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Feeling like a failure again! I hate pms week!! JPATENAUDE1215 4 CHEETARA79
6/29/17 9:16 A
Roll call... where is everyone from?? This pic is looking over the San tan mountains in Arizona TAMIAZ1 313 KRANCER1
6/26/17 6:23 P
35 pounds down, 30 to go. Hope to make it by the end of the year. I started Jan. 24th. TILLYBEAR123 9 WILLOW49
6/26/17 9:18 A
I changed my Fitbit goal from 10,000 steps to 5 miles (12,700 steps). This will be a challenge! CHEETARA79 1 CHEETARA79
6/26/17 8:55 A
Crappy weekend eating but good fun with family and friends! Still got In some exercise. Tomorrow is JPATENAUDE1215 4 CHEETARA79
6/26/17 8:54 A
Since June 12th, I've lost 4 pounds and one inch off my waist. KOOKI140 5 CHEETARA79
6/26/17 8:54 A
My hormones are crazy today. I just want to punch stuff and eat things and then cry. CHEETARA79 4 -POOKIE-
6/22/17 11:23 A
Good morning, this am I was feeling a bit down when I weighed in I only lost a few ounces. Then I r KURTZIE1998 7 FLASUN
6/22/17 5:25 A
First time in a very long time I did a tiny workout on my break! Feeling like a just hiked a mount JPATENAUDE1215 8 GZELLEFRO
6/22/17 7:28 A
Back on track! WooHoo!! JPATENAUDE1215 3 CHEETARA79
6/21/17 1:25 P
Finding my motivation and starting a new weight loss journey journal!!! MDYSARD 3 MADDIEBSMAMA
6/21/17 1:40 P
You can't change what you did yesterday. But you can make better choices today! CHEETARA79 5 LPARDUE2
6/20/17 10:07 A
Swimming.. Cardio or St or Both? I'm confused FRENCHY73 5 FRENCHY73
6/20/17 10:02 A
They should have exercise bikes in waiting rooms. JANROLG 8 JANROLG
6/22/17 6:04 A
Stuck less then half way from my goal COUNTRY_MUM 4 HEALTHYWRITER
6/25/17 10:04 P
Rice with broccoli, scrambled egg with cubes of sweet potato. Dressed with soy sauce, onion and garl KOOKI140 9 CHEETARA79
6/19/17 9:11 A
Egg, bacon and quinoa fritter. Filling breakfast for about 250 calories. #mobilechat MISSDORKNESS 50 PBVHCCVH
6/18/17 7:09 A
My most favourite dinner. Would love to have it every day. LITTLEGOGO 14 QUEENGLORY1
6/16/17 10:40 A
Hi everyone! Just introducing myself. I'm 23yrs old, and ready to lose all my baby weight! 2 childre STINAJ93 34 STINAJ93
6/16/17 12:20 P
I'm going to try to convince the director of my kids' daycare to stop serving juice to all the kids CHEETARA79 7 CHEETARA79
6/12/17 11:38 A
My lunch!! Mini eggplant pizzas. EBICKLEY5 10 GETITDONE79
6/9/17 2:31 P
6/9/17 3:26 P
Awesome walk today! BJK1961 4 LIVEDAILY
6/9/17 5:36 P
Yes! I'm so excited. I'm finally pre-marriage weight and I've almost lost 20 pounds. I'm so excited GLOMEKAAL 10 GLOMEKAAL
6/14/17 1:49 P
Still in miserable pain due the carpel tunnel. Hopefully my doctor will say yes to surgery. I REALLY AUNTRENEE 4 GEEKGIRL78
6/9/17 8:58 A
Looked at my other account on spark people yesterday that I originally started. Saw my beginning wei CWINGO3 6 STRONGERLEANER
6/8/17 10:19 A
I'm proud of the healthy choices I made yesterday and I'm going to do it all over again today! CHEETARA79 3 RENEBYBEE
6/8/17 9:19 A
How often should i weigh myself DENAJO38 4 DENAJO38
6/7/17 5:02 P
Cutting up a fresh pineapple for breakfast. GREEN-EYED-LADY 26 NANCYANND55
6/7/17 6:33 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 33 MANDAWOLFEY
6/7/17 11:05 A
24.8 gone, 58.2 to go! STARGAZ3R 193 UMUCGRAD
6/7/17 6:39 P
First time wearing a dress to work in over 10 years! RAYMOSSISTER 303 UMUCGRAD
6/7/17 6:36 P
How do I deal with cravings? ugh. I've drank so much water I'm floating & had lots of healthy snacks SHANDAMN 7 GOODFELINE
6/6/17 3:42 P
Zucchini pizza boats. Fantastic. Best low carb pizza 'crust' yet. With the zucchini so small I shoul RIEFOR 20 FITME2017
6/6/17 7:14 P
We'll work 11-7 pm today. Was only able to fit in 1 mile on the treadmill because I think I blew it CMARTIN5383 2 CHEETARA79
6/6/17 10:42 A
I had to literally run around the block this morning with the dog because I had no time for our usua CHEETARA79 2 MISSDORKNESS
6/6/17 12:56 P
9 straight days with a workout... IAN2409 12 DSJB9999
6/8/17 1:35 A
3 days until vacation and I hit the weight goal that I had in my head for the trip. Couldn't be more BEANIE32783 16 MDOWER1
6/5/17 6:03 P
I see all of you wonderful people on here being successful and reaching goals. Not to be too much o JPATENAUDE1215 10 JPATENAUDE1215
6/6/17 2:52 P
I can see a difference, how about you? CARRIEMETODAY 21 SCARLETFERN
6/5/17 3:59 P
I'm happy to say that I went below the 140 plateau and hit 136.0 today. On my way to 130 by the end JOANN25 5 SPARTANJAI
6/5/17 8:06 P
6/11/17 1:47 A
How is everyone losing weight? Counting calories and what exercise do you do? ABBERS07 5 OAHARRIS
6/5/17 2:31 P
Decided to throw my cigarettes down today. If im gonna be healthier might as well, right? So this we HWILLIAMS17 9 WFTGATL
6/5/17 5:42 P
I read a good tip on a Spark blog today... eat with your non-dominant hand. You will eat much slowe CHEETARA79 4 MISSDORKNESS
6/2/17 2:41 P
Anybody else living with someone who seems to be sabotaging your diet goals? My hubby is a constant PENDRAGONNYC 10 LUANN_IN_PA
6/1/17 12:20 P
3 miles on the beach this morning, ROCKLAND2010 16 KOHINOOR2
6/3/17 11:54 P
Well while getting back into my tracking I found some problems areas that need my attention, I'm so MGRANT584 4 SHARONKHARTER
6/1/17 11:22 A
This is my pretty much daily dashboard. Why am I not losing anything? MIKAHANNES 18 SCARLETFERN
5/31/17 5:43 P
Kinect Workout Games BRATTYARIEL 4 CHEETARA79
5/30/17 10:48 A
I had an amazing long weekend with my family. I'm so grateful for them and for my health. CHEETARA79 1 CHEETARA79
5/30/17 10:26 A
Healthy choices for our bbq! CHEETARA79 4 LISAMARIE2015
5/29/17 11:12 A
Struggling right now. Really wanting to binge. I hate pre period time. I will be strong. PAMALAMA1413 4 FEARLESSBLISS
5/25/17 12:08 P
I'm down to 285. Lol last time I weighed I was 298. Doctor said I was 293 no I weighed with out clot COUNTRYGIRL159 5 MAZUR157
5/25/17 11:44 A
I am 52 and haven't exercised in awhile. I do have trouble with my lower back, lumbar to be exact. W SEEKHEALTHYLIFE 9 S23374
5/25/17 12:14 P
Has anyone tried Almased? I was wondering if it helped? I have a very slow metabolism. DEATHSSERAPHIM 3 DEATHSSERAPHIM
5/23/17 4:29 P
Lifted yesterday and my arms are sore! Feels good 😊 KAYCEPGH 4 KAYCEPGH
5/23/17 10:19 A
My butt is... CHEETARA79 10 CHEETARA79
5/23/17 10:00 A
Need ideas for strength exercises KARABU 5 CLPT1969
5/19/17 6:08 A
My husband went to an info session for bariatric surgery and I'm so proud of him for taking that ste CHEETARA79 3 NANCYANND55
5/18/17 10:21 A
So Much For That Excuse NITEMAN3D 10 NITEMAN3D
5/30/17 12:23 A
Did you eat breakfast? If so what? LITTLE-SASHA 92846 CAROLJEAN64
6/29/17 10:58 A
This is my Emoticon today... LILBLUEYEDARLIN 6227 KBEHNKE81
6/28/17 7:57 A
#panicbutton I just took pics and compared them. That isn't bad part. My arms are..bat wings. Any id VALZ107 7 SIMPLYSEMINOLE
6/14/17 5:21 P
I overate last night and it did NOT feel good! CHEETARA79 1 CHEETARA79
5/12/17 9:18 A
What is your exercise plan for today? INSHAPE4LOVE 26673 MBPP50
6/29/17 7:09 A
My walking buddy looking out the window! CHEETARA79 7 GLENDAK72
5/10/17 8:57 A
Do any of you Sparklers out there have an Instant Pot? Is it good for healthy cooking? CHEETARA79 4 HIPPICHICK1
5/5/17 12:15 P
Non stick skillets GYMRAT54 19 ALEX1841
6/16/17 5:26 P
What are you reading? ACHRISTIANGIRL 8319 KEEPITUP4LIFE
6/28/17 11:09 P
Tight calf muscles LIBERTY_JOY 6 LIBERTY_JOY
4/28/17 6:09 A
I found some pants that used to fit before I had my 2nd baby a year ago. Guess what? They fit agai CHEETARA79 3 LIZCAPPS7792
4/24/17 11:21 A
Do you avoid carbs or embrace them? MARIONH4 127 CED1106
5/30/17 8:41 A
What is the last thing you ate? ELAINOVA 11444 ANNIEAFG
6/29/17 8:46 A
Carbs anyone? YELIAB21 35 SASSYTROLLOP
5/5/17 8:55 A

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