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For those of you with bad knees, what are some good exercises or exercise videos that you like to do SHERRYMATI93 7 SHERRYMATI93
4/17/17 2:51 P
Weekly weigh-in EDNAEDWIN 17 CAZADORES
4/1/17 11:50 A
New Personal Record: 7.65 km in 55 minutes. Also, my first experience in chafing! Yay! Now I am a re BENTOGYRL 5 CAZADORES
3/28/17 4:49 A
why cant i sleep TRACY9103 13 TRACY9103
4/4/17 4:46 A
First day back tracking in a while. Not the best day, but at least I'm tracking again. Good to be ba LENABEAN77 4 CBASS30
3/6/17 11:25 P
Do anybody know ways to loses inches off your waist UNIQUEBEAUTY05 8 LUANN_IN_PA
2/20/17 8:05 A
Had a good day !!! SKIERS26 7 IMNERDY2
2/20/17 6:18 A
Haven't lost but 2lbs in February. But my pants are falling off my butt every 5 minutes! lol. Bought STUFFY864 9 PROUDMOM04
2/20/17 8:51 A
Well yesterday I went to weigh myself and my scale said error, I am too big for the dang scale! I ca LAURAMURPHY108 12 WEIGHTWARRIOR49
2/20/17 8:25 A
Ate alot today almost 2800 calories I just felt the need to eat no im regretting it G23447 11 CAZADORES
2/19/17 10:32 P
#firstpost Gotta tweak my daily goals but I'm ready to get things rolling DONATHANJ 6 ACHILLESONE
2/19/17 10:46 P
I am struggling starting up again. Was doing 21 day fix and lost about 10 lbs. did 2 rounds -gave up MYERS53186 21 MYERS53186
2/20/17 12:07 P
Day 3 goal is to lose 20 lbs. short term lose 5 in the next 30 days. Let see what I can do. PENNYWISE33 8 LEDOORMAT530
2/19/17 11:05 P
Went over calories today. Oh but thebpi-a and breadsticks were so good. Don't get pizza very often. MOPCOOKIE 20 STORM5920
2/21/17 11:08 P
No sugar? I can't drink tea without sugar and have been really craving sweet coffee with creamer. CRAFTYRU 39 SAKAWACA
2/19/17 10:30 P
Hi I'm new today and a little excited but I have 1 query? ? I am 216 lbs and it's telling me I'm alo FIONA1307 11 SPARKISBACK17
2/19/17 9:10 A
Weekly weigh in JROSS375 2 CAZADORES
2/17/17 5:38 A
Not sure this week will be a successful one! Out for a valentines meal tonight & out again on Saturd SEABUNNY 6 RYANCLAYTON
2/14/17 6:22 A
I was 120 pounds since my first start to lose my weight by exercises. After a week my weight is 122 THAOTRAN101 10 THAOTRAN101
3/10/17 8:40 P
Hi everyone. I started my weight loss journey January 1st and in that entire month I lost 8 lbs. But ACT102000 5 CAZADORES
2/13/17 12:08 A
1st day completed. Is there any way to complete for the day in the app or will it automatically upda MJ0034 8 CARTAY25
2/13/17 1:16 A
Discouraged. I weigh 250 at 5'6" and just can't seem to lose and keep it off no matter what I do. My HOOFNPAW 13 HEALTHYBARB1
2/13/17 12:13 A
So this weekend was a doozy, baby shower , yes men go to those too, lol, anyways let's just say I at LEDOORMAT530 10 LEDOORMAT530
2/13/17 12:25 A
I feel like quiting. I'm not losing weight anymore. I'm losing all motivation. I just want to be don MCLARK1631 23 HEALTHYV2015
2/13/17 7:40 A
Check - in : how's your progress? CAZADORES 1 CAZADORES
2/10/17 8:20 A
Back to Spark after a 3 year gap! So grateful for the barcode facility! Makes a huge difference :-D K73517 10 OVERDUECHANGE
2/11/17 9:05 P
How can I get through v-day and still eat healthy?????!!!!!!! BONNA33 5 SILVERSPARROW04
2/10/17 7:43 A
Started with you guys at 242... 4 weeks later down to 224.... been at least a week with no real chan VETTECHJAMIE 8 LONGTALLSLENDER
2/10/17 11:59 A
I had a c-section so I am not supposed to work out for 4 more weeks. I am only allowed to walk. My D NENENLEE 12 SEXEYMOMBOD23
2/10/17 1:22 P
How can I get through v-day and still eat healthy?????!!!!!!! BONNA33 4 CAZADORES
2/10/17 5:43 A
Anyone know the best ways to loose weight in your legs? Very desperate 😕 ANNAMARIE1997 18 GGRSPARK
2/10/17 1:52 P
Does anyone know of a safe juice cleanse that doesn't taste completely horrible haha :) first day on SMB1997 14 TEXASGAL76
2/10/17 10:31 A
Does anyone know how to add your Apple watch to SparkPeople?? SWEETPEA2017 2 CAZADORES
2/10/17 5:28 A
Hi I've just downloaded this app :) How do I know how many calories to eat to loose weight?? DEARPHILLY 4 CAZADORES
2/8/17 4:41 A
I felt so sick this afternoon. I'm glad I got my workout done beforehand. Feeling better now. ANYOTHERTEEN 4 BECCAISDOINGIT
2/7/17 10:09 P
I had my first weigh in today for the week, I lost 7.4 lbs. I'm very happy with the results. I tho CARRIEMETODAY 36 MRSAEP01
2/7/17 10:38 P
I had a light workout. I did strengthening in the a.m. & did 5 games of Wii bowling in the p.m. BEVBENN3 7 SWCHKLT
2/7/17 10:53 P
Im so not motivated now. I started this today even went and worked out. Im 198 and need to loose 40 BARBIE9218 10 MICKITAR
2/8/17 8:35 A
I want to try some good smoothie recipes.... does any one have any i can try #friendfinder #needenco TRYIN4ABABY 11 CAZADORES
2/7/17 7:10 A
It seems that I sabotage myself at times. I do so well for several days, then BAM! I lose my wi COUNCILMAN1952 27 MSBILLYNDA
2/7/17 2:53 P
Just ordered a food scale:D MADISONGREB 24 CAZADORES
2/7/17 6:48 A
Is herbal life good for you or not? #food #coach #fitness BABY4320 10 CAZADORES
2/7/17 6:46 A
I stepped on the scale and no extra weight loss. Its been a week and a half in and only 3 lbs gone. NANUHMAMA 14 RO2BENT
2/7/17 6:45 A
#weightcheck frustrated because I can't get below 200. This is 3rd week of miniscule loss. I'm track LTM234 11 LTM234
2/7/17 8:17 A
What do you guys do when you get hungry late at night? I try not to eat because i feel like it messe NANUHMAMA 4 CAZADORES
2/7/17 6:36 A
I'm losing my motivation I'm not eating right. HELP!!!! K101974 15 HEALTH_NOW
2/5/17 11:26 A
Welp weighed in this morning...Even though I've had a couple of off track days, for the month I've l TINK0425 32 LJKSHD
2/5/17 1:36 P
What exactly do you do with spark points? I have sent goodies. Probably silly question... MELITTA61 10 MYJERR4ME
2/5/17 10:55 A
I might not be losing weight right now, but I am looking a bit less like busted biscuits today. Just PURKEY01 35 AOKDIET21
2/6/17 9:00 A
Hello everyone. Yesterday I enjoyed my nephew's birthday party and remained in my calorie range I at GULSHAFAQ 14 J38850
2/5/17 11:21 A
Anyone else planning on totally blowing it for Super Bowl this evening? CASSIEMA 56 MELINDA2234
2/5/17 7:48 P
What to do if you can't tolerate drinking water? Water, is just..yuck. I will drink 100% juices, mil GREENBAYCRAZY 44 SWILKINS8
2/5/17 2:13 P
Need help i been putting crystal light in my water when i eat to help with the fiending of a cherry NARCISSE30 23 SARAWALL2013
2/5/17 1:09 P
Just started a lifestyle change this week. Had a health scare and need to get the weight off asap. MOPCOOKIE 24 ALBEATTY
2/5/17 10:50 A
Applebee's fiesta chicken. Good thing I looked it up before eating, too bad not before ordering lunc HULDEVON 10 HULDEVON
2/5/17 11:07 A
#motivation need to lose 30 lbs for weight loss surgery Nothing ventured Nothing gained! Keep positi RDJJR4480 16 CHUBBAGRRL
2/6/17 4:17 P
My biggest problem is I don't know what to eat an what not to eat I really need a meal plan an I'm d TENEAKAP 14 LISAMARIE2015
2/5/17 10:02 A
So guys I went over my calories if I work out super hard tomorrow will it make up for it? CGANOE1 10 MMEQUEEN
2/4/17 10:59 P
Over did it today. And I know I will tomorrow too with the super bowl party. I'll hit it hard again JOEADAMS40 3 JOEADAMS40
2/4/17 9:34 P
So far I've lost 3 pounds in a month!!!! It don't sound like much but that's great for me!!#weightlo ASKAGGS5 54 ELISAKIRKO
2/7/17 1:32 P
Offically out of the 290's whoot whoot. 289.8 yay!. And mama getting a waist.#feelinggood. DAVIDSBABYGIRL 17 CFRASIER30
2/3/17 9:42 P
Any tips on exercise with bad back knees and neck. #coach R48156 14 TLD0301
2/4/17 1:19 P
Afraid to weigh myself even though I'm near 300lbs. KRYLINDS 10 CFRASIER30
2/3/17 10:10 P
I need support... I have been doing great but my fiance who was my number one supporter was just sh D032577 8 OKGOATGAL
2/3/17 8:16 P
Yay! Stuck to healthy stuff today. My husband even tried tried Artichoke for the first time and like KRYLINDS 5 KRYLINDS
2/4/17 12:06 A
Lost 3.6 lbs or so and its been a week, maybe under a week RANDI1990 26 GGSCHNEIDER
2/3/17 12:14 P
Chicken and broccoli stir fry over steamed rice with an eggroll on the side. Super yummy. Sweet d PAMALAMA1413 4 LYNETTET123
2/2/17 10:02 P
When logging weight, is there a way to change kg to lbs?? KRISTINA1989 4 KRISTINA1989
2/2/17 9:40 P
Rough day- lack of sleep, hormonal issues, and just a busy week that can't seem to stop caught up wi SWILKINS8 3 CAZADORES
2/2/17 9:27 P
Out of town for work.. didn't eat well at dinner went over 236 calories.. I've done so well this wee GCD0729 4 GCD0729
2/2/17 9:32 P
I bought me a personal size blender cup because I do enjoy smoothies. And I joined Planet Fitness g TINA 3 LADYARTIST41
2/1/17 7:13 P
Today is my first day of this journey!! JHOTTINGERR 21 IVANHOE64
2/1/17 8:32 P
2000 more steps to meet my goal. 😆 AUDREYGNSC 4 AUDREYGNSC
2/1/17 8:24 P
So have a question if my calculations say I need to eat 2700 to 3100 calories to lose weight I am on AMANDARAE33 6 AMANDARAE33
2/1/17 7:34 P
Soooo excited I ate healthy from breakfast until dinner. ..NO CHIPS, COOKIES I know it is minor but MSWEZZIE04 7 MSWEZZIE04
1/31/17 10:22 P