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Today I made it out of the "obese" BMI category into the just "overweight" BMI category. It's been GREEN-EYED-LADY 207 MARYJOANNA
6/23/17 5:34 A
BOOM...another 2 pounds this morning...woohoo...57 pounds gone now CHERYL4846 261 SUTTON1350
6/22/17 6:44 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 18 DMS1006
6/20/17 12:02 P
We can't learn to get better without failures. Don't let them discourage you but instead, let them KIMBERLY0527 6 KINDGIRL56
6/20/17 10:03 A
You can't change what you did yesterday. But you can make better choices today! CHEETARA79 5 LPARDUE2
6/20/17 10:07 A
Monday weigh-in 203.8. I'm good with this number. DMSPEER93 3 RAERAERAE62
6/20/17 2:03 P
Finally broke through the 180's!!!! Only 10 more lbs until I hit my next big goal of 170lbs (the low JEMMSIE 156 QSHEPP
6/14/17 7:42 P
Progress so far (since 3/1)...Down 29.5lbs (so exc MJAJ2017 301 NVITRO
6/14/17 7:43 P
Aafter 2 1/2 months of loggong food and weight LOSETHISFAT32 137 FISHGUT3
6/14/17 3:19 P
For those of you that pray. PLEASE say a prayer fo SKITTLESNINJA 303 ADUCKWALL
6/14/17 4:33 P
I didn't think I was ready, in fact I questioned when I heard God said that I was ready, but I trust PSALMISTLD 10 HMARIE1983
6/12/17 10:03 P
Happy with today's weigh-in. 202.2!!!! So far 6.8 pounds lost! Thank you, Jesus!! May I continue to DMSPEER93 5 EJOY-EVELYN
6/12/17 11:48 P
I did it! I met my first goal now I'm even more motivated!!! 5 more pounds to go! Low calories, drin ALEXRENE118 209 BOOERDEM
6/12/17 8:28 P
Learned that I should look up nutritional info before eating. :( just ate 720 cal ugh. FITZI31 8 SCARLETFERN
6/5/17 4:33 P
So I weighed in at 203.8 today. Yesterday was extremely hectic and I didn't get to eat a whole lot. DMSPEER93 5 SCARLETFERN
6/5/17 4:51 P
Still got 50 more lbs to lose. But I feel so nice these days. Went out and bought me two new dresses STUFFY864 303 FLASUN
6/6/17 4:13 A
Started this journey Feb 23rd weighing in at I'm at 219 :) CINJADE28 118 CINJADE28
6/5/17 9:18 P
I am 353 lbs beginning my journey to 150 lbs! I am going to do this! CHRISSIANN 305 MERRYJO1
6/5/17 8:18 P
Hi so I haven't done spark people in a long time but after seeing recent pics of myself from my daug BEC10872 15 LCDDUB
6/3/17 7:01 P
I'm wearing the same shirt in both pictures about a year ago. I can really see in my skin how much w THEJACKIEDEAN12 228 NGREIG1
6/9/17 10:33 A
I'm in Onederland!!!!!!!!! 😁🎆 Heaviest: 230 SW: 223 CW: 199 GW: 140 STARGAZ3R 233 GORDONED
6/3/17 8:14 P
The first person came up to me and asked, "Have you lost weight?" OH SUCH EXTREME JOY!!! heehee :-) STACIT0571 9 NANCYANND55
6/2/17 8:26 P
I shared this on my Instagram earlier this week an FASTIAJESSICA 32 RAYMOSSISTER
6/2/17 8:29 P
New milestone;as of today I am in the 180's! Woo hoo! 48 lbs gone! VAVAVIOLINA 93 ELSCO55
6/2/17 9:07 P
Exactly 9 months ago today September 2, 2016 I embarked on this amazing life journey, with a startin THEJACKIEDEAN12 315 KLIPSE
6/8/17 11:28 A
I made it past my first plateau! Barely. But I let out a huge sigh of relief when I saw the scale th DEVAN4 91 MBLANKFORD
6/2/17 2:08 P
I am in Gramma heaven once again. Hannah Grace was born May 28th, weighing 8lbs 11oz. Believe it or HEYJUDE58 214 TIME4ME2017
6/2/17 6:26 P
Lost 3 pounds....fellin better goin slow but they say its better to go slow MISSDAIZY67 17 CHERIRIDDELL
6/2/17 1:16 A
Grey shorts is today and black shorts from May 20. AKUSHNIROFF 94 KBOUGHE
6/2/17 4:50 A
have a terrific Thursday AZMOMXTWO 2 DMSPEER93
6/1/17 8:03 A
So, I weighed in at 205.4. While my goal was 204, I'm thrilled to have lost 4 pounds last month!!! L DMSPEER93 3 EJOY-EVELYN
6/1/17 10:37 A
Starting my weight loss journey in the morning. This is the heaviest I've been, and after seeing pic BRITTANYKAEX 123 ORTATK
5/30/17 7:22 A
Here goes nothing! Start weight, 315. Goal 200. MTOOLEY2 159 ROBYNSMILES
5/30/17 9:45 A
22 days ago I started using this app and I weighed 309 lbs. I woke up this morning and this is what SHANAHALL82 75 ROBBIEY
5/29/17 5:40 P
Day 4 of taking over 10,000 steps. Hoping to continue this trend! LINDA33GB 32 GEORGE815
5/29/17 11:25 A
Yes. Was not sure I was losing until I found this old picture. Getting there MRSHURST88 189 MRSHURST88
6/3/17 12:22 A
I've been off of this app for a long time. However I have to do something. My daughter graduated fro TWOROSETATTOO 20 LASTDIET2017
5/28/17 1:51 A
Week 2 day 1, 45 pounds to goal - this is the belly I want to be finished with forever. So unhealthy STACIT0571 21 STEFFZ
5/30/17 9:30 P
Wow check me out. Started at 318lbs and now at 277.5lbs. In 9 weeks. Keeping my calorie count 1200 a FELISOL71 90 MLAREDO
5/28/17 5:01 A
Me after losing 160 lbs. No bariatric surgery. TCRANE522 161 FLOUNDER1323
5/28/17 7:53 A
It's my birthday today, so I am going to indulge in some tasty Italian and cake. However, I'm still KBEGEY 271 WANNABZEN
5/26/17 10:54 P
Left: 3/24/16 Right: today after my workout. Excuse the sweaty face. I just finally can see a huge d STUFFY864 119 WOMANOFLOVE
5/26/17 2:45 P
Good morning everyone!!!!! Today is weigh in day and I weighed in at 238.6 lbs so I am 89.6 lbs down THEJACKIEDEAN12 304 KARENWILL2
5/29/17 6:18 A
5/26/17 8:04 A
87 lbs. down.... tracking everything truly helps a ton!! S85244 303 ANDYLIN90
5/26/17 2:04 A
Day 2 ... BEFORE PHOTOS (cringe) Ive gained alot o BEXXYLEE30 28 BEXXYLEE30
5/24/17 11:26 P
5 days into my new lifestyle and I am ready to post my "before" photo. Hello spark people! STACIT0571 48 DEE107
5/25/17 12:37 A
3lbs gone this past week for a total of 90lbs down! These kitty leggings were my prize. GOODFELINE 51 KILTORE
5/25/17 12:37 P
1 Year and 86lbs difference between me and this photo Facebook dredged up today. Getting close to g MISSDORKNESS 112 HEALTH_NOW
5/27/17 8:45 P
Bought this shirt about 10 years ago and these jeans about five years ago, both on the chance that s THEODENNIAM 196 SKINNYONEDAY58
5/25/17 3:49 A
Wake up this morning feeling really good I made it out the 380s HENNYFLOW29 122 FITME2017
5/24/17 6:57 P
I didn't feel like working out. Knees hurt. But, I set out to power walk 1 mile & did 3.2 miles. #ti SUGAR0814 100 KELLIEBEAN
5/24/17 8:04 A
Sunday was my 1 year anniversary of starting my ne MORIAHSMAMA 204 MRSFANCYLADY
5/24/17 1:21 A
My updated comparison. So proud of myself. This is a picture of me 9 months ago and current. KEW2006 278 SCARLETFERN
5/24/17 2:59 A
I did not want to put a photo of myself online......i have been ashamed. yesterday was week one of MOHNEY2 301 JANMA17
5/23/17 8:32 P
Good morning Ya'll! ANGELIADEANNE 153 GRACED777
5/23/17 6:07 P
Ahh! I haven't seen the 180s in over eight years!! Almost 30 lb down! MAGLITE7 251 MIRAGE727
5/25/17 6:34 A
So I went from 226.9lbs too 225.0 in 4 days so yay ALYSSARAY31013 3 ALYSSARAY31013
5/22/17 12:00 P
Monday morning update: I'm up a pound from 202.8 to 203.8, but I'm ok with that. I've been dealing w DMSPEER93 4 EJOY-EVELYN
5/23/17 4:57 P
Happy Monday indeed!!!! SUMWITCH 185 TIBURONA
5/22/17 4:37 P
Finally! I've been stuck the last couple weeks and I finally lost the pound I need to get here. CHAS6113 288 NANCYANND55
5/17/17 6:59 P
Getting there bit by bit 24 pounds down 326.2from 350 pounds MAMACHANGED37 64 MAMACHANGED37
5/17/17 9:58 A
Started this 2 years ago at 254. I finally made my goal weight before my birthday June 1. Thanks Spa TAGSUIT2 19 TIME4ME2017
5/16/17 5:10 P
I needed to post this. Lately I have been having a very hard time of life. I was divorced a little o BLVING_IN_ME 304 NADINE125
5/16/17 8:01 P
Started at 210 in February. 😁 NAZYTEACH 133 TIME4ME2017
5/16/17 5:05 P
First day with this app, trying to start new lease on life! LUKSI2017 121 J38850
5/16/17 1:00 P
Started at 200 lbs, currently at 149 lbs. Been on my weight loss journey for over 2 years, it has no P25880 304 P25880
5/28/17 9:17 A
30 lbs to GO! ROZZYLINE 119 GOALSETTER2016
5/15/17 8:14 P
I just read an article on visual tracking of goals such as marbles in jars, money, etc. Thought I wo SVELTEYOOPER 3 7STIGGYMT
5/15/17 10:16 A
Monday weigh-in: 202.8!!! I lost 1.2 pounds last week! So excited!! I am so thankful for the streng DMSPEER93 4 EJOY-EVELYN
5/16/17 1:16 A
OMG OMG OMG!! Happy dance!!! Even with being bloated and retaining fluid (you can see how swollen TXMUM2THREEBOYS 205 TXMUM2THREEBOYS
5/16/17 8:49 A
Weigh-in this morning. I lost 1.6 lbs this week.Kinda disappointed about that but I weigh 135 lbs no XGEMINIX 93 LALATIDAH
5/15/17 12:37 P
I did it!!! I reached my goal weight! Not only did JUDY1260 305 CHRISBEM
5/15/17 1:33 P
Good morning is weigh in day and THEJACKIEDEAN12 226 BOBGEO57
5/26/17 10:43 P
So now that my son is getting older he is starting to have weight issues as well so we have been wor BEENREADY2LOSE 30 NAPPY2HAPPY
5/22/17 9:58 P

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