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Good morning....this week has been tough, first I have been preparing for a Justin Bieber concert si THEJACKIEDEAN12 287 ROLLTIDE8586
7/29/17 1:27 A
This is what I'm starting out with obviously I'm not all that big but still the fat percentage need AJFOWLER1989 15 GEORGE815
5/29/17 11:24 A
DH joined the photography guild's field trip to Dungeness Spit - we had a blast walking about 6.5 mi INITFORLIFE3 15 STRONGERLEANER
5/14/17 1:14 A
I love the view on my "around the river" walks! What a great way to start the day! I walked 1.6 mil 4BABYWABYS 10 DCHANCE6
4/29/17 8:54 A
Several years ago I was 103lbs heavier and now winner of 2016 women's division of the Mr. America bo SHADEZZ 45 SHADEZZ
4/14/17 7:55 P
This is at 318 pounds and it's been almost a month and 18 pounds light. Just really keeping the calo FELISOL71 21 FELISOL71
4/20/17 1:50 P
I am doing the Keto lifestyle... Anyone else? MEILANIMOMMY 5 DCHANCE6
4/6/17 1:05 P
I never have liked having my picture taken so it's hard to find any "before" pictures. The one on t JOANHAGEMIER 68 FATDADDYSLIM
4/6/17 5:42 P
I am one week into this journey after joining Spark people. I am logging daily and getting better wi N24658 27 SALBIN1
4/6/17 1:26 P
I was expecting to meet my (hopefully) new employer tomorrow but he is coming to meet me today! No m PINKIGLOO 93 JASCRE
4/8/17 11:03 A
Total knee replacement this morning, now taking it easy at home after doing p.t. exercises. ☺️ DCHANCE6 2 BJMS502RUTH
3/23/17 10:20 P
FINALLY MADE IT TO ONEDERLAND! I have not seen the 100's on the scale in YEARS ATHOMAS0925 18 ATHOMAS0925
3/14/17 3:13 P
Girls at work are cruel. God, help me. NAZYTEACH 32 NAZYTEACH
3/14/17 10:02 A
6 AM this morning and still going strong JUDY18229 41 123TERRY
3/14/17 3:59 P
I joined a 2wk free trial but what do you when you are afraid to go??? I know people other people wi LTRINH9 17 EMMAYBEE
2/25/17 9:15 A
Spark friends please help me I just found out im pre-diebetic although so far I have lost 8.8lbs wit TON360 2 DCHANCE6
1/31/17 8:52 P
Worried I May Not Be Able to Keep Exercising NIKEET92 8 DCHANCE6
12/24/16 11:37 A
My Birthday was last week. Normally at work a big DMCBRYER 35 LENGZI
5/27/17 4:10 P
Great news! I won the biggest loser challenge at w KEVINAANDREA 28 LIGHTDRIVEN
12/14/16 3:14 P
I have lost 70# since I changed my lifestyle on Ju CARTAY25 56 VANILLASKY15
12/24/16 4:43 P
#friendfinder #advice anyone been doing keto for a MRSMCSKINNY 4 DIZZYBRITCHES
12/5/16 9:02 A
Hi guys, I got up this morning and exercised for 1 SHARONRAWLINGS 17 RITA1956
12/5/16 9:18 A
Happy Saturday. I lost 3lbs at weighin. It total PAMALAMA1413 10 JANZDIET2014
12/3/16 8:27 A
Good morning CBASS30 8 LANNEMACK
12/3/16 8:31 A
OMG! New dinner concoction: pan fried bacon, microwave mostly steamed then pan fried cauliflower, th MAO-MIAOWS 4 MAO-MIAOWS
12/1/16 9:12 P
I may be pre-diabetic any suggestions on meal plan BEA1960 18 BEA1960
12/1/16 9:18 P
I used to be on low carb but was really unhappy. I HOPEROSE93 35 LTRINH9
12/23/16 7:45 P
So im doing #lowcarb high fat diet but my protein LEXIGENE 8 INKBUD
12/1/16 10:41 A
So I have lost 60 pounds so far and I feel awesome KATIEPROULX8 24 DEBINEWB
11/30/16 2:50 P
Several weeks ago, I bought new belts, one size sm IVANHOE64 5 IVANHOE64
11/26/16 8:18 A
Got weighed at dr office today. I am finally below P7058PGA 192 NIKKII19
5/17/17 9:32 P
Keto Update: I am doing No Scale November so I ca CARMEN0113 20 KSCHULEN
12/9/16 10:59 P
I did it!!! I FINALLY did it!!! This week I reac BABYGURL45 1132 TB_SHUGAPIE
6/5/17 12:50 P
I've been doing cardio workout for last 40 days, i RIMIDER 14 RIMIDER
11/20/16 3:20 P
On a low carb high fat diet. Should your protein b LEXIGENE 17 WNTMYPREBBYBDY
11/27/16 3:32 A
Got on the scale today and happy to say I've lost KEVINAANDREA 36 HOLLY61FIRE
11/19/16 5:33 P
My aunt is planning to make me a lemon cake for th THEJACKIEDEAN12 32 MELISSAG38
11/18/16 11:55 A
On Monday it was one month being on Spark. I lost 1PATTYCAKERS 15 MARJOHN164
11/15/16 9:42 A
Started to tell the doctor about my weight loss a CAITIEHALL94 180 CRAZIEMOMMA
11/17/16 4:58 P
#running #exercise I just registered for a 5K race BTINCHER2001 8 BEACHTIME9
3/16/17 9:37 A
#firstpost hey I'm luther and I'm going to get rig 4LUTHER4 10 4LUTHER4
11/14/16 3:29 P
Getting married this afternoon! Excitingly happy PIELVR52 49 JADIEGIRL1974
11/12/16 10:22 A
I am starting a new path in my life. I just found ASHLYO90 9 CLARADAY
11/12/16 10:13 A
Does anyone else watch shows like my 600lb life to TVTVTV 15 REGNUR617
11/2/16 1:22 A
Down 7 pounds. 13 more lbs til Christmas! Woohoo - MAMIEKINS484 5 BYGEM68
10/31/16 9:15 A
Weighed in this morning and I am officially down e IMDOINGTHIS4ME 2290 HERGRAMMY2017
3/1/17 4:14 P
Hit my goal! Officially a size 6! Opted for a new KRUSCOE 33 JACKITRIPLETT
10/28/16 11:54 A
#20bychristmas. Who decided to join this Spark Team? Please go to the website and type in #20bychri EDNAEDWIN 57 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
10/25/16 1:55 P
I am down 11 lbs in just 1 week by cutting my carbs down, cutting out soda all together, and portion JENZGOALS 91 KIMBLED
10/29/16 2:27 P
Starting a diet tomorrow thru the Weight Managemen DABSMB326 19 DABSMB326
12/2/16 6:31 P
Weighed in this morning and for the first time in SGARLETTS 1316 TACONIC1
7/16/17 8:21 P
Summer is About to Fall! KOSHIE1 73 KOSHIE1
9/30/16 9:27 P
8/28/16 7:01 P
I am officially the smallest I have ever been in m KORRILCONGDON 662 SPARTANJAI
1/21/17 5:43 P
What was your Cardio of the Day? RAJOLYRISHI 34980 MOTHERBOARDER
10/23/17 3:19 A
I'm at 164 pounds today. I started at 329 pounds o AUTIEJ 3056 CHLOE0044
6/5/17 3:43 P
Any dog-lovers here? CELTICCRONE1 113 MIZKAREN
5/1/17 7:48 A
Fruits & Veggies...What did you eat last? KAREOSEL 1566 TURTLE69
12/27/16 7:22 A
8/2/16 10:09 A
Intros and SparkBuddies Requests ~INDYGIRL 891 ~INDYGIRL
10/4/17 12:38 P
Introduce yourself here! STACI07 272 2PHATT
12/7/16 2:53 P
Happy to join your team! JACKIANN 4 DCHANCE6
4/27/14 6:59 P
11/30/12 1:44 P
Wii Safari Summer Challenge sign ups AMYLOULOPEZ 125 GLEORIA
8/23/12 4:07 P
Share your challenge goals here! COACH_NICOLE 11670 MRSETERRELL
10/18/17 11:46 A
For New Members LINDA! 332 LAURANCE
4/27/16 9:04 P
10/27/10 1:36 P
Please Introduce Yourself HERE COACH_NICOLE 4991 MRSETERRELL
10/18/17 11:49 A
October Newbies LASARRE 34 RFTALLENT
10/27/10 4:35 P