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Good morning everyone, it's been a while since I have been on. Hope you are doing well. MISSAMY72 8 CMCHWK
12/6/17 8:10 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 18 PATRICIA-CR
12/6/17 8:56 A
It’s going to be a good one... I can just tell :) SHELLLEY2 14 CMCHWK
12/6/17 8:06 A
Day 229 of 1600 calorie living. From 312(left pic) size 26 pants 3x/4x shirts in March 2017 to 223 TRINA 169 OLIE07
12/5/17 7:56 A
Ok, I know this might be silly but, I bought a new size under clothing thinking it would be a goal t BEVERLY1501 87 LKBASHOR
12/3/17 2:49 P
16 months difference and 129lbs my blog! Age 60! Now size 6 and loving life. Had many h DIANEPAG 51 CHRISTOPHER63
12/3/17 7:49 P
#BeforeAndAfter - hard work and dedication to a healthier lifestyle. PAB1JAB 156 PAB1JAB
12/3/17 6:51 P
FINALLY hit 80 lbs lost. 245 lbs down to 165 so far. 😊 GOLDIEFOXX 229 SOLEMAN10
12/4/17 9:01 P
Okay I lied about the last picture being the last picture but this is the last picture let me know w GPALMER29 34 MEAGOP
12/3/17 1:41 P
Doing a happy dance this morning!!! I’m in One-derland!!! 31 pounds gone forever. DRAMAQUEEN926 220 JAZZEJR
12/3/17 5:32 A
Have a great Thursday NEPTUNE1939 7 PATRICIA-CR
11/30/17 9:05 A
Its coffee time NEPTUNE1939 8 PATRICIA-CR
11/30/17 9:05 A
So often our minds give us the biggest challenges to overcome. We perceive the effort, not the rewar LYONSFARM 19 NANCYANND55
11/30/17 12:37 P
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 18 SCYANKEE46
11/30/17 1:08 P
Posted a photo AUDREYGNSC 34 SCYANKEE46
11/30/17 1:06 P
GOOD MORNING!! πŸ™βœ¨β˜€οΈ β˜•οΈ πŸ’—βœ¨πŸ™ #bekind SARASMILING 34 SPEDED2
11/30/17 5:16 P
Note to self.... RHOOK20047 15 MBPP50
11/30/17 4:52 A
Really, really wanted a sweet bite before bed. Passed on the snickerdoodle that was calling to me an LKMANNING7 58 MAIZIEPAIGE
11/30/17 10:44 P
Make today a great day! JSTETSER 18 TURQUROISE
11/29/17 11:56 A
Good Morning πŸ˜‰ GRACIE6121 17 MAIZIEPAIGE
11/29/17 11:51 A
Been stressed at work. Hostile workplace. I have spent too many times in the bathroom crying. Today TAMMIE_R 76 TAMMIE_R
12/5/17 9:50 P
I wanted to share how I've lost 72lbs and counting. Track everything you eat - You only cheat your KENK667 139 LVMS61516
11/30/17 1:34 A
Okay just got through throwing the weights around today was weight training day!! I don't know about GPALMER29 15 PLUMBO42
11/27/17 9:52 P
#BeforeAndAfter Took me over 1 year, but this time, it's staying off. From a size 22w to a size 8p. SHARFERGIE 234 DONNA_CPS2
11/29/17 5:42 P
Have a peaceful Black Friday! DAUGIE73 7 VANBJA
11/24/17 11:12 A
Day after Thanksgiving my normal tradition is pie and stuffing for breakfast. Today I had a whole wh 2AWESOME4U 15 EDLEAR
11/25/17 4:14 A
Posted a goal THROOPER62 5 TCANNO
11/23/17 11:41 P
Stayed with in my calories Today! Very proud of myself. SHESACOUNTRYSWE 7 LKEITHO
11/23/17 7:53 P
Happy Thanksgiving! So grateful to be on a healthy life journey. From July 14th to now, a loss of 61 VKEITHLEY 25 IRONADONIS
11/23/17 9:47 P
You see this?? My tongue trying to beat me to death and I bit my jaw three times!! Another thing abo GPALMER29 21 CANDYLIND
11/24/17 11:33 A
I DID IT!!! Diabetes blood check shows A1C blood sugar 3-month average in the "Normal" range!!! SASRA1 25 FRISKYCRITTER
11/23/17 4:42 A
Rest in peace David "Keith Partridge" Cassidy!! GPALMER29 27 DGRIFFITH51
11/22/17 9:17 P
Posted a photo OBIESMOM2 17 SCYANKEE46
11/22/17 10:02 A
something for me to focus on today as I am dealing with a situation at work PLAINJANEDOE 8 CMCHWK
11/20/17 7:01 A
Holidays are hard for dieting but I'm going to try to keep an eye on serving sizes and calories how KYLIE 12 ETHELMERZ
11/20/17 7:04 A
It's a new day and every day is a new opportunity to start, happy Monday 😊 OLIE07 14 LOUISE979
11/20/17 7:37 A
Today is the day. I take a gigantic leap of faith and give notice to my job. It's a 6 week notice be LYONSFARM 37 MWARNER211
11/21/17 5:48 A
GOOD MORNING!! πŸ‚πŸβ˜€οΈ β˜•οΈ πŸ’—πŸπŸ‚ #createtheworl ldyouweremeanttolivein SARASMILING 30 SPEDED2
11/20/17 10:09 P
Have a great Thursday NEPTUNE1939 9 PATRICIA-CR
11/16/17 6:05 P
I finally made the 20 pound loss! DJWWINKS11 20 FISHGUT3
11/16/17 10:14 A
Feeling pretty proud of myself today. BKWERM 46 FOUNTOFBLESSING
11/18/17 5:41 P
Here is the start of one of my small goals... 1. drink a gallon of water by the en CRAFTYGIRL80 157 TWINZ_LOCZ
11/16/17 8:19 P
Who's guilty of this? Drives my wife nuts when I waste veggies and fruits... BOOHOOBEAR 10 EO4WELLNESS
11/15/17 5:21 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 25 PATRICIA-CR
11/14/17 11:42 A
Y’all I’m getting sick by looking at me u can’t tell but I’m starting to get there. I have my meds a KEENA47 26 KEENA47
11/14/17 8:40 P
Posted a photo GODDREAMDIVA1 15 BETRHO48
11/14/17 6:38 P
Almost $200.00 for 2 pairs of boots!! Left are for work, right are for play!! I hope everybody's hav GPALMER29 11 CHERIRIDDELL
11/14/17 1:37 A
Got off my butt and exercised! Been in a slump, now to do the same thing tomorrow! TRACYGILB2015 6 CATHYRAEDAVIS2
11/12/17 10:13 P
I hope everyone had a rejuvenating and relaxing Sunday so you can start the week off right. PAMBROWN62 14 EDWARDS1411
11/12/17 11:25 P
11/13/17 9:25 A
Have a great night. GARDENSFORLIFE 12 DEE107
11/12/17 8:28 P
Went shopping today with my sister who helped me choose well -- we replaced a bunch of 18-20s in my LKMANNING7 137 DOLPH79
11/12/17 10:16 A
Posted a photo COWLEEN1 9 FOXBAY99
11/12/17 6:10 P
12/4/17 11:04 A
11/10/17 1:44 P
From 255 to 148 pounds πŸ’ͺ CRISTALO321 191 SCYANKEE46
11/10/17 1:29 P
Well here it goes, after deciding I need to lose weight about 5 times, I've decided to start for rea CHRISTOPHERNALL 195 KATHIFAYE
11/8/17 5:21 A
Lol ST3PH 30 LIZZIE138
11/3/17 10:44 A
30 pounds! I have lost more than he weighs! MERRILYLIFE 93 ZRIE014
11/3/17 5:06 P
#BeforeAndAfter Because sometimes a side by side h DPV3411 193 BRICK152
11/17/17 11:59 A
This made me laugh! CAROLINAGIRL69 125 BOWDIDDLE
11/4/17 7:34 A
Tonight I celebrated a friends birthday at a Mexican restaurant. I had the Poco Loco chicken with no BEVERLY1501 26 GMAM48
11/2/17 10:59 P
Well, today was a real eye opener. What should have been a celebratory event turned into shame and e SO_MANY_DREAMS 35 PLAINJANE1966
11/3/17 1:53 P
Last year, I would not have felt comfortable at all in a dress like this. Feeling cute and awesome t MAGLITE7 211 LKMANNING7
10/30/17 10:28 P
By no means, not my most flattering photo, but, got in 30 minutes on the bike. I have limited mobili MARILYNMURRAY 159 MINILOVER1
10/29/17 6:50 A
#BeforeAndAfter The one on the right was just taken and I actually had to put a clip on the back of JILLIAN48 32 FLOYDPAULEY
10/27/17 11:51 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 78 SKANTRA
10/27/17 11:43 A
Relaxing tonight - made a cup of decaf vanilla cof MSCAPI2017 6 NANCYPAT1
10/26/17 9:10 P
Exciting times! Im wearing a Cardigan in a size large! No need for a plus size one! I still have 50# TORRIESJOURNEY 27 SADIEMYERS
10/27/17 11:31 A
10/24/17 10:07 P
I may be ugly to the world, but I just have to remind myself that I am beautiful in God's image. AMYMBUNCH 124 GIANTOCR1
10/24/17 9:41 A
Before and during. Me on the left is April 4, 2017 and me on the right is October 15, 2017. Sixty-fi PIANOGYRLE 214 TBANDOLI1
10/24/17 6:29 A
You were born to win!! Use your energy to find solutions instead of blaming yourself or others. Let BOOHOOBEAR 9 AMYISSUCCEEDING
10/19/17 10:37 P
Wisdom of the day... RHOOK20047 11 REGILIEH
10/19/17 7:33 A
Have a beautiful day today. Smile at a stranger, say hello to your neighbor. It's time we stop being CDS427 4 AUNTRENEE
10/17/17 8:45 A