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snacks today??....what'd you have??... BIGPOPPAPUFF 10316 RICHERYL
2/23/17 11:13 P
What is the last thing you ate? ELAINOVA 11092 BLAZINGSWORD
2/23/17 4:30 P
What did you eat for lunch today? SLK347 46248 DEKATE99
2/23/17 2:39 P
Did you eat breakfast? If so what? LITTLE-SASHA 92054 GEMINICHIK
2/23/17 12:05 P
What was your Cardio of the Day? RAJOLYRISHI 33793 BIGTOSS03
2/23/17 11:32 P
How many minutes exercise have you done today? SUZ4NNE 77306 SPANKIE3
2/23/17 9:31 P
Did you exercise today? GETTO140 84103 BIGTOSS03
2/23/17 11:33 P
did you exercise today??...if yes..WHAT did you do BIGPOPPAPUFF 22018 NANASUEH
2/23/17 8:24 P
What is your exercise plan for today? INSHAPE4LOVE 25976 BANDOAYAN1
2/23/17 8:51 P
I am a complete YOGA JUNKIE 👌😑👌OMMMMM 😂😂 Hey! Dont knock it till you try it. Turn on some medi NAVAJOSHANNON 6 BOOTYLICIOUS83
2/21/17 12:21 P
I love walking to Leslie Sansone. #exercise #healthy #motivated HLOPEZ84 16 SISSY2979
2/21/17 1:41 P
Built up a small sweat this morning... such a great feeling :) #exercise M61947 2 BOOTYLICIOUS83
2/21/17 12:19 P
#Exercise Anyone looking for new FREE workouts, checkout the HASfit channel on YouTube. Happened acr SOOKIE 8 FILORD
2/21/17 12:31 P
Just starting today.. Never done this... #firstpost #coach #needadvice #food #exercise CHIO2415 59 AMYC2017
2/23/17 10:55 A
Hey guys where is everyone from? I'm thinking if w BECGAMMON 3061 BOOTYLICIOUS83
2/21/17 12:09 P
Morning started off well. But night time I did terrible. I had chip ahoy and potato chips. I work tw REDPOOKIE 4 JWELLS9499
2/21/17 12:11 P
Hi All, I had a veggie omelette, coffee, coffee cake muffin (homemade) & grapes. I'm now goin to wrk BEVBENN3 3 HARLEYQUINN2016
2/21/17 12:06 P
This whole documenting what you eat thing is so itritating.... Makes me even more hungry. ): Day 2.. AL92014 29 122772
2/20/17 7:31 P
Trying (once again) to organise and sort out "stuff" that still hasn't found a permanent home since NAOMI_ACOSTA 23 WIGHTSE
2/20/17 5:19 P
Gonna spend my day off by enjoying the sun getting some vitamin d at the park! LR237787 14 JULIENSMITH
2/20/17 5:00 P
Going to have a potential cheat event today w tacos, any suggestions on as n alternative plan. Taco JUSTSTICKWITHIT 13 BOOTYLICIOUS83
2/19/17 7:44 A
I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I have been eating better than ever, but I'm frustrated that my KCLADYBUG 11 NAOMI_ACOSTA
2/19/17 7:48 A
There's a #fitness app called 30 days. You choose some, or even just one challenge and log progressi KERANCE 23 DGIGGLES3
2/19/17 2:06 P
It's another beautiful day outside! Makes me happy spring is coming. BOOTYLICIOUS83 9 BKWRM2277
2/19/17 8:39 A
I eat mostly frozen entrees for lunch at work. I started buying healthy choice ones.. they have vegg BOOTYLICIOUS83 6 REALMOMMYLISA
2/19/17 8:07 A
I was able to comfortably wear a shirt I bought in December and could barely squeeze in. #NSV DRYEARY 28 VIVI65
2/19/17 8:25 A
Good morning CBASS30 10 LISAMARIE2015
2/19/17 8:30 A
Last night was date night so ate 250 calories more than planned but still below my recommended calor ANNIM80 20 SPARKISBACK17
2/19/17 9:11 A
Very proud of myself. Went to Applebee's for supper last night and I stuck with the healthy part of CBULLIS1 15 LISAMARIE2015
2/19/17 8:30 A
I want to join a gym. But have anxiety don't like being around crowds much. Does anyone go to planet BOOTYLICIOUS83 15 HUSKERGIRL72
2/18/17 6:49 A
Well it's official, Lapband is out! 70lbs gone in 2 years and I intend on keeping it that way! #ne MEGHAN_H78 3 BOOTYLICIOUS83
2/17/17 7:29 A
Can anyone tell me what are great proteins to help me lose weight an how to use them in daily meals KKRODRIGUEZ 25 CAROLEINHOLLAND
2/18/17 10:18 P
I never thought it would happen, but I need to drink water now. I generally have a hard time getting HUMMINBIRRRD 4 BOOTYLICIOUS83
2/17/17 7:28 A
Good morning! I'm feeling very encouraged this morning. Been drinking water like crazy this week. Cu EMBERNBREESMAMA 9 IVANHOE64
2/17/17 7:32 A
I'm truly happy to announce that today I'm down to 210!!! I started this journey January 1st weighin RYANCLAYTON 95 CRYSTAL5124
2/21/17 6:23 P
How often do you work out? THEQUEENBEE40 69 MKRETIRED
2/23/17 10:28 P
Exercise Inside or Outside Today? TRIKEMAMA1 47968 NANASUEH
2/23/17 8:23 P
Totally bombed last night. Ate way too much junk after having a great eating day. So upset with my BOJO1517 14 BOOTYLICIOUS83
2/16/17 12:07 P
What are your restrictions in your diet? ANGELAJANEDOE 27 SPARKISBACK17
2/16/17 12:51 P
Ate a big bowl of ice cream with peanut butter, marshmallow cream and chocolate syrup last night, al TORRIESJOURNEY 9 MAMAJID
2/16/17 12:16 P
So my question is how many people here have had weight-loss surgery I seen a specialist for it and I JENNIFERRVALDEZ 4 BOOTYLICIOUS83
2/16/17 12:05 P
All you powdered peanut butter users out there, have you ever used it for cooking? If so, are there NAOMI_ACOSTA 31 NAOMI_ACOSTA
2/20/17 7:32 A
Breakfast: Ground elk, bacon, and asparagus. What are you eating this morning? #breakfast #food ARMADILLOJEN 37 HARDYFOR2
2/19/17 11:18 A
I am 1 yr post gastric sleeve . Since 2007 I have lost 150 lbs. 100 of that was after the sleeve. EPAGE46 8 BOOTYLICIOUS83
2/16/17 7:49 A
Just came back from vacation. I need to get back to my routine. GIRLIEMICHELLE 3 BOOTYLICIOUS83
2/16/17 7:49 A
Does anyone have any advice for those of us with quite the sweet tooth? I'm always torn between givi AIM4FIT9 21 FIBROMITE87
2/16/17 8:13 P
New to the group and looking to 100lbs so I can use as much encouragement as possible! Seeing progre MSACW1231 34 DGIGGLES3
2/16/17 7:52 A
#strong #help #advice I need some encouragement. I C34719 49 ANGELAJANEDOE
2/16/17 12:18 A
Ran 2.25 miles this morning @ 5mph without stoppin BEACHTIME9 78 SIXLESTER69
2/16/17 12:02 A
So I had a bad day at work, I was having a "fat day". What'd I do? Came home did yoga targeting my a CTEVIS1 15 SIXLESTER69
2/15/17 11:58 P
Haven't logged anything for a couple days. Haven't eaten anything. Good news is I am cancer free ye RAYEJ53 11 NAOMI_ACOSTA
2/16/17 6:45 A
I just started this today! NEED to lose 75 pounds! Lord be with me! Wish me luck! MVENUTI10 19 FITLALLY79
2/16/17 1:31 A
This tracking of Calories is stressful CHRISTINEBACA 16 BOOTYLICIOUS83
2/15/17 11:54 P
Success I put on a pair of jeans that I have not worn in 2 years!! The fit was GREAT!!! # firstpost MYCHANGE2O17 59 BLUEEAGLEME
2/16/17 7:54 A
Down 16 pounds since the start of the year! This is the most I've been able to lose in years! Hoping THISISFORME143 18 FITLALLY79
2/16/17 1:29 A
Happy Valentine's Day! Stay strong GODDESSBELLA77 4 S_MHANCOCK
2/14/17 7:39 A
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!! FEALSTON 6 LADYARTIST41
2/14/17 7:40 A
I changed my goals. I keep overeating. I've been at this a year, lost 45 pounds, and now I have an i MSCOTT138 14 ELLIAHCARRIGAN
2/15/17 8:22 P
What the #!%$@ I've been dieting and exercising for a month and I've gained a couple pounds :( #we M61947 15 M61947
2/17/17 9:35 A
Amazing how much better I feel in just a few days of not consuming soda or refined sugar!! Definitel SHERCALLA45 9 WALLYHEIDI
2/14/17 8:04 A
Today I will not let the temptation take over! #determined CASEYGRANT14 18 S_MHANCOCK
2/14/17 7:38 A
How did you feel when you woke up this morning? TWININGS12 8918 _CYNDY55_
2/23/17 7:19 A
Did you overeat at your last meal? IAMJOYFUL2 11512 SISTERPRETTY
2/23/17 9:35 P
What are you looking forward to? GBOOMER 8442 SISTERPRETTY
2/23/17 9:38 P
How motivated are you today? Scale from 1-10 OODELETEDOO 43855 BANDOAYAN1
2/23/17 9:00 P
Are You Walking and/or Running Today? MJRVIC2000 27193 SISTERPRETTY
2/23/17 9:36 P
This is my Emoticon today... LILBLUEYEDARLIN 6044 PATRICIAANN46
2/23/17 8:04 P
How many cups of water today (or yesterday)? SNARDEESNIFF 12929 BANDOAYAN1
2/23/17 8:59 P
Did you take your vitamins today? HARLEYANGELONE 51376 SHRINKINGMOMMA1
2/23/17 10:34 P
Are you feeling Positive or Negative today? BIGMAMA4U 52498 SISTERPRETTY
2/23/17 9:36 P
What did you eat for supper today? MAISIA 29039 BOOTYLICIOUS83
2/13/17 5:17 P
holding your stomach in during workouts BOOTYLICIOUS83 5 LADYREDCOMET
2/12/17 9:12 P
Anyone do the Leslie Sansone walk videos? TIME4ME2017 16 ACRAZYCRAFTER
2/14/17 2:15 P
A bit about myself: married-mother of a 3yo. Full time cake decorator. Sweet craver,soda lover,energ MJ0034 20 TANYA210
2/12/17 8:50 P
#backedup OMG I wish I could "go". Also, I've been really messed up about tracking my food which i HONEYFROG68 6 BOOTYLICIOUS83
2/12/17 12:04 P

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