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11/4/17 5:10 P
What is the last thing you ate? ELAINOVA 12013 JAMER123
11/24/17 9:41 P
What did you eat for lunch today? SLK347 47544 HOLLYSTORMCLOUD
11/24/17 12:12 P
Candy corn; love or hate? MICHELLEXXXX 36 BOOTYLICIOUS83
11/4/17 5:07 P
Jessica Smith exercises 4LMHJCR 9 BOOTYLICIOUS83
11/4/17 5:07 P
When Do You Exercise? STUDENT_NURSE18 320 BLONDWUNN
11/24/17 9:10 P
What is your exercise plan for today? INSHAPE4LOVE 27417 LADYREDCOMET
11/24/17 10:47 A
Does anyone use Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pound LISA9867 41 JENNIFERHOPE2
11/5/17 6:48 P
What was your Cardio of the Day? RAJOLYRISHI 35134 LOUIE-LILY
11/24/17 8:38 A
did you exercise today??...if yes..WHAT did you do BIGPOPPAPUFF 23627 BIGPOPPAPUFF
11/24/17 4:06 P
How many minutes exercise have you done today? SUZ4NNE 79767 SPANKIE3
11/24/17 9:56 P
Exercise Inside or Outside Today? TRIKEMAMA1 50369 LOUIE-LILY
11/24/17 8:38 A
How Do You Get All Your Fruits And Veggies In? SILVERWIND02 59 CARRIENIGN
11/24/17 5:12 P
Did you eat breakfast? If so what? LITTLE-SASHA 93733 BIGPOPPAPUFF
11/24/17 3:46 P
What are your favorite healthy snacks? 50YEARSAWIFE 36 JUSTEATREALFOOD
9/4/17 2:51 P
What freggies did you eat today? EABL81 234 EABL81
11/22/17 9:10 P
Did you take your vitamins today? HARLEYANGELONE 53998 BLONDWUNN
11/24/17 9:11 P
Are You Walking and/or Running Today? MJRVIC2000 28941 SISTERPRETTY
11/24/17 8:07 P
Did you overeat at your last meal? IAMJOYFUL2 13436 SISTERPRETTY
11/24/17 8:07 P
How did you feel when you woke up this morning? TWININGS12 10083 MISSDAISY23
11/24/17 5:31 P
Are You Happy Right Now? SMYLEERED 36583 SISTERPRETTY
11/24/17 8:05 P
What are you looking forward to? GBOOMER 9483 SISTERPRETTY
11/24/17 8:08 P
Are you feeling Positive or Negative today? BIGMAMA4U 54694 SISTERPRETTY
11/24/17 8:06 P
Are you at peace and grateful right now? IAMJOYFUL2 11736 SISTERPRETTY
11/24/17 8:06 P
When Eating Out, I . . . . CARMACHAMELEON 20 ITSALLGOOD6
8/6/17 10:10 A
Stopped Drinking Soda MATTD63 22 MATTD63
7/18/17 3:37 P
What's your favorite non gym activity? MRSCORNY2015 162 FLORADITA
9/5/17 4:11 P
How much exercise do you do a week? BNMULLINS 61 ORGANICTAMPONS
7/17/17 7:48 A
New Member Intro FBERG1 1101 COLLEENMC1
9/28/17 12:35 P
Do you eat when you're not hungry? BRANDIW7 73 MOLUX252627
6/23/17 10:48 P
Did you exercise today? GETTO140 86571 COOP9002
11/24/17 7:27 P
Do you avoid carbs or embrace them? MARIONH4 127 CED1106
5/30/17 8:41 A
What are your "must have" grocery items! PDLSTMPR1 115 KRYS210
6/1/17 3:16 P
How motivated are you today? Scale from 1-10 OODELETEDOO 45587 ROCKRS
11/24/17 9:37 A
Welcome!!! Please Introduce Yourself! PAULKNUTH 109 NEWCHICK
4/24/17 11:23 P
snacks today??....what'd you have??... BIGPOPPAPUFF 10353 LEDIRETSE
4/5/17 9:30 A
Hello, I am new this page. My name is " Canila liked Vanilla" as you can see I have lost weight but CANILA 34 CANILA
3/30/17 8:44 A
Did you have a Woohoo Wednesday? My highlight was basketball with my son. How about you? Have fun re SPARKGUY 81 SAMIKK1
4/1/17 8:41 A
How often do you work out? THEQUEENBEE40 147 RUNANDRUN
4/5/17 12:10 A
Just took photo today. I hate the way i look. I am huge and big. I don't look or feel pretty even th SHIRLEYJ49 131 FOREVERGEMINI
3/25/17 10:50 P
Been drinking these lately. No calories no nothing. They are really good L85137 12 CHERIRIDDELL
3/26/17 12:48 A
86 calories as a dessert. It actually helps my cake craving. MAKINGHERPROUD 13 ANNDANDY
3/26/17 2:39 A
Finally got the 25 pounds lost badge. GOLDENYEAR66 27 QSHEPP
3/26/17 9:33 A
Still plugging away! Getting more and more proud of my hard work every week. Another few pounds and CHOLA82 167 ANGELAFREEMAN88
3/26/17 7:04 A
Goals for the six weeks of my workplace weight loss challenge: 1. Eat smaller portions in general; 2 KARMAKITTY6 12 BOOTYLICIOUS83
3/22/17 11:15 P
This is my first day I'm starting in weighing 213. Trying to get back to 180-175. Any suggestions ar KIAYNAMACKEY 16 KIAYNAMACKEY
3/23/17 10:38 A
My first post! This is going to be my before picture. I am done feeling out of control. I am done gi BEXTERMINATOR 49 ISLANDBUTTERFLY
3/23/17 1:12 A
Today is day one. So far 910 calories.. I worry about of I can do fiance and I are in this ALISONNY 233 NELLJONES
3/23/17 7:47 A
What Emoticon Are You Today? FIT4BRIT 39098 WWREFUGEE1942
11/23/17 3:31 A
Where do you put your phone when you work out? FLYAKITE15 13 HPOFBC
3/20/17 9:18 A
Anyone do the Leslie Sansone walk videos? TIME4ME2017 26 PAPASNAPDRAGON1
3/20/17 5:09 P
Freezers - Upright or Chest? SWEET-PEASMOM 13 LVMS61516
3/4/17 11:19 P
Trying to stay positive today and be mindful of what I eat. Wish me luck! Have a great day! WINWIN11 5 TSHAWGER
3/3/17 8:37 A
Good morning I hope you have a great day ZOEYBRATZ 4 U1NANA
3/3/17 7:49 A
I realized that I have no trouble posting on Facebook but seldom make the time to post here. Or trac HVALERI22 11 KEERAKYRAM
3/3/17 10:32 A
I'm feeling pretty sluggish today. Despite that I did make it to the gym and worked out hard. Will g KIKIGEMINI 8 KIKIGEMINI
3/3/17 11:24 A
Really, is it any wonder that so many Americans are over weight! I could eat fast food and other jun SUMMERFODRIE 43 MOONCANDLE
3/3/17 9:50 A
Challenged myself with a new 30 minute workout. It was VERY challenging, but I pushed through witho CCOTTRELL5 16 MORETHANAMOMOF3
3/3/17 10:35 A
My goal is to lose 76 lbs. What's your goal? JERRIDAWN1014 4854 RUCHADESHPANDE
11/11/17 11:06 A
3/3/17 8:02 A
Got my booty into a size 14W pant today. Last pant size on the "women's" side of the store! #goals # AIMEEZ21 38 HLANIER4
3/3/17 5:46 A
I think sugar calls to me. . .it knows my weaknesses and preys upon them. MISTERROBERTSON 8 ANGELAJANEDOE
3/3/17 12:31 A
I was ringing up a lady with two small girls today at work. One of the kids asked her mom if I was A LEBRIST 9 BOOTYLICIOUS83
3/2/17 11:59 P
Is my Birthday today I went out for lunch at Mexican restaurant . YULEIMAMALONE 61 YULEIMAMALONE
3/14/17 11:30 P
This is my first time with this app! So far very helpful. Time to get my body back where it needs to LINDSEYMANNO93 19 ANGELAJANEDOE
3/3/17 12:33 A
I. Am. Making. My. Fat. A§§. Great. Again. To Russia with Love. Take my fat and shove it. I have bee FATBIRDY 2 BOOTYLICIOUS83
3/2/17 11:44 P
How many calories do you eat at dinner. #food #calories SUSIEQUEEN73 47 JAZZYGF
3/8/17 8:26 P
Hey everyone ? What's the reason why you choice to get healthier: my reasons: to enjoy life better, KATDEL20 16 INDOIZZY16
3/3/17 12:33 A
Cake always looks better than it tastes. . . unless it's cheese cake then it's reverse. MISTERROBERTSON 5 ANGELAJANEDOE
3/3/17 12:36 A
Can previous food entries/menus be deleted? To start fresh, so to speak. #myspark MALEMA13 4 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
3/2/17 11:43 P
What have you learned by tracking your food? MAGGI-TT 135 JHDIETNOW
4/2/17 6:53 A
Been working out for 6 days now and loving it. I forgot how much I enjoyed it. CCOTTRELL5 20 LISADAVIS1961
2/28/17 8:43 A
If I could push a button and my stomach was gone. I would but it's gonna take hard work. QSHEPP 6 NAOMI_ACOSTA
2/28/17 7:55 A
I have lost 20 pounds and now I'm having a hard time staying on board to lose another 15. SALTLIFEGRL73 8 RYANCLAYTON
2/28/17 7:31 A
Logged in my cardio for today. Burned more than I did yesterday. I feel great! Have an awesome day e KIKIGEMINI 4 BOOTYLICIOUS83
2/28/17 7:23 A