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Fellowship chat room IAMCHANGE 469 CIERAPOET
7/27/17 8:09 A
7/27/17 5:31 A
Let Us Know You Are Here Today GODSCHILDAMYB 6612 CIERAPOET
7/27/17 3:05 A
Check In If You Swished and Swiped Today CAROLFAITHWALKR 4331 CIERAPOET
7/27/17 3:01 A
Check in if you decluttered for 15 minutes today! LQUEST4754 2462 CIERAPOET
7/27/17 2:59 A
Check in if your sink is shining SLENDERELLA61 1367 CIERAPOET
7/27/17 2:58 A
Check in if you made your bed today WADDLINGALONG 10532 CIERAPOET
7/27/17 2:57 A
Zone 5: The Living Room, Family Room or Den LINDA! 18 AFERRARI
7/27/17 11:17 A
Check in if you are dressed to lace-up shoes EPLFAN 4798 CIERAPOET
7/27/17 2:55 A
7/27/17 2:42 A
Have a goal reaching day! LITTLEREDHEN8 9 RUTHSHEPHERD1
7/26/17 11:28 A
1st week of tracking and trying to get at least 10 minutes of activity in every day - Down 5.2 lbs! DOCTORSMOAK 6 123LORETTA1
7/26/17 6:54 A
Working to get back in track today after going way over my calorie range yesterday. Eating in the lo TECHERNO 8 LINDASOUTHER
7/26/17 8:26 A
Officially 2 stone down!! 1 more to go and my BMI will read healthy 😁😁! The best motivation, which KATE9876 7 FLITTERBYG
7/26/17 7:26 A
This statement is so profound. You never know what someone else is going through that causes them to SKITTLESNINJA 16 KSTEVERSON
7/26/17 8:19 A
I just wanted to thank all of you who took the time to write to me with kind words. It means a lot t VALERYEE 13 RO2BENT
7/26/17 7:17 A
Let's root for each other and watch each other grow!! What a great saying! Have an awesome day Spark OUTSIDEJOJO 14 _LINDA
7/26/17 7:45 A
Posted a photo SONILUMD 15 COOLBEAR90
7/26/17 7:50 A
Happy Wednesday Sparkies 😎 MICHELLEFOUND 20 JIACOLO
7/26/17 7:34 A
First small goal reached: 15 pounds gone in 7 weeks, down to wedding weight! Reward: a pedicure. I'm LKMANNING7 232 GOODYBAR58
7/26/17 8:16 P
Check in if you set out your clothes last night SLENDERELLA61 702 CTYONIT
7/27/17 2:48 A
7/27/17 9:26 A
Another 20+ in the books before the heat and wind SOUTHTXXRNNR 9 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
7/25/17 1:06 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 8 JUDY1676
7/25/17 9:51 P
Had a rough few days all the way around but but new day fresh start....and started with a beautiful SBURNEY789 14 JVANAM
7/25/17 2:02 P
Good morning!! Hope you all have a blessed and fantastic day! Today is my 2 week mark of walking eve JIM4HER 10 CIERAPOET
7/25/17 12:34 P
Posted a goal DMB024 5 FELIKSABRYON
7/25/17 9:52 P
Happy Tuesday everyone! METALMOMMA25 6 CIERAPOET
7/25/17 12:32 P
Lunch at work! 😍😍 Love my job!! ARISISHELLE 9 CIERAPOET
7/25/17 12:31 P
7/26/17 3:45 A
Day one of my journey MOXIE 85 GORDONED
7/25/17 4:12 P
Here is my lunch and behind my lunch is a pizza empire menu 😒 #iwillnotcheat ~*~SPUNKI~*~ 6 CIERAPOET
7/25/17 12:27 P
My Guys; My Motivation STARLIETH12 11 JVANAM
7/25/17 2:01 P
Went from a size 14W to a regular size 10. SASSYK11 17 SEXYMOMMOM1
7/25/17 1:29 P
7/26/17 5:12 A
Finally heading south to MY beach! MEADSBAY 112 CJSTANBACK
7/25/17 4:19 P
7/25/17 4:19 P
40 pounds down and counting KCGREEN82 198 CSCOTT_06
7/25/17 6:44 P
Goodmorning, I haven't been on here as much lately JUSTSTICKWITHIT 238 VIRGINIAGIRL
7/25/17 6:30 P
Finished Working Out/Show with emiticon BABY_GIRL69 1874 CIERAPOET
7/25/17 1:26 A
Check in if you tended to Mount Washmore today WADDLINGALONG 4315 CTYONIT
7/27/17 2:50 A
7/24/17 12:16 P
New costume photo. Getting there now for the role! JUSTRICHARD1 2 CIERAPOET
7/24/17 9:52 A
Another great workout, this morning. I decided to add 10 minutes of cardio in the beginning, that de W2GFIT 10 W2GFIT
7/24/17 1:09 P
Posted a photo FLOWER26CS 17 YMWONG22
7/24/17 11:24 A
Finally a day when the humidity was bearable. Me and my husband walked around Newburyport, Ma. enjoy LINDASOUTHER 5 YMWONG22
7/24/17 11:29 A
17 lbs down today but I don't see much of a difference...I do feel better and more energetic though MRSDCSUSEY 209 JANELLESMOM1
7/24/17 8:55 P
My screensaver!!! What a wonderful reminder!!!!! SHRINKINGSHERI 26 MARYJOANNA
7/25/17 5:29 A
Heading to THIS beach tomorrow! MEADSBAY 120 FLASUN
7/25/17 5:52 A
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 85 GODS-PRINCESS
7/25/17 8:55 A
A bowl of fresh fruit salad for breakfast with a drizzle of honey DOINITNOTGONNAS 108 BOLEBRON
7/24/17 7:21 P
This is what I woke up to this morning! LOVELY1978 230 BOLEBRON
7/24/17 6:40 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 2 CIERAPOET
7/23/17 5:22 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 3 CIERAPOET
7/23/17 5:22 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 2 CIERAPOET
7/23/17 5:21 P
My old dog. She's slowly making her way to the Rainbow Bridge. I'll be carrying her the last bit of JOANNEELIDRISSI 22 JEANNETTE59
7/23/17 5:53 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 4 LKEITHO
7/23/17 5:50 P
Lean cuisine chicken enchilada suiza and some buffalo jerky for addid protein. Only 350 calories in KTERHUNE09 5 KTERHUNE09
7/23/17 6:37 P
I didn't get to run this morning, but this afternoon I burned off a bunch by finishing up this proje LKMANNING7 19 KOHLRABIGIRL
7/24/17 1:45 A
Does anyone have any good diet suggestions for me? I am watching my calorie intake and working out m KEISHACARVER 4 DIALYSISCHIC1
7/23/17 5:21 P
Afternoon/after work out snack. SBLACKWELL93 9 LKEITHO
7/23/17 5:51 P
No work out Friday night because it stormed. No swimming today. 😖 It hasnt rained yet. But the life DIALYSISCHIC1 11 DIALYSISCHIC1
7/25/17 2:45 A
Made some fried rice today. (brown rice, carrots, celery, onions, green pepper, scrambled egg, and GREEN-EYED-LADY 22 MARYJOANNA
7/24/17 5:37 A
Posted a photo M35425 12 JEANNETTE59
7/23/17 5:21 P
Happy Dance! Finally reached this goal! Keep moving, keep pushing yourself and each day you will get NATIVEDESIRES 41 AMING4ACES
7/23/17 8:02 P
Down 76lbs since October 2nd!! Size 22 to size 8/10 and the best part by far is how I feel! Never sa A04867 207 CHERRYZMB60
7/23/17 9:35 P
3.5 miles of thinking I was going more slowly than usual but pushing to jog more several spurts of s LKMANNING7 10 JANTHEBLONDE
7/22/17 11:12 A
Good morning from the Gulf of Mexico SKITTLESNINJA 40 CUIS1NE
7/22/17 4:45 P
I had a make-up FaceTime date with my 13 year old niece. She did all the research and led the make-u DAWNSUCCESS 11 GARDENCHRIS
7/23/17 11:20 A
Got my walk in really early this morning before it was hot plus there was a nice breeze blowing. Now MRSTRUCKER58 11 SPARK_MERLE
7/22/17 11:27 A
I moved the big clip. Left is to lose, right is lost. The large clips are my decades. I dont move SARIC3 11 WHYTEBROWN
7/22/17 1:20 P
Sad l, but true. Excersise is a must. Lol D87331 59 TAMSHAUMENO
7/22/17 10:59 A
My Hubby is the best! I came home 3 nights this last week to these shirts he bought for me waiting o SMHPHOTOGAL 36 INPRAYER
7/22/17 11:58 A
Another hot one today folks! Stay cool and super hydrated! Happy Saturday! FITSISTA79 102 ROBINFITZWATER_
7/22/17 2:11 P
7/22/17 6:38 P