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Had this big dinner on Tuesday night. Sort of a reward of strong progress over the last two months n IMRAN99 16 GEORGE815
5/25/17 8:42 P
First green beans of the season from our garden! BETTYWEST824 74 ANDYLIN90
5/26/17 2:05 A
Posted a goal JFAIT3 5 SECONDCHANCE46
5/25/17 8:57 P
5/25/17 11:33 P
Went hiking in the beautiful Rocky Mountains today! I'm so lucky to have access to such gorgeous exe SHELBYDUC 26 GINAABRIL4
5/25/17 8:44 P
87 lbs. down.... tracking everything truly helps a ton!! S85244 303 ANDYLIN90
5/26/17 2:04 A
TBT alittle over a year ago and now!! Had already lost 100 lbs in the left pic!! Total lost 302 lbs! GPALMER29 175 ANDYLIN90
5/26/17 2:07 A
Keep the kitty on first page SCOOBYDOOBIEDOO 45848 NASFKAB
5/26/17 4:15 A
The rain held off and we were able to get our 5k w OUTSIDEJOJO 6 CHRIS3874
5/24/17 9:02 P
Decided to reward myself for my commitment to a healthy lifestyle with a Mani pedi πŸ˜€But the salon i COMEBACKKID12 8 CGARR442
5/24/17 9:13 P
Posted a photo SPEDED2 16 4CONNIESHEALTH
5/25/17 4:04 P
I believe I hit my personal best today for exercis LISA0801 8 TAMSHAUMENO
5/24/17 9:19 P
6 mile completed βœ… KEENA46 10 KEENA46
5/25/17 8:51 P
7 layer salad. All veggies, topped with a little bit of bacon crumbles #delicious HONEYLC84 13 HONEYLC84
5/25/17 9:53 A
1 Year and 86lbs difference between me and this photo Facebook dredged up today. Getting close to g MISSDORKNESS 110 BJAEGER307
5/25/17 5:47 P
Bought this shirt about 10 years ago and these jeans about five years ago, both on the chance that s THEODENNIAM 196 SKINNYONEDAY58
5/25/17 3:49 A
Hello all. I'm new here and I'm going to try to lose weight and better myself and my health. Pic was MAURAJEAN13 17 MISSDAIZY67
5/23/17 9:28 P
Trying a low carb Spark Recipe: Crockpot Creamy Caesar Mushroom Chicken. Paired it with some brocc UTFRAN 8 CHRIS3874
5/23/17 8:43 P
6 miles completed KEENA46 9 KEENA46
5/23/17 9:04 P
Week one is out of the way. Started at 284 and am down two pounds.... Only 118 to go! LOLA284 21 LOLA284
5/23/17 9:03 P
Posted a photo J91762 4 CHRIS3874
5/23/17 8:42 P
Lol,had a run in w the carpet and got up close and personal w one of the tacks on the bottom. Positi JUSTSTICKWITHIT 34 1CRAZYDOG
5/24/17 11:56 A
Well, went to doctor's this morning to find out, I'm 7 pounds lighter for a total of 32 pounds. VMEBANE657 12 KMILLER31
5/23/17 10:03 P
I am very happy with meeting today's goals! CGARR442 10 IVANHOE64
5/24/17 8:27 A
I didn't feel like working out. Knees hurt. But, I set out to power walk 1 mile & did 3.2 miles. #ti SUGAR0814 100 KELLIEBEAN
5/24/17 8:04 A
Sunday was my 1 year anniversary of starting my ne MORIAHSMAMA 204 MRSFANCYLADY
5/24/17 1:21 A
Green beans, tuna and Grapefruit is what's for dinner tonight. I've got to get back on track 'cause ABOSWELL00 9 AUGUSTAGLOOP
5/22/17 8:47 P
Whoo hooo! C97281 9 KARENC69
5/22/17 9:42 P
YES! Got my workout in despite the 100 degree weather... It always makes me feel overheated and icky BMCC488 18 RUSSELLFORD
5/23/17 6:29 P
Day 4 coming to an end:) Its amazing what eating right does for your energy levels. This time last w CARRIEMARIE54 14 TINALOUCHIC
5/22/17 8:55 P
#keto #ketodinner #eatinggoodtonight Cauliflower Gratin, Broiled Pesto Chicken and Cherry Tomatoes! SARAJEWEL03 11 INKBUD
5/22/17 8:48 P
#motivated #iminspired GLAMNGLOWDIVA 24 LIS193
5/23/17 12:39 P
Posted a photo GYPSY-SOUL1 78 PURPLEHONU
5/23/17 2:53 A
I joined a weight loss challenge and won the most inches lost. Down almost 17 inches, and 14lbs in 2 QUILL35 165 RAGERBOMB
5/24/17 7:35 A
Im kinda upset with myself i have been doing good this week but today i ate 2 bowls of gumbo 😒.... MRSBLACKFUL 11 MELISSASPARK727
5/22/17 12:35 A
I indulged in my favorite soda today, Mr. Dew, at VWMOMMY05 2 CHRIS3874
5/21/17 10:30 P
Sideview. ..really not good ...but doin somethig about it MISSDAIZY67 30 CAJUNGAL328
5/21/17 11:01 P
Tomorrow is my day at the gym with a personal trainer. GARDENSFORLIFE 14 WHYTEBROWN
5/22/17 2:03 P
End of January I was at 260 lbs. I decided I need CAPTAIN1503 166 YMWONG22
5/22/17 6:00 A
I graduated today! Got my associates degree! I'm so proud of myself taking care of my health and edu SHERILEEJOHNSON 93 SHERILEEJOHNSON
5/22/17 5:14 P
Hello Sparkers, I'm new to the group and hoping to lose quite a bit of weight. I currently weigh 2 LBARROW05 263 MARYJOANNA
5/22/17 5:10 A
Song Titles That Contain a Color SLENDER2B 1203 TOJOHO2005
5/23/17 8:21 P
Hoping to drop a few pounds and get healthy in the process. Day 1 EMMY_E 23 KOHINOOR2
5/20/17 11:12 P
Posted a photo SPEDED2 18 4CONNIESHEALTH
5/21/17 6:41 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 9 SIMPLY_JAE
5/21/17 9:14 A
Changed from a desk job to working at Starbucks, o DANCINGOTTER89 15 NDCAROL
5/22/17 10:10 A
I really like this quote! KEEPITUP4LIFE 9 TIME4ME2017
5/21/17 7:52 A
I believe this is day 15 of logging my food. I am learning slowly what my weaknesses are even with h ME4ME1981 10 KAYBRITMOODY
5/21/17 1:39 A
I stayed under my calories today! Proud of myself. Sweet! MOMOF2B1G2 24 NASFKAB
5/21/17 12:17 A
Mom highlighted my hair! It's my treat for losing 2lbs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ❀️❀️ #weightloss #treat WORKOUTGIRL58 19 MARINEMAMA
5/20/17 6:17 A
Have wonderful Weekend everyone! SOOKIEGRL 7 IAN2409
5/26/17 7:41 A
Motivation moment RHOOK20047 11 PICKIE98
5/20/17 11:34 A
I've had a pretty good day. Ate right, did a little workout, hit my baby step goal. It's all good!! DCTHOM03 12 5GRAMMYDIANA
5/20/17 12:09 A
New sign in my office! RHOOK20047 10 GRACED777
5/20/17 12:06 P
Down 31 pounds since October 2016 KEENA46 34 KEENA46
5/21/17 8:23 P
Getting so close to my goal!!!! SHALEESUN 239 DEECAFFEINATED
5/20/17 5:22 A
Side shot. 50 lbs gone! #progress #proudofme GWEN4REAL 80 COMEBACKKID12
5/20/17 1:09 P
Hi my name is Monica and today is the first day to my new life I tend to lose weight then gain it ba MONICA728 304 ANGIEN9
5/20/17 1:03 P
Garden is starting out good JOSHVA 15 BIKE4HEALTH
5/18/17 11:27 P
Followers this was me after lapband surgery 2009 A CKMENIFE 21 KITTYF54
5/19/17 11:53 A
Posted a goal BEN87ADDICTCSI 5 KITTYF54
5/19/17 11:54 A
I am so not a fan of summer. I know people look forward to summer but not I. I love cool days, rainy HOKIENCLT 16 HOKIENCLT
5/23/17 12:16 A
Getting steps in today!! TYPAR82 8 KITTYF54
5/19/17 11:29 A
I have hit my steps goal for the day! C97281 7 KITTYF54
5/19/17 11:28 A
Posted a goal BEN87ADDICTCSI 15 KITTYF54
5/19/17 11:25 A
Throwback thursday 195 pounds lost from a size 26 LUCKYLISA12002 178 KITTYF54
5/19/17 11:24 A
Shrinking little by little 263 down to 188 DBUCKNER4 302 KITTYF54
5/19/17 11:24 A
Chicken tacos made with yogurt sauce instead of sour cream F39834 3 CHRIS3874
5/17/17 9:11 P
Been at this for almost two weeks....lost two lbs only to put it on again! Been more active than usu JENNIFERRIFFE09 8 RAERAERAE62
5/17/17 10:39 P
5/22/17 7:22 P
I'm just a girl on a personal journey wanting to inspire folks along the way! FITSISTA79 15 BJK1961
5/17/17 11:02 P
Day 10- I don't know what's up today, my energy is LOW. Made myself go to the gym, but only for 20 m WOMBATLILLZ 5 GWAMMAOF5
5/18/17 1:01 A
My snack wit light dressing FITME2017 8 MATTGFOOD
5/18/17 1:04 A
We have a friend who is a teacher in Louisville. She posted this on FB today: This week I am teachi OBIESMOM2 6 RAZORKAT99
5/17/17 9:28 P
If any of you are looking for a good cookbook with healthy recipes I highly recommend this one. It JLJAYNES0529 5 ELSCO55
5/17/17 9:11 P

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