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Posted a photo DSHONEYC 6 RAGNAR359
1/19/18 11:41 A
Down 2.5 pounds DSHONEYC 9 MEADSBAY
1/7/18 8:55 A
May see some snow in Orlando today. Crazy. EVENICMAT 9 CREPEDCRUSADER
1/3/18 2:30 P
I just joined the Walk This Way Challenge to help me "remember" to get on my shoes and go walk. The GO-LOEW 3 MADDIEBSMAMA
1/3/18 1:33 P
Grateful for time off and for having a good job to go back to this fine January 3, 2018. DSHONEYC 5 L_DROUIN
1/3/18 12:29 P
Donald Trump depresses me, and my usual response was to eat, but I am holding to my diet in oppositi JOSEPH1939 4 CMRRDZ
12/28/17 1:02 P
Staring today with conviction! DSHONEYC 4 RDCAGAIN10
12/28/17 12:55 P
Last work Wednesday of 2017 for me...I realize I am fatter than this time last year and I spent the DSHONEYC 11 MEADSBAY
12/21/17 8:35 A
Loving my new haircut. STEPHANIE0131 17 ADRIENALINE
12/20/17 6:21 P
11/16/17 7:55 A
Am loving my new flexi-spot standup desk, but having a hard time getting used to my ergonomic keyboa DSHONEYC 3 PEGGY-BEE
11/15/17 11:22 A
Never mind I found subscriptions on the start menu! Hate when they change things and I get lost! DSHONEYC 2 7STIGGYMT
11/11/17 1:47 P
Oct 17 Fitbit stats - Calories in 2,061 vs calories spent 2,098 (includes basal metabolic calories). NANHBH 4 FBAILEY24X
10/18/17 11:49 A
What are recommended snacks WRWPRW 3 FRISKYCRITTER
10/18/17 10:47 A
Wii step ups, calf raises, squats. Done :) YELLOW09RED 5 CGARR442
10/18/17 8:39 P
Try and make it the best day ever! DSHONEYC 11 1CRAZYDOG
10/18/17 11:50 A
10/17/17 10:54 A
Mammogram results coming...8 years and counting. DSHONEYC 4 EMMACORY
10/16/17 7:11 P
I will provide more details of the scam and the subsequent ordeal in the near future. Right now I ha DSHONEYC 3 BECCABOO127
10/10/17 8:22 P
Yesterday I fell for an internet I am trying to pick up the pieces. DSHONEYC 13 1CRAZYDOG
10/10/17 1:45 P
At the ranch...long drivescheduled for tomorrow. DSHONEYC 2 LJBOWSER1
10/2/17 12:33 P
Feeling stressed...too much to do, too little time and leaving Thursday for family visit for 6 days. DSHONEYC 3 EMMACORY
9/27/17 5:25 A
On a whim yesterday booked a tour of Iceland for mid-February. Now who can loan me some -11 degree w DSHONEYC 7 FATTYLINE
9/21/17 1:01 P
Worn out, just had to sleep in to 7:30 this morning.... DSHONEYC 3 LEANJEAN6
9/17/17 7:18 P
Haven't been on for a few days down with a head cold. Feeling slightly better today so hopefully I LJBOWSER1 2 DSHONEYC
9/16/17 11:30 A
Yikes car repairs & tires today have me in sticker shock mode. DSHONEYC 2 EMMACORY
9/16/17 10:26 P
I had gastric sleeve surgery August 8th because they wouldn't repair my hiatal hernia without gastri BLYTHEPLUNKETT 4 GCWILLI1
9/12/17 1:07 P
Tonight rehearsals start for the RB Chorale Holiday season shows. There go my Tuesday nights. DSHONEYC 1 DSHONEYC
9/12/17 12:06 P
The weekends always do me in. DSHONEYC 3 KCAZ80
9/11/17 1:47 P
9/6/17 10:59 A
I love my fitness pal tracker it's been helping me for over a month to manage my weight loss so far FALISJENNIFER19 3 DSHONEYC
9/5/17 2:08 P
9/6/17 12:32 P
Did pretty good after a 4 day weekend...only 1 up and I see that plus another 1 on the horizon for b DSHONEYC 2 JUDITH316
9/5/17 2:14 P
Spent the day with one of my favorite people Jane...watched The Glass Castle and lunched at Panera. DSHONEYC 2 KATHYJO56
9/4/17 12:46 A
8/29/17 6:24 A
Still not feeling too hot emotionally today. And f ENGELKUH89 5 MWARNER211
8/29/17 5:09 A
Disasterous weekend...and I wasn't in Texas. DSHONEYC 7 ZELDA13
8/28/17 12:53 P
Paying for it today...ate too many chicken fingers last night and my scale reflects all the salt ove DSHONEYC 11 EMMACORY
8/26/17 9:17 P
Sparkpeople I need you right now. I have to avoid salt as much as possible but sometimes you just ca MBARNETT3 3 KKRAVIG1975
8/23/17 11:18 A
Can't wait until I can move some over ❤ VANNAHK 17 ISABEAUSROSE
8/23/17 12:47 P
Feeling sick sucks! But still keeping a tab on what I am eating! MEGANLVERA 4 SPARTANJAI
8/23/17 12:55 P
Keep the faith...shared today on SparkPeople. DSHONEYC 5 GABY1948
8/23/17 11:58 A
I have been living with family member for a few years lost the house I was renting finally have plac TRISTANNE 2 DSHONEYC
8/21/17 10:36 A
:( Had a bad week. I did not lose anything but I think I might lose the lead in the biggest loser co RHONDAA128 4 PATTYCAKE72552
8/21/17 11:06 A
I can see the sun from my window... DSHONEYC 2 GABY1948
8/21/17 11:47 A
8/14/17 3:02 P
Glorious to sleep in to 7:15! DSHONEYC 1 DSHONEYC
8/12/17 1:13 P
Going to Laguna Beach for the Art Festival and Pageant of the Masters tonight/ Home tomorrow. DSHONEYC 4 LAW06211
8/6/17 11:42 A
Feeling inspired today---which motivates me to give myself credit for being strong. DSHONEYC 8 DRBARNETT
8/3/17 2:41 P
Been so busy, haven't had time to share. Weight is coming off so slowly... but I am down 30 lbs sin EJP4ME 4 EJP4ME
8/2/17 12:33 P
Seems to be working...hurrah. DSHONEYC 5 GINGERB13
8/3/17 12:09 P
Feeling out of sorts, knee hurts and head aches. Been to church and the nursery and the wild bird st DSHONEYC 5 KATHYJO56
7/31/17 12:24 A
Making progress, almost 90 pounds down, but still 20 pounds from goal. I'm a little nervous about SSMITH762 18 QSHEPP
7/29/17 7:41 P
Just made a wonderful omelette with artichoke hearts, chicken sausage, shallots, avocado and feta ch DSHONEYC 4 SWEET-SASS
7/29/17 1:08 P
My new Fitbit finally arrived. Enjoyed the test run (walk) this morning SONIAHARPER 6 CHAINSAWSAKURA
7/28/17 1:48 P
7/28/17 11:33 A
I have lost a total of 20 lbs since I began my journey at the end if Feb 2017. Some one at work comp MBLANKFORD 60 KEENA47
8/11/17 8:59 A
So today is the first day of my life style change. I am so inspired by all of your posts. Wish me lu TOLSON1968 7 NEWME
7/26/17 12:55 P
Thinking about having a break day. My husband is taking me out for dinner tonight and since I've sta MOMMY_LOVE8260 6 KKRAVIG1975
7/26/17 11:39 A
Going to make it so! DSHONEYC 2 HOLLYM48
7/26/17 3:22 P
You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear 1CRAZYDOG 10 ILOVEROSES
7/25/17 9:25 A
Making my way back to healthy. It starts today. HJFOGARTY 6 MARYLOTUS
7/24/17 11:41 A
Don't always look at the scales!! I started this in an ap and really like how the numbers have chang VHAYES04 4 SUEKIMMY
7/24/17 11:11 A
A tomatoe plant came up by our pool from last year, it has out grown all of our other plants , and s STARFISH1961 6 1CRAZYDOG
7/24/17 1:57 P
Okay have decided to go all in now. Still missing my little buddy but he wouldn't want me to be sad LJBOWSER1 3 AKROXIE
7/24/17 11:12 A
2.5 weeks in and I feel like I've already hit a plateau in my weight loss journey. Hoping to push t AMING4ACES 3 STARFISH1961
7/24/17 12:13 P
I never have enough time on the weekends to catch... DSHONEYC 5 GABY1948
7/24/17 12:15 P
Slept in to 7:15 starting slowly but I have much to do so I will get to it after I track my DSHONEYC 1 DSHONEYC
7/22/17 12:30 P
Hurrah! Hit 10K steps plus today. Knee hurts but at least I got moving. DSHONEYC 5 1CRAZYDOG
7/17/17 12:22 P
Out of control, I find myself. Time to get back on the plan. DSHONEYC 13 EMMACORY
7/13/17 10:50 A
Succumbed to TV ad and bought a Shark Vacume this my old Shark but hose is beginning DSHONEYC 2 TWINKLESTARS
7/8/17 10:51 A
Forgot how to refer a friend to SparkPeople? Can anyone tell me where to go to refer a friend? Can't DSHONEYC 2 KOFFEENUT
7/7/17 4:00 P
Well, Day 3 after emergency appendectomy and I am doing fine. DSHONEYC 4 KATHYJO56
6/11/17 12:13 A
"and she bravely stepped upon the scale this morning. Shriek!!!!! DSHONEYC 6 1CRAZYDOG
6/1/17 3:40 P
Have been afraid to get on the scales since buying Kettle BBQ chips at Costco. Bad me! DSHONEYC 10 MNCYCLIST
5/31/17 12:12 P