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Looking for friends to help me stay motivated. Preferably fellow geeks. Any on here? #motivation #fr GEEKAZOID94 16 BIGD111966
6/9/16 8:49 P
Healthy eating tips for people on a limited budget DANICASTRUTIN 19 DENA1030
6/8/16 11:57 P
What does everyone do for a living? SOULOFFIRE15 270 LITTLEPITCHER
7/17/16 8:10 A
Just got back from vacation in the mist magical ol DENA1030 1 DENA1030
6/6/16 5:32 P
Trader Joe's Super Spinach Salad is bomb. Just say DENA1030 1 DENA1030
3/31/16 1:35 P
I'm so confused.... I had Chinese on Friday, and l TYLERROSE17 28 LSINGLE
2/7/16 12:14 P
Our family just completed a 5k! It was our first! ABI2001 37 ERNAJANE
1/16/16 1:34 P
I need help GINGERLOVER5403 11 GINGERLOVER5403
1/16/16 1:04 P
Today I am grateful for.... SHAWNA_IS_BACK 40 CINDYB35111
1/3/16 9:49 A
I am trying to stop my addiction to Coke. It is r MAMACHANDLER1 33 RASHEED1011
1/5/16 11:48 P
I'm having trouble w d food tracking. I do every t YFLEITAS 9 DIZZYBRITCHES
12/22/15 1:32 A
I'm just looking for quick dinner ideas. I try to SHIRLEYANN09 17 DAUGIE73
12/19/15 8:56 P
Fasting is. It ok to fast to start out diet I know KIMBERLYJ216 5 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
12/19/15 10:52 A
Shift work often wreaks havoc on me. I am trying m CRYSTALM82 8 GENEALOGYADDICT
12/19/15 11:28 A
Suffering from munchies today. Just ate a carrot j ANNETJE 20 DIZZYBRITCHES
12/20/15 6:18 P
Is there anyone looking for a buddy to do the Atki NETTY2002 12 DENA1030
12/18/15 8:21 A
What happens when u eat outside ? How do we calcul OCTTOBER 2 DENA1030
12/17/15 2:41 P
12/17/15 2:39 P
I don't seem to stick to the diet I'm suppose to e OCTTOBER 28 BSGREEN42
2/1/16 12:48 P
Really need help doing this!! HRABBIT1981 10 GUILLETTEK
12/17/15 2:46 P
How do I gain weight easily? Tips please? ASHFAQUE 11 CNOVAK1084
12/17/15 5:30 P
I am new to Spark DMARIES1015 55 PPALM2015
12/18/15 10:13 A
Today I crab for cereal but It was something that SUSANNACATALA13 6 DIZZYBRITCHES
12/17/15 5:37 P
I got used to eating mainly salads, but have been LITTLECR 10 SLOGSDON1
12/16/15 3:00 P
What motivates you to keep going? TIPTOE15 74 PHGARDENER-2
12/28/15 12:44 P
When you can't do cardio because you're wearing th JAYCEEBOYDGARCI 7 MHCAKE
1/24/16 4:05 P
Can I eat anything and lose weight if I stay in my KINGSRON 17 BETH4SUCCESS
12/15/15 9:24 P
Working in a food place is killer. LADYMULTI 9 SMASON6
12/15/15 10:15 P
Anybody from California? Or the West Coast? CREATINGREY 18 MARCINHA7
12/22/15 6:02 P
Blender went out today. Replaced with a Nutri Bull DENA1030 8 DANCINCAJUN1
12/15/15 6:03 P
Oh Mon Dieu!!! (Oh my God) I met 1 cup measurement MSFIGGY 39 MELITTA61
12/15/15 3:53 P
Lets say someone ate only sweets, yet never exceed KADIJAH012095 8 RUTHLANTON
12/16/15 9:39 P
I'm so lost in how to start dieting GBMENDO 8 SKINNYPHOTOG22
12/14/15 1:40 A
what is one thing you are thankful for today? LIBERTY_JOY 1607 LYPEMTCTK
7/8/16 6:05 P
First day on here, trying to better myself. Wish m STHCRTLCH 21 JACOBANDREW
11/24/15 12:12 P
I need motivation! For every reply I get I will do FITKAT62 57 TWINSMOMTRISH
11/26/15 11:22 P
Argh! Hubs and I don't have cable so we watch The LUHNA023 9 ANDREA5KIDS
11/23/15 6:48 A
In order to motivate myself, I will give myself po CHUBBIIMERMAID 8 CHRISCANN
11/22/15 5:20 P
I find the calorie tracker to be wrong. Did a 3.5 RAXCEE 25 SPARK_MERLE
11/30/15 12:00 A
I plan to start back on my treadmill ... soon, ugh GMBH922 39 KATIEBLAIS
11/22/15 8:21 P
Afternoon, speeps~! i just learned that cauliflowe MILOR247 20 LEEFJL
11/22/15 6:24 P
Feeling particularly grumpy, so I decided to get a STRETCHYGIRL83 16 STRETCHYGIRL83
11/22/15 2:33 P
On the go all day today. Ate 2 meals out today. Ma DENA1030 10 DENA1030
11/20/15 8:40 P
I rejoined yesterday. I am about twice my healthy N0W4ME 11 JILLMARIEMOORE
11/20/15 8:43 P
Have shin splints after walking today.any advice? LOVEHEART2016 5 DENA1030
11/20/15 8:25 P
ive been not watching what i eat these past 3 days EDECTOR95 8 CUPSANDPUPS
11/20/15 10:14 A
Work an office job Hi, I work in a Dr. Office and BALDWINC1120 21 GAILITCH
11/19/15 11:05 P
so sleepy after working out ?????? KELSEY8675309 5 DENA1030
11/19/15 9:58 P
Is it possible for a 328 pound woman to get skinny KATIEPHELPS91 26 KIRALY31
11/20/15 7:06 A
Easy quick healthy supper ideas for one...and go!! ANG2874 3 DENA1030
11/19/15 11:56 A
I need help setting up realistic mini goals, and I OWLKEEPTRYING 17 WAYNESWOMAN2015
11/19/15 6:36 A
I am 17 and I want to lose weight, I want to try a ISLANDESTOUT 13 ROBINC303
11/19/15 3:26 A
What are some good workouts that won't get boring KZAPPA1 9 KIRALY31
11/19/15 7:27 A
Please finish this sentence: Tomorrow I will... TWINSMOMTRISH 238 DLYNN8
12/30/15 12:10 A
Let's start a topic just for fun... What is your b COURTNEYLYNN85 112 OLIVIADOLPHIN
11/18/15 2:17 P
I am new to spark people. The day time is easy fo BRITTERBEANS5 18 BRITTERBEANS5
11/18/15 1:03 P
Best advice i heard today. Change "have to" into DENA1030 8 KLIPSE
11/18/15 12:16 A
Work on your feet? DENA1030 6 WWREFUGEE1942
10/20/15 2:34 P
Tell us a little bit about YOU MISS_VIV 79 BEVIEG41
7/10/15 9:16 P

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