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Enter anything to get your 10 points ANNE737 119648 EVILCECIL
3/25/17 10:26 A
3/23/17 8:52 P
Time for some bootcamp. Vacation next weekend! #healthymindsetgoals KELLYMONTUORI 3 EGGBASKET1
3/23/17 3:56 P
3/23/17 8:26 P
3/23/17 4:42 P
#weightcheck I'm down 82 pounds as of today! Started at 347. I still have a lot to lose, but I'm get VAX-11 18 MAYADOGG
3/25/17 10:31 A
6.52 miles, nice day to get out walking PAPAYAHEAD 9 4CONNIESHEALTH
3/24/17 9:43 A
My stomach is going down... lost 2" in the waist.πŸ’ƒπŸΏ Thank you SPARK family for your support😘 YELIAB21 12 TSHAWGER
3/24/17 10:23 A
Posted a photo AMBERNICHOLE3 10 LUCKEE40
3/24/17 10:41 P
Late lunch today! Brown rice, ground turkey, kale , black beans topped with avocado. Gotta workout t BIGAPPLEJENN 14 MYEMMANUEL
3/23/17 5:42 P
Down 52 pounds. I feel so much better CFOSTERARDMS48 101 BROOKLYNBLONDIE
3/23/17 10:20 P
A great day indeed. I am now below 150. πŸŽ‰πŸ˜™πŸ’ͺ TANDERSON2575 182 NANAGRIFFIN2
3/23/17 4:59 P
Down 56 pounds! It's takin me a year but it was so worth it! Wish I could loose another 25 pounds. PLONG5 304 PLONG5
3/23/17 10:17 P
Posted a photo CPUTMON 9 EGGBASKET1
3/22/17 11:14 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 15 --DEBY--
3/23/17 9:04 A
3/23/17 1:36 A
Did well on vacation. Did not track food but did not gain a pound. 15 more pounds to go. Have a w DETAIAN 12 DJ4HEALTH
3/23/17 12:21 A
Stayed under my goal and tracked everything I ate! KHAYS0309 6 MPLSKEN
3/23/17 11:44 A
Started at 379 a month ago down to 357 now. Working on being more active and setting a better exampl SPARKE77 86 KAHANGI
3/23/17 1:57 A
Today is day one. So far 910 calories.. I worry about of I can do fiance and I are in this ALISONNY 233 NELLJONES
3/23/17 7:47 A
Posted a photo JKL219 9 MSGO72
3/22/17 12:16 A
Who worked out for 2 hours today and walked almost 17000 steps? This girl right here that's who NICKY4338 10 FUNNYFACE101002
3/22/17 8:47 P
To those of you who are just starting. I wish you all the absolute best!!! ALBIZU55 11 ALBIZU55
3/23/17 1:16 A
3/22/17 1:06 A
Very proud of myself. Most steps in a day so far.. LEEWILLIAMS67 23 YELLOW09RED
3/22/17 7:58 P
Hi Im new here. My name is Pam I am 56 and weigh 306. Two years ago I weighed 404. My goal is to get P02165 52 ANNDANDY
3/22/17 3:39 A
okay I just started this site today. my weight is currently 274 lbs. I need to lose 124 lbs by may 2 COOPER2323 267 BROOKLYNBLONDIE
3/22/17 5:53 A
I needed to hear this today, as I have had a day wondering why I am putting myself through this... RHOOK20047 17 DREAMERMS
3/22/17 2:45 P
Finally fixed my truck so I can go back to daily gym trips!!!! Excites me so much!!! KATYDID2016 2 EGGBASKET1
3/20/17 9:12 P
I just read The China Study. If you like scientific research about the link between nutrition and ca ACERBIC7979 5 ACERBIC7979
3/20/17 9:35 P
Down 10 lbs...Portion control and calorie counting...Do some yard work, or clean the house if u can' CHELINDLEY 4 _LINDA
3/20/17 9:19 P
Started last week at 230 and working hard to get down to 160. I know it will not be easy but it will BOOTBLKBOI 2 EGGBASKET1
3/20/17 8:59 P
Determined to get in this dress..omg..its so beautiful SNOWHYTE41 34 GRANNIEC1
3/20/17 10:00 P
Another successful day abd today my reward was getting to spend some time with a horse and a donkey. CENTRAL_TX_GIRL 13 MEAGOP
3/20/17 9:44 P
Here's to warmer weather 😍 MRSTHOMAS8314 17 SURVIVOR61
3/20/17 9:33 P
My first weight loss running shoes! BARBARAMJ 43 DIVINAMAMA
3/19/17 3:10 A
Posted a goal MEMA328 3 INGRIDSLIM
3/19/17 1:59 A
I need to drink more water.... DEBRA3X7 4 JUDITH316
3/19/17 3:45 A
3/19/17 1:49 A
No sugar added dinner. Mmmmm!! AMBULINCKX 10 CTYONIT
3/19/17 4:14 A
Got glass meal portion containers. Filled one side protein other side veggies!! Yum LOIS263 11 MSGO72
3/19/17 8:02 P
Posted a photo GLAMNGLOWDIVA 12 LIS193
3/19/17 1:01 P
Posted a photo ALBIZU55 9 CRAZYCAT99
3/19/17 3:03 A
Happy Birthday to Me!! Going to celebrate with my family & see the new Beauty & the Beast movie. Fun HEALTHYBARB1 10 TERMITEMOM
3/19/17 5:45 P
Down 8 lbs in this first 15 days. I'm optimistic but not naive enough to think that I will be able t CHELLE_MARIE 4 FRANKBELLOFAN
3/18/17 3:31 P
I went to the gym, first time this year!!! MOARRFITNESS 2 EGGBASKET1
3/18/17 3:05 P
Building from walking to jogging. 5 Grandchildren to keep up with! ;) DI_NAMIC 2 EGGBASKET1
3/18/17 3:03 P
Going to be a positive weekend TOMSTUMP 2 EGGBASKET1
3/18/17 3:03 P
3/18/17 3:03 P
How I feel eating a salad without dressing. BJK1961 18 DIZZYBRITCHES
3/18/17 4:27 P
I'm here. I'm on day 3 of tracking. This is me, at a wedding I officiated at in October, about 10 lb MAGDALENE6127 86 LOULOU1709
3/18/17 7:18 P
There's been ups and downs. But 41 lbs down in a year!! SUNGIRL822 248 FBAILEY24X
3/19/17 8:12 A
I did it, I did it ... I'm in ONEderland!!!!! Down 61 pounds ... and counting. Come do the happy, ha MTN_KITTEN 286 FOCUSONME57
3/20/17 10:05 A
Just started tonight. Ready to be healthy but so afraid to take the first step #1stpost CHOIRGEEK76 20 TEAGIRL49
3/18/17 1:22 A
I haven't lost alot of pounds but in October I was 200 pounds. Today I weighed myself and I weigh 17 KDAVIDSON1011 14 CWEAVER1972
3/18/17 11:32 A
3/18/17 11:33 A
Posted a photo LPORTER2015 11 MAYIE53
3/18/17 12:12 P
I am pretty sure my FB friends are sick of me and my selfies and my before and after's! Here's me in RONIKAN 14 MAARTJEB
3/18/17 2:04 A
I need to remember this more often. RHOOK20047 11 CHRIS3874
3/19/17 7:50 P
I posted this on my locker at work and I now have 4 walking lunch buddies! RHOOK20047 16 CHRIS3874
3/19/17 7:50 P
2 years, 5 months. That's how long it took me to lose 117 pounds. No gimmicks, no quick fixes, no CARRIEB1011 282 BEVIEG41
3/18/17 5:28 P
100 lbs down! I still have a ways to go to meet my goal, but everyday is a new day! MLEININGER23 53 PENNYBATES
3/16/17 11:32 P
Get up and move- we can reach our goals. GARDENSFORLIFE 9 JAMER123
3/18/17 1:19 A
Friends photo of their vacation in Hawaii GREENRUG 7 DJ4HEALTH
3/16/17 10:51 P
Yummy taco salad for my supper - each part accounted for in my daily calories DIVINAMAMA 9 ITSTHEBOOBOOS
3/16/17 11:40 P
What a difference 120 lbs can make. Still working on reaching my goal but this is me then and now. MISS-WILLOW 259 DAWN1830
3/17/17 5:16 P
One year today the pic. on the left was taken. I did not start my life style change till March 25 20 MBLACK2085 246 MLR_00
3/17/17 6:24 A
June 2016 to March 2017 99lbs difference...Wow I'm actually blown away seeing this. MRSOLIVER455 84 MRSOLIVER455
3/17/17 8:02 A
Tried to take my picture but it didn't work out. so, I will try it once more. Today marks 59 days of LOVESWEETS2 209 EGGBASKET1
3/15/17 11:59 P
Fitbit stats for Tuesday, 3/14. I was definitely sleep deprived. Calories in 1,832 vs calories burne NANHBH 3 EGGBASKET1
3/15/17 11:58 P
Still eating good! And love that I can double up on veggies and not go over my goals and or limits f MISSME2731 5 EJOY-EVELYN
3/16/17 10:27 P
Finally weighed myself 386 down to 362 I lost 24 pounds yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh πŸ˜²πŸ˜²πŸ˜²πŸ˜†πŸ˜† G23447 150 YMWONG22
3/16/17 3:45 A
3/14/17 10:44 P
My goal is to get healthy by changing some eating portions and exercising. I want to get that BMI do NAILCHICK58 9 HOTPINKCAMARO49
3/14/17 10:51 P
The more I eat healthy the more excited I get about my meal! And the more delicious it sounds and lo MISSME2731 6 EJOY-EVELYN
3/15/17 11:56 A

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