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Post Something Red! MUGSYMOM 15811 BUTEAFULL
11/21/17 2:10 A
Stop by and leave a smiley... DAIZYSTARLITE 47750 DAIZYSTARLITE
11/20/17 11:04 P
Post until you get your 15 points for the day DAIZYSTARLITE 56272 DAIZYSTARLITE
11/20/17 11:03 P
Today is a very good day because I finally jogged 3 miles, plus I walked 2 more miles 😁😁😁. MICAELASANGUINO 28 DAIZYSTARLITE
11/20/17 10:45 P
This is what my husband sent me today. I’m so thankful that I have him in my life. He has keep me on 71PAMMY 13 GARDENCHRIS
11/21/17 6:56 A
Simple healthy veggie forward dinner! GRATTECIELLA 14 MPLSKEN
11/21/17 12:53 A
Posted a photo JUDITH316 15 GARDENCHRIS
11/21/17 6:55 A
~LOL. This will be me attempting to be disciplined this Holiday Weekend!~ CHARLEYW929 14 YMWONG22
11/21/17 5:00 A
Posted a photo SANAABUBACKER 13 YMWONG22
11/21/17 12:57 A
Almost 12,000 steps. SHANTRA7 16 MADEINBRITAIN
11/21/17 3:55 A
Mmmm homemade pizza- thin crust with no meat- green onion, mushrooms, and black olives! Gonna eat KENNYBARBIE12 19 DIALYSISCHIC1
11/21/17 4:18 A
My dinner is so pretty. This is what 344 calories of delicious food looks like at my table tonight. MAINSTREETGAL 22 DIALYSISCHIC1
11/21/17 4:10 A
#BeforeAndAfter HENNYFLOW29 120 333HONEYBABE333
11/21/17 4:58 A
Whipped these little gems for an after dinner treat. Pecan topped almond cookies. So far they're a h LRJUSTUS1 38 KSTEVERSON
11/21/17 7:38 A
Lots of outside fun today with my boys. I think my hear fit is lying to me though. It only shows 7 NCLARKSON03212 18 ELSCO55
11/19/17 9:07 P
1:30 in gym. love Sunday workouts. Who needs NFL . Lets make it happen QSHEPP 6 WOMANOFLOVE
11/20/17 6:51 A
Woo hoo 😊 goodbye size 22 hello size 16 hip hip hurrah. I definitely feel the difference now I can TMP0418 114 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
11/20/17 6:46 P
Look at what I found today! I may still have bat wings, but my bat wings have muscles! PAM120800 26 EVILCECIL
11/20/17 7:23 A
Rock Divide , Near Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Pretty, but no fun driving. It’s snow people, so slow GGRSPARK 15 GARDENCHRIS
11/20/17 11:21 A
Posted a goal CLARKY_59 7 HOTPINKCAMARO49
11/19/17 5:24 P
Thanksgiving is on its way. Let’s make a plan to make it through as on plan as possible. Have a fa PAMBROWN62 15 -RUBIES-
11/19/17 11:52 P
11/20/17 8:55 A
#BeforeAndAfter im very proud of myself. LINGOD2010 52 LARKDC
11/19/17 8:10 P
I DID IT!! The scale shows that I have officially lost 100 pounds since beginning this sparkpeople WORKIN2017 303 MOONGLOWSNANA
11/19/17 5:35 P
Here is my old pants that kept falling off. LINGOD2010 65 GREEN99EYEZ
11/19/17 3:17 P
There is something purely divine about getting out into nature after a crazy mad week. I so love wa AGENTCBOOTH 18 -POOKIE-
11/19/17 12:51 A
Short walk at Buffalo Bill’s gravesite. A SparkFriend was using this Charity Miles app, and I find AMYWESTMAN 12 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
11/19/17 10:06 A
a 5 plus mile walk isn't difficult with scenery like this SWEDE_SU 23 BESSHAILE
11/19/17 6:17 A
Good, long, somewhat challenging walk. Heavy rain for some of it. Knew I should have worn worn enclo LAZYBONES07 19 MOGLO
11/18/17 11:50 P
11/18/17 9:29 P
The Impressionist Exhibit at the museum in the Big City. The 4 hours wandering around drooling at th NEEDBU66 14 MOGLO
11/18/17 11:52 P
Getting back on track. CRAFTYB3 13 TMP0418
11/18/17 8:13 P
My highest weight and my current weight. I started losing weight seriously a year after that photo w GOODFELINE 164 GOODFELINE
11/19/17 9:23 A
Almost 21,000 steps today. Will make for a good night of sleep. HWEEBS 9 KAYDE53
11/17/17 9:31 P
Best NSV ever. My wedding ring fits again. (Yes, they're sapphires) NADINE200 31 52114ME
11/17/17 10:12 P
Stayed within my calories today. Yay! HWEEBS 4 XNANNY
11/17/17 9:04 P
Prepping for next week. Hardboiled eggs on the stove. Have to have #ketolicious food ready! #keto #k JACKIREI 14 COOKWITHME65
11/19/17 11:13 A
12 lbs down since 10/12/17! #CrushingThisKetoLife PUMPHREY_NICOLE 18 ALLYLIZZY
11/17/17 9:50 P
Have a great night everyone. Thanks for your help and encouragement. JUSTSTICKWITHIT 29 EVILCECIL
11/18/17 7:08 A
How's this for dedication this is my wife and I for dinner .. hard boiled eggs Black olives Peperoni STATONJAMES4 12 COLLEEN2016
11/17/17 9:17 P
Britt and Travis June 10 2017 TRAPPER2002 24 DIALYSISCHIC1
11/17/17 9:44 P
Home made dressing Paprika, ms dash olive oil B30112 22 HAPPIHOME
11/17/17 9:35 P
The number on my scale has been fluctuating between 271 and 275 for the last couple of weeks. Althou ASHWOO32 39 PICKIE98
11/18/17 5:37 P
Leg day was yesterday. Need I say more? I enjoy this kinda pain 😏 ATUITT 6 DAIZYSTARLITE
11/16/17 9:11 P
2.07 mi run/jog intervals. Total 2.07 mi. No walk breaks. Booya! GRATTECIELLA 23 WHYTEBROWN
11/18/17 8:11 A
Hi Sparks Friends, got here at Las Vegas. Wonderful to have the energy together with great things to AOKDIET21 10 COMEBACKKID12
11/17/17 7:41 P
So even though my scale us "stuck", I'm making progress...on Sept. 14 my BMI was 26.8 and my Body F EMSTERMO5 7 JULIENSMITH
11/17/17 9:40 A
My favorite healthy night time snack. Read my blog to find out what I just made. Along with some oth COOLEY135 12 NOCALORIES
11/16/17 10:00 P
11/17/17 6:14 A
Delicious ginger curry carrot soup. So good. Easy with electric pressure cooker abe immersion blende BONNIJEAN 12 INSPIRED26
11/17/17 10:25 A
Tonight was fitness night at my Son's Cub Scout Meeting. He looks like a!!! AMYMBUNCH 12 EO4WELLNESS
11/17/17 1:24 A
There is always beautiful blue skies behind all the clouds. I saw this as I was leaving work today a MAINSTREETGAL 36 CFITZ1
11/16/17 11:17 P
I wasn't going to post this cause it's not much but this is huge for me and I'm proud. I thank you TMP0418 97 INSPIRED26
11/17/17 10:05 A
June 3rd!!! Bring it on! I am so excited! #nonscalevictory #goals #morethanweightloss #bestrong #m SKEMERICH 5 DAIZYSTARLITE
11/15/17 11:48 P
Felt thin at the gym today. Happy Hump Day Everyone. THEJACKIEDEAN12 32 TIGERSEYEHEART
11/16/17 6:57 P
Found a magical place on an impromptu lunchtime walk. NICCIS44 75 JGR642
11/16/17 1:33 P
Posted a photo TIFFERNO13 9 LKBASHOR
11/16/17 1:43 A
Good numbers here! Eating was little off but hopefully it balances out. I got to work this morning a ATTORCO 14 KATHIFAYE
11/16/17 5:38 A
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 21 JAMER123
11/16/17 11:41 P
So.. my 13 year old son told me that some of the kids at his school thought that I was his older sis SIMPLYKEN32 32 ALALADY
11/16/17 5:56 P
Hit my goal today...not a usual site since my injury. APUCHUCHU2 16 LKBASHOR
11/16/17 1:42 A
Today’s trip at jcrew - I’m a 10!!!! 214 to 145 ! MOMS3KIDS 123 MYTIMEAW8Z
11/16/17 9:12 A
#BeforeAndAfter BERNICE44 13 ELSCO55
11/14/17 10:07 P
We got this! Don't ever stop or give up on yourself. One day at a time! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 22 HOLLYM48
11/15/17 10:40 A
Posted a photo COEBA1212 9 TMILLER21915
11/14/17 10:32 P
Before picture--197 lb. Going to lose 60 lb and e AMANDAYOURSE 15 OTTERDOTTER
11/15/17 12:42 A
Lol ST3PH 19 ELSCO55
11/14/17 10:04 P
Rough few days but I'm resetting myself for tomorrow. WOMANOFLOVE 23 QSHEPP
11/14/17 10:55 P
Posted a photo MSTERRIP 79 HIKINGSD
11/15/17 12:03 A
Hello! I'm Katie, age 33 from WI and just started today on my journey! My goal is to lose 50 lbs by KATERDPHER51 89 PRAIRIECROCUS
11/15/17 1:02 A
168 lbs. Smallest i ever been in my adult hood. HYPNOTIQ116 112 PRAIRIECROCUS
11/15/17 1:02 A
Got school pictures back today and just had to compare to last year's. Oh, my! #BeforeAndAfter LKMANNING7 136 CONNIET88
11/15/17 4:44 P
Did the Rocky Run in Philly yesterday. I completed the Italian Stallion challenge, running the 5K an INVICTUS_VII 150 INSPIRED26
11/12/17 8:42 P
11/12/17 8:41 P
11/12/17 3:39 P