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#BeforeAndAfter No more rollercoasters. EVENICMAT 238 LVMS61516
3/16/18 12:43 A
Lost a chin! I've lost 46 lbs. since June of last year! Wooooooooo hoooooooooo! JPRINCE54 159 FITPT4LIFE
3/8/18 11:11 P
So close to the 150's I can almost taste it! 40lbs down and 15lbs to my lifetime goal. VICKICHICKI123 164 GOINGFORSKINNY
3/9/18 1:16 P
I am down a size smaller. I haven't been a size 16W since my senior year of high school (1997) It ma SKINNYHRT 64 MEEMERS2010
3/4/18 1:36 P
Today’s Bento: baked fish and veggies, cauliflower fried rice, tomatoes, cucumbers, and kiwi BENTOBANQUET 10 -POOKIE-
2/19/18 4:16 A
I went curling! All that sweeping and lunging actually gives you a good workout. KT_2POINT0 5 YMWONG22
2/19/18 3:52 A
The pic on the left was from May 2017. The pic on the right was from February 2018. My goals have be GR03916 17 GR03916
2/20/18 2:04 A
Stared dieting Jan 3rd was 195 now 186 today,super excited! #Goals 😊 22REDBULL 59 ANNAMARIEPRICE0
2/19/18 10:23 P
Tonights dinner- bacon wraped chicken breast...1/2 steamed peas... 1 cup strawberries/raspberries/bl CAROLJORDAN49 23 B49193
2/18/18 7:10 A
76 at 198, looking for 180 or 175! HORATIOHORNBLOW 12 JAYLANJACKIE
2/17/18 11:12 P
November 2017 ~ 300+ pounds I’m going to call this my “before” photo RED_DIRT_HEART 7 CHERRYZMB60
2/18/18 12:22 A
This is my most recent photo, taken by my son. January 28, 2018 ~ 310 pounds RED_DIRT_HEART 16 CHERRYZMB60
2/18/18 12:20 A
My bridesmaid dress arrived yesterday. I bought it a size too small (so risky!) bc you can only take MAMMAVEG 49 ALABAMASUSAN17
2/17/18 7:09 P
Started at 345. Down to 215. N still going eating right n exercise... T24112 174 GREENSPRING54
2/18/18 12:42 A
I can't believe that I am doing this, but I am training for a 5K run in June! This was inspired by S ACTIVEWALKER 13 SLYDE-GLYDER
2/16/18 7:01 P
#BeforeAndAfter Not a huge difference...but not too shabby for my first week. CAROLJORDAN49 8 CANUCKSEW1
2/17/18 12:21 A
I hit a milestone this morning (down 30lbs! wahoo!!) so I decided to do a side-by-side comparison. N COURTPHX 75 MUSTANGMOM6
2/16/18 11:50 P
Closet purge: All this is out of there. What a way to see weight loss progress. I am so hapoy. SYLBA61 25 IAN2409
2/15/18 4:35 A
#thenandnow ;-) TRAY1229 21 ZRIE014
2/15/18 1:04 A
Before pic. 6 lbs down. 44 to go by summer hopefully. MRSNAYE 12 CHERYLHURT
2/13/18 4:43 A
Did you have a good Monday? Keep taking one small positive step to reach your goals! My highlight wa SPARKGUY 79 FRANZEN21
2/13/18 8:49 P
Think I may do a bacon bouquet for my Hubby for V-Day. What do you think? KILTORE 20 MORTICIAADDAMS
2/11/18 8:22 P
#BeforeAndAfter ALIUSHA 48 BELBINA123
2/13/18 4:06 A
My homemade adult coloring sheet. Each shape holds JUNES-HOPE 173 APPLEVEE
2/12/18 1:33 P
Guess who ran a solid mile without stopping? I've always done a walk /run combo, but today I did a m LYONSFARM 106 DOLPH79
2/11/18 7:52 P
Yummy, legal dinner of Lentil Soup and Greek Yogurt with fresh apple. BTINCHER2001 11 PWILLOW1
2/8/18 10:29 P
~ Just for kicks DGFOWLER 9 ROSEWCI
2/9/18 5:02 A
Be proud but never satisfied. PABLO12689 177 BILLTHOMSON
2/8/18 8:41 A
Great way to start my day! I track on Fitbit and S BTINCHER2001 5 1958TMC
2/6/18 10:36 P
I finally did it! I hiked Mt. Rubidoux yesterday. Took forever but I did it. Also, the tail end of FIREBRTHR 301 NEWGIRL125
2/4/18 10:08 P
Great way to start off the weekend! Nice long run J2002HEIDS 6 MUSTANGMOM6
2/3/18 12:47 P
Where’s Waldo?! LOL. Sooo nice to be back running the Michigan woods & trails with these characters. B_RAZORSHARP 21 DIALYSISCHIC1
2/5/18 11:17 P
GOAL! Down 118 pounds. But things are still going quite well, so I've added a "stretch" goal: about FIDDLISH 123 MIRAGE727
2/3/18 7:26 P
Completed January on track, and I'm down 9.8 lbs. Whahoo! Look out February, here I come. Seven lbs BTINCHER2001 5 BILLTHOMSON
2/1/18 5:34 P
After being away from this community I have gained a significant amount of weight due to stress and CLARISSAK13 180 CHRISTOPHER63
2/1/18 6:40 P
Dear self: you may feel like your weight loss is stalling, but your weigh-in calendar tells a differ DARAELISE 15 JOCELYNH711
2/1/18 6:01 A
Did not like this picture at all, I look old TFLATS 7 PRAIRIEOMA
1/21/18 11:34 P
Lowered my calorie intake significantly and changed up my workout. Hoping to see a difference. It h STEPHANIECONGER 20 YMWONG22
1/22/18 12:10 A
Below 300 finally! This totals almost 12 pounds lost since Christmas. Its not much but its a huge di MONA330 265 FITWITHIN
1/22/18 5:21 A
Today’s breakfast! Spinach and kale egg white omelet, steel cut oats with cinnamon and fresh fruit! LSCONTI 20 MOMMY445
1/21/18 1:57 P
From 281 into my 220s ready for onederland D17444 32 FIDDLISH
1/21/18 5:25 P
I have't seen the scale move yet. My pants aren't getting loose. My friends and family haven't notic LANNWLSN 139 SEXESHARONJONES
1/21/18 7:01 P
Dinner. Found some great avocados! Homemade alfredo-ish sauce & deli chicken thigh. Eat some good fo LRJUSTUS1 26 ANNAMARIEPRICE0
1/21/18 9:55 A
I haven't been on the site for awhile, but love the community and trackers, etc. and intend to start SHARONCOATES 8 CANUCKSEW1
1/20/18 1:29 A
One thing I am almost positive I will never give up is my Timmies! I love my coffee. Yes I have my c LOSING_FOR_LIFE 11 GAOUDI
1/18/18 3:17 A
Just me. Day 1. 485 lbs. Why did I let myself do this to me? RODGER1960 303 FRISKYCRITTER
1/17/18 7:15 P
My little vision board. It took me 5 hours to create. Another Spark member actually inspired me to m ALLYLIZZY 15 LOSING_FOR_LIFE
1/17/18 3:32 P
I want to lose weihht before my 35th Birthday June 8th ALICIAMMOMENT 21 MISSYCAMERON
1/16/18 2:41 P
I’m new here and am looking for a good group of people to help keep me accountable! I’m 37, two wee BBQUEENMEL 35 KOSHIE1
1/16/18 2:39 P
i wanted 2018 to be an amazing year since 2017 was so bitter for me. it seems 15 days in and i lost CREATEJOY2 110 TURQUROISE
1/16/18 7:06 P
4:30 PM and I had 2700 steps to go. But it was get BTINCHER2001 10 SWEETIERHONDA
1/24/18 6:32 P
#BeforeAndAfter Today I am celebrating 1year with Spark People! It's been an awesome year I have l CINDY247 31 FITNFABMOMMY
1/17/18 10:32 A
When you’re in a group photo and you’re the fattes MISSAMY426 37 MISSAMY426
1/16/18 7:18 P
1/22/18 9:13 A
Down 1.2 this week only .8 left of that holiday feast left 😂 and... I just registered for a 10k in SOTEIRA75 112 VIRGINIAGIRL
1/12/18 7:54 P
For the first time in 4 years I am finally beginning to feel attractive and comfortable in my own sk ALLYLIZZY 13 MDOWER1
1/12/18 4:16 P
Posted a photo SHANED2017 124 ALABAMASUSAN17
1/12/18 2:58 P
It's my 26th birthday today!!! Goodbye 25! I have 4 years left until I am in my 30's, and I will try ALLYLIZZY 301 CHEIVOUS
1/13/18 10:21 A
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 17 JAMER123
1/13/18 12:30 A
Bonus!!! Been moving every hour since I woke up at 05:30. ST3PH 24 BILLTHOMSON
1/12/18 8:28 A
I started this journey with my best friend one year ago today. I managed to lose 70 lbs last year, t HOL1218 306 EO4WELLNESS
1/12/18 1:34 P
1/11/18 7:33 A
I’ve been feeling so bad about myself lately. I don’t know where to turn to get motivated and some e WVERRECCHIO 27 ABUELAMEMA52
1/10/18 6:20 P
Plate of cookies brought to the table at a Chamber of Commerce meeting. Even saw my hubby cave in a MUSICLADY923 13 MZALEXANDRIACOL
2/16/18 7:40 P
Posted a photo LYONSFARM 15 RHETTDOG
1/11/18 3:14 A
Posted a photo QUARTERMASTER3 8 MOGLO61
1/7/18 5:40 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 109 MOGLO61
1/7/18 5:33 P
I have never shown this to anyone until now. Befor PFRECTO74 35 ALLYLIZZY
1/7/18 2:01 P
Did some walking and other exercises....was so mad this morning....exercised helped a little, but co DAWN1830 19 EO4WELLNESS
1/7/18 2:43 P
Was a bad week weight loss wise this week. Still having a problem getting all my calories in. But Iv SWEETEMTB 32 NOCALORIES
1/6/18 10:37 P
Oh yeah! I rocked today! I think I have earned some couch potato time! ADUKE6 10 _LINDA
1/6/18 7:01 P
It's snowing in Tallahassee. Amazing! TALLYFL 6 BTINCHER2001
1/6/18 6:18 P question for you guys! I am just starting back at the gym. I have been doing 50 minutes of CARLI_TDG 16 BTINCHER2001
1/6/18 6:17 P
Goals are becoming a reality! LAURENPAYNE1978 14 LAURENPAYNE1978
1/11/18 2:18 P
Day 5 was perfect (even walking at night in the rain to get the last of my steps in), and Day 6 is l BTINCHER2001 3 ADRIENALINE
1/6/18 6:32 P