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I haven't been motivated lately. So, I decided to try what other members are doing and that is creat FREDDJ2017 9 HIKINGSD
7/24/17 4:05 A
I got a question for everyone what s better walking or a gym to lose weight? K01102015 13 ORTATK
7/24/17 8:34 A
Posted a photo KAROLJ19650 13 SUSE17
7/24/17 6:31 A
I roasted peaches at 350 for one hour, and will eat them for breakfast with cottage cheese or yogurt GRATTECIELLA 27 GRATTECIELLA
7/24/17 11:26 A
Two Word Game- Change one SUNSHYNECOOKS 5940 BLUEJEAN99
7/24/17 2:53 A
Trying something new for a light dinner: turkey wraps with avocado, bell pepper, laughing cow light GRATTECIELLA 20 LIVEDAILY
7/23/17 5:58 P
I started at 325lbs I am down to 280. I want to get to 200lbs. Wish me luck. BYRONLEONARD 128 MOTIVATED36732
7/23/17 5:46 A
7/22/17 3:46 A
Under the weather, no exercise or dancing today. Fever 99.9°F. 🤒 NORCALTOPAZ 6 HIKINGSD
7/22/17 3:11 A
Posted a photo GODDREAMDIVA1 3 YMWONG22
7/22/17 2:59 A
7/22/17 5:48 A
Posted a photo GODDREAMDIVA1 12 PMT530
7/22/17 5:44 A
Look what I bought.. Now CJ says we have to ride daily.. lol.. Not sure I thought this thru enough.. CJS1MOMMY 21 GRALAN
7/23/17 11:03 P
So tired of being overweight. Sickens me how much I've let myself go. Used to be so thin & in great BUTTERFLY55102 18 SARAHNRICKY1
7/22/17 9:58 A
7/22/17 6:10 A
Simply pureed melon and snack. CATSTAR27 21 KOHLRABIGIRL
7/22/17 8:31 A
Can't believe I let myself go that bad ! Never again Will i be that girl...... Down 45 pounds ! J74804 62 BTHOMPSON04
7/21/17 5:53 A
We've had some amazing clouds the last couple of days INITFORLIFE3 16 PLCHAPPELL
7/21/17 5:26 A
Fit in a few minutes of arm exercises -- and 10k steps -- on a very long day. Still over calories du GRATTECIELLA 19 REDROBIN47
7/22/17 8:53 A
I have lost my first 5 pound in only 3 days using the calorie counter and 30 day workout challenge a HJONES16 134 HJONES16
7/23/17 12:21 A
Just joined, hoping for some amazing results. Scary learning a new concept in eating. CHELLEBROYER 13 LITTLEREDHEN8
7/18/17 4:32 A
Instead of snacking before bed, I did a brief full body workout! Stronger every day! 💪🏆🏋 #sweatys GRATTECIELLA 20 RAERAERAE62
7/18/17 1:00 P
Since weighing in on 7/7/17 I've lost another 9lbs. This brings my total weightloss 45 lbs since Jun AWALKER83 216 BURNINGTHYME101
7/18/17 9:45 A
Feeling uplifted and energized today. COURTENAYE 11 RBVRE565
7/18/17 4:56 A
I Love grapes 🍇 START331GOAL231 16 PRAIRIECROCUS
7/17/17 3:49 A
Ok, here's my dinner (while I'm doing laundry): 1. Brown/Wild rice with kidney beans 2. Fresh veg MRSTRUCKER58 19 MRSMULLER
7/17/17 5:27 A
Managed to get several types of anti-inflammatory foods into one supper. Meal planning is a life sav MARTINURSE 17 VIVIAN39
7/17/17 9:20 A
After a brisk evening walk, goal met! Now if only I could figure out why Runkeeper keeps dying on me GRATTECIELLA 22 BJK1961
7/17/17 9:26 P
After weeks of working one day at a time I took the weekend off 😀 Went through the closet and got r MICHELLEFOUND 209 SOUTHBAYRED
7/18/17 6:43 A
Hope everyone has an amazing weekend and makes healthy choices! We're all gems!! LAURENPAYNE1978 10 LAURENPAYNE1978
7/15/17 4:50 P
A fragment of a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson is telling: "Finish each day And be done with it. You COURTENAYE 3 BLUEJEAN99
7/15/17 3:12 A
After a hypertensive crisis on Monday I knew I had to make serious changes. Every doctor I've seen s KADEFENZA 20 SPICUZZAC
7/15/17 6:02 A
I'm struggling to diet! When I was pregnant I got gestational diabetes and had to keep my blood suga C95115 4 SPICUZZAC
7/15/17 5:56 A
Me and my Husband now vs when we first started dat JMELZY 9 JMELZY
7/16/17 7:23 A
Posted a photo GLAMNGLOWDIVA 13 LIS193
7/15/17 12:58 P
I've lost 48 lbs. LOULOU1709 117 LOULOU1709
7/18/17 5:05 P
Posted a photo MADEINBRITAIN 12 MIRAGE727
7/15/17 12:44 P
Day 1, my heaviest @368 lbs. Long journey ahead. Watch out world, here I come! BCOMINGPIGLET 204 TTUCKERMCGILL
7/14/17 6:26 A
Turns out Luna has advanced cancer. Currently at the vet while they perform the necessary procedure SSMITH762 293 MARINEMAMA
7/12/17 7:53 A
Day 19 of 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene + solo practice. GEEKYBOOKWORM 3 LIS193
7/12/17 11:46 A
I've finally hit bottom, I've reached my highest weight ever, and I never wanted to reach this weigh LIGHTANGEL1 8 TOBYBIRD
7/12/17 6:54 A
Good night!! 😴 LAURENPAYNE1978 6 ANNDANDY
7/12/17 3:21 A
It's hard for me to see the difference in these two pictures, but I need to share this 'before & dur BETTEROCKR 115 PLCHAPPELL
7/12/17 5:26 A
Snack. Didn't get a picture of dinner but after 3 hours of gardening I wasn't up to cooking. I got ITHILDRIEL 9 4CONNIESHEALTH
7/12/17 7:25 P
7/11/17 5:13 A
Had another nsv today! Took a shower and got out and wrapped a towel around my body and nothing was AGRIFFIN33 8 JED361
7/11/17 5:51 A
Another face to face!! 524 to 220!! Can not stress how important weight loss is and doing it at your GPALMER29 108 CUIS1NE
7/11/17 9:06 A
7/11/17 5:52 A
140 pounds in 10.5 months. I'm close to 299 which I haven't seen since (?) my 30s? Happy dances for ABINATHRA 171 CATS_MEOW_0911
7/11/17 12:17 P
Posted a photo OBIESMOM2 18 BLESSED2BEME
7/11/17 10:20 A
After the 3 weeks not walk I have been work with my husband 😳😬 YULEIMAMALONE 8 MOTIVATED36732
7/10/17 5:51 A
Ready for another hot day tomorrow! Cold brew coffee steeping, grapefruit water prepared, overnight GRATTECIELLA 15 BJK1961
7/10/17 9:45 P
Just had a beautiful baby boy on March 2nd, and it's time to lose that baby weight...and a little ex ANGELSTOCKDALE 16 MARINEMAMA
7/10/17 7:38 A
Having fun at the beach ERICALEAHA 9 DESERTDREAMERS
7/8/17 11:07 P
This is a good week to go find success. GARDENSFORLIFE 19 HEALTH_NOW
7/12/17 3:04 P
Believing you can is half the battle. PINKMUSTARD21 7 PROVERBS4SEVEN
7/8/17 11:14 P
Photo on the left was taken 2 years ago after I had lost over 40lbs using Spark People. The photo on CDOLEGIRL 30 SPARKPAN
7/9/17 12:08 A
This gave me the giggles! ADUKE6 12 SPARKPAN
7/9/17 12:11 A
2 years and 110 lbs later! Hard work pays off!!! Stick with your workouts and your calorie tracking GAILIEBEE69 184 COURTENAYE
7/18/17 1:31 A
The scale has been going back and forth at 223/224 for the last two weeks. It's frustrating but thes JFIALLO 155 NOSKINNY
7/12/17 1:11 P
A little motivation ? 🤷‍♀️ whatever works right? HEATHER9171 8 MARINEMAMA
7/8/17 7:00 A
7/8/17 5:32 P
Three pounds down in less than a week... So excited to be on this road!!!!!! FIT4MY4KIDS 7 YMWONG22
7/8/17 3:46 A
Posted a photo EASTVALE1 11 REDROBIN47
7/8/17 8:49 A
Posted a photo EASTVALE1 16 REDROBIN47
7/8/17 8:49 A
Brand new to this! Trying to lose about 40 pounds! I'd love to make some new friends that can keep m ISABELLE_ANNE12 9 GORDONED
7/8/17 1:11 P
So excited at the moment! I'm really happy with how far I've come. The pictures on the left are from LADYSOTH24 86 QSHEPP
7/8/17 7:21 P
I joined SparkPeople on April 22 of this year. Here is my first "then and now" share. PDLSTMPR1 133 PDLSTMPR1
7/8/17 1:02 P
Cholesterol is down, A1c is down. Working progress. 66 pounds less CECE 127 1DAY-ATA-TIME
7/7/17 8:45 A
7/7/17 3:26 A
Look at the concentration on that little face demonstrating her yoga! My 3.5 year old daughter! -POOKIE- 12 KITT52
7/7/17 9:23 P
Two Word Game- Change one SUNSHYNECOOKS 5036 TWEETYKC00
7/6/17 1:36 P
Day 1 tomorrow. I'm a breast cancer survivor and it's important that I get back to being healthy an XQWZIT 16 XQWZIT
7/6/17 9:09 A
So instead of lighting that cigarette tonight I decided to take a bike ride for the first time in 5 LLOWE30 30 LYONSFARM
7/6/17 5:32 A
I am quite young and a bit over weight..With that being said,I am trying to lose weight before schoo SAMMI217 11 BIKE4HEALTH
7/6/17 4:44 A

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