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Stoppin' By To Say "HELLO"! RUBYCLAIRE 13067 MOLUX252627
12/17/17 2:05 P
W/L Chart for 2017 DEBIGENE 135 DEBIGENE
12/17/17 8:16 A
Daily Baltimore Chat! SHAPEITUP3 2166 DEBIGENE
12/16/17 8:44 A
Weigh in Challenge Spring 2017 SHAMROCKY2K 53 DEBIGENE
12/16/17 8:35 A
My surgery has gone well. Behold my giant splint. DISNEYDAMSEL1 49 DEBIGENE
12/16/17 8:20 A
Today is the day of my ankle surgery. Since I will be immobile I will have to ve extra careful about DISNEYDAMSEL1 7 DEBIGENE
12/15/17 8:25 A
Bite of the Week K80DALY 45 DEBIGENE
12/6/17 8:18 A
I am ready to face this challenging month staying as mindful as I can to make good healthy choices m DEBIGENE 4 HIPPICHICK1
12/4/17 8:51 A
Starting my day with a 5k. Jingle bell run for arthritis! It is cold but worth it!!! DISNEYDAMSEL1 32 DEBIGENE
12/3/17 9:41 A
Starting off the new week reaching my step goal for the day. Good Monday I'd say. DEBIGENE 5 HAWKTHREE
11/27/17 10:02 P
It's official. I am addicted to bread products. I can do without noodles, rice and potatoes...but br CHARLEYW929 7 DEBIGENE
11/26/17 6:31 P
Why do some of the shortest work weeks seem so much longer?! DISNEYDAMSEL1 3 DEBIGENE
11/20/17 8:21 P
tracker device icon DEBIGENE 4 SPARK_MERLE
11/16/17 4:25 P
~~Good Morning SP. Wishing everyone a blessed and productive day!~~ CHARLEYW929 15 LINDASOUTHER
11/16/17 11:00 A
How do I change the notifications for meal times. I tried editing the time and clicking the check m PUGLUVR4 2 DEBIGENE
11/14/17 8:20 P
I'm doing what I need to do and making good progress. It's exhausting and motivating at the same ti DEBIGENE 5 GCWILLI1
11/2/17 10:21 P
~~Good Morning!!~~ CHARLEYW929 4 DEBIGENE
10/31/17 8:09 A
Have a SPOOKTACULARLY Healthy and Fit day friends. Don't let any gobblins gobble you up. Happy Hallo DEBIGENE 1 DEBIGENE
10/31/17 8:09 A
Made it happen today with healthy food choices and 10K plus steps !!! DEBIGENE 6 AWESOMECAROL55
10/31/17 4:39 A
~~Good Morning SP. Up early doing those leg raises, crunches and planks!!~~Have a fabulously fit day CHARLEYW929 9 DEBIGENE
10/30/17 7:59 A
Made it to 8K plus steps on this Sunday mostly all indoors doing house walking. Where there's a will DEBIGENE 4 AWESOMECAROL55
10/30/17 5:39 A
So my newest goal is to lose 9 to 12 pounds before the end of the year. 9 puts me half way to my goa DISNEYDAMSEL1 8 DEBIGENE
10/25/17 8:01 A
Birthday party for GD this morning and then dinner at a Mexican place with 3 of my siblings. Need BASKETCASE500 2 DEBIGENE
10/22/17 8:31 A
Not an early riser nor a breakfast-eater, but toda NIGHTGLOW 18 BERRY4
10/19/17 9:45 P
Grandma is in rehab for her hip recovery. I was home for two days before I was sent to VA for work. DISNEYDAMSEL1 2 DEBIGENE
10/18/17 8:15 A
Did a breast cancer 5k this morning. Walk and run combination shaved 2 more minutes and 10 seconds o DISNEYDAMSEL1 6 CANDYLIND
10/16/17 8:53 A
NICE walk around Ft McHenry today...and we got a history lesson. Bonus! SHAMROCKY2K 6 DAWNWATERWOMAN
10/17/17 10:23 P
My grandma's surgery went well!!! There were some issues in recovery, but she stabilized. Today is h DISNEYDAMSEL1 8 DEBIGENE
10/14/17 8:43 A
My grandma fell and broke her hip. I came home from work learned this information. Booked a last min DISNEYDAMSEL1 10 DISNEYDAMSEL1
10/12/17 10:49 A
I haven't posted in awhile. We've been cleaning the basement and I have been finishing up things for DISNEYDAMSEL1 3 DEBIGENE
10/10/17 7:17 P
Marinated garbanzos. Yummy, healthful protein and fiber happy lunch or snack. They taste even better NIGHTGLOW 19 PETALIA
10/9/17 3:50 P
Is definitely making progress, so motivated with my Fitbit and enjoying the walks as well. DEBIGENE 3 MOLUX252627
10/17/17 12:31 P
I am determined to make October a successful walk with improvement as I go. More steps longer walks DEBIGENE 9 DEBIGENE
10/3/17 8:32 A
Seems all my life I have been struggling to give up carbs. I really didn't see it possible but in th KATINSAC95608 9 DEBIGENE
10/2/17 7:57 P
Verdict: Overnight oats are yumtastic. First try included some sliced strawberries which gave it a NIGHTGLOW 14 MOLUX252627
10/2/17 9:37 P
A partner turned down a second helping of guacamole the other night, saying that was too many calori NIGHTGLOW 18 MOLUX252627
10/2/17 9:39 P
The scale didn't move much this month, BUT I lost an inch in my waist, 2 inches in my hips and half DISNEYDAMSEL1 10 ADELINE2007
9/25/17 8:48 P
Today I walked a 5k in 49:30:6! My last time was 55:10:2. I am super proud of myself. Bad and ankle DISNEYDAMSEL1 4 DEBIGENE
9/25/17 8:08 A
I picked too difficult of a route on my bike ride yesterday. It wasn't enjoyable. But, I'm proud of TRAVELYNN93 4 MIRAGE727
9/25/17 9:39 A
Time to walk a 5k at the zoo to support autism! DISNEYDAMSEL1 11 CDS427
9/24/17 8:55 A
Don't know how many calories I burned doing 2 hours of grape harvesting in the hot morning sun but i DEBIGENE 4 NIGHTGLOW
9/24/17 8:35 P
I"m on a 19 day streak of 10k steps or more and a 6 day streak of extra workouts on top of that. Her DISNEYDAMSEL1 6 DEBIGENE
9/23/17 7:18 A
still trying to figure out all the workings of this Fitbit ..... frustrating but still motivating !! DEBIGENE 3 MOLUX252627
9/20/17 10:49 P
Working hard to reach my step and walking goals each day. DEBIGENE 3 MOLUX252627
9/13/17 6:37 P
I am on a two month plateau...... Any ideas VICKIEBROACH52 7 DEBIGENE
9/10/17 5:51 P
Couldn't help but be proud that I fit in the airplane seat better on this flight. DISNEYDAMSEL1 5 DEBIGENE
9/10/17 5:50 P
12/11/17 10:50 P
Linking Fitbit and Sparkpeople JUNIORSSISTER 748 BLACKNGOLDFAN
11/22/17 8:36 P
Introduce Yourself Here! ROCKMAN6797 3736 LORIEMB
12/10/17 4:04 P
Tape Measure Challenge 2017 8BALANCE8 20 DEBIGENE
8/14/17 8:43 P
Small Goals Commitment Challenge Links SPARKGUY 199 NOMI_822
12/15/17 7:56 P
Share NSV / Life Victories Here ... 2BDYNAMIC 327 COMEBACKKID12
12/15/17 11:09 P
Share Your Small Goals Here 2BDYNAMIC 597 GMADONNA70
12/14/17 6:42 P
Healthy Recipes & More....Staying Strong Together! AWESOMECAROL55 102 NIGHTGLOW
7/6/17 1:45 P
2 weeks ago I could only tie a bow on the side of my right shoe. Today I noticed that I was able to TRACY1168 114 FISHGUT3
5/25/17 3:54 P
Greetings! MOLUX252627 4 DEBIGENE
5/1/17 6:28 P
I am always the one behind the camera. I usually take terrible selfies too. Plus i don't like to lo DOWN2SIZE12 225 PGORYGORY
4/23/17 7:05 P
February 28 - April 11. Slowly but surely, I will get there. HOL1218 303 AMYBRO1
4/17/17 10:24 A
Tomorrow is my 6th month anniversary of being drug free after an 8 year long battle. It will also ma PHOENIXRISING87 305 JOSHVA
5/20/17 5:36 A
I started my healthy eating lifestyle On Feb.22,2016 as of Feb. 22,2017 I have lost a total of 92lbs PATRIC10669 188 MRODRIGUE11
3/27/17 10:04 P
Here's a pic from my heaviest weight...left pic I TORRIESJOURNEY 22 CAROL494
3/10/17 9:19 P
To remind me of how far I've come. LIZSPRINGSTEEN 102 SHEENADEE
3/11/17 11:45 A
What a difference 18 months and 58lbs makes! 68lbs to go! #icandothis #progress #goals #determined # JULIHC82 155 CAROLDORSEY
3/30/17 11:59 P
30 Day Cahllenge DEBIGENE 7 DEBIGENE
1/25/17 8:06 P
Pre 2017 goals JOEB52 5 JOEB52
1/4/17 7:02 A
2016 The Year of YES - W/L Challenge DEBIGENE 63 DEBIGENE
11/22/16 9:34 P
Let's make this team active again!!!!!! JOURNEYWOMYN08 3 ACIMPEGGY
8/21/16 10:00 P
Brexit - Thoughts? NIGHTGLOW 13 CIRRATX
7/18/16 4:33 P
Newbie Peeks In NIGHTGLOW 4 ROBEC4175
6/30/16 12:31 P
2015 - Trim your Waistline Challenge 8BALANCE8 43 8BALANCE8
5/6/16 9:04 P
Here we go again! PEGGYESP 2 DEBIGENE
2/22/16 7:44 P
Daily Challenge for February 2016 .... INTERESTED? DEBIGENE 4 8BALANCE8
1/19/16 9:16 P
1/15/16 8:53 A
Positive Thinking DEBIGENE 7 ACIMPEGGY
1/20/16 5:48 P
Questions about the Challenge? Ask here! SPARK_COACH_JEN 17 THEEXERCISER
1/3/17 7:15 P