal - 10,000 steps a day for 40 days straight - on day 15 today! BLESSED2BEME 7 EJOY-EVELYN
3/16/17 10:37 P
Just did a Facebook live video about the reasons behind tracking goals to this feed if you'd like to SPARKGUY 23 JEANKNEE
3/19/17 5:57 P
No water supply, today and having a hard time with it. It happens without any notice. LADYANDREA2012 7 EJOY-EVELYN
3/16/17 10:31 P
Good sleep last night means energy to get a bunch accomplished today. How about you? SPARKGUY 19 MNABOY
3/17/17 11:27 A
Did you have a Woohoo Wednesday? My highlight was basketball with my son (he won again). How about y SPARKGUY 37 JOYCEHARRIS3
3/18/17 2:24 P
Still eating good! And love that I can double up on veggies and not go over my goals and or limits f MISSME2731 5 EJOY-EVELYN
3/16/17 10:27 P

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