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7/26/17 1:28 P
(A-Z) Things to do INSTEAD of Eating... PURPLEPEONY 1065 EJOY-EVELYN
7/26/17 1:27 P
Give your SparkTeam a hug today~with an emoticon PURPLEPEONY 1319 EJOY-EVELYN
7/26/17 1:27 P
Last Fruit Eaten... PURPLEPEONY 1422 EJOY-EVELYN
7/26/17 1:27 P
Two words, change one... JANETELIZABETH1 4984 EJOY-EVELYN
7/26/17 1:26 P
Word Association Game 4 JANETELIZABETH1 7172 EJOY-EVELYN
7/26/17 1:26 P
:).....Emoticon your mood! BELLACUDDLES 3633 EJOY-EVELYN
7/26/17 1:25 P
Last Veggie Eaten... PURPLEPEONY 1618 EJOY-EVELYN
7/25/17 10:45 P
Change one (or no) letters (6) EJOY-EVELYN 1129 EJOY-EVELYN
7/25/17 10:44 P
Change a letter OR Find a new word in the word GEMINICHIK 1801 EJOY-EVELYN
7/25/17 10:43 P
Change one (or no) letters (5) EJOY-EVELYN 1396 EJOY-EVELYN
7/25/17 10:43 P
Change one letter - JANETELIZABETH1 7954 EJOY-EVELYN
7/25/17 10:40 P
Post a Woo Hoo! today if you love Jesus PURPLEPEONY 2002 KATHYJO56
7/25/17 6:54 P
This is the 2nd wheel barrow full of fallen branches from the stom on Friday GARDENCHRIS 7 BONNIEMARGAY
7/24/17 3:43 P
Freggies Love Them or Hate Them? KALISWALKER 30 56ROSE
7/23/17 7:38 P
My younger son is helping me with stretches and encouraged me to do my first plank today! #mobilecha MISSDORKNESS 15 MISSDORKNESS
7/25/17 8:03 P
Who is ready for the weekend? I am so excited for the weekend. If I could make the screen throw gli COOKIEHUNTER06 5 EJOY-EVELYN
7/21/17 10:44 P
187lbs today means I lost 100lbs in 65weeks. 2-4 weeks at a time I would have no losses, but eventu MISSDORKNESS 71 SHAPEUPCHELLE
7/23/17 6:03 A
Enjoying the journey! #deliciousdailymoment JSTETSER 27 4CONNIESHEALTH
7/20/17 11:03 P
Posted a goal AALLEY2 2 EJOY-EVELYN
7/20/17 10:23 P
Not my most balanced dinner, but cajun crab stuffed mushrooms are right around 300 calories. #mobile MISSDORKNESS 23 7STIGGYMT
7/21/17 3:09 P
Scored some shrimp on sale... add some chili lime seasoning and it makes for a nice evening snack. # MISSDORKNESS 30 RITA1956
7/21/17 4:44 P
"Life is an echo. What you send out, comes back. What you sow, you reap. What you give, you get. Wha JSTETSER 26 EJOY-EVELYN
7/19/17 11:35 P
This sentence really resonated w/me in a devotion I read today: "If you really want to build a brid BLESSED2BEME 6 EJOY-EVELYN
7/19/17 11:34 P
Loving my rhododendrons! #deliviousdailymoment JSTETSER 30 MADEINBRITAIN
7/20/17 3:07 A
Saving money & looking GREAT! #deliciousdailymoment! JSTETSER 17 EJOY-EVELYN
7/17/17 9:58 P
Day 23 of 10,000 steps a day. Still aiming to beat my last streak of 41 days! BLESSED2BEME 4 EJOY-EVELYN
7/17/17 9:56 P
Grocery Cart: Post your grocery items (A-Z) PURPLEPEONY 1274 KATHYJO56
7/23/17 3:19 P
I usually don't drink anything except water or fruit infused. I can't say I'm perfect either. AALLEY2 2 EJOY-EVELYN
7/16/17 11:53 P
Enjoying Mt Washington. #deliciousdailymoment JSTETSER 26 EJOY-EVELYN
7/16/17 11:52 P
7/16/17 11:52 P
Saw sandhill cranes on our morning walk. AALLEY2 7 EJOY-EVELYN
7/16/17 11:52 P
188 today! This journey has had its ups and downs (in every sense), but, I've adopted good, sustaina MISSDORKNESS 50 VAVAVIOLINA
7/17/17 7:50 A
#deliciousdailymoment so we have a fig tree in the back yard and figs are starting to get ripe. Any DEEKELLYE 9 DEEKELLYE
7/20/17 6:42 P
Words beginning with "J" game CHERRIET 40 CHERRIET
7/20/17 10:02 P
Met a random person today who has the same dietary COOKIEHUNTER06 2 EJOY-EVELYN
7/15/17 3:55 P
320 calorie breakfast. Whole grain bread, egg whites, chicken sausage and the last of my favorite ev MISSDORKNESS 14 ZERIYA
7/16/17 12:00 A
Daisy had her spa day today, wash, trim and blow dry. She doesn't look too happy though! She's sle PACEKA1 14 EJOY-EVELYN
7/15/17 1:37 P
My goal for Saturday is to do something just for me during the day. I am currently running back and HEALTHYBARB1 5 EJOY-EVELYN
7/15/17 1:34 P
Major milestone reached today!! Almost 3 years of getting my 8 cups of water a day and tracking it o WHYTEBROWN 20 A-NEW-OLD-LAURA
7/18/17 11:31 A
Posted a photo DZINE4KING 10 EJOY-EVELYN
7/14/17 12:40 P
I swam this morning! #deliciousdailymoment JSTETSER 23 JANTHEBLONDE
7/14/17 12:10 P
7/13/17 8:47 A
I gotta cry foul. Inserting ads into our posts makes it look as if we support the product(s). I ca NITEMAN3D 7 NITEMAN3D
7/12/17 10:19 P
About a 400 calorie breakfast with bits and pieces from the fridge. Yummy stuff. (I add spices to my MISSDORKNESS 20 RAWCOOKIE
7/13/17 5:14 A
Find a beautiful place to hike! JSTETSER 29 JANTHEBLONDE
7/14/17 12:12 P
Got in a 5 mile hike in the mountains yesterday while enjoying nature at its finest. Best way to sp BLESSED2BEME 8 EJOY-EVELYN
7/12/17 2:44 A
Out with the family all evening. They're getting pizza. I brought food from home to resist temptatio MISSDORKNESS 21 BRENDA_77039
7/12/17 5:46 P
#deliciousdailymoment: I love adding so delicious chocolate coconut milk ice cream to my mixed berry HEALTHYBARB1 2 EJOY-EVELYN
7/11/17 10:29 P
Love taking the time to treat myself to a nice, homemade breakfast. 🍳 #deliciousdailymoment MISSDORKNESS 29 EJOY-EVELYN
7/11/17 10:29 P
One hour of strength training in the gym, 18 holes of golf, Tex-Mex for dinner and a final run to Me LISA1065 4 EJOY-EVELYN
7/11/17 10:28 P
Might be doing some grocery shopping. When I was at Kohl's over the weekend I saw some trail mix cal DEEKELLYE 3 EJOY-EVELYN
7/11/17 10:26 P
Quick lunch, came out to about 300 calories. 70 for whole grain bread, 80 for cheese, 90 for ham. #d MISSDORKNESS 12 EJOY-EVELYN
7/11/17 10:25 P
Rhododendron blooms near my home! JSTETSER 22 JANTHEBLONDE
7/14/17 12:11 P
Visit the TEAM WALL Today? ~ Post I Love SP ~ PURPLEPEONY 863 KATHYJO56
7/10/17 3:57 P
How many log in points, bonus and total team point DIDMIS 34 KATHYJO56
7/10/17 3:52 P
Drinking my smoothie JSTETSER 16 GARDENCHRIS
7/8/17 11:30 A
This stressful day is looking up. SPARK TEAM POINTS ARE BACK!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!! CRYSALLIS1 5 CRYSALLIS1
7/8/17 11:40 P
Healthy Life bread is 35cals a slice. I freeze my loaf in 2slice bags so it doesn't go bad before I MISSDORKNESS 26 MISSDORKNESS
7/8/17 1:43 P
My A1C went from 6.2 in February to 5.5 this week. I'm so excited!! COOKIEHUNTER06 5 EJOY-EVELYN
7/7/17 8:04 P
Team Bonus Points CHERRIET 27 CHERRIET
7/19/17 12:47 P
Early morning swim! JSTETSER 38 MADEINBRITAIN
7/7/17 3:08 A
On day 11 of 10,000 or more steps per day! My spark streak record for this is 41 days and I want to BLESSED2BEME 7 KEKEIKO
7/8/17 10:36 A
7/7/17 2:19 P
Happy 4th to my US SparkFriends! SPARKGUY 40 LORNE67
7/23/17 3:27 P
Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived LOPEYP 14 EJOY-EVELYN
7/5/17 4:41 A
Any one else working even though tomorrow is a national holiday? COOKIEHUNTER06 8 EJOY-EVELYN
7/5/17 4:40 A
Today is the start of the test prep course in college. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be in t DEEKELLYE 4 EJOY-EVELYN
7/5/17 4:35 A
Have a great day everyone! SPARKGUY 26 BETRHO48
7/2/17 8:48 P
Explored a new walking, running, biking trail today! ELIZABETHBECK1 13 MARINEMAMA
7/5/17 7:01 A
7/18/17 8:06 P
Meal prep before the heat of the day hits. De-skin the chicken before portioning into freezer bags. MISSDORKNESS 17 CHEETARA79
7/3/17 8:53 A
Jogging into July! JSTETSER 12 ROCKYCPA
7/1/17 5:55 P
Down another 1.4 lbs and sooooo happy about it! WHYTEBROWN 16 GOODGETNBETR
7/1/17 11:08 P
210 calorie breakfast sandwich. Darned tasty. Used a flavored light cheese wedge instead of sliced c MISSDORKNESS 28 -POOKIE-
7/2/17 1:29 A