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So my profile picture displays the awesome weight loss of 215lbs I enjoyed while on my first journey EVERAFTER73 209 AGNES_
6/28/17 5:09 A
Started the day early this morning with 10 minutes of balance board in the sunshine (free vitamin D) SPARKGUY 23 CINDY247
6/24/17 10:08 P
99 lbs down wow this is truly amazing. I was hopin THEJACKIEDEAN12 217 EDTRACY26
6/28/17 12:59 P
Have you been outside yet today? SCOTLA 19291 CARTOON3
7/20/17 1:46 P
Started at 215 and I am now 148! Feeling good! πŸ‘Œ KTKRISTIAN32 112 JESSELEAL2005
7/7/17 3:56 P
May 31st i started sparkle people and my weight was 260 now im down to this B77421 31 LASTDIET2017
6/12/17 1:44 A
Woooooo hooooo!!!!!!! BETTYWEST824 125 FITWITHIN
6/12/17 5:55 A
Fifty pounds down since January! I've fallen off t S84747 33 TXCOWBOYS2
5/29/17 11:19 P
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was basketball with my son and fun with the family. How a SPARKGUY 41 LYONSFARM
5/31/17 7:29 P
Hello Everyone I'm New Here I'm Ready To Begin #GETFITCHIπŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ₯’πŸ‡πŸ‰πŸ“πŸ₯‘πŸ₯’πŸŠ ZEKIA1992 55 NLJONES66
5/29/17 9:44 P
Today is my day 1. So thankful to be able to prepare for the week so I can eat healthy and have no e MUNDYRO 5 COMEBACKKID12
5/30/17 12:49 P
December, just days before Christmas to today, Memorial day. 249.8 to 197.6 in five months. This app HORHAYZ13 86 GO_ROSIE_GO
6/14/17 8:33 P
Here goes nothing! Start weight, 315. Goal 200. MTOOLEY2 159 ROBYNSMILES
5/30/17 9:45 A
Just weighed in and I'm down to 148 lbs!!! That's 13 lbs since March 17th. Slow but sure progress. HALFPINTGRAMMA1 7 -JAMES-
5/10/17 6:30 P
I am trying to put in something from Cheddar's but it's not in the food list. Is there a way to pul MADDIEBSMAMA 3 ZENYAW
5/10/17 5:36 P
My late lunch I'm glad I took the time to cook COWENS111 13 TOMATOCAFEGAL
5/10/17 5:52 P
Good morning everyone!!!! I have exciting news, I THEJACKIEDEAN12 324 STUPIDHURT
6/8/17 10:17 A
Progress from January 28th until April 21st beginning weight 169.8 was 165.4 in the photo on the rig LOTUSFLOWER80 66 DEEMONIQUE94
4/27/17 1:40 A
I've been celebrating a non-scale victory all day! A pair of cool jeans I could barely do up a month WHOIAM3 129 TCANNO
4/27/17 3:46 A
"Fun loving people over 60" ALASKAWOMAN 49411 MSKIRBY1
7/20/17 12:47 P
I met my first goal of losing 50 lbs. Now on to the next 😁 MYBALOO 101 CHUBBYNOMORE3
4/1/17 7:52 P
Almost exactly one year ago. Down 121 lbs since starting my program in July. And 131 for the year. JATOMIC 65 CAJUNGAL328
5/17/17 1:58 P
I've always looked at pretty shirts with patterns and flattering shapes and then never bought them b CATHYGO7280 19 PRAIRIECROCUS
4/1/17 8:16 P
Posted a photo RICKISMOM1 13 DDWMITCH
4/1/17 7:49 P
I normally don't post body pics of myself, but I saw this and I wanted to cry because of so much dif THEJACKIEDEAN12 304 SUKULELE
4/2/17 7:55 A
Day 2 of my diet... Had a stress test that didn't go so well but kept at it. JBOWERS2005 7 BOOPSTER69
3/31/17 6:32 P
Day 001 - Dinner is bean and leek casserole with a local sausage and glass of white wine. Sticking w MERRYMAID18 4 BOOPSTER69
3/31/17 6:31 P
I'm down 41 pounds and counting πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸΎ. My body changed so much after a baby and I still want to los CBIGHAM07 32 PAMBACH
3/31/17 6:44 P
Down 50 pounds since 12-3-16! Long way to go, but so proud so far!! BECCA8516 91 LRJONES78
3/31/17 8:12 P
Tomorrow is my 6th month anniversary of being drug free after an 8 year long battle. It will also ma PHOENIXRISING87 305 JOSHVA
5/20/17 5:36 A
I DID IT! Woke up this morning with depression brain.... why bother? Won't make a difference, you' 0VERITALREADY 179 CHINADOLL53
3/31/17 8:57 P
What Fruit or Vegetable did You have Today? MRSBOJANGLES2 178 HEALTHYBARB1
7/18/17 1:40 A
Saw this sign outside a gym today. Words to live by. AVPURNELL 11 TCANNO
3/28/17 3:51 A
Almost at goal weight! JAMIEHORMEL 301 DTSM53
3/27/17 11:37 P
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was exercise bike. How about you? It's so fun seeing all t SPARKGUY 90 JOYCEHARRIS3
3/28/17 4:26 P
So I wash on the run today I woke up late for the boys appointment and forgot to grab my lunch/break MRSCHUNKYNOMORE 6 MRSCHUNKYNOMORE
3/24/17 3:47 P
What kind of goals should I set myself for my weight loss journey? FREESPITITHIPPI 3 BOOPSTER69
3/24/17 1:10 P
My team ordered out for lunch and got fried food. I ate my packed lunch instead, and am full and sat SPICUZZAC 7 LOSINGIT86
3/24/17 1:25 P
The picture on the left is in November at my daughter's first birthday party. The picture on the rig MOMMYRE 22 LANNEMACK
3/24/17 1:41 P
Finally saw some scale movement this week. Now at 209lbs, though I am wearing smaller pants than I w MISSDORKNESS 49 BJAEGER307
3/25/17 12:01 P
Meal prepping is the only true way for me to stay on the track. This is one of my previous preps for FITSISTA79 156 KARENWILL2
4/19/17 11:44 A
Hello everyone! This is my first day here...not really sure how to start this journey other than to AWILSON0328 199 ROCKYCPA
3/24/17 7:00 P
Good morning is weigh in day and I weighed in at 261.8 lbs, which means I lost 8.8 THEJACKIEDEAN12 302 TFORD999
3/24/17 7:46 P
Training for my first half marathon (not any in particular, just around my 'hood lol). Both excited CRAFTYMRSG87 3 BTINCHER2001
3/21/17 5:45 P
Just started!!! My goal is to lose 60lbs. So far I've lost 7lbs so far. Its a start N54888 18 QSHEPP
3/22/17 4:07 A
I posted earlier of my 166 pound weight loss it's embarrassing but this is my before and after keep CTRENT2 173 CHRIS3874
3/21/17 9:55 P
Hi all! I'm new here. Just starting this journey. I figured I should try something new because prev ANGEL99KISS 4 BOOPSTER69
3/16/17 4:13 P
I feel frustration I scale today gain up I don't know WHY I still eat small portion every 3 hours YULEIMAMALONE 10 BOOPSTER69
3/16/17 4:11 P
I am confused on what to look at when I log my meals, The nutrition area where u log says I have mor STARRLADY_07 7 MMWUSA
3/16/17 4:11 P
I am new, and am really wanting to change my lifestyle, and lose weight, this is a before picture, t MKDS312 192 ANDANTE379
3/16/17 11:37 P
What a difference 120 lbs can make. Still working on reaching my goal but this is me then and now. MISS-WILLOW 259 DAWN1830
3/17/17 5:16 P
3/15/17 11:55 A
no snow all winter and today this is what it looks like outside. It is still coming down. In a few d KEEPITUP4LIFE 6 TCANNO
3/15/17 6:48 A
206 day streak on SP! Down 44 pounds since July. Still a ways to go, but now...I GOT THIS! NARNIAROSE2003 50 LPORTER2015
3/15/17 3:56 A
Woke up in extreme pain from my workout/activities yesterday, but going strong. My goal for fitness MIZWORGEOUS 4 MIZWORGEOUS
3/14/17 4:49 P
Hello all, I,ve been gone for a long time and need encouragement to begin again. Please spam me with MRSNORTHWOOD 14 MILLER-S
3/14/17 11:25 A
I got a compliment today... from a co worker who doesn't give out compliments... he said are you los MIMIGEE2 270 SEAJESS
3/14/17 1:31 P
My husband and I, lost a total of 220 pounds together. Him a couple of years and I, 85 pounds since MISAIS 158 PREMAMEHROTRA
3/14/17 5:39 A
250 days tracking 61lbs lost I'm not saying I didn't have any overages (small or large) in those 25 MISSDORKNESS 66 RSKMOM
3/12/17 6:06 P
7/20/17 6:18 P
How do i get through this without gaining weight EMILYSNEWLIFE 5 BOOPSTER69
3/5/17 12:18 P
Discuss Week 2 Here COACH_NICOLE 564 SPEDED2
6/25/17 11:23 P
i eat my vetables MOODYKEYS 4 KACEYSW
4/4/14 12:43 P
Share Your Goals for This Challenge COACH_NICOLE 1194 JOYFULPAMELA
5/25/17 9:41 P
Please Introduce Yourself Here COACH_NICOLE 1062 FRANCESCHA
2/20/17 10:08 A
2014 QF Changes LEEPFROG95 13 KATHY47802
1/13/14 3:10 P
10/2/13 9:01 P
Discuss 9/26 QFC LEEPFROG95 13 BHAVEN3
9/26/13 11:21 P
~ Just Do It! (Click "Sorting Last Post On Top") LEEPFROG95 8 --MAY--
6/21/17 10:24 A
Discuss 9/24 QFC LEEPFROG95 11 TAFODIL24
9/25/13 11:26 P
Discuss 9/23 QFC LEEPFROG95 8 BHAVEN3
9/24/13 1:07 A
Discuss 9/21 & 9/22 QFC LEEPFROG95 11 NOHA_ALEX
9/22/13 7:02 P
Discuss 9/20 QFC LEEPFROG95 10 BOOPSTER69
9/20/13 9:56 P
What will you accomplish today? MIZ-FENTON 1056 ELISADENK
9/27/15 10:17 P
Discuss 9/19 QFC LEEPFROG95 10 LOVESLIFE48
9/20/13 8:34 A

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