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I think I am going to restart all my trackers for 2018 and aim for consistency in the new year CHEEZCHIK32 3 PBVHCCVH
1/1/18 12:13 A
Thinking of changing my fitbit down to 8,000 steps a day so I can make that daily. But! I do try and CHEEZCHIK32 7 ZRIE014
11/8/17 11:14 P
Signed up for a challenge at the gym. Miles for points. I only need to go for 23 days. It takes 21 d CHEEZCHIK32 5 DINZEL
11/2/17 10:06 A
First day. Im challenging myself to go to the gym 100 days. HUFFELPOWELL16 163 ZRIE014
10/24/17 6:28 P
Forgot to wear my fitbit two days in a row, but I think I hit 10k today because my ankle hurts like CHEEZCHIK32 2 REEDSKI
10/2/17 10:57 P
I can not, for the life of me, figure out why I consistently weigh 2-3 pounds less in the afternoons ASHLEYCFELDER 6 ASHLEYCFELDER
8/23/17 6:53 P
Set up 180 days of reminders to my computer calendar to keep me on track. Log into SP to track daily CHEEZCHIK32 2 GETITDONE79
8/23/17 6:43 P
Hello. A piece of me BREE 3 BIKEORAMA
8/22/17 10:04 P
I seem to have forgotten that it was the level of dedication and hard work that got me off the BP me CHEEZCHIK32 4 GOODGETNBETR
8/22/17 9:51 P
I will NOT sabotage myself just because of a bad day at work! CHEEZCHIK32 5 TIBURONA
7/31/17 11:47 P
If I lose the weight(54.1) lbs by Christmas I'm selling my toyota and getting either a harley choppe JUSTSTICKWITHIT 25 VIRGINIAGIRL
7/31/17 3:21 P
Got hit HARD with pms cravings. Not cool aunt flo, not cool CHEEZCHIK32 1 CHEEZCHIK32
7/26/17 11:32 P
Got a little arm pump from working out chest and triceps today ☺ If someone told me that I would hav KRSUMNER 39 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
7/26/17 11:29 P
Super bummed my knee gave out during my workout leaving me only burning 615 calories ugh....hate hav LEALONIE19 21 EVIE4NOW
7/23/17 11:02 P
60 lbs Down ! 6 months till physique contest ! Starting to prep today ! RICHARDSCHNEE12 26 MICHELECARLYON
7/23/17 11:28 P
Needing to workout this morning but just don't feel like it. LIFECHANGES66 6 CHEEZCHIK32
7/10/17 10:56 A
Day one. Tired of not being able to keep up with my 4 kids at 242 pounds. Time to kick it into high N42542 177 MDOWER1
7/9/17 3:48 P
I needed this drink today, delicious GLO4LIFE48 10 SJOYOUS
7/5/17 7:59 P
Got bored so I went for a walk. It was cloudy. Partway through the walk it was thundery. Walk turned CHEEZCHIK32 3 FBAILEY24X
7/5/17 4:14 P
7/2/17 7:46 P
Dropped below 180 this morning. :) 18lbs down since May 30th! MRSFITPANDA 192 EEJAA70
6/27/17 3:31 P
I'm feeling extremely frustrated today. I was looking through pictures on my phone and I got so dish CHRISTYHARRIS84 302 CHRISTYHARRIS84
6/27/17 9:05 P
Today's walk was MUCH longer than expected. 4.5 miles. However, I do now have my 10k steps in and it CHEEZCHIK32 3 KOFFEENUT
6/27/17 2:28 P
Starting next week I will be working 6 days a week. Starting next week I will be going to the gym 6 CHEEZCHIK32 2 GSANGHERA
6/21/17 4:48 P
Some of my friends and family think my town sucks. But I am so grateful to have many beautiful parks LINDZZ3 13 LINDZZ3
6/20/17 9:21 A
I told my trainer a few weeks ago, no more modifications. I didn't die, but it sure felt close at th CHEEZCHIK32 6 MAYIE53
6/7/17 4:55 P
I am supposed to check my blood sugar weekly in the morning. I don't have any blood flowing in the m CHEEZCHIK32 4 MARZBARZ1
6/6/17 10:19 P
Very hard to post this pic.. but before i know it the weight will be gone.. this is me at 295. JAZZY208808 18 JAZZY208808
6/4/17 5:28 P
NSV the size 16 pants I wanted to fit into by June 1, I am in! Whoohoo!! CHEEZCHIK32 46 RAYMOSSISTER
6/2/17 1:41 P
I haven't been tracking lately but really need to get back to it. I'm not completely off the rails y CHEEZCHIK32 4 _CYNDY55_
5/26/17 11:39 P
My daughter and I did the Hollywood Fit Challenge at Anytime Fitness. Over the course of approximat CHEEZCHIK32 2 HPOFBC
4/28/17 11:05 A
Question, is the premium worth the $29.95? And is it a 1 time payment of $29.95 or is that yearly su WRDWRTHY 3 WRDWRTHY
8/18/17 10:28 P
This may be a little winded but... 2 months ago eating lunch at work one of my employees said "Mr. B K31902 4 JEMMSIE
4/28/17 1:26 P
Mini goal: to fit into these size 16s with no trauma to my belly button, which is currently happenin CHEEZCHIK32 6 OTEN36
4/28/17 12:26 A
No sodas yesterday. :-) BURBANOVSKY 7 IAN2409
4/27/17 11:06 P
Today, I got in a lot of exercise at work!! Bowling, actually. 🎳 Today I bowled 1 game with a group DOTTIEJ64 6 JOANN25
4/26/17 11:02 P
Gym shoes officially out of the box! Did 1.5 miles on the treadmill then I went home. I was the fat ALIVIA17 36 MAGLITE7
4/26/17 2:02 P
Driving as always K54609 3 GINGB1985
4/21/17 7:15 A
Had a Owl in the front of the house this evening BOOBERRY 18 KOHLRABIGIRL
4/14/17 2:17 A
The Dance of the Scales SLASALLE 119 KHALIA2
5/16/17 8:02 A
okay I just started this site today. my weight is currently 274 lbs. I need to lose 124 lbs by may 2 COOPER2323 267 BROOKLYNBLONDIE
3/22/17 5:53 A
Have found a new way to measure progress when the scale & tape measure aren't budging. Slap your thi KELLIEKLUMPP 69 MRSONAMISSION
2/9/17 11:59 A
Well I am back after a week of pneumonia and not exercising for a week and a half. I am starting off GBENITEZSITA 9 SWCHKLT
2/8/17 6:51 P
I broke the 240's!!! Never thought this would happen. So excited!!! #workinprogress #healthylife #we LISAD1071 21 GRANNY2SK1
2/8/17 7:25 P
Hello everyone. Is anyone here keto? What are some good reliable resources or people on social media ANICOLE1987 3 SIAFU909
2/1/17 9:48 P
Weighed in this morning and for the first time in SGARLETTS 1316 TACONIC1
7/16/17 8:21 P
Hello all my name is Irma this is my first time on spark people are there any tips I need to know. A I45549 19 MELYBX17
2/1/17 12:24 P
Trying hard to stay on task. I adjusted my range to 1200-1450, i have had about 1450 each day. Im IMNERDY2 23 IMNERDY2
2/17/17 7:25 P
Day 4 without any soda. I have 1 cup of coffee 4 bottles of water and 4 more waters with lemon juice 71PAMMY 4 CHEEZCHIK32
1/27/17 11:52 P
OMG! I can touch my toes!!! Woohoo!!! Yeah, doesn't seem like something to get excited about but I ADORKABLE-ME 32 MRSAEP01
2/3/17 10:12 P
So I may have slipped up and had cake and chocolate today. But it's my birthday so calories don't co GSANGHERA 17 SAN47BEE
1/28/17 12:53 A
Has anyone used walk away the pounds and had success with it? #workoutvideos TINKERBELL1245 3 OCEANBOOTS
1/22/17 11:06 P
Stand up and be Counted! CHEEZCHIK32 1 CHEEZCHIK32
1/17/14 7:56 P
Where do you wear or keep your Fitbit? CHUBBABUGG 792 LYNDALOVES2HIKE
10/1/15 5:03 P
Day 5 video ILLINIMOUSE 31 K1TT3N
1/6/12 10:31 P
Just completed Day 1 video challenge LIZYR777 54 CONWAY43
1/2/12 7:22 A
Opinions Requested CHEEZCHIK32 14 MOM2FOURCT
6/9/11 2:07 P
20 pounds by January 16, 2010 CHEEZCHIK32 47 MOMTOCONNOR2003
1/29/10 10:39 A
15 lbs by Halloween TIME4CHANGE2016 175 TERESA1828
11/2/09 5:14 P
15lbs in 9 Weeks~ June 1st to July 31st Challenge MSTINKERBELL 745 ACTUALSCALE
8/11/09 5:52 P
How did you beat your salt addiction? CHEEZCHIK32 14 ANDREWBADERA
7/19/09 3:17 P
6/16/09 5:31 P
Knee's trying to sabotoge me! CHEEZCHIK32 7 CME_RED
6/8/09 8:55 P
Lose 10 lbs in May 2009 DOLPHINTRNS14 165 MKBOELE
6/1/09 5:44 P
Doing Great with EA but... DRESDENN 4 CHEEZCHIK32
5/29/09 2:18 P
What's your wii fit age ABRANNEWME2014 1894 DOLLYHOLLY
11/9/13 4:51 P
name one non weight related goal for today TRIBEKAH 18692 SUNSHINE99999
1/19/18 11:12 P
30 Day Challenge MOMOPWRS 64 LORAJUSA
6/1/09 10:24 P
Introduce yourself BADDIZ 6169 KD78CASS
9/10/11 11:49 P