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Did you have a good Tuesday? My highlight was basketball with my son. How about you? Today's blog SPARKGUY 70 SHOAPIE
6/21/17 9:28 P
32 pounds gone :) many more to go but I can see and feel a difference in my clothes now! BECKY_US 111 MARINEMAMA
6/21/17 7:15 A
I did it!! 2 years straight (365+365=730days) of walking at least 10,000 steps a day!! WILEYTJ 166 MARINEMAMA
6/21/17 7:14 A
So I started on March 20th (pic on left) and pic on right is Father's day. Lost total of 55 lbs...n LOOSE1303 178 KAMAHULME
6/20/17 3:56 A
I am a new member and my goal weight is 175lbs. My current weight is 280lbs. I am ready for this jou 4YOLUNDA1 147 VIV1914
6/20/17 1:32 P
well this is my first day at a new life/ I am so tired of feeling bad about myself and not wanting DEBI4151 180 VIV1914
6/20/17 1:33 P
356-260 Currently 247 JENNIANN625 210 VIV1914
6/20/17 1:31 P
The pants I couldn't even get on 11 months ago and a pair that I wear now. 124# really makes a diffe CARTAY25 112 LWLAR7
6/19/17 4:13 A
Whoo Hoo. TINYDOG58 121 KERENSA9697
6/19/17 1:12 A
First 25 pounds gone! April 17th to today. LUANNE613 48 TIME4ME2017
6/17/17 10:21 P
Never give up on your goals! We can do it friends! GARDENSFORLIFE 15 IAMAGEMLOVER
6/18/17 9:47 A
Yummy grilled salad tonight! Have a nice weekend everyone! FRENCHY73 7 FRENCHY73
6/17/17 10:32 P
Heres my progress. Me in the wheel chair at 446. Pic where im standing at 354.. S02526 258 HOTPINKCAMARO49
6/17/17 9:02 P
Posting photos of dessert as a proxy for eating it :) GRATTECIELLA 36 LADYSUISEI
6/17/17 4:32 P
Got my new standing desk today! JAMIES 29 STARGAZ3R
6/16/17 8:00 P
6/17/17 7:55 A
Lost 12 kgs so far ESHARWOOD 129 DEBRAHLYNN
6/15/17 2:00 P
Whether you're walking, running, or dieting, these OUTSIDEJOJO 103 DEBRAHLYNN
6/15/17 2:08 P
Started this in the end of march, and all together I lost 31 pounds so far! This is the most motivat SCOOTCH1800 242 INCH_BY_INCH
6/18/17 10:07 A
Hi my name's Autumnsky I'm 25 my heaviest weight was 215 and I just decided that I need to get hea AUTUMNSKY8 14 RHIO3TRE
6/14/17 5:43 P
I bought these little miracles to help curb my cravings while I'm at work .... because I get bored. ASHAWA 13 ASHAWA
6/15/17 12:54 P
My community centre will be demolished soon and we will loose our cafe , our garden , our fountains GGRSPARK 14 1CRAZYDOG
6/15/17 10:42 A
beachbabes today, loving the clouds! nothing like a WI lake. 💕 SEYMK12921 8 RHIO3TRE
6/14/17 5:41 P
Posted a photo WAISTNAWAY 192 DLD2DLD
6/15/17 8:12 A
I figured instead of being embarrassed about this sec pic I would just embrace it cause I'm not ther FITSISTA79 159 JACQUELINE14617
6/16/17 2:18 A
Progress so far (since 3/1)...Down 29.5lbs (so exc MJAJ2017 301 NVITRO
6/14/17 7:43 P
So much truth - all we have to do is shape who we are on our journey to better health! BLESSED2BEME 11 KEKEIKO
6/14/17 8:26 P
177.7 and counting 27 more pounds to go started at 220 MARYANNCORDS 26 MARYANNCORDS
6/13/17 5:39 P
In a weird mood LADYLLAMA81 10 JANELLESMOM1
6/13/17 7:55 P
Pull up station CAJUNJ 4 CECELW
6/13/17 4:13 P
Begain building a primitive fitness trail at work, it's gonna be epic. CAJUNJ 10 RAZZOOZLE
6/13/17 4:59 P
Posted a photo J01028 4 HIKINGSD
6/13/17 4:40 P
fairly new to the site (12 days). this is my before, after, and before pic. went from 292 - 09/201 RAVENJAE 248 WENDYM29
6/14/17 1:54 A
My first day with spark.I have tried dieting so many times so I found this and hope I can do with th JULIE9741 300 SRILEY6324
6/13/17 7:32 P
Well I am adding my before pictures here. I thought about not adding them because, well I don't look DEBANN661 23 ALBREDA1980
6/12/17 7:01 P
The first picture was 2 years ago taken 6 months after the birth of my twins at 260lbs the second my JEMMSIE 78 NVRGIVINGUP
6/14/17 11:19 A
So today is my second day of beginning a journey to a healthier life. I never exercise and yesterda HEATHER0027 115 CYNTHIAWALLACH
6/15/17 9:16 A
Today I am starting over I've tried so many times in the past and have given up so many times more. BRIAMIDDLETON 305 GINABLUEYEZ1
6/12/17 9:18 P
A pose with my sweet daughter before church. I have been working to get into this dress for a year. LISA1065 107 MDOWER1
6/12/17 5:59 A
Ready to lose about 40 pounds just started yesterday with my journey! DEANNA109 23 MOMMY2JJ2
6/11/17 10:38 P
Dropped 20 lbs this month, down to 200 , 15 more to go. Last time a weighted in at 200 was highschoo CAJUNJ 21 ALICIAMAG
6/11/17 10:52 P
6/11/2017 I bought a new Wonder Woman sports bra and leggings as a first goal present. I love this STINAPAG 44 PINKPIXY22
6/12/17 3:05 A
Day 1: I have 215 pounds to loose. It's going to be a long road... SARMSTRONG198 303 SHEILA8383
6/11/17 9:06 P
6/9/17 11:55 P
Hello people. I am new here. Im a big girl and want to lose about 208 lbs. So i can have kids right REYNA1995 136 IMRAN99
6/10/17 6:08 A
Sounds good to me 😂 GYPSY-SOUL1 36 MSGO72
6/10/17 12:53 A
Almost to my goal for the year of 165 down from 205. Sooo close. DAVIDPROPHET 151 SANAABUBACKER
6/10/17 4:00 A
After a 3 week plateau, I did my monthly measurements. I have lost 3 inches and 4.6 lbs this month. CRASHPIXIE 58 ADRIENALINE
6/8/17 1:46 P
Good morning Sparkpeoples! Have a terrific day and thankyou for all of your support! DANICONNOLLY 152 ROSEPETALPINK
6/8/17 12:57 P
Im in the green . First time that I've allowed myself do you have a picture in a bathing suit in yea INKBUD 146 INKBUD
6/8/17 4:21 P
Tomorrow is my 1 year anniversary on Spark. I will be on vacation so I'm posting today. In one year JENNYSAUFL 139 WHYTEBROWN
6/8/17 5:46 A
Started using SP 10 weeks ago, had a knee injury, couldn't exercise much so all diet changes. Down AGILDENZOPH 118 WFTGATL
6/7/17 6:49 P
30 days to healthy living halfway through. Energy level is very high haven't had any coffee in two w H2JOURNEY 126 CHOOSEYOURHARDD
6/7/17 1:47 P
Using this app to track my pregnancy weight and what I eat! I'm 15 weeks today! First baby! 👶 CHELSKING92 190 PWILLOW1
6/7/17 6:51 P
I saw something similar to this posted earlier. My daily visual reminder that I AM doing it :) On th CYNDI2017 35 GMAM48
6/7/17 1:40 A
Zipped and wearing my favorite size 10 Levi jeans!!! Feeling amazing! LME412 92 L_DROUIN
6/7/17 2:26 A
Last week I went for my weigh in with my doctor and discovered I lost 30 lbs!!! Today while out sh TEEK961 140 TJCOURTNEY68
6/7/17 11:04 A
I finally have the courage to post this picture. I've seen other people do it and appreciated their STARRA5 156 MARYLOTUS
6/7/17 1:45 A
Me before my weight loss my goal is to lose 30 lbs... I am 214 Now don't look it but I feel it .... WILL5443 15 CJS1MOMMY
6/6/17 12:47 A
I did it!!! 1 hr on the elliptical!!! Sweat pouring down my back!! BRIANNADUNN 71 MERRYMARY42
6/6/17 1:09 A
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was jump rope. How about you? SPARKGUY 84 FUNNYFACE101002
6/8/17 8:08 A
Still got 50 more lbs to lose. But I feel so nice these days. Went out and bought me two new dresses STUFFY864 303 FLASUN
6/6/17 4:13 A
Even for a road trip I have to stay on the grind! Heading out in the morning for a 8 hour drive and FITSISTA79 133 DIVINAMAMA
6/15/17 12:17 P
On the right - me in April 2016 and on the left - me in April 2017. 👍😊 #slowandsteady #70poundslig CELENER 136 PLCHAPPELL
6/6/17 5:34 A
Hi everyone I'm ashley, today I have been started with my diet and exercise for exactly one week. I' A52144 202 LASTDIET2017
6/6/17 7:31 A
I am 353 lbs beginning my journey to 150 lbs! I am going to do this! CHRISSIANN 305 MERRYJO1
6/5/17 8:18 P
Slowly starting to feel more confident! Purchasing a new shirt, a size smaller is a nice feeling for PINKMUSTARD21 14 ANNDANDY
6/5/17 2:31 A
My sweetheart got to meet his one year old grandson for the first time. It was really a great day. GREEN-EYED-LADY 18 1CRAZYDOG
6/5/17 11:41 A
This is me on June 4 goal is to lose 120pounds I started at 304 I'm down 292 so I'm on my wa MARSHA88 26 MARSHA88
6/7/17 2:33 P
On the left is a picture of me (and part of my hubby) at Christmas. On the right is a picture of me MARCHAPRILEMAY 200 SOOZIE12
6/5/17 5:30 A
Hi! My name is Empress and I'm new to spark people looking to lose weight. My starting weight is 21 MSNURSETAMMIE 116 ROCKYCPA
6/3/17 4:59 P
ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! On June 3rd 0f 2016 I made the decision to quit smoking black and mild cigar FITSISTA79 180 MOUCHE
6/5/17 2:47 P
I'm wearing the same shirt in both pictures about a year ago. I can really see in my skin how much w THEJACKIEDEAN12 228 NGREIG1
6/9/17 10:33 A
Hello All!! New to the community!! Let the weight loss begin!!. DRESIRU11 68 DRESIRU11
6/5/17 7:52 P
This represents 5 months of work. I've lost 50 pounds so far. I'm not nearly done, but it's a good s HAPPYVERMONTER 102 WFTGATL
6/3/17 10:31 A

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