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#deliciousdailymoment JAMER123 20 DAWNWATERWOMAN
8/15/17 9:29 A
I haven't seen these numbers for awhile...glad to be getting back on track! NVRGIVINGUP 15 DAWNWATERWOMAN
8/15/17 9:29 A
#deliciousdailymoment May we all someday say "Smore's please!" JAMER123 15 DAWNWATERWOMAN
8/15/17 9:28 A
Living 180% below poverty level, I've dug up my lawn in the back yard and have been layering the soi LINDYPOWER 11 DAWNWATERWOMAN
8/15/17 9:28 A
They are such treasures!! JAMER123 16 JUDY1676
8/15/17 8:29 P
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was a quick hike after dropping off my youngest at 1st day SPARKGUY 105 SHOAPIE
8/15/17 10:33 P
Summer 100 Miles/1,000 Minutes Medal Earners LOSINGLINNDY 12 OKBACK2MEAGAIN
8/13/17 11:54 A
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was exercise bike and stretching. How about you? SPARKGUY 83 FOXBAY99
8/10/17 12:29 A
This looked so pretty I had to share. Inspired by a local store's magazine (Co-Op) it is cottage che RAWCOOKIE 19 BDTHOM
8/7/17 12:37 P
My weekly long run done #metmygoal RAWCOOKIE 9 MIRAGE727
8/3/17 4:27 P
Currently a size 16/18 trying to get to a size 8 for my wedding next November! !!!! OLIVIADUNLAY 5 GGRSPARK
8/1/17 5:35 P
Taking myself to the path ending in 160 pounds. So far, 40 pounds lost in 7 months, so no reasons t ZENALIA 10 RENEEHUG
8/1/17 6:56 P
Yesteray was a fun day, watching some family members do the Color Run 5K (The one in the pink shirt MARTIO1966 7 DAWNWATERWOMAN
8/1/17 11:43 A
Sunday #breakfast 575kcals #tracked #metmygoal Doves g-free flour, almond milk, baking powder, banan RAWCOOKIE 32 RAWCOOKIE
8/6/17 4:23 A
Did you have a good Sunday? My highlight was exercise bike. How about you? SPARKGUY 35 MORGANALEFAE
8/3/17 11:11 P
Tomorrow's lunch-to-go! 518kcals couscous, veg, cashews, spices + Quorn 'ham' (needs using up) + pea RAWCOOKIE 8 DAWNWATERWOMAN
7/28/17 9:21 A
#dinner #tracked #goalmet sweet potato, black beans, sweetcorn, tomatoes, onion, mushrooms, yellow p RAWCOOKIE 8 RAWCOOKIE
7/29/17 7:19 P
Learned a new stretch last night during our ST session - the Russian baby maker. Funny name, amazing EDLEAR 4 DAWNWATERWOMAN
7/28/17 9:20 A
#dinner #tracked #metmygoal beany soup, feta, olives + banana, Greek yoga approx 650kcals filling & RAWCOOKIE 7 RAWCOOKIE
7/29/17 7:17 P
Mission: Slim-possible ~ Chit Chat KPACE7 583 MAGICAL13
8/16/17 3:58 P
Big #beakfast #tracked 513kcals oats, hemp milk, raisins, banana, walnuts, coconut cream = pimped m RAWCOOKIE 17 DAWNWATERWOMAN
7/24/17 3:31 P
Getting some exercise whilst listening to dance music on the Saturday eve radio RAWCOOKIE 4 KITT52
7/23/17 5:41 P
So happy! I stepped on the scale this morning, and the plateau I've struggled with for almost 2 week MARTIO1966 3 DAWNWATERWOMAN
7/23/17 1:26 P
Hoping you find that warm feeling today! Warm & COZY...... MSJENNIFERVT48 7 DAWNWATERWOMAN
7/21/17 8:38 P
#deliciousdailymoment Our youngest granddaughter in her 2nd play, Peter Pan. She is brave girl, Lion JAMER123 15 DAWNWATERWOMAN
7/21/17 8:37 P
#lunch #tracked deconstructed kebabs! I used no oil & grilled everything - the garlic, pineapple, RAWCOOKIE 6 DAWNWATERWOMAN
7/21/17 8:37 P
So happy! The scale finally moved below the 223 mark this morning. Great start to my day! MARTIO1966 4 DAWNWATERWOMAN
7/21/17 8:37 P
Lunch: oatcakes, vegan cheese, tomato, apple, olives, apricots, pickled onions #tracked 517 kcals (8 RAWCOOKIE 21 FUNLOVEN
7/19/17 10:45 P
Surrounded by my brothers. Feeling good in my skin and getting lots of compliments. #maintainer SHAMROCKY2K 12 DAWNWATERWOMAN
7/18/17 2:33 P
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was a bike ride in the sun. How about you? SPARKGUY 36 THEHOSKINS5
7/31/17 1:54 P
7/17/17 8:18 A
been for a swim, done my strength training - sure am enjoying my coffee! (it's not as pretty as this RAWCOOKIE 13 DAWNWATERWOMAN
7/17/17 8:17 A
THIS IS FOR NATIVEDESIRES! A Personal Achievement Certificate for losing 48 lbs the equivalent of l WONDER--WOMAN 12 DAWNWATERWOMAN
7/17/17 8:17 A
Did you have a good weekend? My highlight today was a bike ride with my son. How about you? SPARKGUY 29 4CONNIESHEALTH
7/17/17 8:17 P
THIS IS FOR MICHELLEFOUND! She has reached her goal of 178 lbs from 245 lbs! YOU GO GIRL! WONDER--WOMAN 11 MSLOUIE3
7/17/17 11:29 P
It's been almost two weeks since I've drunk any soda and that was a Coke Zero. Filling up with water MARTIO1966 5 DAWNWATERWOMAN
7/13/17 7:02 P
Focus. Slow down. One thing at a time. Thanks, again, to @-POOKIE- for finding this one - go leave RAWCOOKIE 12 DAWNWATERWOMAN
7/13/17 7:01 P
Inspired by @-POOKIE- to create a rainbow of freggies to go with my Spicy Quorn Burgers #lunch #fitf RAWCOOKIE 10 DAWNWATERWOMAN
7/13/17 7:01 P
This is for LADYTARLTON who just lost her beloved cat Spawt of 7 years. We all feel your pain and s WONDER--WOMAN 15 DAWNWATERWOMAN
7/13/17 7:01 P
Posted a goal RAWCOOKIE 6 -POOKIE-
7/14/17 2:46 A
It is so discouraging when you diet and exercise daily, but the scale doesn't budge or it moves in t MARTIO1966 11 DAWNWATERWOMAN
7/10/17 3:59 P
Did you have a good weekend? My highlight today was a bike ride. How about you? SPARKGUY 78 LISABL09
7/10/17 5:45 P
Hit like if you are painting a beautiful day! Morning all. I've done two 10-minute hikes this mornin SPARKGUY 27 CHRISQ3
7/11/17 7:47 A
I'm at 229 minutes this week so far. I'm definitely hitting the 270 mark again this week! VELVETUNICORN 4 DAWNWATERWOMAN
7/7/17 12:46 P
Early morning run along the coast path - I am blessed 😳 RAWCOOKIE 6 MIRAGE727
7/7/17 3:23 P
Did you have a good Wednesday? My highlight was exercise bike while listening to music. How about yo SPARKGUY 38 STAR135000
7/8/17 9:40 P
Posted a photo JAMER123 10 DAWNWATERWOMAN
7/6/17 2:45 P
Happy 4th to my US SparkFriends! SPARKGUY 40 LORNE67
7/23/17 3:27 P
Good day to you and Happy 4th of July ! GRLTAZ 12 JAMER123
7/4/17 11:01 P
Was lucky enough to snsp a picture of the Canadian Snow Birds todsy. MIMMA_ 9 JJQR-M
7/2/17 10:12 P
Have you ever wondered why I constantly ask if you have done at least 10 minutes of exercise? Here i SPARKGUY 50 HOLLYM48
7/4/17 9:25 A
To my fellow Canadians MIMMA_ 6 DAWNWATERWOMAN
7/1/17 10:48 P
Have a great day everyone! SPARKGUY 26 BETRHO48
7/2/17 8:48 P
Lunch.....for cat lovers..... BLONDEE53 4 DAWNWATERWOMAN
7/1/17 10:47 P
Did you have a good Thursday? My highlight was exercise bike. How about you? SPARKGUY 108 GLORIAZ
7/1/17 9:49 A
Does anybody find the app adjust your weight by crazy amounts? I've often logged in to find I've los VELVETUNICORN 7 TERMITEMOM
6/28/17 9:09 P
Better go to the casino... just won 500 spark goodie points...LOL !! Thanks spark ! GRLTAZ 8 NIGHTGLOW
7/6/17 4:10 A
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was basketball with my son. How about you? SPARKGUY 47 MSLOUIE3
6/29/17 4:26 P
Weight loss is Slow and steady just like the snapping 🐢 that encountered on yesterday's walk He BUSYEMM 15 MERLECHRIS
6/25/17 10:56 A
Over ate thus weekend. But in my defense it was my anniversary...😇 BELLE_SAKURA 3 SOUTHTXXRNNR
6/25/17 10:39 A
I have decided to blog daily as a journal. When I write down my feelings I have better progress and DAWNWATERWOMAN 10 -SPIRITSEEKER2-
6/27/17 8:22 A
7 days in and scale said I am down 4 lbs. I know it is possible water and my fiber intake but I will D21904 6 D21904
6/25/17 1:07 P
out first thing on the cliff path - fine mizzle and fresh winds - good start to my day: Sunday and o RAWCOOKIE 15 APPLEVEE
7/1/17 12:11 P
Just set my timer for 30 mins and headed out across the fields - now enjoying a cuppa and that conte RAWCOOKIE 9 BDTHOM
6/26/17 5:52 P
dancing with my hula-hoop to Radio 1 dance anthems #groovygranny RAWCOOKIE 6 BDTHOM
6/26/17 5:56 P
Happy Saturday everyone! Let's make this a beautiful day making one positive choice at a time. SPARKGUY 39 GOODGETNBETR
6/30/17 1:39 A
I can't be comfortable and change at the same time. THEVOW2013 3 DAWNWATERWOMAN
6/23/17 10:19 A
I just HAD to go for a run after work (I must be a real runner!) RAWCOOKIE 8 RAWCOOKIE
6/22/17 3:30 P
Did you have a Woohoo Wednesday? My highlight was tennis practice. How about you? SPARKGUY 34 CHRISTINEBWD
6/25/17 11:02 P
Thanks everyone who sent me Goodies and warm wishes on my birthday today! HELEN_BRU 8 MORTICIAADDAMS
6/21/17 12:41 P
I had a 12 week long streak of 90 fitness minutes which I was proud of but it's not enough! I just u VELVETUNICORN 3 DAWNWATERWOMAN
6/21/17 12:17 P
Been visiting sparkfriends this morning and seeing a lot of folks struggling. I just wanted them to KELLY_SS 8 DETERMINED369
6/25/17 1:42 P
Did you have a good Tuesday? My highlight was basketball with my son. How about you? Today's blog SPARKGUY 71 INPRAYER
7/7/17 7:30 P
I'm back from having some cavities filled and all is well. I just wrote today's blog (day 71 in a r SPARKGUY 28 DAWNDMOORE40
6/21/17 12:50 P
Happy Birthday to me! Peonies are in bloom. Day is perfect! HELEN_BRU 307 MORTICIAADDAMS
6/21/17 12:42 P