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40 pounds down and counting KCGREEN82 198 CSCOTT_06
7/25/17 6:44 P
Celebrating 50 lbs gone! 🎉🎉🎉 RANAF222 143 FROSTY99
7/25/17 9:23 P
New here, I'm 181 lbs, my goal is 155 lbs MELISSASAUNDERS 13 BOGUSANNIE
7/23/17 4:20 P
Trying KT tape to see if it will help with my tennis elbow. GRATTECIELLA 10 1CRAZYDOG
7/24/17 2:02 P
BAM ... another 1 1/2 pounds kicked to the curb for a total of 96 pounds GONE FOREVER. MTN_KITTEN 98 _RAMONA
7/24/17 2:29 P
2 years on this health and fitness journey! Looking forward to what changes 2018 will bring! The g GYMLYF_RJONES 17 GYMLYF_RJONES
7/23/17 8:53 P
I just became a grandma! first grandbaby! Pearl! CAROLANGEL 16 CAROLANGEL
7/23/17 10:46 P
So... I've just added a recipe to SP's recipes and PSYCHMASTER 11 PSYCHMASTER
7/23/17 7:01 P
My old dog. She's slowly making her way to the Rainbow Bridge. I'll be carrying her the last bit of JOANNEELIDRISSI 22 JEANNETTE59
7/23/17 5:53 P
Down 76lbs since October 2nd!! Size 22 to size 8/10 and the best part by far is how I feel! Never sa A04867 207 CHERRYZMB60
7/23/17 9:35 P
So excited about this! Can't believe how close I am to losing 30 pounds or to reaching my first goal C97281 135 UNITEDLOFTS
7/24/17 10:35 A
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 158 REGILIEH
7/23/17 10:19 P
When you get out of your own way, you'll see that it isn't as hard as you think it is. If I can do i GAILIEBEE69 158 REDROBIN47
7/24/17 8:37 A
LSU LAKES .. 🐯 city KEENA47 11 KEENA47
7/23/17 1:06 P
Always looking for accountable friends on here for motivation!! I'll pay it back and forward!! Add m DSMITH8737 6 G53673
7/22/17 10:00 P
#deliciousdailymoment. My daughter's birthday cake! Completely vegan and Delicious- I had no idea it BOGUSANNIE 4 MBLANKFORD
7/22/17 9:59 P
Posted a photo LEIBEEZER 14 DELISAS
7/23/17 12:39 P
☺ me my last glass of water .finish my 1 gallon wow .proud of myself 👍 🌙 everyone SIMMON72 32 MOONGLOWSNANA
7/23/17 12:36 A
One more reason to keep my progress going forward. My new Grandson is going to need his pop pop arou JOEDOLLAR 34 STARFISH1961
7/22/17 10:20 P
I would like to lose 50pounds to live a longer and healthier life CAROLEHUGHES35 73 BRLEE165
7/22/17 11:26 P
I started at 325lbs I am down to 280. I want to get to 200lbs. Wish me luck. BYRONLEONARD 128 MOTIVATED36732
7/23/17 5:46 A
Posted a photo LEIBEEZER 18 JBUHAY3
7/22/17 12:11 A
Finally made my 10% weight loss goal! Down from 380 to 342. DARRINISM 50 CHERIRIDDELL
7/22/17 1:00 A
Down below 260lb for the first time in years!!! AMANDADWYERLUSE 172 BOGUSANNIE
7/20/17 4:25 P
LONG way to go, but this time last week I weighed 307...progress. IGOT2START 81 BOGUSANNIE
7/20/17 4:24 P
Posted a photo ABERGE0613 9 BOGUSANNIE
7/20/17 4:24 P
Worth repeating. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. No sweating, no achy muscles. But it will advance SMCMAHON8 23 IMAWRKNPROGRESS
7/20/17 7:43 P
Well, the pic on the right was after losing a bit and feeling good. The left was a few weeks ago, an OOFELIXOO 251 OOFELIXOO
7/21/17 6:58 A
#deliciousdailymoment spending the day walking the Montreal Biodome- getting in a lot more walking t BOGUSANNIE 7 BOGUSANNIE
7/17/17 5:41 P
Posted a photo MIRANDAMASON603 7 MKPARKE77
7/17/17 12:20 P
Okay today my first day I downloaded this app yesterday it was hard for me to get up and start my th STACEYDME36 44 GEORGE815
7/17/17 12:45 P
Posted a photo MIRANDAMASON603 8 MKPARKE77
7/17/17 12:19 P
Loaded up on veggies. The lettuce mix is from my garden. 😊 CIDALIA_M73 36 GEORGE815
7/17/17 12:45 P
I am finally UNDER 200! What a way to start the week! MEG92 151 RODRIGUEZ41508
7/22/17 1:21 P
Woo hoo! Almost to my 50 lbs by 50 goal. I have until my birthday, August 9 to make my goal. I can d MADDIEBSMAMA 220 FITGIGI0102
7/21/17 6:51 P
Under 300 lbs! First goal acheived- such a nice start to the week. Happy Monday! SEYTON84 274 NUTTYGIRL2105
7/17/17 7:04 P
#deliciousdailymoment made this delicious bean salad last night- forgot to post it! It was super eas BOGUSANNIE 8 BOGUSANNIE
7/16/17 10:47 P
Me and my band playing strawberry social. JACTIVEX 3 BOGUSANNIE
7/16/17 8:24 P
Fajita stew for dinner tonight. I added calories by using black beans but that is ok, I had enough NOT2CREATIVE 7 JUDSTERF
7/16/17 8:41 P
Hi all! I'm new to Spark. I have a question. How do I link my Fitbit to Spark? Thanks 😊 JEANNIEMUMMY 4 JEANNIEMUMMY
7/16/17 8:50 P
#deliciousdailymoment another delicious creation by MOI!!! I am doing well in the kitchen- I loathe BOGUSANNIE 5 TANYA168
7/16/17 8:36 P
From couch potato to triathlete in 7 months! Raced MAGLITE7 168 INCH_BY_INCH
7/17/17 7:20 P
At the movies to see spider man. So glad I'm too poor for popcorn. It smells SO good😅 FITNAPTURAL 3 KBOUGHE1
7/16/17 5:22 P
I've lost 48 lbs. LOULOU1709 117 LOULOU1709
7/18/17 5:05 P
Thank you to everyone who messaged, commented and sent me a goodie yesterday! It meant so much to me FITSISTA79 78 KARENLYNN31
7/16/17 11:00 A
I absolutely love eating fruit in the summer! What's your fav summer fruit? FITSISTA79 251 ADORENE
7/17/17 5:26 P
I am back to this site after a long absence. Look ROLOHA 10 GREENAMETHYST
7/16/17 8:27 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 35 KATHYJO56
7/14/17 12:28 A
Day 1, my heaviest @368 lbs. Long journey ahead. Watch out world, here I come! BCOMINGPIGLET 204 TTUCKERMCGILL
7/14/17 6:26 A
So I've been feeling a little down on myself since my weight loss had slowed down after a cardiac di JEMMSIE 141 QSHEPP
7/13/17 7:15 P
Wow finally under 350 pounds!!! As of this morning I weighed 349 pounds...I am so excited...I am now CHERYL4846 181 KAMAHULME
7/17/17 2:15 A
I'm feeling some kinda way today. I'm discouraged. FITSISTA79 316 LADYJLUVLIFE
7/14/17 4:00 P
Fighting the sweet too with rainier cherries!! They taste like little plums. I had more but I ate s THICK2FIT527 9 DESERTGOLDFISH
7/12/17 6:42 P
I just wanted to say hi. My name is Karen and I just joined today. This is a picture of me and my KLFAY12880 89 PBVHCCVH
7/12/17 8:08 P
This is a Before and After picture of my Mom. She AERIONUSZ592 187 ANNEMARIE30
7/13/17 5:31 A
Yahoo broke my stall, loss , 8 pounds since my stall. Total weight loss 100 pounds. S02526 302 INPRAYER
7/12/17 11:38 P
Having sleep issues *again* - :( RASPBERRY56 3 BOGUSANNIE
7/12/17 12:21 P
Done for the day - enjoy your Wednesday! RASPBERRY56 7 BOGUSANNIE
7/12/17 12:14 P
Had a rough evening, but was successfully in fixing a problem (hopefully to everyone's satisfaction RASPBERRY56 4 BOGUSANNIE
7/12/17 12:14 P
I'm on vacation and had to cancel a trip so making the most of it as a 'staycation'. Grateful to at BEFITSPIRITED 8 IAN2409
7/13/17 2:45 P
#deliciousdailymoment my new morning protein smoothie/ shake station is very exciting! It will provi BOGUSANNIE 3 DINZEL
7/12/17 11:34 A
Had leftover Mushroom Risotto for lunch today. #deliciousdailymoment ADARKARA 9 ISABELLE84
7/11/17 9:31 A
#deliciousdailymoment fresh mint from the garden, fresh cucumbers locally grown...delish way to get BOGUSANNIE 2 PLATINUM755
7/10/17 6:21 P
If you hate cooking and need easy ideas and help to add some punch to your food.. this is the best s BOGUSANNIE 5 BOGUSANNIE
7/10/17 1:16 P
#deliciousdailymoment Incredible purple wild blueberrie smoothie!!! Great way to start my morning BOGUSANNIE 4 THE_PLAN
7/10/17 5:08 P
So I watched a episode of the Urban Vegetarian yesterday and she made this yummy pineapple, banana, BOGUSANNIE 2 HOTPINKCAMARO49
7/9/17 3:03 P
Hi Spark Friends, how to you manage to stay home when you are required to without feeling closed out AOKDIET21 10 AOKDIET21
7/9/17 6:32 P
I just recently came back here to try and lose wei GRNBUTTERFLY521 4 PINKMUSTARD21
7/9/17 2:46 P
Well I'm back again. I hope I can do it this time. I have no help at home. But I'm not going to KNIXON10 2 BOGUSANNIE
7/9/17 2:27 P
7/9/17 2:32 P
Before and after picture of my boyfriend and I. He has been working on it for almost two years.. I K19843 26 PROVERBS4SEVEN
7/9/17 9:50 P
Maybe I should take another walk now that it is raining. Lol SONYA2575 5 PINKMUSTARD21
7/9/17 2:44 P
It's hard to lose weight when I have trouble sleeping through the nights. Anyone else having this p NEWME1025 3 NOT2CREATIVE
7/9/17 2:50 P
Bathrooms scrubbed. WALLAHALLA 4 LIS193
7/10/17 12:20 P
Now this is a healthy birthday cake!! 😅❤👍🎂 DIANEPAG 302 DONNA_CPS2
7/20/17 4:11 P

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