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I just have to say how happy I am! I started dieti BJSTEW18 7 HAPPY418
9/14/14 11:32 P
I go through phases ,somedays I workout but most d ASHIR1997 15 SEEMELOVEDAY
9/14/14 10:32 P
I resisted the urge! I'm out with the hubby and k JESSICA_SOMERS 7 CLARASMAMA40
9/14/14 10:40 P
My college and gym are both in the same are 30 min BRITTTREADWAY 12 LULULUCY
9/15/14 12:16 A
Hourly commitment thread.. A place to pop in and o JOL1KEY2BOL3 101 DTKOLL11
9/15/14 10:48 P
Have had an acct here for a long time. Just now ge LRBWEBSTER1998 2 COOKWITHME65
9/14/14 9:18 P
I wish they have more exercises with people in whe BIGMANNOMOR 3 MIMILG
9/14/14 9:20 P
Trying my best to eat healthy but it's hard where JESSICA_SOMERS 4 JESSICA_SOMERS
9/14/14 10:30 P
Well, I got one week left before my monthly weigh ARAZA30 28 ARAZA30
9/15/14 5:25 P
I'm new at using this and I was wondering how it's SMILIETWO 3 COOKWITHME65
9/14/14 9:07 P
First day using this program. I am a 37 year old w SASSARELLA 6 INSPIREME2BEFIT
9/14/14 9:16 P
What kind of food should I but to eat that I will SEEMELOVEDAY 11 COOKWITHME65
9/14/14 5:03 P
Hi! I am new to this site. I am planning on doing ZOMBIESGRRRL 20 COOKINNANCY
9/15/14 9:27 P
Weekends are the hardest for me to stay on track. TAMARAOGINA 28 TAMARAOGINA
9/15/14 1:24 P
I have been doing Spark for one week and I am so e JLSPINLER 9 ARAZA30
9/14/14 4:11 P
I've lost 6 lbs and have done very good. At a con LADYFLITTER 7 COOKWITHME65
9/14/14 12:02 P
I am starting my 3rd day of tracking my food. I am EVASAGER 8 ACLANCY1
9/14/14 11:54 P
Hi everyone, can anyone tell me where on the mobil CHUCKMEISTER37 5 CHUCKMEISTER37
9/14/14 12:02 P
I have been good with my eating today. Perhaps the MELANIEA3 8 MELANIEA3
9/15/14 1:17 P
Morning Sparkies! I hope everyone is feeling good JESSICA_SOMERS 5 JESSICA_SOMERS
9/14/14 12:44 P
Well I weighed in last night. Let me just say I re ROOTBEERKID 25 ROOTBEERKID
9/15/14 10:01 A
Hi , I'm Michael. Been a gym rat for 30 yrs avid C MURDOCH94 20 MURDOCH94
9/13/14 10:12 P
Need some ideas for healthy snacks, just started o GINGHER1978 19 GINGHER1978
9/13/14 12:02 A
4 scrambled eggs for breakfast, and real half & ha PSYCHICQUILL 8 CLARASMAMA40
9/12/14 2:07 P
I felt really good last night. My boy scout unifo MELODY7578 7 MOTIVATE42
9/12/14 2:24 P
I have been with spark people for about 4 weeks. I BADGERGRL 4 COOKWITHME65
9/12/14 1:24 P
Just relized tums are 10 calories CNELSON85 14 MOONCHECHE
9/12/14 6:51 P
I have so much weight to lose. So much. I don't kn JEMIMALOLO 55 CANDE56755
9/12/14 2:51 P
I looked down at he scale this morning and for the KSLBURRELL1 27 CLEOJ607
9/12/14 4:54 P
I did okay yesterday, positives and negatives.. Ju CLEOJ607 3 AVENJEE
9/9/14 2:51 P
After a divorce 4 years ago, I am now enjoying lif EPLEIN77 10 EPLEIN77
9/9/14 7:11 P
I'm very upset about something that happened today GRASSHOPPER65 23 AEGISHOT
9/10/14 12:17 A
40 laps (2000 yards) in the pool this am. I can t MELODY7578 12 MELODY7578
9/11/14 12:16 P
Injury to my spine is sidelining my usual fitness GGRSPARK 8 55LSTRUSS7
9/15/14 10:26 P
Hi I'm new here. Been using the site 4 a week now, LYANN82 21 LYANN82
9/11/14 12:15 P
Hi everyone! I am new here and need some help and KIMBO1227 66 EATTHEELEPHANT
9/14/14 4:18 P
New to this program. I have had a good start today ONMYWAYSTRONG 10 TEENIEME3
9/9/14 7:08 P
How do you find a friend on this site? I know thei MANENOU14 4 MANENOU14
9/9/14 3:40 P
Hi! I'm new to spark people. I used to use myfitne RINDABUBUCAKES 30 HARAS0
9/10/14 12:33 A
Muscle weighs more than fat. I have been watching KFQUILTER 3 COOKWITHME65
9/9/14 10:57 A
Goal is to walk 10,000 steps per day TERRI20141 6 DAWNGO69
9/9/14 11:48 A
I always eat dinner around 5:30 but by 9:30 I alwa CURLYGIRL135 6 COOKWITHME65
9/9/14 10:53 A
I eat when I am bored. How do I distract myself fr AVENJEE 20 AVENJEE
9/9/14 2:31 P
How do you get your body used to eating in smaller CURLYGIRL135 8 OLD-NACL
9/9/14 2:13 P
Day 3. I made the mistake of weighing myself and n JEMIMALOLO 11 MAO-MIAOWS
9/8/14 8:39 P
Just DL'ed app to my phone to track food intake. F SPRITE55 3 COOKWITHME65
9/8/14 4:03 P
G☀☀DMORNING! MY Breakfast Was 1c Oatmeal Toas TALLNSEXY 3 TALLNSEXY
9/8/14 6:56 P
I am new also.I have only been on here for a week. JSPARKER09 7 TALLNSEXY
9/8/14 7:01 P
Any tips on how to avoid the temptation of eating BRITTTREADWAY 8 COOKWITHME65
9/8/14 2:30 P
Hi all new to sparks. So far the mobile app helps IKANNOT 2 COOKWITHME65
9/8/14 2:25 P
Is anyone else doing Turbofire or Chalean Extreme SWP12A 9 SWP12A
9/10/14 9:52 P
Hi all, I'm new to this app, and just starting to UBARIALIN 17 MAO-MIAOWS
9/8/14 8:34 P
Hey there! I love to snack (who doesn't?!) and I w IAMALLISON 22 GEMSYBELLE
9/9/14 4:10 A
Hey! can anyone show me success stories so I can g LIANMU 5 LIANMU
9/9/14 12:29 A
Does any one have trouble meeting a minimum goal f MINNOA12 7 LIVEWITHBLONDES
9/8/14 8:31 P
Here I am once again, starting over. I am so tired HONEYSUCKLE777 25 PJDKSMITH
9/8/14 3:04 P
I'm trying to get fit for prom. I want to fit into LOLL123 10 COOKWITHME65
9/8/14 3:22 A
Hi Al Im new in here, a little bit scared but I ne CYN7H14 12 MOONCHILD38
9/8/14 6:50 A
Hi I am Anita amd I just found this app. I am exci ADESERTROSE4ME 4 JB122383
9/8/14 4:17 A
Hello, my name is Cleo. I am new to this Sparkspeo CLEOJ607 5 SAJECHA
9/9/14 10:02 P
Hello everyone. I'm looking for a diet buddy, to GALMAR 24 COOKWITHME65
9/8/14 2:11 A
Has anyone tried the sassy water or I think some p GALMAR 6 GETFITKC71
9/8/14 10:00 A
Good Night Sparkies 😂😂😂 Make Sure tO Have TALLNSEXY 6 HAWAII5YEARS
9/8/14 6:25 A
Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining but I have HEYROBBIE 16 MOONCHILD38
9/8/14 6:37 A
Hi....I have just been reading about accountabilit GETFITKC71 5 COOKWITHME65
9/8/14 12:10 A
Hi again!! What is the friend feed? Is it like thi GETFITKC71 3 COOKWITHME65
9/7/14 11:55 P
So I just got the app and am starting tomorrow but LINDSAYEDIAS 25 COOKWITHME65
9/7/14 11:46 P
This is day 3 for me. I am staying within my calor JULIEFLAGG 8 DUCKY2222
9/8/14 10:57 P
Anyone use a fitbit or similar device? I am wonder BFAB40 32 AMAZINGAMY14
9/8/14 9:57 A
I just gave up today and ate so much pizza and bre AJONES5749 10 MZADAMS
9/7/14 11:22 P
Every time I drive I want to drink soda out of hab WOLFRAML20 20 MOONCHILD38
9/8/14 6:54 A
Just did 20 minutes on my Gazelle that I bought 8 DJNOWLIN1 10 HAWAII5YEARS
9/8/14 6:43 A
Sitting here eating my brown rice, grilled chicken BIGJEEP92 9 JULIEFLAGG
9/8/14 10:27 A
Tomorrow is my personal weigh in day. Yikes. I'm k STEENY71 5 COOKWITHME65
9/7/14 10:38 P
Temptations- So hard to cook for my family and sti DIANA-BANANA 9 ALP1976
9/9/14 10:18 P