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Daily Chit Chat KATIE100 27989 VICKYLYLES
7/23/17 4:36 P
I went to water park on July 4th Eve and walked so much. It's amazing at how taking a few steps up BURBANOVSKY 2 MAZUR157
7/5/17 3:58 P
Firecracker July Fitness MInutes Challenge VICKYLYLES 17 VICKYLYLES
7/23/17 3:33 P
I measured and logged all of my food and drink for 365 days and lost 83lbs. I didn't stay in budget MISSDORKNESS 309 CECE
7/7/17 3:32 P
Oh goodness. Have you ever added salt to your ketchup? I just mistake of course. I don't re BURBANOVSKY 2 MISSDORKNESS
6/30/17 2:52 P
Challenge Chat Thread VICKYLYLES 15 VICKYLYLES
7/21/17 9:40 A
Yesterday I went to my first vintage baseball game. What a great time it was! The theme was from JSTETSER 32 BURBANOVSKY
6/28/17 4:34 P
Talk about making your fat cry... I'm drenched. Coach Nicole's videos are what's up! KKRAVIG1975 4 BURBANOVSKY
6/28/17 4:32 P
Just Do It June Fitness Minutes Challenge VICKYLYLES 17 BURBANOVSKY
6/27/17 12:04 P
Lost 3 more finally out of the 2's!!...woohoo!!. TERRYSGIRL51 175 YBROWNING99
6/19/17 8:10 P
60 lbs. Lost. Now to finally get that 6 pack!!! GROOMS74 247 MARYLOTUS
6/19/17 6:56 P
If it stays this hot, I might (gasp) dare to wear a tanktop IAN2409 11 BURBANOVSKY
6/16/17 12:52 P
Husband update 1st. Thank you for that beautiful and tremendous outpouring of prayer and well wishes SKITTLESNINJA 19 DANICONNOLLY
6/15/17 7:07 P
The last few weeks have been tough. I was in a weight loss competition at work and came in second. JATOMIC 23 KEATON753
6/13/17 1:32 P
Had some bad days with my depression and health overall where I didn't track anything and just ate w NATIXII 8 CHELSITA98
6/13/17 10:38 A
Not the goal any longer... I used to focus strictly on my weight goal...I have a number where I feel BGOEBEL2 2 BURBANOVSKY
6/13/17 9:43 A
Question? One day a week I work until 8 pm. I find it hard to work in all my calories in that day. T C97281 5 GOODFELINE
6/13/17 1:26 P
How do I find out what a particular exercise is? In particular, I typed in swimming in my fitness m BURBANOVSKY 2 KKRAVIG1975
6/13/17 9:40 A
Good morning from Minnesota RUTHSJOURNEY 69 CANNINGNANNY
6/14/17 7:03 A
Posted a photo DANICONNOLLY 13 IAN2409
6/9/17 11:47 P
6/9/17 11:07 A
Posted a photo KKRAVIG1975 14 BURBANOVSKY
6/8/17 2:17 P
I saw an article about squatting w/ your dog and though it was hilarious, until I tried it. It's no PIBBLEPINMAMA5 11 PIBBLEPINMAMA5
6/9/17 8:01 P
2nd time up to Mailbox Peak in less than 1 month!! 1st time, old trail up and down, 2nd time, old tr JDUB2483 8 BURBANOVSKY
6/8/17 11:33 A
Last night had an at home wk out w/DVDs. They were my friend's and were 10 minute wkouts. I said a BURBANOVSKY 2 KKRAVIG1975
6/8/17 11:33 A
Tonight I'm beginning an at home work out routine w/a buddy! BURBANOVSKY 3 SPARKGUY
6/7/17 10:44 A
6/9/17 7:48 A
Do not let chronic pain win. I fight hard to work past my stomach issues, some days I fail. Some day C26752 13 IMNERDY2
6/7/17 1:45 P
Questions - why do my Month/Year Minutes posted on the fitness page not equal to the number of the R BURBANOVSKY 3 BURBANOVSKY
6/6/17 10:13 A
We adopted this little angel yesterday. She's almost 7 months old and her name is Nova 😊 MADDIEBSMAMA 12 BECCABOO127
6/29/17 8:34 P
Scale is a great way to come back to earth if you start to feel good about yourself for a minute IAN2409 7 LIVEDAILY
5/31/17 10:27 P
I did it! I made a goal of doing 1K fitness minutes this month and I kicked it aside and went to 10 BURBANOVSKY 2 RDCAGAIN10
5/31/17 12:10 P
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was basketball with my son and fun with the family. How a SPARKGUY 41 LYONSFARM
5/31/17 7:29 P
My abs are so sore it hurts to sneeze IAN2409 10 BONNIEMCC488
5/31/17 3:01 A
#Keto Yummy Cauliflower crust pizza KIMBERLY925 20 MTOFSTRENGTH
6/17/17 9:05 P
Expecting Twins at the Gardens and I am now on call for their Birth - Titan Arums aka the Corpse Flo TAILORDTOFIT 6 MSBOOTCAMP
5/30/17 12:50 P
We have a beautiful pool facility...and I was there again today at 6am! SISSYFEB48 10 OHMYGOD49
5/30/17 11:14 P
Been working hard for the last 3 years... Slow but steady... Hard work pays off... Thankful for a ma DCOX12 275 _LINDA
5/30/17 10:44 P
Down to 175 even this morning and my birthstone ring that hubby got me last Christmas finally fits! MHEDIN63 127 _LINDA
5/30/17 10:46 P
I reviewed my minutes challenge. I can still meet that self imposed monthly challenge. With the te BURBANOVSKY 2 KOFFEENUT
5/29/17 11:00 A
I know I'm supposed to live one day at a time, but last week kicked my butt. I allowed my no execis BURBANOVSKY 2 IAN2409
5/29/17 5:47 P
😂Happy Monday y'all! #drinkmorewater FITSISTA79 115 AGEE1944
5/29/17 2:58 P
Browsing through some of the articles they have midpage on here and there was one about what 300 cal TRAVIE0331 11 MADDIEBSMAMA
5/26/17 11:48 A
I cooked with flavored oil instead of adding a bunch of sodium based spices and it was y-um. BURBANOVSKY 2 IAMAGEMLOVER
5/26/17 1:58 P
Finally got through a really tough workout of touchdown lunges and inchworms. Third try! IAN2409 4 BURBANOVSKY
5/24/17 2:24 P
I didn't get to play tennis this week and now I'm finding it hard to get my exercise on this week.. BURBANOVSKY 2 IAMAGEMLOVER
5/24/17 10:49 A
I usually wake up just before the alarm clock goes off, so I turned it off about a month ago and hav BURBANOVSKY 3 RETAT60
5/24/17 11:37 A
May 23 Fitbit stats - Calories in 1,867 vs calories spent 2,266 (includes basal metabolic calories). NANHBH 5 LADYFROMTHEWOOD
5/25/17 7:55 A
Down 53lbs in 3 months. WOOHOO! Finally feeling like I'm accomplishing something. SPARKE77 266 GORDONED
5/24/17 6:04 P
I'm going to try something this week. Today is my wedding anniversary of 18 years! I'm dedicating BURBANOVSKY 3 IAMAGEMLOVER
5/22/17 10:22 A
Happy Monday indeed!!!! SUMWITCH 185 TIBURONA
5/22/17 4:37 P
Aside from my Dr Pepper thing... I did REALLY well this weekend - logged in, and kept exercise goals BURBANOVSKY 2 IAMAGEMLOVER
5/22/17 10:23 A
When I stepped on the scale back in February, I saw a number that I hated. It got me to not want to BURBANOVSKY 3 IAMAGEMLOVER
5/22/17 10:27 A
NSV - Last night I won my first tennis serve game. I've only been playing 1x/week for 3 weeks (and BURBANOVSKY 2 KOFFEENUT
5/16/17 12:19 P
They didn't like it, but they ate the cukes. And what's really good is that now I'm beginning to li BURBANOVSKY 2 NETSUE64
5/12/17 12:26 P
Last night, everyone in the family (2 young kids, hubby and me) ate 4-5 veggies/fruits! Wahoo! BURBANOVSKY 3 SUNGIRL822
5/11/17 10:17 A
Yesterday I stood a lot at my desk and at home. I can't count it as exercise, but I do think of it BURBANOVSKY 4 MEXGAL1
5/11/17 10:49 A
I kinda wish that SP had a way to block people that haven't been active for X number of days (like a BURBANOVSKY 5 BURBANOVSKY
5/5/17 2:28 P
Ouch! I just ate almost 1K at lunch. That's what I get for not tracking BEFORE eating. Can we say BURBANOVSKY 2 JONIBUSHELL
5/5/17 2:34 P
This morning, I almost broke up with my scale. I always have to step on it at least twice to get an AIMEEZ21 2 BURBANOVSKY
5/5/17 9:57 A
TGIF and Happy Cinco de Mayo! (I'll have to remember my goals and try to stay w/in limits.) BURBANOVSKY 3 IAMAGEMLOVER
5/5/17 10:30 A
I did it. I only ate enough lunch until I was no longer hungry BURBANOVSKY 3 BLESSED2BEME
5/4/17 1:56 P
What made you want to change your life, what was the changing point? I remember being so depressed a APRILELLIS01 273 MISSY455
5/6/17 1:46 A
Uh oh. I played tennis last night for the first time in this league. Afterward, they sit and drink BURBANOVSKY 3 BURBANOVSKY
5/2/17 10:54 A
I finally found a tennis league near me that the time frame is doable for me. I'm so excited. I wa BURBANOVSKY 3 BURBANOVSKY
5/2/17 10:50 A
Breakfast 😍 TODAYIAM 9 I_ROBOT
5/2/17 3:45 P
How can I not have a great day when I have this guy to wake up to!!! ☺️ #ilovehim #allineed #mybestf OTTERBEME 22 MISS-WILLOW
5/2/17 10:11 P
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was exercise bike. How about you? Here is today's Commitmen SPARKGUY 69 MPLSKEN
5/2/17 1:23 P
Amazing April Fitness Minutes Challenge VICKYLYLES 32 VICKYLYLES
5/2/17 9:59 P
Did balance board for 15 minutes in the sun this morning to get that morning sunshine! Have a great SPARKGUY 20 BURBANOVSKY
5/1/17 1:04 P
Good morning everyone! We had 1,300 presses of the SparkButton in the past 24 hours --woohoo! Here SPARKGUY 17 SPARKS07
5/2/17 12:30 A
Magnificent May Fitness Minutes Challenge VICKYLYLES 19 VICKYLYLES
6/3/17 7:42 P
No sodas yesterday. :-) BURBANOVSKY 7 IAN2409
4/27/17 11:06 P
Short walk, and a Plant-strong breakfast to get me *ALICEMARIE* 12 *ALICEMARIE*
4/28/17 8:09 A
Thank you for everyone who added me!! I really did cry every time I read new comments. It means so ROSE_DE_VILE 254 THINBLUELINEW
5/6/17 7:02 A

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