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Post 7 for 21 LAKECHAMPLAIN 123073 MJ7DM33
4/23/17 9:29 P
Woo hoo when I thought I had a bad week weigh in today told me otherwise lost another 2lbs. That's a ANGEL2GOOD31 3 ANGEL2GOOD31
4/23/17 9:36 P
I was craving french fries the greasy, salty, fried kind. But instead I ended up with a salad instea AKELLY45 3 7STIGGYMT
4/23/17 8:23 P
I'm set for the next 3 days! FITSISTA79 10 SEXYMOMMOM1
4/23/17 9:43 P
Posted a photo SUNSHINE31121 5 MARCIE18
4/23/17 8:51 P
Wondering if Any one else IRONS besides me? Bought my new Iron yesterday at Target! Works GREAT!!!! FLASUN 25 CGARR442
4/23/17 8:12 P
Posted a goal CGARR442 3 COMEBACKKID12
4/23/17 8:42 P
Quick walk in Gojikkokumachi, Japan CGARR442 6 COMEBACKKID12
4/23/17 8:42 P
Should I eat if I'm not hungry? WALTSGIRL74 11 FUNNYFACE101002
4/22/17 10:00 P
Had 7 hours of sleep. YELLOW09RED 3 CGARR442
4/22/17 4:55 P
Went out for lunch today but this time I ordered a side salad to start and had some fruit for desser COMEBACKKID12 3 CGARR442
4/22/17 4:54 P
28 months and 58 pounds! CHOLA82 227 _LINDA
4/23/17 12:59 A
I did it met my goal this month. And under 200. Its fantastic to see this number! That's a total of DEBBIEABATEY 275 ANGEL2GOOD31
4/22/17 9:21 P
Post 7 messages for 21 points FLYER99 114253 FLYER99
4/23/17 10:02 A
So happy with this run! CGARR442 2 COMEBACKKID12
4/22/17 9:26 P
I had awesome feeling run this morning!! I guess my treadmill is doing it's job. CGARR442 4 JTHEALTHY1
4/22/17 1:44 P
7 Times 3 Equals 21 TEEDEE911 1228 TEEDEE911
4/22/17 6:40 P
Posted a photo MOM3GRAN654 12 LINOVER
4/21/17 9:39 P
Keep in mind what you put in is what you get out SUZY32377 13 RCCKS1
4/21/17 9:37 P
At Wal Mart I found a Fitbit zip for 15 bucks! While its not what I really wanted its way better mon KTERHUNE09 2 CGARR442
4/21/17 8:49 P
Little bit of inspiration for everyone. It's one of the things that keeps me going. MFAY13 9 BOLEBRON
4/21/17 9:25 P
Not a good day I can't seem to get it done M16249 8 M16249
4/21/17 9:52 P
Has anyone here ever ended a long term relationship in order to pursue a healthier lifestyle? SHAPEUPCHELLE 10 CONNIETEA88
4/23/17 8:13 A
Hit like if you are committed to reach your goals today! Here is today's blog for this challenge (12 SPARKGUY 13 ILOVEROSES
4/22/17 3:02 A
Tough day to get motivated but I did it! CGARR442 3 COMEBACKKID12
4/21/17 4:23 P
Beach walk in Piha Island, New Zealand that ended with a 15% grade incline. 😅 CGARR442 4 TIABABY8
4/21/17 4:39 P
So I went back to my old standby step aerobics to whittle my hips, thighs and tummy 😉 Listened to s COMEBACKKID12 4 COMEBACKKID12
4/21/17 10:59 A
Did you have a good Thursday? My highlight was a bike ride with my son. How about you? Check out the SPARKGUY 66 TUBLADY
4/21/17 4:07 P
I am so proud of myself, instead of just telling myself I was going to wake up and workout, I actual K12462 4 COMEBACKKID12
4/20/17 5:03 P
Picture on the left I was approximately 260 and this current picture of me on the right is me weighi CBIGHAM07 68 RUTHSJOURNEY
4/20/17 9:02 P
I am now at 79lbs lost!!! BKISSEE1 259 PASTORDAN_ATDCC
4/20/17 7:28 P
Posted a goal CGARR442 3 COMEBACKKID12
4/20/17 4:51 P
Nice flat run in Cabildo, Mexico CGARR442 6 COMEBACKKID12
4/20/17 4:50 P
Hi everyone! I need ideas for healthy dinners A74486 2 CGARR442
4/19/17 9:19 P
#friendfinder I've lost 60 pounds over the past 6 months but have been stuck for months at 190. I'm COUNTRY_MUM 4 ROCKLAND2010
4/22/17 11:31 A
Healthy cilantro lime chicken salad for dinner. Too bad I ate too much. GADGETCC 9 COWENS111
4/19/17 9:53 P
This shouldn't bother me, but today a co worker s LAM200514 16 LAM200514
4/20/17 6:29 A
4/20/17 9:51 A
Was going to eat some corn chips for dessert but decided to have an orange instead :)) COMEBACKKID12 9 COMEBACKKID12
4/19/17 9:19 P
Going to be doing 3 hours of my slower walking thru my favorite Thrift Store!!! FLASUN 18 JAMER123
4/20/17 12:15 A
Walked outside for 34 mins. Woohoo! YELLOW09RED 2 CGARR442
4/19/17 9:01 P
It's raining here all day, so, of course I said To myself, *No outdoor walk today!" But I changed my COMEBACKKID12 3 COMEBACKKID12
4/22/17 4:36 P
Five mile walk in Cape Town, South Africa today. CGARR442 6 YELLOW09RED
4/20/17 9:33 A
Time to teach belly dance! BONNIEMARGAY 4 CKOUDSI617
4/18/17 10:06 P
Started the journey 1 week ago and I'm down 4 pounds. Just being honest with myself in tracking ever SJTHATE 2 CGARR442
4/18/17 8:50 P
I started my weight loss journey 100 days ago. It hasn't been easy, and I still have a long way to g HAPPYVERMONTER 76 RLANG228
4/19/17 3:09 A
Alvocodo, salmon and asparagus TRENTW23 19 LARENTA
4/18/17 10:47 P
Posted a photo SS_ELEMENT 9 SUNYDE17
4/18/17 10:09 P
Posted a goal CGARR442 2 COMEBACKKID12
4/19/17 1:53 P
Good run in Chitina, Alaska. Wherever that is. 😊 CGARR442 2 AKGINGER
4/18/17 4:39 P
What to do when you commit to walking at least a mile each night for your walking challenge and your BECKY_US 18 SPARKGUY
4/17/17 10:54 P
I didn't eat any sugar today even though I feel exhausted. I ate clean today :)) COMEBACKKID12 8 COMEBACKKID12
4/18/17 12:13 A
Happy Easter! He is Risen! JB122383 4 CGARR442
4/17/17 10:16 P
Enjoyed our Easter Brunch!!! Stayed in control & even lost 2 more lbs!!! FLASUN 26 FOXBAY99
4/17/17 11:18 P
Goal this week stay in calorie range all week and drink water. Weekend was full of not so good food. CBULLIS1 2 CGARR442
4/17/17 10:15 P
Walked my 10-20 mins today. Yeah! YELLOW09RED 2 CGARR442
4/17/17 10:15 P
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was exercise bike at a higher level = hurting legs. How a SPARKGUY 69 SHARONKHARTER
4/20/17 11:08 A
Do people use Fitbits? If yes, which tracker and what's good/bad about it? CRAZYCAT99 6 CRAZYCAT99
4/16/17 11:44 P
Yay!! #operationdream WORKOUTGIRL58 4 KS_JULYBABY
4/16/17 8:27 P
please help! did not eat much at the easter dinner table today but still feelig bloated and looking CHLOEMENTIN1223 5 KHUDGENS4
4/16/17 7:27 P
Did real good today. Was able to walk 5 miles. STEPHEN0126 4 HFOTWTH
4/16/17 7:38 P
Instead of having a beer today, I had water with lemon. Not easy for me but did it! AALLEY2 4 AALLEY2
4/16/17 7:35 P
Posted a goal CGARR442 3 HFOTWTH
4/16/17 7:37 P
I am new excited! FROMFAT2FITTIE 3 RAINYN2004
4/16/17 7:22 P
7 Times 3 Equals 21 TEEDEE911 767 TEEDEE911
4/20/17 1:22 A
Taking turkey out of freezer today to defrost for Easter dinner!!! What is everyone planning for th FLASUN 22 CGARR442
4/15/17 11:45 P
My hubby surprised me with my Easter Flowers yesterday!! Did you get any surprise yet for Easter??? FLASUN 22 CGARR442
4/15/17 11:41 P
Yesterday me and Hubby walked our beautiful Aventura Mall. Happy Easter Spark Friends!! FLASUN 17 CGARR442
4/15/17 11:35 P
Time for me to make popcorn (real kind on the stove) for movie night. Have a great night everyone! SPARKGUY 24 DAWNDMOORE40
4/18/17 3:34 A
The incredible melting woman! That's my hope at least. Today was my first day back to the gym. I'm o THEMAMALION 15 GLENWICK
4/15/17 3:51 P
Posted a goal CGARR442 3 MAYMA05
4/15/17 3:17 P
Good advice in this months Stridebox CGARR442 6 USMAWIFE
4/15/17 1:51 P
I've been walking two miles a day for 28 days! ILOVEDAYZEES 15 NMOORE27
4/14/17 6:50 P
Several years ago I was 103lbs heavier and now winner of 2016 women's division of the Mr. America bo SHADEZZ 45 SHADEZZ
4/14/17 7:55 P
It's that time again!! Lol....:) JUSTSTICKWITHIT 10 SUPERWOMANSUE17
4/16/17 5:34 P

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