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I had labrum surgery on April 19th, I need low impact exercises other than walking that won't hurt m COOKIES4MONSTER 9 2BDYNAMIC
5/23/17 7:31 A
Can anyone tell me where you can find those divided plates. I think they will help me with portionin JULMATT 3 COOKIES4MONSTER
5/21/17 7:42 A
Time to get serious. Have a beach trip in a little less than a month and I am working on recovery fr COOKIES4MONSTER 1 COOKIES4MONSTER
5/19/17 7:14 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 23 REDWING99
5/19/17 9:23 A
I'm working at work at home job and everytime I start typing, someone calls. πŸ˜‚ COOKIES4MONSTER 3 ROCKGREATHEALTH
3/20/17 10:09 A
Eating lunch with my son today!!! COOKIES4MONSTER 5 CRUISEGAL55
3/17/17 11:25 A
My exercise for the day! 36 inches of snow to shovel from around my car. UBERGOOBER28 163 JB122383
3/15/17 4:14 P
Why oh why does my baby get sick when I have plans.......Yesterday was fun. Wacked his eye. #intervi COOKIES4MONSTER 7 MWARNER211
3/15/17 8:46 A
God's word keeps me on track with my goals. FRANCESLUCAS 8 EJOY-EVELYN
3/14/17 3:52 P
I'm jealous that you guys have days off....I need some days. #southernliving #stillcold #needanap COOKIES4MONSTER 3 PAULAJEAN59
3/14/17 1:56 P
This is different, but I like it! Weather here lately.... COOKIES4MONSTER 8 COOKIES4MONSTER
3/13/17 11:08 A
How many glasses of water have you drunk so far today? πŸ€” ANDREPJ23 30 CRAZYCAT99
3/9/17 2:48 A
Today I am down 50lbs since Oct 2!!! Feels amazing!! ARSPERANZA 49 JULIENSMITH
3/8/17 10:03 A
Yesterday was a bad day!!! Today is going to be full of better choices! #learnfrom #slowandsteady #l COOKIES4MONSTER 2 DORHYGT
3/8/17 8:02 A
I went roller skating for my son's birthday yesterday and everyone was so surprised I could skate! COOKIES4MONSTER 7 JOAND1911
2/20/17 10:58 A
After 2 months of tracking my food I'm still not getting enough protein.... Help #advice #coach HOOPALINA 20 KTERHUNE09
2/24/17 2:53 P
So not happy with myself at the moment as last night i had a 200 gram bar of fruit and nut chocolate KARENTILLING 13 ADREA1026
2/11/17 8:52 A
Morning, Sparklers! Need advice plz, I LOVE Avocado! I have no problem eating the whole thing. But i SUMMERFODRIE 5 KAMELIA71
2/11/17 10:02 A
Small break today. #happybirthdaytomy1stborn #sweetboys #mommylife COOKIES4MONSTER 3 IVANHOE64
2/11/17 7:52 A
Today makes 11 days no soda for me and I am beyond happy! I used to drink soda every single day. 11 FUNFITMOM2688 61 JONIBUSHELL
2/11/17 1:39 P
Today's weigh in was so encouraging I have 2.3 pounds left before I am out of the 200s YES!!!!! so h MLOVE88 41 S_MHANCOCK
2/17/17 8:23 A
#weightcheck DOWN 6 POUNDS THIS WEEK. 208 TO 202. Yay!! #weightloss #babyweight MADISONGREB 55 1EVILQUEEN1031
2/13/17 9:59 A
Nighttime is a favorite right now. No eating after 8 and Gilmore Girls on Netflix. #guiltypleasures COOKIES4MONSTER 1 COOKIES4MONSTER
2/8/17 9:22 P
When your job pisses you off ...stay calm and eat an orange. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ INVENTINGME2017 11 SPARKLE1908
2/7/17 10:40 P
95 lbs down and wearing size 10 dresses today! Sta AJ0708 3082 LYNN4HOPE
6/16/17 12:13 A
Accountability time: Promised myself I wasn't going to have a bad day. Between my husband's birthday SCHUTZ0410 21 ELISAKIRKO
2/5/17 9:35 P
Small victory, we went out to dinner and I didn't eat any breadsticks, nor did I take home a huge de COOKIES4MONSTER 14 JKPERANDO
2/4/17 8:47 P
Any ideas on how to get children to listen? #mommylife #enabler #parentingnotyelling COOKIES4MONSTER 16 OCEANBOOTS
2/4/17 10:15 A
Talk to me about there such a thing as too much? How much should you truly be eating? # SABRINARUIZ24 14 COOKIES4MONSTER
2/4/17 6:43 A
As of today I have lost 100 pounds! #weightloss #100pounds WEISSMC 231 JAYISOLDEM2
2/8/17 12:19 A
What is everyone snacking on during the big game? KIMCRISLER 12 LAURENPAYNE1978
2/5/17 1:19 A
Hi every one! I'm new here😁 #friendfinder #firstpost LABLAXICANA 24 ADREA1026
2/3/17 7:00 P
Ive worked my way up to 236 and finally decided to try and lose it. My goal weight is 150. I have on NANUHMAMA 25 BLESD4SUR
2/3/17 7:35 A
Three days on track! It's not been easy! MMEQUEEN 19 ANTONETTECOMER
2/3/17 7:32 A
Under 200 pounds !!! 198 as if this AM #weightloss KMACINNIS44 81 FLOUNDER1323
2/4/17 4:50 P
I need help getting protein. I don't like meat and cooking is a struggle. #food #notdomestic COOKIES4MONSTER 44 7STIGGYMT
2/8/17 11:16 P
Trying to do the"get enough rest thing" 10 just seems so early!πŸ˜’ LILSS10 6 COOKIES4MONSTER
2/1/17 7:03 A
I need to lose 14 lbs to get out of the 200s. #motivated #onederful COOKIES4MONSTER 27 TILLYBEAR123
2/3/17 3:11 P
#decluttering Need to declutter I'm not a hoarder but feel like it sometimes I just have too much st LEVISGIRL4EVER 12 NAOMI_ACOSTA
2/1/17 7:12 A
To lose weight I am going to have to manage stress. Any ideas. I work full time, have kids including JENIA127 9 SUCHADIVA215
1/31/17 10:41 P
Day one, need your best tip! First day. I did my workout, been counting my calories, but I need this THREE_WISHES 25 THREE_WISHES
2/7/17 3:49 P
What age did you stop getting & sleeping with stuffed animals? GODDESSBELLA77 11 SMYERS840
1/30/17 10:43 P
Down 1.5 pounds but 2 inches in my waist! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. Out of 18's and soon EZAVALETA 5 PUREAWESOMEMESS
1/30/17 1:58 P
I'm pretty impressed. We went to Disney on ice and mcdonalds on the way home. I didn't splurge at HRYAN9 17 TWEDEE777
1/29/17 9:17 A
Today is Sunday funday. What advice does everyone have about not finishing their children's plates? COOKIES4MONSTER 12 LISAMARIE2015
1/29/17 9:29 A
I keep finding mixed answers online. What do you think is more important: exercise or eating right? STUFFY864 65 ANNDANDY
2/2/17 3:34 A
Does anyone have any advice for insomnia? I've tried melatonin, valerian, passionflower SHESIPPSHERTEA 34 SHESIPPSHERTEA
1/29/17 1:00 P
1/29/17 2:17 A
I began this journey on January 22nd at 178lbs today I am 147lbs! At one point I thought I am just g THINNJENN 42 CHRISCANN
7/6/16 6:32 P
5/23/17 12:19 A
New to the Team? Introduce Yourself Here! ARB3MOM 880 FOSTERAC1
4/28/17 1:01 P
Q for the ladies--hairy situation... MAD_WRITER_TAL 10 TRYINGAGAIN16
4/17/16 9:33 P
10/29/15 - Dance Moves KELLIEBEAN 7 LOVENHWOODS
10/30/15 6:03 A
6/19/17 11:04 A
4/14/16 2:09 P
11/8/13 - Freggie challenge KELLIEBEAN 12 TORTOISE110
11/9/13 6:43 A
How do you feel? (one word) MARISSA3950 47 JUMPINGRIGHTIN
12/8/13 3:16 A
Ruby-Lite of the Week! (Nov 3 thru 9) PIXIE-LICIOUS 17 JANESLOSS
11/8/13 12:13 P
2/3/14 5:57 P
SIGN UP! Another round of Final Loser challenge! PIXIE-LICIOUS 25 PIXIE-LICIOUS
9/29/13 2:03 P
9/25/13 - National Women's Health Day KELLIEBEAN 7 GAYEMC
9/25/13 5:15 P
Share your challenge goals. SPARK_COACH_JEN 2948 JOYFULPAMELA
6/22/17 2:30 P
Panthers 2012 Schedule /Results GRATEFUL-DAD 24 MACANBEFIT
1/9/13 11:10 A
11/27/12 1:41 P
Leader's QOTD # 3 November 15 YAFENELRA 23 HICALGAL
11/17/12 8:55 P
11/30/12 2:51 P
11/17/12 12:19 P
Sign up for the next round of the Final Loser! PIXIE-LICIOUS 26 PIXIE-LICIOUS
11/18/12 7:34 A
11/7/12 7:12 A
1/12/14 10:52 P
Today is Natonal Punkin Chunkin Day USMAWIFE 13 MAGA99
11/7/12 10:30 P
Motivational Quote for 11/02/2012 TEXASGIDGET 10 MAGA99
11/7/12 10:30 P
11/2/12 9:54 A
Introduce Yourself Here! KTAPPLE 799 _FIGHTINGFIT_
9/30/15 6:09 A
Use an Emoticon to Describe your day MOMOFBOYSINMO 799 AMPROSKE1
6/10/15 8:21 P

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