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Along with Aides, Para’s and all classifieds...can I get an AMEN! Enjoy your break! NVRGIVINGUP 22 DAWNWATERWOMAN
12/16/17 5:37 P
I just ate two squares of a very fine 70% dark chocolate, with my mid-morning coffee. I've never man RAWCOOKIE 21 CANDYLIND
12/16/17 6:22 P
Posted a photo JAMER123 30 DAWNWATERWOMAN
12/12/17 5:01 P
cooked myself a veggie chilli and quinoa RAWCOOKIE 10 -POOKIE-
12/13/17 3:30 A
12/15/17 12:07 A
Conquered another day! NVRGIVINGUP 12 DAWNWATERWOMAN
12/11/17 2:46 P
12/12/17 1:33 A
12/11/17 2:45 P
I’m pushing myself to gain my 10,000 step average back and it feels so good! NVRGIVINGUP 9 DAWNWATERWOMAN
12/8/17 7:53 A
First day of the BLC Winter challenge. Looking forward to crushing it! VELVETUNICORN 5 DAWNWATERWOMAN
12/8/17 7:52 A
Letting go of the stress in my life and moving forward, making positive choices and enjoying my jour NVRGIVINGUP 12 DAWNWATERWOMAN
12/8/17 7:52 A
I have found some great Videos here on Sparkpeople TV. They are geared for people of all sorts... C MSJENNIFERVT48 6 DAWNWATERWOMAN
12/6/17 9:53 A
Everyday is success because we learn from our set-backs... Here’s to moving forward NVRGIVINGUP 8 NEVERORNOW
12/6/17 3:12 P
nice run out along the coast path this morning #metmygoal RAWCOOKIE 5 BETRHO48
12/6/17 9:38 P
Did you have a good Tuesday? My highlight was running sprints. How about you? SPARKGUY 73 _LINDA
12/7/17 9:04 P
Tomorrow is weigh in for the week- I know I didn't do well- but I am curious about the outcome... I MSJENNIFERVT48 9 DAWNWATERWOMAN
12/2/17 1:05 P
I spent the evening putting together the second hand elliptical I bought in July. Tomorrow I start m VELVETUNICORN 4 DAWNWATERWOMAN
12/2/17 1:04 P
Lord renew the ambition I once had! NVRGIVINGUP 12 DAWNWATERWOMAN
12/2/17 1:04 P
I wore wind-resistant headgear today! #justrun RAWCOOKIE 19 RAINBOWMF
12/3/17 2:20 P
Spark 4-week holiday challenge - Saturday = low-impact HIIT with a Jessica Smith workout #beastmode RAWCOOKIE 3 DAWNWATERWOMAN
12/2/17 1:03 P
12/6/17 4:23 P
Having my sister, Barbara and her son, Darren up for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow with my kids and g NVRGIVINGUP 14 DAWNWATERWOMAN
11/26/17 8:46 P
Self Love Yoga - Yoga with Adriene - it's the biz! RAWCOOKIE 7 KELLIEBEAN
11/27/17 11:03 A
First run in over a week - it felt good :) RAWCOOKIE 15 BDTHOM
11/26/17 8:26 P
I have always wanted a before and after photo...well here it is: Before weight 235 lbs.! NVRGIVINGUP 29 DAWNWATERWOMAN
11/24/17 12:46 P
I may have ended up going in the wrong direction however MY JOURNEY IS NOT OVER...2018 will have bet NVRGIVINGUP 18 NVRGIVINGUP
11/24/17 3:27 A
I'm just finishing up on some side dishes for Thanksgiving at my Mother's tomorrow. So far:1 is tot MSJENNIFERVT48 4 LPORTER2015
11/23/17 6:12 P
Have a blessed Thanksgiving ! GRLTAZ 7 JAMER123
11/23/17 11:55 P
Posted a photo KALANTHA 15 EO4WELLNESS
11/24/17 1:33 A
First time I’ve slept well in awhile and without being medicated. I am so excited!!! NVRGIVINGUP 6 SUMMER84
11/22/17 1:42 P
Most of all I want to shock myself! NVRGIVINGUP 6 DAWNWATERWOMAN
11/21/17 5:24 P
11/21/17 5:23 P
Frosted Fitness Fun Team Rosters KPACE7 6 SAPICL
12/9/17 9:54 P
I far exceeded my 10,000 steps for today! Today I PUSHED myself to workout- So glad I did MSJENNIFERVT48 11 LAPPEROO
11/21/17 10:42 A
Come join me on the Biggest Loser Sapphire Ravishing Ravens Winter Challenge team. We are sending i LOSINGLINNDY 10 DAWNWATERWOMAN
11/20/17 5:44 P
Lovely walk through the woods this morning #metmygoal #mentalhealthwalk #getoutmore RAWCOOKIE 34 DAWNWATERWOMAN
11/20/17 5:44 P
11/24/17 8:06 P
This week's blog challenge is complete! KALANTHA 12 DAWNWATERWOMAN
11/16/17 6:38 P
Today I said my last ‘so-long’! Love you mom and I will see you in the other-side. NVRGIVINGUP 19 DAWNWATERWOMAN
11/14/17 6:56 P
a sore toe isn't stopping me from working out RAWCOOKIE 8 DAWNWATERWOMAN
11/14/17 6:55 P
Something to keep me occupied on a cold evening. Only a small puzzle, with whimsy pieces, but I thou RAWCOOKIE 7 DAWNWATERWOMAN
11/14/17 6:55 P
Done! #keptmebusy RAWCOOKIE 10 MIRAGE727
11/15/17 7:24 A
11/13/17 11:26 A
Are you ready to have a great week? My highlight today was a short bike ride. How about you? You can SPARKGUY 35 BLAULKEIM
11/28/17 10:13 A
I just had to share this with ALL my friends! Have a great week!!! NVRGIVINGUP 23 1958TMC
11/13/17 9:05 P
Had a great Monday morning run, there was sunshine, which took the chill out of the air very nicely RAWCOOKIE 10 BDTHOM
11/14/17 10:50 A
Nailed it! 6k wild, windy morning with light drizzle - I feel fabulous! #metmygoal RAWCOOKIE 23 BDTHOM
11/12/17 11:50 P
My Dad was an Army vet. He passed away Nov. 9th, 1992 at 62. It's been 25 years today since his home BLONDEE53 5 EDLEAR
11/12/17 3:22 A
11/9/17 11:46 A
Trying to stay positive. Back pain and not working usual area today. UGH... POSITIVE !! GRLTAZ 10 JAMER123
11/9/17 10:46 P
Did you have a good Tuesday? My highlight was jump rope fun! How about you? SPARKGUY 40 BLAULKEIM
11/28/17 10:14 A
It was such a beautiful morning, it really helped me get out for my run today! Total joy! #metmygoa RAWCOOKIE 6 BETRHO48
11/8/17 10:25 P
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was a short hike. How about you? SPARKGUY 81 WOMANOFLOVE
11/8/17 9:02 A
Got off the bus 5k from home and walked it! Good for body and soul #mentalhealth RAWCOOKIE 6 APPLEVEE
11/6/17 12:54 P
11/7/17 10:00 A
Morning Fresh Yoga with Adriene - so glad I took the time to set myself up for the day #keepsparking RAWCOOKIE 12 BLISSFULMOMENTS
11/6/17 9:45 P
11/5/17 11:37 A
A lot of truth on this little packet of sugar! NVRGIVINGUP 17 DAWNWATERWOMAN
11/5/17 9:10 A
Whether at work, play or rest.... DETERMINEDJANET 7 DAWNWATERWOMAN
11/4/17 9:29 P
Blog Challenge for this week: “I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly”. KALANTHA 4 BESSHAILE
11/5/17 6:03 A
I ran. #metmygoal RAWCOOKIE 8 MIRAGE727
11/4/17 10:43 P
At a Church Convention...lots of dancing, shout’n and worshiping. Best place to grieve! NVRGIVINGUP 10 DAWNWATERWOMAN
11/3/17 9:47 A
11/2/17 8:37 P
A brave, after-work, run in the dark. #metmygoal RAWCOOKIE 11 RAWCOOKIE
11/4/17 1:52 P
Did you have a good Thursday? My highlight was jump rope. How about you? SPARKGUY 41 BLAULKEIM
11/28/17 10:15 A
Fall 2017 Healthy Habits Focus Challenge Awards LOSINGLINNDY 7 OKBACK2MEAGAIN
11/24/17 8:05 P
Fall 2017 Track & Field (Miles & Minutes) Awards LOSINGLINNDY 9 OKBACK2MEAGAIN
11/22/17 3:47 P
This is the youngest your body will ever be. Ten years from now, what will you look back and appreci KALANTHA 4 DAWNWATERWOMAN
10/30/17 4:41 P
An old photo recently found by DD1. I dont even remember it being taken. Can't remember why, but I w ANAKIE 12 DAWNWATERWOMAN
10/30/17 8:00 A
Sunday. Easy run done. What's next? Pancakes & coffee. Life is good #wintertraining RAWCOOKIE 13 BETRHO48
10/31/17 12:42 A
Hal Hidgon 'sorta long' run - done :) #sparking "WDD" (Thanks, Greg!) RAWCOOKIE 6 BDTHOM
10/28/17 9:05 P
Moving on up! I had me another food day. I wanted to take advantage while my foot was not hurting. NVRGIVINGUP 8 DAWNWATERWOMAN
10/27/17 11:15 A
Vision boards work! I made a vision board as part of my new year goal-setting. Today had exam & teet RAWCOOKIE 7 BETRHO48
10/27/17 12:18 P
Did you have a Woohoo Wednesday? My highlight was stretching outside. How about you? SPARKGUY 38 BLAULKEIM
11/28/17 10:17 A
I feel so much better when these lights are green before I get to bed! NVRGIVINGUP 15 DAWNWATERWOMAN
10/25/17 9:53 P