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What a great way to start my Sunday morning! I walked a mile and an half loop around the river and 4BABYWABYS 4 CHERRYBLOSSOMOM
8/20/17 10:45 A
I am loving yoga in the morning :D 4BABYWABYS 4 DANCIN2ANEWME
8/12/17 10:00 A
I loved today's tip! I feel like we are all so supportive of each other and I love that! But, I thin 4BABYWABYS 10 I-AM-TITANIUM
8/12/17 4:49 A
I did a little better this time... I really liked the video I used this time! Yoga with Adriene, Mor 4BABYWABYS 3 RAERAERAE62
8/10/17 4:47 P
Halfway done with the week and still moving along! TWEETYKC00 5 MBPP50
8/10/17 6:51 A
Very proud of myself I lost 4 pounds so for BILLIEJOGORDON 4 DANCIN2ANEWME
8/9/17 10:39 A
Ugh, another rainy day today, even harder than yesterday but we walked 4.3 miles 😊☂️ CGARR442 13 COMEBACKKID12
8/9/17 4:31 P
Ok guys, I'm sabotaging myself in one way. Emotional eating. I have lost a total of 83lbs in a lit MILL0679 7 MILL0679
8/10/17 10:30 P
I am new here and once I began my health journey on Spark People, I got put out of commission with m DEBBIEKRITTER 7 DEBBIEKRITTER
8/9/17 1:34 P
Another rainy day, but I do not complain today. We needed the rain and my flowers look happy. ORTATK 3 KOFFEENUT
8/8/17 11:11 A
It's only taken me 59 years, 8 months to figure this out. HEYJUDE58 6 VIRGINIAGIRL
8/8/17 11:00 A
New to the group. 504_LADY_E 7 PHOUSE99
8/8/17 10:48 A
Yoga Rinse LIS193 3 WALLAHALLA
8/8/17 8:46 P
Day 9 complete of rising instead of snoozing. Boy I didn't want to get up, I would have rather gone DANCIN2ANEWME 7 BONNIEMARGAY
8/8/17 3:13 P
Happy Monday everyone!! Set some goals this week to get away from my desk once every hour. Set som DANCIN2ANEWME 6 BONNIEMARGAY
8/7/17 2:23 P
My first attempt at yoga... I'm definitely not as flexible as I thought I was! I had no idea if I wa 4BABYWABYS 20 TERRI1458
8/7/17 12:26 P
I've started training for my first 5k! I have until September 16th to get there. I only ran about ha 4BABYWABYS 9 DANCIN2ANEWME
8/6/17 4:42 P
I won 1000 Spark Goodie points! Woohoo! ROCKLAND2010 4 RASPBERRY56
8/5/17 11:39 A
Today is day 5 this week of up to move without snooze!! Looking forward to an active weekend!! :D DANCIN2ANEWME 27 JBLESSER
8/4/17 2:43 P
8/25/17 7:45 P
I have been struggling for quite some time. I can feel and even see big changes in my body but you DANCIN2ANEWME 22 KATHYJO56
8/3/17 12:35 A
Hike today with my family. Holy calorie burn. And even made it carrying my daughter the whole way. DANCIN2ANEWME 12 BONNIEMARGAY
7/30/17 2:51 A
Little walk to the store and back. Got bananas for breakfast! 4BABYWABYS 13 FISHGUT3
7/28/17 10:43 A
Shorter walk tonight. I had a bit of a headache, but I went anyways! 4BABYWABYS 7 TCANNO
7/27/17 10:25 P
Thought we could use a smile today...she was actually just talking and I caught it at just the right DANCIN2ANEWME 11 MARYJOANNA
7/27/17 7:26 A
Good evening walk, but my Runkeeper app is supposed to automatically track my exercise... it didn't 4BABYWABYS 16 SPARK_MERLE
8/2/17 10:13 P
My little lady and i before our 5K this morning. :) Happy day today. DANCIN2ANEWME 9 BJAEGER307
7/25/17 9:52 A
Crow Pose | How To Do Crow Pose | Yoga With Adriene Did not even come close with this one. WALLAHALLA 4 LIS193
7/22/17 8:53 A
Brunch after working out! 2 egg whites, 1 small Campari tomato, 1/2 cup mixed greens, 1/2 an avocado SCARLETTEROSE 6 PIXIEDUST22
7/21/17 1:22 P
It's been a month that since I joined and I've dropped from 243 to 235..its not a huge number but it SHCONNER88 7 JTHEALTHY1
7/21/17 1:58 P
My new refrigerator was delivered this morning. N SPRKYMOM 6 SASSIE7S
7/21/17 12:59 P
Looking for a friend to chat about work outs and recipes and struggles with. Willing to chat through GINGB1985 19 DANCIN2ANEWME
7/21/17 2:46 A
Starting the day off on a positive note, when in doubt smile...and fake it til you make it. ;) Look DANCIN2ANEWME 5 BONNIEMARGAY
7/20/17 4:32 P
Going to be close to 90 today so it's a pool workout LJBOWSER1 4 DANCIN2ANEWME
7/20/17 11:04 A
Does anyone know any good music to listen to while running??? ANTISOCIAL_BASS 3 DANCIN2ANEWME
7/20/17 11:03 A
Yoga for the hips LIS193 4 WALLAHALLA
7/20/17 8:36 P
Good morning. I am living my healthy lifestyle and loving my fitness and enjoy healthy eating and e DANCIN2ANEWME 8 SPRKYMOM
7/20/17 11:16 P
So....after not being able to stay off the scale this week and weighing everyday. I have decided th DANCIN2ANEWME 3 BONNIEMARGAY
7/19/17 3:45 P
It's a sizzler out there today. CITYBLUESGIRL 5 EDLEAR
7/20/17 4:53 A
Just did my 2 week measurement. I've lost 1/2 a inch on my neck and calves 1 inch on my upper arm CSTAUTZ 7 DANCIN2ANEWME
7/19/17 10:38 A
Got blood work back. Lowered my total cholesterol to 118 and my triglycerides by 90 points. I am fee BOWLINBUDDHA23 3 CUIS1NE
7/19/17 11:42 A
I do so well with my eating during the day and then ... dinner is finished, I sit down to relax. I g GRADUATION50 5 ZORO22
7/19/17 11:26 A
Trying so hard to make my mornings more successful but still struggling to wake up. Does anyone hav DANCIN2ANEWME 6 BONNIEMARGAY
7/19/17 3:45 P
IT feels good to get that done. 4 day streak. Now to get some rest! Night y'all! DANCIN2ANEWME 3 BONNIEMARGAY
7/14/17 5:29 P
7/15/17 4:20 A
Each week I try to buy 1 new fruit or vegetable to try, many of them become regular staples after th FITFORME17 4 _RAMONA
7/10/17 3:11 P
Started the week off with a healthy breakfast. I am taking those small steps to happy and healthy! DANCIN2ANEWME 10 FUNNYFACE101002
7/12/17 6:25 A
Trying hard to break the Diet Pepsi habit was drinking at least 6 cans a day. Now I'm now to 1 can a RIVERSDONNA68 5 DANCIN2ANEWME
5/26/17 9:41 A
Fighting a cold this week but still trying to go as strong as I can. My healthy self has waiting lo DANCIN2ANEWME 4 CIERAPOET
5/25/17 2:42 A
Hi day 1 of spark people. Aim to lose 52 lbs, need some help. Welcome anyone who can help me or join SPARKGIRL132 9 SPARKGIRL132
5/25/17 9:28 P
I'm in the midst of some life changing moves. I found myself worrying if I was making the right deci TUBLADY 6 ELENASU_
5/24/17 1:14 P
I want to say I am on the "I Can" step but I think I keep falling back down to the "I'll Try" step. DANCIN2ANEWME 7 KATHYJO56
5/24/17 12:31 A
Snowmageddon 2017! We've officially had over a foot of snow -- gotta love springtime in the Rockies ALP1976 21 MARJOHN164
5/19/17 5:23 P
Hi! I am ready to lose this baby weight and get healthier! My fourth(!) son was born on Thanksgiving ASHLEYP04 10 ASHLEYP04
5/19/17 8:18 P
TGIF!! Thought we could use a good smile!! Be str DANCIN2ANEWME 14 FUNNYFACE101002
5/20/17 7:04 P
Down 28.6 lbs!! ROX5CAR 7 DANCIN2ANEWME
5/18/17 12:08 P
13 days, 7 work days, and 3 workouts away from my back surgery XRAYLADY65 3 DANCIN2ANEWME
5/18/17 12:07 P
Keep going!! Even if today is not perfect, the small changes we make today shape our future. Persi DANCIN2ANEWME 8 SHARONKHARTER
5/19/17 9:43 A
Feeling nice and relaxed, now for some good sleep!! See you all tomorrow! DANCIN2ANEWME 4 TCANNO
5/18/17 3:46 A
Killed my goals today!! How did everyone do today?? DANCIN2ANEWME 18 KILTORE
5/9/17 1:09 P
Feeling quite overwhelmed with healthy eating yet again. I go from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds. DANCIN2ANEWME 10 FUNNYFACE101002
5/8/17 8:00 P
So I'm new on here help.. 😅 SANTANDRR77 13 SANTANDRR77
4/22/17 1:42 P
After a year of thyroid disease i have gained 40 lbs and feel like lead every day. My doctor recomm LAURAANNE333 10 ARGYLEMYSTERY
4/22/17 3:56 P
Study links diet soda to higher risk of stroke, de JANEEZ4 6 LESLIEHUFF
4/21/17 8:59 A
We have to start somewheres!! And, most importantly, NEVER STOP! BLESSEDMIRANDA 10 BLESSEDMIRANDA
4/20/17 12:17 P
2 weeks ago: 209 lbs, 41 inch waist, 27% BCA Today: 207 lbs, 39 inch waist, 23% BCA GNNRNR 5 9CRYSTALEE21
4/20/17 2:10 P
Good morning. SHANTRA7 6 DINZEL
4/20/17 11:38 A
Wow. Totally blew it at dinner last night! 1/2 a little ceasars pizza. Woops. Well today is a new da MRSMCSKINNY 5 HIGHWAYGIRL2004
4/20/17 10:16 A
Posted a photo KATIEDID1979 8 RAYNA1218
4/20/17 11:37 A
Rough night last night. Hubby's first late night s DANCIN2ANEWME 31 KELLIEBEAN
4/20/17 9:17 P
Just started with spark people yesterday. Hoping I can keep it up. ELLENPHILLIPS 6 HIGHWAYGIRL2004
4/20/17 10:10 A
Feeling good. Drinking a hot cup of tea on this chilly morning. Today is day 2 for me! Got a loooong SUNFLOWERWILD 3 CYUZYK
4/20/17 1:16 P
Haven't Checked in for a few days. I'm still logging my food and exercise. Good luck everyone. CHIAWOYA 4 DANCIN2ANEWME
4/20/17 10:03 A
4/20/17 3:47 P
Hey y'all! I'm a married almost 30 yr old mom with 4 kids ranging in age from 9 months to 12 yrs old RSIVILS 11 MSMAKEOVER
4/20/17 9:13 A