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Birthday list of Anyone over 70 GGKIDS7 397 NASFKAB
7/13/17 7:45 A
One cup fruit after that's it for the πŸŒ™ πŸ’˜ SIMMON72 9 -POOKIE-
7/11/17 2:45 A
Taking my walk πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ SWALLIS7 5 LIVEDAILY
7/11/17 5:04 P
First workout in weeks done! Feeling good! SHELL1400_85 4 WHYTEBROWN
7/11/17 7:25 A
Dinner so delicious πŸ˜‹ wow πŸ’˜ it healthy lifestyle ty lord feeling πŸ‘ am doing this for me i really SIMMON72 13 -POOKIE-
7/11/17 2:44 A
Just get up and keep going. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 30 PATRICIA-CR
7/11/17 4:42 P
11 more lbs to go until I reach my goal weight THEPIX 74 TARA4-73
7/11/17 3:52 A
Enter anything to get your 10 points ANNE737 125202 PCSPEER
7/25/17 11:42 A
When u burn more calories than u eat.... still going strong.... extra steps at work today... 3 1/2 h KAMRYNWILL 11 CHRISOFTEXAS
6/15/17 6:25 P
Been doingthis diet for over a month. I feel alot PARSONS5656 36 ALICIAMAG
6/15/17 8:00 P
Lets motivate each other πŸ’ͺ🏾 2016FITQUEEN 19 2016FITQUEEN
6/16/17 6:38 P
Getting my squats in today! MRSROBERSON09 9 STARRA5
6/15/17 6:43 P
Hello summer break!! To SLO to pick up DD. Hoping to get some workout time after long road trip HEALTHYNEWPAIGE 3 EGGBASKET1
6/15/17 5:24 P
April 2017- June 2017 BETH28751 68 MDOWER1
6/15/17 8:28 P
SSDD. Same shirt, different day. 2 years and 100+ pounds apart. #mobilechat Logging my calories accu MISSDORKNESS 306 PBVHCCVH
6/16/17 7:31 A
Needed a bit of motivation this morning... found the picture on the left from last summer on a frien PHOXYM 304 INCH_BY_INCH
6/18/17 10:09 A
Dinner chicken breasts, spring mix, spinach salad balsamic vinaigrette dressing. MSJOFUNNSEXY 3 EGGBASKET1
6/14/17 9:48 P
I'm starting to feel healthier and happier. I don't dread picking out an outfit anymore. 20lbs to go BENCHED 6 AKROXIE
6/14/17 10:39 P
First picture August 2016 Second picture June 11, 2017 Counting calories has been my answer. ALLBEARS2 44 VOODALI
6/15/17 1:35 A
Fish 🐟. It's what's for dinner! #SalmonLover ❀️ HOOPGIRL799 14 FROSTY99
6/14/17 10:05 P
I fit into this dress that was collecting dust in the back of the closet! I zipped it up myself and MSMOSTIMPROVED 117 GONNAWORKIT
6/15/17 8:37 A
Day 1. 25 lbs seems impossible :/ I don't look too shabby, but I know it'll feel better on my joi COWANKRIS 43 ELSCO55
6/14/17 10:53 P
Posted a photo WAISTNAWAY 192 DLD2DLD
6/15/17 8:12 A
I FIT INTO SIZE 16 PANTS TODAY!!! Sure it's a squeeze... but I haven't been able to even THINK about DREAMERSPIRITT 203 RYCGIRL
6/15/17 7:41 A
Posted a photo LYNAND62 7 CASTALLCARES1
6/14/17 11:04 A
Healthy habit: if I'm needlepointing or knitting while watching TV, my hands are busy and I'm not sn GRATTECIELLA 27 SONYA2575
6/25/17 11:06 A
I think I am beginning to see a difference. 13 pounds down since I started. NANCYJO1070 57 CHERIRIDDELL
6/14/17 1:27 A
fairly new to the site (12 days). this is my before, after, and before pic. went from 292 - 09/201 RAVENJAE 247 WENDYM29
6/14/17 1:54 A
Started at 215 and I am now 148! Feeling good! πŸ‘Œ KTKRISTIAN32 112 JESSELEAL2005
7/7/17 3:56 P
So, I never truly posted a "before" picture becaus SOUTHTXXRNNR 184 MSBOOTCAMP
7/16/17 10:31 P
I had not seen my ex in about 2 years and 105lbs. I saw him today. ... he actually stuttered. πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌ MISSDORKNESS 279 SUPERWOMANSUE17
6/23/17 11:33 A
Posted a photo SMARTPOET06 7 EGGBASKET1
6/12/17 10:46 P
I made the Mexican chicken and rice casserole from the SparkPeople recipes app. It was pretty good! DAISYFLWR 8 _LINDA
6/12/17 11:01 P
Meal prep! Less than 400 calories apiece. (Whole grain pasta, marinara sauce, ground turkey, quinoa, MISSDORKNESS 21 MEKIAMOO
6/13/17 10:43 A
6/13/17 4:14 P
I began my weight loss journey in 2015, when I was just existing at 395pounds, wearing a 26W pants a D05438 73 ANNDANDY
6/13/17 2:37 A
My first number isn't a 2!!! RAGANKGORDON 103 FITFORCABO2017
6/13/17 4:11 A
Had another baby boy! LSMALLWOO 140 RAPUNZEL53
6/13/17 5:04 A
I started spark about a month and a half ago. I've lost another 10lbs so far, but the most rewarding KAALLEN2012 137 JJOHNSON393
6/13/17 2:46 A
Its been a long 1yr journey. But well worth it. 310 to 220. 20 lbs to go to get my ideal weight. Get YOGIBEAR43 164 DLD2DLD
6/13/17 7:09 A
This is my first time trying this program. I'm happy to be here :) CCRAIG1771 190 MDOWER1
6/13/17 5:17 A
Life is about breaking our personal limits and outgrowing ourselves to live our best lives. BOOHOOBEAR 6 IAMAGEMLOVER
6/12/17 8:03 A
Wanted cottage cheese with blueberries but blackberries were cheaper! Delicious!! DAWN1830 15 JFAIT3
6/12/17 5:48 P
Oven fried chicken thighs. I used coconut oil & they turned out sooo good!! QUEENGLORY1 12 SOOZIE12
6/11/17 8:09 P
What a delicious and filling supper!!!salmon and broccoli salad! Yummmm!!! MEL3347 10 EGGBASKET1
6/11/17 7:39 P
Sooo..this is me n my family for NYE and every time i see myself i just feel horrible...all I want i EMILY052627 13 AOKDIET21
6/13/17 7:25 A
Planning the next beginner trail hike in a few weeks. 6.5 miles isn't bad! Going to work up to the b DANICONNOLLY 7 CAROL494
6/11/17 7:50 P
first week and down four pounds! AMBERRSTAR 31 WEIGHTDICIPLINE
6/12/17 12:18 A
i started out at 420 pounds lost 178 pounds now i weigh 242. My goal is to way 150 so i have 92 more EPEOPLES3 167 MAMIEKINS484
6/11/17 9:36 P
Day 1: I have 215 pounds to loose. It's going to be a long road... SARMSTRONG198 303 SHEILA8383
6/11/17 9:06 P
Posted a photo CAROLINAGIRL69 6 MICOLINA26
6/10/17 11:51 P
Keep on keeping on! SUESMITH73 12 ARLEE62
6/11/17 9:46 A
6/12/17 4:44 P
Completed an advanced instructor training today fo FITNAPTURAL 21 DALID414
6/11/17 1:40 P
I just bought this dress at Kohls today. It's tight fitting right now. Hoping to change that in a fe NEWME1025 23 N70091
6/11/17 3:01 A
I am 79 years old and retired in Vegas. I used to weigh 227 and am 5 ft 1 in. I've been trying for 1 JLEWIS527 50 JLEWIS527
6/21/17 2:28 P
Married on 6/9/2017 SHANTRA7 100 -RUBIES-
6/12/17 1:38 A
Had open heart triple bypass surgery 3 weeks ago at the age of 38. So far I have lost 17lbs and am e A34824 174 WENDYM29
6/11/17 11:22 A
Posted a photo JDUB2483 9 EGGBASKET1
6/9/17 9:53 P
Being a round the clock caregiver, I often forget to take care of myself but i've made a decision fo KAITE13 21 ALATONA
6/9/17 10:39 P
Evening walk :) MSKIZ69 11 EGGBASKET1
6/9/17 9:51 P
My motto of the day! RHOOK20047 11 JOHNWBROCKSR777
6/10/17 3:17 P
I have this posted on my desk at work as a reminder! RHOOK20047 12 MBPP50
6/10/17 6:59 A
I had a great week, this was from today which was about my average each day since Sunday. I love wal MLSSA33 10 MRSFANCYLADY
6/9/17 9:58 P
This is the area of Tennessee where I live. It is a beautiful site to see while on the streets of my SINGINGLADY_JLN 12 SILVAS7
6/12/17 9:03 A
Went for an evening walk on the river. Sky was beautiful and strong breeze coming off the water made BHUDSON572 10 ELSCO55
6/9/17 10:21 P
Posted a photo HORHAYZ13 24 CLMEEDER
6/9/17 10:48 P
Summer usually is my time to get up and move constantly. I took on summer school (what was I thinkin MISSCNJ 10 QSHEPP
6/10/17 10:04 P
LOL......Getting my evening "Hoop" going ! STARFISH1961 71 1CRAZYDOG
6/10/17 12:26 P
Hello people. I am new here. Im a big girl and want to lose about 208 lbs. So i can have kids right REYNA1995 136 IMRAN99
6/10/17 6:08 A
Almost to my goal for the year of 165 down from 205. Sooo close. DAVIDPROPHET 151 SANAABUBACKER
6/10/17 4:00 A
Motivational moment.... RHOOK20047 6 MBPP50
6/9/17 7:28 A
Motto of the day... RHOOK20047 12 JOHNWBROCKSR777
6/9/17 11:06 A
I plan to reach my goals. GARDENSFORLIFE 14 CANNINGNANNY
6/10/17 8:55 A
Well scale/nonscale victory. This past month and 1/2 I have lost 20 lbs. I decided I was going to tr BARBEDWIREKITTY 122 SCARLETFERN
6/9/17 3:06 A

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