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Ran in my 2nd 5K this year! Shaved 3 minutes off my pace! πŸƒπŸΎβ€β™€οΈ ADVERDE0790 67 COWLEEN1
12/6/17 3:50 A
12/7/17 3:34 A
BoomπŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈπŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈπŸš΄β€β™‚οΈ MARIEB441 4 RETAT60
11/17/17 8:24 P
Fresh pineapple with Tajin seasoning. Delish sweet treat HAWKTHREE 10 EVILCECIL
11/16/17 6:33 A
#BeforeAndAfter 4 years ago and yesterday. My babies got bigger and I got smaller! Love the change DLVASSALLO 38 LORINTY
11/13/17 11:00 A
45 pound difference πŸ˜ƒ SWEETEPIPHANY 41 SRIVERS1
11/12/17 11:05 P
From February to today. DLWHATLEY70 106 WANNATHIN
11/13/17 6:35 A
I have never posted anything before but here I go. I started in April at 247. Now I am at 195! NIXONANG25 161 LOSER05
11/9/17 8:36 P
So winter has set in am thankful for the 4 seasons but look forward to the warmer months ahead of us MARILYNS69 12 ZRIE014
11/4/17 9:48 P
Chilly walk today. 36 degrees with light snow for 2.2 miles. Dog led me up a hill, where we found an SVELTEYOOPER 28 -POOKIE-
11/5/17 2:12 A
Feeling pretty down on myself today. Last night I overheard my ex discussing with his family how muc ASHWOO32 309 BOOTSIE15
11/4/17 11:04 P
#newbie here started at 280.8 and I'm currently at 157. Noticing my old habits coming back so decide MEMENTO_VIVERE 167 APUJAM0705
11/28/17 3:23 A
I made a pot of IBIH Turbo Atkins Soup (exactly per the recipe) which is a part of a 5 day keto diet BLESSOME 17 NEEDACHANGE4ME
10/25/17 1:23 P
Lost 13 pounds so far.....πŸ’ž AMYMBUNCH 14 RASCALTHEPUPPY
10/23/17 1:21 A
I've come too far to go back. FITSISTA79 138 SILKYSLIM48
10/23/17 10:08 A
Posted a photo BRENDA196122 18 1BODY_1LIFE
9/29/17 1:35 A
Again!! Did another 15 minutes! :D POPDIESEL 3 BTINCHER2001
9/20/17 3:01 P
Next month I have a Dr's appointment. One of the things I want to discuss with her is my weight pro MCASKEY6 5 LRJUSTUS1
9/20/17 3:05 P
First time posting 3 weeks in 7 pounds lighter AMAZOMOM 17 AMAZOMOM
9/21/17 1:59 P
#fitbit Does anyone else ever set their Fitbit to 'Workout' mode when housecleaning? (I wear a F DIROB57 6 BUDDHALADY
9/21/17 3:44 P
Hey everyone, hope you all are having a great Wednesday. I decided to make today a rest day since I MISSAMY72 3 CINDY4JOY
9/20/17 6:20 P
I have a 13 yr old who is very book orientated and hates sports. I am thankful for his school work b TMHMK911 4 TMHMK911
9/24/17 9:54 A
I left my money and debit card home so I would eat my healthy food I brought for lunch. URBANBANJOGAL 10 HPOFBC
9/21/17 10:39 A
So proud of myself DIANAGARAY 160 BIKE4HEALTH
9/20/17 5:30 P
Today's numbers ST3PH 4 JAMER123
9/11/17 11:53 P
I started working out and eating better this past Wednesday. My goal is to lose 62 lbs before my bi C-PFARR 29 RSKMOM
9/12/17 9:04 A
11 weeks into this journey. 18 lbs and 23.5 inches MRSDCSUSEY 57 YMWONG22
9/12/17 10:48 A
50 pounds, 22.5 inches released. 30% to goal. SPARKLYEYES71 187 GOTALOTAPETS
9/15/17 11:19 P
8/31/17 4:42 A
I would like to lose 50pounds to live a longer and healthier life CAROLEHUGHES35 73 BRLEE165
7/22/17 11:26 P
I went to see my nutritionist today. We talked about my frustration. I have been seriously working MCASKEY6 23 SFSU-GRAD
7/10/17 4:08 P
I can't believe it. I lost some more weight. Started at 384, down to 370 and now the scale went down MKPARKE77 70 UPONATIME
7/17/17 11:47 P
When I started a month ago, I struggled to walk two miles. Today, 10 pounds lighter, I briskly walke LKMANNING7 111 JOEBIRD01
7/10/17 7:27 P
Always trying to lose what I gain it seems to be a never ending battle😩 SHEILAAL46 6 GOODGETNBETR
7/10/17 1:31 P
I am not having a wonderful start to my day. :( I started with SP about 1 week ago and I have been PARISGRL7 13 PARISGRL7
7/10/17 12:42 P
it wasn't pretty, it wasn't fast, but it is DONE - first run. SWEDE_SU 120 JEANKNEE
7/10/17 3:55 P
When I started my weight loss journey back in January I was wearing size 4x workout pants and tops. SHANAHALL82 131 MDOWER1
7/10/17 6:48 A
My garlic harvest😁 SADIEMYERS 25 GPALMER29
8/4/17 1:46 A
I learned on this journey that this is MY Journey. DAPHNE192003 241 MRSFANCYLADY
7/8/17 3:57 P
Welcome to one-derland. Started this journey to reclaim my life on March 3 at 249 lbs. Today 199.4!! BOOGBEAR 228 MISSINHER1955
7/8/17 7:56 P
I really don't know what to say! 52 pounds gone since February and 3 weeks cigarette free! It's hasn SUMMERFODRIE 304 KOHINOOR2
7/11/17 12:03 A
7/7/17 3:43 A
8 hours at 6 flags today. We walked all over the place. πŸ˜… CGARR442 17 IVANHOE64
7/7/17 7:56 A
Cholesterol is down, A1c is down. Working progress. 66 pounds less VOAGOLD 128 ETERNALOVE1111
7/29/17 9:49 P
Lost 50lbs, but have 50+ to go, but I've hit a mental wall. The last 2 weeks I've been stuck in my TAMI-AKA-RED 284 PAMBROWN62
7/7/17 3:14 A
7/5/17 6:55 P
7/5/17 9:15 P
Someone who didnt know i have been trying noticed my weight loss today 😍 15lbs and counting #selfie MSUNEK 19 BTINCHER2001
7/5/17 6:53 P
My weekly aerial hoop class 😊 NIKKIALYSS1 5 JENCAM0610
7/5/17 7:34 P
On Monday I was at work and I received a call from my cousin, she left a voicemail (which I normally THEJACKIEDEAN12 201 KARENWILL2
7/11/17 1:22 A
I measured and logged all of my food and drink for 365 days and lost 83lbs. I didn't stay in budget OVERDUECHANGE 309 VOAGOLD
7/7/17 3:32 P
Oh my god. I cant stop smiling. Just tried on a smaller size and they fit. Last time i tried them on JENNABEAR2020 11 SPARTANJAI
7/2/17 4:38 P
Posted a photo TKA54321 17 MIRAGE727
7/2/17 12:39 P
Lost 4 lbs. this week! :D Officially lost the weight I gained from my vacation to Europe and then so GSANGHERA 9 TANGOJAVA43068
7/3/17 9:05 A
Don't forget to smile today :) BLESSEDMIRANDA 13 IMAWRKNPROGRESS
7/2/17 3:28 P
Woke up with a goal in mind and accomplished it! It was a hard climb but a sweet down hill 2AWESOME4U 14 EDLEAR
7/3/17 4:51 A
Ok, so I have literally been celebrating our 10 ye FITSISTA79 302 INPRAYER
7/7/17 7:24 P
Since I started grad school I've slowly gained 35 pounds. Trying to lose the weight that I've gained ENSTATITEA 7 ICECUB
6/30/17 5:31 P
feel an idiote 82,2 kg haha gaining instead of los KRIKRI4 12 TPANANCY
6/30/17 7:44 P
In green 2 yrs ago!! Yikes!! Down 110..18 to that me on the right? I still feel overweight DIANEPAG 199 RIVERVIXEN44
12/3/17 4:40 P
6/30/17 7:05 P
This is the heaviest I have ever been. I don't have a scale, so I didn't know how much I had gained JRZYJAVACHICK 242 DJ4HEALTH
7/1/17 12:50 A
Special Outing to San Francisco yesterday to celebrate our 34th anniversary with the SF Giants and d BTINCHER2001 7 APPLEVEE
7/1/17 12:08 P
I am very proud of myself. I Have not lost much in MRSHURST88 21 JENCAM0610
6/29/17 7:32 P
6/28/17 3:38 P
This 4 faces made today better. My dad was permanently placed in a nursing home today LJBOWSER1 6 LJBOWSER1
6/29/17 8:47 A
Reached a milestone this morning. I was 18-19 years old when I weighed this amount. I'm now in my 50 ARCHIMEDESII 303 MUMWIVBIGBUM
8/14/17 10:17 A
Going into San Francisco today to watch my first Giants game at AT&T park. I should get in a lot of BTINCHER2001 1 BTINCHER2001
6/28/17 1:36 P
I love Halloween, so I start planning my costume, well right about now (sometimes even earlier). MCASKEY6 4 NARNIA9334
6/15/17 3:18 P
SSDD. Same shirt, different day. 2 years and 100+ pounds apart. #mobilechat Logging my calories accu OVERDUECHANGE 306 PBVHCCVH
6/16/17 7:31 A
So I'm new to Spark. Here's a picture of when I first started my weightloss journey... on the left M CANDISMITH1983 14 JKPERANDO
6/3/17 2:44 P
I'm wearing the same shirt in both pictures about a year ago. I can really see in my skin how much w THEJACKIEDEAN12 230 REIKOMINDER
9/19/17 9:57 A
Wearing shorts I wore 15 years ago!!! I've been saving them, believing that one day I would wear the DREAMGIRLCITYC 64 MDOWER1
6/3/17 4:10 P
For the sweet tooth! DANIELLE314 7 DANIELLE314
5/18/17 6:17 P
Went to Dr today lost another 15 1/2 lbs in less than a month. So far that's 154 lbs😁 need to loose MEME4031 28 CFITZ1
5/18/17 8:04 P