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Did you exercise today? GETTO140 4763 COVEGIRL1
10/20/17 9:08 A
How motivated are you today? Scale from 1-10 OODELETEDOO 45384 ROCKRS
10/20/17 5:54 P
Breakfast time y'all! 3 boiled eggs Green bell pepper Mushrooms chopped Light cheese an salsa Day 2 MRSBOHL 6 MRSBOHL
10/11/17 10:49 A
Back to the gym. While my son is at hockey I go it's working out great so far. He practices 3 nights KITT2531 8 GARDENCHRIS
10/12/17 7:08 A
Yes, I'm still fat. But not nearly as fat as I was at 407! FINESMALLSTORM2 11 VIRGINIAGIRL
10/11/17 1:46 P
Posted a photo RONI209 7 BUSYMAMA2
10/11/17 10:01 A
Not all 46 were lost since I started SparkPeople at least SparkPeople has me motivated again BMERCHANT1957 14 HEALTH_NOW
10/11/17 12:29 P
Posted a photo DINKER0798 33 WONDERCUTIE
10/11/17 12:29 P
Here is a pic from August 10 and September 10. I hope it's okay that i am only in a sports bra and l LR237787 97 THIELKE24
10/11/17 2:57 P
It’s my birthday! MISTRESSOHORROR 305 JOEU_56
10/12/17 7:54 P
Making 2 lap rag quilts for our nephews wedding...1 for the bride and the plaid one for the groom ! CANNINGNANNY 15 PICKIE98
10/11/17 9:09 A
I don't know about you, but I tend to "want it all now". I want to make changes or clean or organiz NETTER61 13 VIRGINIAGIRL
10/10/17 1:25 P
Back to walking. Set me back getting ready fo half marathon next month but had to take it easy with DEBSANKS 10 BEVERLY1501
10/10/17 9:52 A
Good morning, have a terrific Tuesday. Here is a good thought to remember... JERSEYGIRL91305 139 MOMMY445
10/10/17 2:20 P
#BeforeAndAfter. Still a work in progress. 30 gone 30 to go. MRSBKM 161 DSJB9999
10/4/17 9:26 A
The girl on the left is from day 1 I don't recognize anymore. She was depressed sad and angry all t MRSDCSUSEY 200 C38622
7/31/17 7:55 P
How do you keep your avocado toast safe? Put lox on it! GRATTECIELLA 7 GGRSPARK
7/15/17 5:06 P
I did however manage to counteract my bad lunch choice with extra walking. I got up and did my 4 mil LEEANNA79 9 COMEBACKKID12
6/27/17 10:15 P
I'm feeling extremely frustrated today. I was looking through pictures on my phone and I got so dish CHRISTYHARRIS84 302 CHRISTYHARRIS84
6/27/17 9:05 P
Does anyone have suggestions for a fitness tracker that you wear on your wrist that does heart rate TREX_WORKS_IT 3 BUSYMAMA2
6/26/17 9:18 P
Afternoon snack, veggies and hummus NATIVEDESIRES 16 MARINEMAMA
6/27/17 6:42 A
Serious vulnerability alert! Day 1. 220 lbs. I can do this! Right? NEESIE2PT0 287 JOCELYNH711
6/27/17 8:15 A
My definition thrills me. 375 pounds to 193 pounds. What a difference exercise, nutrition and 182 MSLOUIE3 160 DLD2DLD
6/27/17 8:39 A
35 pounds down, 30 to go. Hope to make it by the end of the year. I started Jan. 24th. TILLYBEAR123 9 WILLOW49
6/26/17 9:18 A
Stronger healthier woot!!! MYSTIKALSHARYL 6 HEATHER736
6/26/17 9:22 A
Last 2 weeks I was stuck at 220. This morning I get on scale and now I am 215. Woohoo! 200 I am comi YOGIBEAR43 101 FRENCHY73
6/26/17 6:12 P
My daily morning walk! ! ! GRAMMYTINK 44 POSEY440
6/26/17 9:51 A
I've been doing so bad. Proud that i got up and made the choice to eat healthy today NOVEMBER2017 10 IMAWRKNPROGRESS
6/21/17 10:16 P
look at my beautiful birthday cake a fellow spark gal made for me ... and it is all edible ... oh my TRAILWALKERJO54 106 CHARTHESTAR
6/22/17 11:14 P
Posted a photo KLIPSE 85 KLIPSE
7/1/17 11:21 A
Todays pic 352 pounds down from 446 S02526 302 SOLOMUA
6/21/17 7:09 P
Well, hello "1" -- it's been two years since I've seen you. LKMANNING7 133 FISHGUT3
6/21/17 5:11 P
Tempted not to walk. Tempted to cut my walk in half. Tempted to skip the cove that rounds the route LKMANNING7 194 FISHGUT3
6/21/17 5:09 P
Still fighting to get under 200 BEXCANDO 226 MIRAGE727
6/21/17 4:52 P
I did it!! 2 years straight (365+365=730days) of walking at least 10,000 steps a day!! WILEYTJ 166 MARINEMAMA
6/21/17 7:14 A
Lost 3 more finally out of the 2's!!...woohoo!!. TERRYSGIRL51 175 YBROWNING99
6/19/17 8:10 P
The red is where the hubby n i walked last night! So proud of myself, i was pouring sweat n he wasnt SAMMEB17 36 SLINKYREDDRESS
6/19/17 10:24 A
60 lbs. Lost. Now to finally get that 6 pack!!! GROOMS74 247 MARYLOTUS
6/19/17 6:56 P
Yesterday was a day on the lake. TANGOJAVA43068 13 FROSTY99
6/18/17 3:51 P
Yay!! Down this week another .8 lbs. Down 43.4 overall! Just 8.6 to goal. JULESANA8818 15 FROSTY99
6/18/17 3:51 P
Started at 288 a year ago and now down to 183. My MISTYNOEL3 171 MANDAWOLFEY
6/18/17 5:18 P
Well today just logged back in after a few years off.... As you can see from my profile picture to LILPLAYGIRL 5 P7058PGA
6/5/17 4:42 P
My lunch today was an arugula salad with blueberries chicken walnuts goat cheese and raspberry dress SMACLACHLAN 10 SKANTRA
6/5/17 2:45 P
I can see a difference, how about you? CARRIEMETODAY 21 SCARLETFERN
6/5/17 3:59 P
Still got 50 more lbs to lose. But I feel so nice these days. Went out and bought me two new dresses STUFFY864 303 FLASUN
6/6/17 4:13 A
Finished my very first 5k this weekend. Came in 89th! Of course I'm not really sure how many people LARCERITOPS 216 SCARLETFERN
6/5/17 4:00 P
Started this journey Feb 23rd weighing in at I'm at 219 :) CINJADE28 118 CINJADE28
6/5/17 9:18 P
I am 353 lbs beginning my journey to 150 lbs! I am going to do this! CHRISSIANN 305 MERRYJO1
6/5/17 8:18 P
Still under the weather... Went to dr. Got a shot goodnight world... WILSONTOSHA 4 RUNNNERR
1/7/17 6:45 P
Bad day? What is important is to never give up on ourselves! We are worth it!! TKUPETZ 4 FUNNYFACE101002
1/7/17 6:22 P
1/11/17 8:41 P
Just walked another 15 miles at my local mall which brings my total to 60 miles walked this week ! T FRANKWHITAKER 6 RUSSELLFORD
1/7/17 5:07 P
I have been back on my diet for 2 weeks and I have lost 15 lbs in 2 weeks by walking only. Starting FRANKWHITAKER 4 RUSSELLFORD
1/7/17 5:03 P
So day 2 . Slow and Steady is my plan. Very hard to do with a husband that doesn't need to lose wei S55210 4 S55210
1/5/17 11:07 A
Working on setting up a fitness routine for beginners. I have got my daughter to join me on this adv MISSI829 7 SARAWALL2013
1/5/17 6:36 P
Good morning everyone!!! #sparkpeoplepremium If you have tried premium please give me your thoughts MARTIQTOO 2 BUSYMAMA2
1/5/17 10:29 A
It's snowing lightly here in Indianapolis, and I'm so happy I found my winter hat. I'm going to brav CTETMEYER 4 BUSYMAMA2
1/5/17 10:27 A
This app reminds me to track my meals at 10am, 1pm and 7:45pm, does this mean that's when i should b XXJUSTME90XX 10 DAVIDHUD
1/5/17 10:40 A
Well, down 3 pounds. Gotta get moving... just so cold outside. WDIEBALL 5 BUSYMAMA2
1/5/17 10:24 A
What are your thoughts on a Fitbit? My husband just bought me a Charge 2 for my birthday and I'm wor BAREFOOTMAMA86 18 GRAMMICHELLE
1/5/17 11:06 A
When measuring meat portions do u have to use a scale until you know how many is so many ounces or i ANGEL2GOOD31 19 SAPHIRA70
1/5/17 5:16 P
Today I get back on the horse. December was a terrible month. I haven't gotten on the scale but I HSBESA 9 GLENWICK
1/4/17 6:04 P
Today I tracked all my food and stayed within my calorie budget! I am super proud of myself. Tomorro LOSINGJESS 10 KEEP_GOING247
1/3/17 10:03 P
What are some healthy after dinner snacks?? NIKIJACKSON32 13 MACMOLLZ
1/3/17 10:28 P
Day two is done βœ… and it was a good day! Ready for day 3! DWILK67 6 BUSYMAMA2
1/3/17 9:30 P
Ballooned up a bit over the holidays, and gained back ten pounds. I've managed to undo that damage, D4RKLYNOON 34 THEJACKIEDEAN12
1/4/17 10:19 A
Day 1 of a new life! Anyone else beginning again? ALLE88 53 MAGGIE-SMITH
1/3/17 10:11 P
Feeling stronger everyday. One day at a time, one pound at a time. SSPAULEY102707 3 BUSYMAMA2
1/3/17 9:25 P
What's on the menu for dinner folks? #dinner ASHBLANK15 27 RUSSELLFORD
1/3/17 9:26 P
January 1st. I guess you can say this is the day we are all suppose to be a new "us" well I'm going CYANGE 5 CYANGE
1/1/17 10:41 P
I am struggling with food cravings today, but I am not going to give in. More water for me. #willpow MMRSMILES25 5 BOOTYLICIOUS83
1/1/17 11:04 P
Does anyone else have jars to track their weight loss? I don't know if it's a bit ridiculous but it AMARYLLIS93 55 DAWN1830
1/11/17 4:39 A
Happy New Year!! πŸŽ‰ Once again I am beginning my workout and better lifestyle program, but this time KENZEEG 4 MSMAKEOVER
1/1/17 10:34 P
Need breakfast ideas. Don't eat eggs. Right now eating bread and peanut butter. SMOREAI 21 LBAKER31
1/2/17 3:12 A
Happy New Years, everyone! Since it's a new year, I'm striving to improve myself by exercising more DBRADLEY89 3 BUSYMAMA2
1/1/17 1:54 P