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Enter anything to get your 10 points ANNE737 131060 ELRIDDICK
12/15/17 6:23 A
So excited and have to share - I finally broke through the plateau that I have been stuck at for the LEAHLOUJ 9 RALEIGHGURL
10/3/17 8:52 P
Making a crestless dairy free pumpkin custard smells delish... Very excited and shrimp and cauliflow SHESACOUNTRYSWE 4 SHESACOUNTRYSWE
10/3/17 8:50 P
Tonight's dinner- hamburger, grape tomatoes, zucchini and mushrooms and mashed cauliflower πŸ˜€ WALTSGIRL74 8 EGGBASKET1
10/3/17 8:38 P
Resisted the bake sale today! Not even a thought of getting something...but they did have white choc LIFEISGOODONCC 6 OOLALA53
10/3/17 8:47 P
#BeforeAndAfter. Still on my journey. I want to lose 70 more pounds. I’ve lost 200 so far thanks t ~INDYGIRL 272 NEWBARBARA2017
10/8/17 9:59 P
Bahahaha!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ADUKE6 11 SCYANKEE46
10/3/17 10:10 P
Salmon for dinner tonight! Mmmmm. HOOSIERMOM33 8 EGGBASKET1
10/3/17 8:34 P
Had chilli for supper. A bowl chilli is a whooping 200 calories. I can't beat that! Love me some chi SWEETSUNSHIN7 5 BECCAISDOINGIT
10/3/17 8:55 P
Bunless turkey burger with sweet patato fries FAMILY_FIRST01 13 DARLAE1
10/3/17 8:44 P
Evening walk around the Lake LOISLEL 17 4CONNIESHEALTH
10/4/17 8:40 A
This was dinner tonight for day one. Shrimp fried cauliflower rice. It was amazing!!! SOOKIESSUNDRIES 23 DJMCDOWELL2001
10/3/17 9:49 P
Forgot to add the pick of my yummy spinach and chicken sausage dinner! COOKWITHME65 10 GARDENCHRIS
10/4/17 7:25 A
Posted a photo CRYAN1911 32 MCJULIEO
10/3/17 11:15 P
Missed several days of walk/jogging but, determined to get back on track today, I pushed hard: ran 1 LKMANNING7 29 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
10/3/17 10:02 P
I took a bunch of leftovers and made a delicious bowl full of veggies and steak for dinner with a li LILDEVAROO 25 -WRKNG2ABTTRME-
10/4/17 7:33 A
So true BECCA5090 39 ZRIE014
10/4/17 1:34 A
Folks, ......... This 25 pound piece of iron has been, ......"LAYIN' THE SMACKDOWN" on me!!!!! Been F5-FURY 35 NOCALORIES
10/3/17 10:38 P
I've debated posting because I'm so hard on myself... I'm still not where I want to be ... 25lbs lef CASSLOVE24 148 LINDASOUTHER
10/4/17 6:20 A
Did 20 minutes workout feeling πŸ‘ having my β˜• .πŸ‘ πŸŒ™ everyone bless much πŸ’˜ SIMMON72 5 EGGBASKET1
10/2/17 10:23 P
Posted a photo DGFOWLER 4 EGGBASKET1
10/2/17 10:21 P
Starting the second week of a modified low carb diet. 5lbs lost so far I was really surprised CAROLSGAMER 5 EGGBASKET1
10/2/17 10:21 P
Have been on spark for 3 months. This has been extremely beneficial in helping me kick this weight. CORRIE5325 20 INSPIRED26
10/3/17 3:36 A
Happy Monday! Got a great #workout in tonight with strength training and 3.5 miles of cycling πŸ’ͺ LAURENN1994 10 ASPEN
10/3/17 12:56 P
A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step - Lao Tzu Here starts mine! 🀞 GARFIELD+NERMAL 4 ZRIE014
10/3/17 1:55 A
OMG I burned 1,220 today I'm so proud lol AKBOX32508 6 ZRIE014
10/3/17 1:55 A
10/3/17 8:43 A
Think you have to go to the gym to work up a sweat? Wrong! A little pre-dinner backyard workout cour GRATTECIELLA 11 -POOKIE-
10/3/17 2:48 A
Sunset tonight lake Hartwell ALEOPARD 24 ZRIE014
10/3/17 1:54 A
I made it through! The scale did not read 199 this morning but I'm very close. This will be the week MARIAN326 48 EO4WELLNESS
10/3/17 12:22 P
Yup! ADUKE6 20 ZRIE014
10/3/17 1:42 A
New razor back shirt, completely out of my comfort zone arms exposed 4x tshirt RISEUPMARY30 30 QSHEPP
10/3/17 7:25 A
Posted a photo UNFINISHED56 20 ZRIE014
10/3/17 1:40 A
Sunset tonight at our home SONFLOWER_TX 60 ZRIE014
10/3/17 1:37 A
#BeforeAndAfter. Still a work in progress. 30 gone 30 to go. MRSBKM 161 DSJB9999
10/4/17 9:26 A
Just for the heck of it, I tried on some size 18 jeans, cause my 22w pants are so loose. Look, they SCAREDOFSCALE 188 INSPIRED26
10/3/17 3:25 A
Dinner tonight leftovers from last night. Oven fried chicken and red mashed potatoes....I walked up DEVONSCOTT3525 8 EGGBASKET1
10/1/17 8:04 P
Eating a yummy Lean & Green(and red & yellow) for tonight's dinner. POGIRL17 9 EGGBASKET1
10/1/17 8:03 P
I am determined to make October a successful walk with improvement as I go. More steps longer walks DEBIGENE 9 DEBIGENE
10/3/17 8:32 A
10/1/17 8:01 P
Trying a Blue Apron meal-- rubbed steak with basmati rice. I fed my family of 5 with a 4-person me BGRACE4 10 TOMATOCAFEGAL
10/1/17 8:30 P
Bought a new dining utensil! Lost 39 as of this morning. Only 12 til goal! DAXXDAY 12 REBECCAM17
10/1/17 9:29 P
#BeforeAndAfter and here's pictures 3 & 4 ST3PH 25 REGINAKNOX76
10/1/17 10:18 P
Sweet potato, rice and broccoli. Quick. Easy. Yum.😊 CHUBBYVEGGIE 16 NOMESAILI
10/1/17 10:20 P
Making the decision to turn your life around is a THEJACKIEDEAN12 146 CONNIET88
10/2/17 8:13 A
So I went to the doctor yesterday. I've lost 14 lb and she took me off of all my pain medicines beca HBARTH8 7 EGGBASKET1
9/29/17 4:04 P
9/29/17 5:11 P
Verdict: Overnight oats are yumtastic. First try included some sliced strawberries which gave it a NIGHTGLOW 14 MOLUX252627
10/2/17 9:37 P
9/29/17 3:54 P
As of midnight last night, I hit mile 2001.2 on my 4th virtual hike of the Appalachian trail. Which RAMONA1954 11 JAMER123
9/29/17 11:37 P
Fruit, fruit, fruit.....yes I do not need the office candy.....fruit, veggie, fruit, veggie, anythin CELTIC79KITTEN 3 EGGBASKET1
9/29/17 3:44 P
Posted a photo UNFINISHED56 8 ALALADY
9/29/17 5:09 P
Back in one-derland after a looooong time. Yay me! Not going back! DRDIVA28 6 EGGBASKET1
9/29/17 3:42 P
Trying to stay focus im a crash dieter. Need to ma TREENAAKADIMPLE 4 SADIEMYERS
9/29/17 5:44 P
I usually eat at my desk so I can study, but today I ate in the lunch room. I very badly wanted the GOODFELINE 9 KILTORE
9/29/17 10:47 P
Have a blessed and productive Spark filled day! LPORTER2015 10 EO4WELLNESS
9/30/17 1:59 A
13,000 steps before noon... SHANTRA7 12 NITEMAN3D
9/29/17 7:06 P
Lunch today, left over steak equivalent of two eggs with all whites and two slices of toast SISTER0614 5 KITT2531
9/29/17 4:00 P
A bunny eating cheetos πŸ™‚ RUTHSJOURNEY 30 SUSANSKI
10/7/17 9:33 P
Interesting flowers. They have yellow and magenta on the same plant, and usually a few that are half OBIESMOM2 17 SRWYLIE
9/30/17 10:15 A
Soooooo excited about this weigh in. I don't know the last time I was in the 140's. I'm going to giv KATONTHEMAT 104 LESLIELENORE
9/29/17 5:01 P
May to today. Getting there! By next summer I hope to need a new swimsuit. :) JLB2109 39 SYLBA61
9/29/17 6:29 P
I hate to toot my own horn. πŸŽ‰ But I do bake the best chicken. LOL Wish I could share it to proof i DIALYSISCHIC1 35 LILIWHEELER
9/29/17 7:35 P
Good morning all... first post... staring this to try and lose some weight I have been carrying for LEALJOHNMATT 222 LILIWHEELER
9/29/17 7:34 P
9/22/17 2:37 A
9/21/17 11:02 P
Yummy din din. Dont fear some carbs. πŸ€— HOOSIERMOM33 11 MYTIMEOK
9/21/17 9:42 P
Got complimented on my weight loss today by my boss and it felt really nice to have someone else not DANILEANNC 4 GRACED777
9/22/17 1:08 A
I need to get out and take Sophie for a walk. I'm hoping I can loose 25 pounds. Asap HOLLYKIM1979 20 UMUCGRAD
9/21/17 10:44 P
Dinner tonight- rosemary lemon chicken with potato and green beans from my garden! 290 calories! KENNYBARBIE12 37 LKBRIDGE
9/22/17 1:21 A
9/21/17 10:08 P
My mentor blessed me with a new yoga mat and strap. I feel so happy. It was a very nice surprise. CDS427 39 LKBRIDGE
9/22/17 1:17 A
250 lbs. Slow and steady wins the race! NEWYEARME 4 TOBYBIRD
8/27/17 11:25 P
5'8... 164 lbs... 60 pound weight loss so far.. size 10 pants, measurements are 40-30-41 DEEDEEMOMMY23 11 VICKYLYLES
8/27/17 9:38 P
Same clothes, 26 days apart... I got excited when I saw this today! LINZHORN 57 STRNGNGRNDED
8/28/17 5:19 P