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Starting anew. SHEWHID 3 SHEWHID
1/15/17 2:16 P
What are some good goal gifts to do for yourself when you reach a new weight goal? S84747 15 NOWITZ4ME
1/15/17 3:01 P
I usually only eat lunch and dinner as actual meals but I snack throughout the day and still end up TMAC1197 3 BTINCHER2001
1/15/17 1:54 P
Ahhh I ate bad yesterday and all I want to do today is eat. I feel terrible and awful for my slip u OVERINKK 4 CRICKUS
1/15/17 2:01 P
So happy today, 1st week and I've lost 7.3 pounds.... now ladies don't be disappointed, I've learned RAMUNOZ1 3 BTINCHER2001
1/15/17 1:50 P
On my way to a church meeting luncheon. Packed my lunch, so I won't be tempted to eat all the goodne SLAMARTIN 14 PATRICIAMARY13
1/14/17 1:42 P
Is it bad that i wake up at 10 during the weekends work out for 20 mins on treadmill and eat "breakf ANGELLL489 5 BTINCHER2001
1/14/17 12:33 P
I am new to this app. So far it has been very helpful! Is it better to have set calories or let them FC52888 6 SPARK_MERLE
1/14/17 5:23 P
It's frustrating when you get on the scale and you haven't lost anything in 2 months it makes you wa SWEETSWTHRT4 35 MZCHIEFBOO53
1/14/17 8:25 P
Day 1: I've decided to try to start keeping track of what I eat daily in hopes that I can lose weigh NB1971 7 7STIGGYMT
1/14/17 12:07 P
#fitbit What causes my Challenge 2 to record "Floors"? I live in a flat house, in a flat town. I rar BTINCHER2001 3 NAOMI_ACOSTA
1/12/17 8:39 P
I need #Fitbit friends that are more at my level! I do between 7-11K steps a day and don't often hit JACQUIEB75 22 DGIGGLES3
1/17/17 7:23 P
#newbie I love this App❤❤❤I just started my treadmill 2 x a day and walk for a total of 3.38 miles/d JEONNAWOOD 11 JEONNAWOOD
1/14/17 4:25 P
How long do y'all walk for? Time? Distance? GBENITEZSITA 7 JEONNAWOOD
1/12/17 12:11 A
I don't think i am measuring my food correct. How should i be doing it. I am new to this. TONYA003 13 LISAMARIE2015
1/9/17 5:02 P
Hi everyone I just started this about three days ago and I'm looking for some good advice. I'm a mom ABBYKRIVANEC11 11 KOKONA
1/8/17 4:54 P
How can I lose 297 pounds without exercise? BELIEVE301 30 THEMANSLAYER
1/8/17 9:34 P
Ok I don't know about you people but I need a sweet fix ,1- can pumpkin , 2 ripe bananas, 1/4 cup st JHOLLAND6 20 JHOLLAND6
1/10/17 1:45 P
So I figured out how to connect my fit bit with this app. So I should log my work out then... since KENT07 5 BTINCHER2001
1/7/17 11:22 P
In have been walking two miles a day since the 1st... It's starting to feel like a habit. ANN_72758 40 S_MHANCOCK
1/8/17 10:37 A
What is the best way to keep up with this... I've done something like this before. I maybe lasted a ESOUCY96 21 EDDYDVM
1/8/17 12:11 A
Anyone using the recipe app.. it says how many calories are in a serving but it doesn't tell you wha MEG0917 5 CHEECHMCPETE
1/7/17 11:17 P
Has anyone upgraded to the premium SparkPeople app WANDER_LUST 24 BTINCHER2001
1/7/17 6:30 P
I've tried everything, just cancelled WW but I'll keep doing whatever I can to lose 50 pounds. Hopin SNOELLEC 9 BTINCHER2001
1/4/17 9:33 P
Ugh, I am out driving for Uber right now and I am finding that I really am longing for Gummy Bears UNITYPEORIA 11 BTINCHER2001
1/4/17 9:30 P
Just finished walking 3 miles!!! I burned 370 calories doing so. I'm motivated to the fullest. #IJus BURN2BEFIT 28 S91526
1/4/17 1:32 A
Today was my first day doing the Hard Boiled Egg diet. Its tough but its worth it!! #motivation#fin CHEYELAINE 11 BTINCHER2001
1/3/17 9:17 P
I need 200 cal, 37 carbs, 0 fat, and 57 protien to meet my goal today! What do i eat. Im full of wat K08331 8 SEEKING_BALANCE
1/3/17 9:18 P
So, I've gotten way off track. And it's getting hard to control myself. Does anyone have any advice? HALFHEARTEDAME 7 JANEYDZJOURNEY
1/3/17 9:11 P
Can i loose weight on a 1200 cal diet ? #needadvice #weightcheck HMCSWEENE 6 SDMILLER57
1/3/17 9:08 P
Day 3 , my weight is the same. Am I surprised, NO, I have been the same weight (give or take 10lbs) KCNEL1966 16 A22271
1/3/17 12:27 A
Low calorie recipes? LINDSYSUZANN 5 BTINCHER2001
1/2/17 11:08 P
Any body here over 50 trying to lose weight and eat better? T73122 18 CZECHRN
1/3/17 12:59 A
How many people lose weight and not exercise i simply do not have the time im a college student. I w HMCSWEENE 48 CTEA88
1/8/17 11:04 A
What is your FAVORITE part of your body? #positivity I'll start: I have only one cheek dimple that THEBOMBNOM 13 TRACEE5
1/2/17 7:37 P
So I'm getting married on Friday!! One of the things my guy and I are doing all year for our first y MTTRAVELS 19 DIZZYBRITCHES
1/2/17 7:22 P
Ive already lost 11 pounds but i wanna loose 30 more by july if i eat 1200 kcal will i be able to ob HMCSWEENE 16 BITTERQUILL
1/1/17 7:45 P
Just starting this calorie counting. Has anyone fo CASSANDI1428 15 LIGHTDRIVEN
12/27/16 3:38 P
Today I am back on track with food, and even made FIBROMITE87 11 DAWN1830
12/27/16 2:18 P
What are your favorite on the run meals? I am tal 35YEARS35LBS 13 BTINCHER2001
12/26/16 11:03 P
Three days of bad eating and alcohol. While I defi MICHULLLL 6 LAURCAM13
12/27/16 12:13 A
I've lost about 45 lbs. it's becoming noticeable b ROWLEYPOLEE 4 NUTSABOUTMINIS
12/26/16 11:13 P
Down 52lbs since my decision to get in shape. Original goal of 165 is 2lbs away and while I'll likel KENK667 27 MORNINGSTARZ
12/25/16 4:38 A
Down 6 lbs from starting my diet 4 days ago! Feeli T87046 7 NITWITTY11
12/24/16 7:35 P
Planned on making healthy Christmas dinner. Oven b COCOAGOAL 8 NITWITTY11
12/24/16 8:03 P
This is my first day on my diet and calorie counti MLTEKT06 20 35YEARS35LBS
12/22/16 5:45 P
Can't I do this? So scared, so fat. JENNIER60 31 MCATATE
12/22/16 4:22 P
My Birthday was last week. Normally at work a big DMCBRYER 34 DMCBRYER
12/21/16 1:59 P
Just gave my resignation at work. Super anxious bu LAURENPAYNE1978 15 DEJALABE1
12/20/16 8:08 P
My goal is to get a healthier body any tips ? DIABETICCODY 4 BTINCHER2001
12/20/16 12:45 P
Good morning everyone. Heading to the gym for som GULSHAFAQ 18 SASSYJIVEL155
12/20/16 3:31 P
Any tips on what diet I should be doing?? I start a diet then stop I can't stay on it:/ #help CMALONE302308 16 KENK667
12/27/16 8:10 A
How do u all who get up early and workout before w BELLAMYLOVE1 13 SEBARTLETT
12/19/16 10:33 A
Week of Zumba a week of hip hop abs and now Insani RENEWALVOWREADY 4 JAYISOLDEM2
12/19/16 12:31 A
Yay I made my 1st goal of losing 20 lbs by Christm MYBALOO 24 MSMAKEOVER
12/19/16 7:27 P
Today I actually started working out again. I did MWALKER602 23 RHIO3TRE
12/20/16 4:41 A
Scared to death to eat desserts. I've had really J41803 31 BELLADONNABUNNY
12/16/16 3:37 P
I did so much cleaning yesterday and burned so man EDNAEDWIN 6 BTINCHER2001
12/16/16 2:15 P
I'm in need of a lifestyle change. This weight is B48503 27 W8LOSSLIFE
12/17/16 2:52 A
YAY ME!!! I am now wearing my jeans from 6 yrs CARTAY25 10 VANILLASKY15
12/14/16 1:22 P
Introduce Yourself Here! ROCKMAN6797 3396 NOGREATERJOYX4
1/20/17 9:56 A
Starting this once again...learned I can not do ch CORIDWEN 12 LOISLEL
12/11/16 1:52 P
I care a lot about my lower body part, so what's y LISALORDE 40 BEACHTIME9
12/11/16 7:54 P
How old is everyone on here? KATELYNMARIE137 318 MARYMAZILLA
1/20/17 12:27 A
Just completed my first 5k !! I've been working up to this for the past 8 weeks with C25K #fitness # BEACHTIME9 100 COACHJAJONES
1/11/17 9:13 A
IVE OFFICALLY HIT 150!!!! Its my last goal til my GROOMS74 34 TALISHA976
12/11/16 1:49 P
Hey so I've had my long term goal as my goal the w CGANOE1 16 SWEETESTEA
1/14/17 12:15 P
Attending my nephew's wedding today, and hoping to BTINCHER2001 11 DAWN1830
12/3/16 11:31 A
Started reading "The Spark" today. Any one else re BENCT6008 6 BTINCHER2001
12/3/16 9:42 A
Alright, I want to try a spiralizer. I've seen how UNKYNDENESSE 13 JILLY814
12/4/16 12:55 P
I've officially lost 50lbs! 76 more pounds to go! JULIHC82 68 TSHAWGER
12/3/16 3:28 P
I have lost 20 pounds in a little over a month, an IOWATWIN 20 JAYISOLDEM2
12/1/16 4:57 A
Fell down for a moment but I am back again Witho KEITH-DJM 9 KEITH-DJM
12/1/16 7:23 P
What foods will add more protein without adding to LINDA9S 29 BTINCHER2001
12/1/16 12:23 A
I'm ALWAYS hungry.. LYD1990 7 BTINCHER2001
12/1/16 12:20 A

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