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Down 52 pounds. I feel so much better CFOSTERARDMS48 17 WGLOVER82
3/23/17 1:35 P
Meal prep was done on Sunday this week. SAPOGRAND 11 TAB2017
3/22/17 10:55 P
When you fit into jeans you haven't been able to wear for 4 years! πŸ‘– πŸ˜…πŸ€—πŸ˜ GSANGHERA 10 JHONNMIDWAY
3/21/17 6:01 P
Training for my first half marathon (not any in particular, just around my 'hood lol). Both excited CRAFTYMRSG87 3 BTINCHER2001
3/21/17 5:45 P
Completed my first full week on sparks and I'm down 10 pounds! Seems to be working well.... MAASMAN 13 JAYISOLDEM2
3/21/17 5:51 P
I have the eye of the Tiger going today! TBOAT15644 7 PASTORDAN_ATDCC
3/21/17 5:58 P
100 pounds to lose. It's not going to be easy, but I'm determined to do it. LUIS260 37 EMMIB26
3/21/17 8:21 P
okay I just started this site today. my weight is currently 274 lbs. I need to lose 124 lbs by may 2 COOPER2323 267 BROOKLYNBLONDIE
3/22/17 5:53 A
Hello - new to Low Carbs, hoping to break plateau BTINCHER2001 11 BUDGETMAW
3/19/17 4:13 P
Weekly Goal - 2017 - 03/19/17- 03/25/17 ROCKMAN6797 38 MKBWNSUGAR
3/23/17 10:46 A
Just got this app today. Hoping with its help keeping track I can reach my goal and loose one 100 lb J57542 28 J57542
3/17/17 8:04 P
2 years, 5 months. That's how long it took me to lose 117 pounds. No gimmicks, no quick fixes, no CARRIEB1011 282 BEVIEG41
3/18/17 5:28 P
I believe I made a mistake. I linked MyFitnessPal to Fitbit but yesterday I also linked SparkPeople DIBRIA 5 DIBRIA
3/16/17 10:34 P
I rode a horse for the first time today. She was so cute and nice! It was the best 😊 RUBY-TUESDAY26 4 RUBY-TUESDAY26
3/16/17 9:09 P
Trying this new goal feature out tonight! Finishing off the day with my usual 10 minutes as promised ANNIEONLI 5 MARINEMAMA
3/19/17 5:54 A
Have been working up 4-5 days a week and calorie counting for 4 months. I've only lost 5lbs. I'm inc LEASHALYON 16 MOTIVATED36732
3/16/17 9:53 P
3/16/17 8:47 P
100 lbs down! I still have a ways to go to meet my goal, but everyday is a new day! MLEININGER23 53 PENNYBATES
3/16/17 11:32 P
I am new, and am really wanting to change my lifestyle, and lose weight, this is a before picture, t MKDS312 192 ANDANTE379
3/16/17 11:37 P
Does anyone else have issues with getting enough protein? I've heard you should eat a gram of protei LAURENPAYNE1978 16 BTINCHER2001
3/15/17 10:42 P
I did ok today, walked a mile after a long day at work and within my calorie range. Also did some me KASEYBRINKLEY 7 DAWNIEHEATHER78
3/15/17 10:44 P
Didn't lose the pound this week): i went over on my calories once or twice. sometimes i look at my b WASEYCOOD 8 SKINNYERIN5
3/15/17 11:02 P
I was on vacation in Florida for a week!! Ocean front hotel so walked on the beach a lot! Wonderful YKOEHLER 10 ANUTKIN703
3/15/17 10:44 P
My goal: Getting the last 15 lbs off. I'm at 166, heading for 151. (5'6", age 67) After 30 months of BTINCHER2001 2 EMMIB26
3/15/17 11:29 A
What do I have to do to get my fitbit to track on my log for the day. I synced it already and my fit DJACOBY-C 4 DJACOBY-C
3/14/17 4:06 P
I am trying to balance my too high vitamin A and C with my low Vitamin D. seems the more I tweak it- RICHBT809 11 ARGYLEMYSTERY
3/16/17 12:39 P
Mardi Gras was a blast! Now I feel stuck and unmotivated 😞 D3TERMINED 8 MSBOOTCAMP
3/13/17 11:31 P
My husband and I, lost a total of 220 pounds together. Him a couple of years and I, 85 pounds since MISAIS 158 PREMAMEHROTRA
3/14/17 5:39 A
Officially out of the 140s. 138.5! 😬 LAURENPAYNE1978 11 LAURENPAYNE1978
3/14/17 2:25 P
Working on my shoulders and back today. I never thought I would be where I'm at today a year ago! It KRSUMNER 16 KRSUMNER
3/13/17 11:53 P
#lowcarb I've been eating low carb for over a year but the past few mths there has been no weight lo DEEO12 10 DEWILL2
3/19/17 11:39 P
Weapons of choice. Or tools of the Trade....what do you use? Of course sparkspeople......I got this CURRYNUT123 10 CURRYNUT123
3/13/17 6:11 P
Whoop! Just saw the race results from the 5K I ran in yesterday. In my age group, I came in 13th of BTINCHER2001 6 1958TMC
3/13/17 12:54 P
Weekly Goal - 2017 - 03/12/17- 03/18/17 ROCKMAN6797 46 GODSBEST
3/21/17 2:45 P
Attending my nephew's wedding today, and hoping to BTINCHER2001 12 BTINCHER2001
3/12/17 7:17 P
#fitbit What causes my Challenge 2 to record "Floors"? I live in a flat house, in a flat town. I rar BTINCHER2001 5 BTINCHER2001
3/12/17 7:14 P
Even though it's -11 here with crazy wind and I had no motivation what so ever to leave the house I INVISIBLEGIRL06 45 MSPENCER7
3/12/17 8:24 P
250 days tracking 61lbs lost I'm not saying I didn't have any overages (small or large) in those 25 MISSDORKNESS 66 RSKMOM
3/12/17 6:06 P
The 1st was from 2014. It got worse than that. I got heavier and unhealthier. My wake up call wasn't PUPPYBUG 45 SCHNOOTIE
3/12/17 7:20 P
Nothing like a good hike with our dogs in the hills. HICKOK-HALEY 12 DIZZYBRITCHES
3/12/17 3:09 P
I've walked many 5K races. This is the first time I RAN one! Not bad for age 67. Shamrock'n in Sacra BTINCHER2001 22 JKNEPFLE
3/13/17 12:29 P
4 miles in 43 minutes! Can't believe i can finally maintain less than 11 min mile! KASG81 16 BARBRUCKER1
3/9/17 8:34 P
So if your body has gone into starvation mode how long does it take to adjust? MILITARYMOMKG 7 NAOMI_ACOSTA
3/9/17 8:15 P
I have definitely overtrained. I'm taking two days off exercise and sticking to doing just activitie UNKYNDENESSE 9 DAWN1830
3/8/17 3:54 P
I have been dieting for almost 2 months, the last 2 weeks I have been getting head aches alot. Does SHARLAMILLER 10 JUDY1260
3/7/17 10:03 P
I have a question....Is it a must to eat 6 meals a day to loss weight? #food VSIMMONDS 26 LITTLEDEE76
3/8/17 4:00 P
I ate a pizza hot pocket is that count as cheating it was my dinner and way in my calories MRSCHUNKYNOMORE 16 QSHEPP
3/7/17 9:30 P
Down 9.5 lbs in 8 weeks, which is the progress I was hoping for when I started. At 56 yrs old it's c JUDY1260 20 JUDY1260
3/7/17 7:53 A
Weekly Goal - 2017 - 03/05/17- 03/11/17 ROCKMAN6797 36 MNH228
3/10/17 9:21 P
I think I've hit a plateau, boo! I haven't lost anything this week. I knew it was bound to happen bu POPCORNADDICT1 15 SSMITH762
2/28/17 9:11 P
I fell off the wagon a few weeks ago and fell hard. I had been down 10 lbs but gained 4 back already K8YBUG9 22 HARLEYQUINN2016
3/3/17 12:43 A
3/12/17 5:35 P
Not hungry today. I can't see eating if I'm not hungry. MSCHILE5 11 JUDY1260
2/27/17 5:54 P
Fitbit## is there a way to link the fitbit to the food log ? MKAJKOWSKI 3 TAMMSOUTH
2/27/17 6:14 P
Weekly Goal - 2017 - 02/26/17- 03/04/17 ROCKMAN6797 38 LEEWILLIAMS67
3/7/17 4:38 P
Nonscale victory today! I hooked my bra on the smallest hooks, not the largest ones! KJKELLEY920 15 BTINCHER2001
2/25/17 10:17 P
I joined, then didn't do anything. So, I'm going to try again! #motivation #help SHOEMAKER80 8 IVANHOE64
3/10/17 2:24 P
Need help with meal plans with other foods that i actually like. Its hard because i do not eat fish MICHAELAX1041 11 DEBBIE1993
2/25/17 10:23 P
Working out is fun, but sooo very hard. Here's hoping that this is worth it. #PushingForward #Exerci BRENAYE 12 BTINCHER2001
2/25/17 9:54 P
Is there a particular app that you use to help walk you through exercise? I could use something that LIGHTRADIANT 6 DEAUNNA13
2/25/17 10:05 P
Saved enough calories earlier today for Olive Garden with my fiancΓ© tonight, now we are at Buffalo W JNMORRIS15 10 MAMAJID
2/25/17 10:17 P
I55 years of eating sugar I was able to tell myself one day stop and that was when I was like 310 po MADMICJAMA1961 9 SARAWALL2013
2/25/17 10:15 P
Question. When the day gets so busy, you don't get the chance to eat lunch until late and dinner is LESOVME 4 AGGIEPILZ
2/25/17 9:52 P
I have a new goal...the elliptical. Today I only managed 1 min 45 seconds, lol. Tomorrow I am aiming ARTSYAMY1 22 SARAWALL2013
2/25/17 10:13 P
My hubby surprised me by buying me a reward gift for hitting one-derland ❀ he took me to David's Tea JEMMSIE 33 SAPHIRA70
2/26/17 7:32 A
When you're out and you can't get home, and you need lunch, but you don't have lots of time, where d GREENEYESKIGIRL 30 BTINCHER2001
2/23/17 5:05 P
Help!! Hi everyone.. I am really struggling with this whole weight loss thing.. I am down 5 lbs and NOREILLY18 32 QSHEPP
2/25/17 9:28 P
Now my boyfriend is on it too. Were gonna kick ass together! #goals #hardwork #together πŸ’ͺ🌺 COURTNEYLOVVORN 18 DAWN_BRITT
2/23/17 6:42 P
I am trying to eat more veggies, so I just bought butternut squash. Any tips on how to prepare it? ROBRIBRI 11 BTINCHER2001
2/23/17 5:00 P
I had a bad day .., very less than proud moments eating wise. plus no exercise. But i guess i can c COLCWAMERHTLGGD 7 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
2/23/17 4:58 P
Went to my dietitian and have lost 27 pounds so we my last visit a month ago ! My kidneys are still SAUDUKI 11 IT*SNEVER2LATE
2/23/17 5:49 P
I hit the gym for the first time in 2 weeks. I was so sick with the flu. I am super excited to be ba KSUTTO09 3 BTINCHER2001
2/23/17 4:55 P
Weekly Goal - 2017 - 02/19/17- 02/25/17 ROCKMAN6797 49 LEEWILLIAMS67
3/7/17 4:29 P
Where do you go for hikes, walks in the Sacramento ELSIEO62 5 ELSIEO62
2/23/17 9:08 P
Is anyone doing the Atkins diet ? I'm thinking of starting tomorrow . If so what are some good snack NOTGIVINGUP3 5 BTINCHER2001
2/22/17 6:16 P

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