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The last thing I ate was... .DUSTY. 1920 RKOTTEK
5/27/17 9:00 P
Is this too carb heavy? Overnight 1 c oats, 1 c milk, 1 apple, 1 tbsp chia seeds. Ate half with 1 GREENEYESKIGIRL 3 DARKORANGE
1/30/17 11:20 A
Team pounds lost - by the 1 lb. per week members. PROVERBS3128 972 PAPPYHUNTER
5/29/17 8:32 A
I have a lunch meeting tomorrow and we'll be at an Indian restaurant. Anyone has any advice how I sh NOAHKI 12 NAOMI_ACOSTA
1/22/17 4:05 P
I'm 53 and need to lose 130lbs. I know exercise is key but joint pain slaps me back into my chair to FFAITHEEPP 62 SONGAHOLIC
1/19/17 11:37 P
Where's everyone from? KIMBOLTON, OHIO BIGMOMMAROSE1 1854 PENN2128
3/19/17 1:05 A
I tried making aduki bean burgers. Huge fail. Like a pile of moist bean mush. Ew! DARKORANGE 5 ANGELAJANEDOE
1/19/17 11:29 P
How do you get rid of bloatness!! If that's even a word lol I constantly feel so bloated! #bloat #he ASHLEY_42687 9 ASHLEY_42687
1/19/17 11:30 P
I'm terrible at drinking water,so this week I've been adding a pc of fruit to boiled water and drink MEANKID2 13 SONGAHOLIC
1/19/17 11:17 P
I screwed up hard. 200 calories over budget, I've never been overbudget before RYANMCBRIDE44 11 LINOU052
1/19/17 11:12 P
It's been an awful week for overeating. I can't seem to stop myself. Only one day anywhere my goal, ALBREDA1980 40 SONGAHOLIC
1/22/17 8:48 P
QOTW: If you could travel anywhere....? MRSDROP11 4 DARKORANGE
1/17/17 12:15 A
Trying to get motivated to lose weight before TTC JESS3715 3 MOMIN09
3/30/17 11:29 A
I'm wondering what is everyone's favorite Subway sandwich? I love the Black Forest ham and turkey br RYANCLAYTON 35 NCLARK27
1/15/17 10:03 P
Eating pizza tonight for my brothers bday. I made sure I ate light today since ik pizza is more calo KITSUNEMOMMY 13 NAOMI_ACOSTA
1/15/17 5:36 P
#coach. My doctor told me to eat 1800 cal9 Daily which i have been . im 350+ pounds. I wanna lose w PHYLLISHOOVER92 14 VANILLASKY15
1/15/17 4:57 P
#20byeaster What do you do with an avocodo when a receipe calls for only 1/4? I end up either eatin TOSTAYHEALTHY 15 KATIEG51
1/24/17 6:50 P
How do you stay motivated when you have a lot of weight to lose (like 100 )? And geesh, honestly, yo DARKORANGE 39 AK1961
1/28/17 1:00 P
I crave foods that I dont need & give in because otherwise I am searching. Suggestions? I need other MARIELSEVERSON 4 DARKORANGE
1/14/17 1:03 A
#advice #coach So after having had bread my whole life I go on a calorie count and stop bread mostl CASSANDI1428 9 DARKORANGE
1/14/17 1:00 A
What do u eat when your craving chocolate and trying to stay away from it? I dont want sweets so muc ANGEL2GOOD31 33 ANGEL2GOOD31
1/15/17 7:15 P
So its a Friday and today is the day I decided to start my journey with this app. I just turned 38 a LILPIXIEDUSTGRL 34 BLUEISIS002
1/14/17 5:28 P
Alright everyone's favorite Veggie! Ready go! DGASSAWAY5 145 VIVI65
1/14/17 9:25 A
Down 10 pounds so happy ...have to push for another 10 and another after that with the man up above PTIME24 18 PIPSANDMSMAMA79
1/14/17 8:33 P
No matter how hard I try I can't seem to say under my calories. I eat because I'm bored & can't find KATO874 3 KATO874
1/14/17 12:41 A
Has anyone here had weight loss surgery? ARIESBEC 2 DARKORANGE
1/14/17 12:34 A
I know it's small, guys, but tonight I was hungry and I made myself a salad instead of eating a swee THEBOMBNOM 20 ANGELDELINKWENT
1/14/17 6:07 A
What would have kept you from gaining the weight? PROVERBS3128 12 ZOIESMOM3
2/12/17 5:35 P
Oprah made $70 million for WW Investment .DUSTY. 11 TAMIP62
1/14/17 12:45 A
How did you start with the exercising???? MICANDREU 17 MERMAIDLIFE
2/24/17 8:12 P
Let's Talk! .DUSTY. 11620 PROVERBS3128
5/28/17 7:32 P
Name a healthful food you've yet to try DARKORANGE 9 CATIATM
1/27/17 4:01 P
Water Babies Daily Chit-Chat CHERRIEST 6057 LECATES
5/29/17 7:44 A
Hi! This is my first post. Spark people keeps telling me I'll succeed if I start posting things, so TRISTABOYKIN1 14 JENNIE_LEIGH
1/13/17 8:16 A
#friendfinder. Hi ! I have so much weight to lose . So overwhelmed .... I have started so many tim NUDAYY 13 RITA1956
1/13/17 1:26 A
New here - looking to 'meet' people who understand CRZYCATLADY1 9 ZOIESMOM3
2/2/17 6:39 P
Two Words - Change One .DUSTY. 2881 LEEANTHONY40
5/21/17 10:37 P
What's on YOUR grocery list / A-Z .DUSTY. 242 MACORMAN79
4/25/17 10:52 P
1 lb. Challenge per week.....can you do it? PROVERBS3128 457 PROVERBS3128
5/29/17 8:45 A
My low for calories is 1730 and its where id like to be. i wanna see the biggest results the fastest GEORGEDIGUE 10 GEORGEDIGUE
1/11/17 2:39 P
Beer? I really want one and I have enough calories left... What do you think? RHETTDOG 17 JOCELYNH711
1/11/17 7:03 A
So I did my first week weigh in and I have to say I feel very disappointed and discouraged. I gained DANCINGSTARS26 17 BAYERNBABE
1/11/17 7:03 A
Has anyone had experience with cottage cheese? Thi KERAQ122884 435 SHIRLEYF49
1/13/17 2:33 P
This weekend I got fast food TWICE 😫 but it's a new week and I'm back on track SHACOLLIER 5 SPARKINGMEGHNA
1/9/17 11:30 P
1/9/17 11:10 P
Princeton Club/Princeton Club Express? ATYPICALME 5 DARKORANGE
1/9/17 11:04 P
The dreaded CPAP machine MISSG180 18 INCH_BY_INCH
1/15/17 6:54 P
Even with a thrown back for more than a week, I was able to lose weight. I officially am below 300 l DARKORANGE 2 SAPHIRA70
1/9/17 9:25 P
Really struggling tonight with emotions. Hubby went out of town on a business trip and hasn't called BLAPPLETON 13 CZECHRN
1/8/17 11:28 P
Anyone live or work near the Madison west side Princeton Club in WI? Be great to have a friend I can DARKORANGE 1 DARKORANGE
1/8/17 10:49 P
Hi! New here & hoping to have success. I'm 28, 255lbs & hoping to lose about 80+ lbs. I've tried man TPAHL88 25 BLOND115
1/8/17 11:15 P
What's your biggest #food temptation ? The thing t YAMS2510 176 KDDLMT71
1/10/17 2:41 P
How do you print your food logs? LYNANDERLE 6 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
1/8/17 9:54 P
#coach just starting out. I'm at 223 lbs and want to see about 160-175 again. Please help. PITBUTTELS 20 PITBUTTELS
1/8/17 9:34 P
If I could choose what body part to lose weight fi FIBROMITE87 183 LOVEMYBABIES03
1/8/17 9:49 P
First week done, weight day and YAY!! From 301 to 298.2. YEAH!! πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼 MPGYPSIE1 40 DARKORANGE
1/8/17 9:28 P
Pain relief... hot or cold??? I prefer heat but what is best??? MRSBKM 7 DARKORANGE
1/8/17 9:19 P
How many people lose weight and not exercise i simply do not have the time im a college student. I w HMCSWEENE 48 CTEA88
1/8/17 11:04 A
After uninstalling the app and being totally irresponsible for the last month, I'm eager to get back SARAH-FERNANDEZ 16 M76251
1/4/17 10:37 A
My goal is to lose 76 lbs. What's your goal? JERRIDAWN1014 4850 BEEBOP711
3/20/17 10:49 A
Does this happen to you? My work ordered pizza for lunch. I ate a couple slices. Totally crashing. I DARKORANGE 7 DAMARISGRAY
12/30/16 3:56 P
I need your help! Should I buy a scale or not? If I don't, the gym or dr office has one I can use. B DARKORANGE 13 RREICHEL2010
12/30/16 2:23 P
Can someone tell me how to turn off the meal suggestions? RDSMITH3610 8 RDSMITH3610
12/30/16 4:23 P
I think I may have the beginnings of diabetes and MEYE3SUNS3 39 LCHADDOCK
1/29/17 10:36 A
#coach Oops, I caved in and had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This took me over my calorie lim TZPRESCILLA 5 RUSSELLFORD
12/29/16 9:52 P
Hello to my new freinds J28567 14 GGSCHNEIDER
12/29/16 11:14 P
What's your take on diet soda? I'm considering occasion diet sodas to cut out some calories. I've ne KITSUNEMOMMY 42 GABYMORRIS
12/29/16 10:31 P
After a 6 month pregnancy break I FINALLY feel well enough to get back into it! It's been a rough pr LILYSMOM2014 4 LILYSMOM2014
12/29/16 9:45 P
#weightloss #Fitbit What scale does everyone use? I have just a basic one, not digital, but noticed SHADOWCHIC12 31 NAOMI_ACOSTA
1/12/17 7:30 A
only up to about 500 cals and full, this happens w CHLOEMENTIN1223 13 DARKORANGE
12/23/16 12:09 A
I'm interested in buying a scale, but which? I kno DARKORANGE 3 CBASS30
12/23/16 6:14 A
#needadvice ive lost 13.9 pounds now but have not HMCSWEENE 11 DDLBF5
12/23/16 9:00 P do you get you metabolis SAMCMAH 10 KIKIE1973
12/30/16 1:45 P
Not losing weight... Im gaining and have been work SHRTGRNNOODLES 35 L86157
1/1/17 1:13 P
How's everyone doing KIMHUTCHINS68 10 RHIO3TRE
12/23/16 12:52 A

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