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Two Word Game- Change one SUNSHYNECOOKS 6524 TWEETYKC00
12/10/17 11:01 A
#justsaidno , #DoneGood ~ ~ I made it through a Taco Bell hit and run (drive-thru trip) and all I go LGSCARRIE 8 KSTEVERSON
12/9/17 6:05 P
Visited Santa Today....(Who are actually my husband's family, but My 3 year old has no clue, lol) AMYMBUNCH 16 BARCLE
12/9/17 7:10 P
New headshots I did myself today! #lovinglife #lovingmyself #lettingmysparkshine NATASHA_D1 16 JAMER123
12/10/17 12:07 A
Winter wonderland in Virginia.. finally πŸ’« MBLANKFORD 27 MWARNER211
12/9/17 9:56 P
First snow in Fort Wayne to stick this winter. A few slides but thankful for no falls :) GOODGETNBETR 14 TSHAWGER
12/9/17 6:06 P
Today vs. A year ago! Not at goal yet but I will g NAOMIRUNS 189 SYLBA61
12/9/17 10:09 P
Got my Christmas tree up!! MEMA328 33 BLUEJEAN99
12/9/17 4:48 P
I've lost 100lbs as of today. I have a lot to lose so sometimes I don't feel like much has changed u VLS_121 306 HELENMERCER82
12/10/17 8:54 A
I just watched this guy cook a tree. I thought it was a crystal and wire table decore. Nope..he cook DIALYSISCHIC1 16 DIALYSISCHIC1
12/8/17 12:28 P
Two words - Change one: Game MCDIDDLYD 15054 GEORGE815
12/10/17 7:24 P
Two word game MBPP50 2690 GEORGE815
12/10/17 7:22 P
I am so excited and proud of myself, after kidney surgury 1 year ago I finally built up my strength JUDITH316 25 IMPROVINGME
12/9/17 1:38 A
I was able to finish my day with a lot of steps. My next goal is 20,000 steps. STEPHMANZANO 11 YMWONG22
12/8/17 6:04 A
Enjoyed the sparklies on a hilly walk with the Labracadabrador after dinner BONNIEMARGAY 14 REGILIEH
12/8/17 5:17 P
Hot bath with Epsom salt and a great book BONNIEMARGAY 6 MBPP50
12/8/17 10:45 A
12/8/17 6:15 A
Did a combo of rebounder jumping, v-s, and running/marching alternating EO4WELLNESS 17 RYCGIRL
12/8/17 8:39 A
Another productive day! Got to work out with my FIL this morning, which was quite entertaining! πŸ˜„ CINDYTW963 8 GARDENCHRIS
12/7/17 6:49 A
I had to put my precious beagle Bella down yesterday. GLAMNGLOWDIVA 22 1CRAZYDOG
12/7/17 3:14 P
12/7/17 3:35 A
Posted a photo STAN_EASTVALE 18 RAPUNZEL53
12/7/17 4:03 A
Posted a photo STAN_EASTVALE 4 LWLAR7
12/7/17 3:14 A
Posted a photo STAN_EASTVALE 8 ALILIZ78
12/7/17 6:40 A
One of my favorite guilt free snacks is Sliced apples. And apple dipping sauce: Mix together, greek CHELLYCHELSTER 10 CHELLYCHELSTER
12/7/17 3:34 A
Started at 358lbs 2 weeks ago Started Keto Now Im 344lbs KILPOPI 6 LEAHDEL16
12/6/17 6:27 A
My next tattoo! Haven't decided yet where to get it, though... WANNATHIN 12 LUANN_IN_PA
12/6/17 9:36 A
Posted a photo FITULOUS 8 ORTATK
12/6/17 5:37 A
Day 5/25 Winter Warrior Challenge. My second-to-last semester of grad school, with writing up to my NORCALTOPAZ 8 ORTATK
12/6/17 5:38 A
Posted a photo STAN_EASTVALE 16 COWLEEN1
12/6/17 3:45 A
12/7/17 3:34 A
On business travel. Not enough energy to work out today, but I ate reasonably and took a walk to get GRATTECIELLA 13 CHERIRIDDELL
12/7/17 1:42 A
I am now down 33.3 pounds. I feel amazing. It's talk g me 6 months, but I'm making progress slowly b MAMAJOJO73 33 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
12/5/17 8:59 P
Posted a photo COWLEEN1 33 BARCLE
12/5/17 2:48 A
12/5/17 4:03 A
#BeforeAndAfter getting there! still almost 30 pounds to loose but I am finally feeling better! CREATEJOY2 44 MRSJEFFL
12/8/17 9:39 P
Day 229 of 1600 calorie living. From 312(left pic) size 26 pants 3x/4x shirts in March 2017 to 223 TRINA 169 OLIE07
12/5/17 7:56 A
I grew up eating puffed peanuts. This is a baked snack that tastes just like fresh peanuts and is wa DIALYSISCHIC1 14 TMP0418
12/4/17 6:25 A
Christmas shopping Sat AM, annual cousin Christmas party in the PM, 3 hours of sleep, a 5K in 35ish- KELLIEBEAN 18 MIRAGE727
12/5/17 11:14 A
Christmas decorating happened today at my house. Changing it up and put the tree in the kitchen. I’m MAINSTREETGAL 19 COWLEEN1
12/4/17 1:17 A
Making progress... can't wait to shed some more fat. My muscles are dying to show!! 😊 FIERCEFIREFLI 58 FIERCEFIREFLI
12/4/17 4:56 A
I crochet so I don't unravel!😜 FITSISTA79 33 SLVRMANE
12/7/17 8:23 P
Twenty-first wedding anniversary flow with my man, my husband, the love of my life, and dad to my ch SUMMARAH 161 JBLESSER
12/4/17 11:36 A
Two Word Game- Change one SUNSHYNECOOKS 5171 GEORGE815
12/10/17 7:23 P
12/3/17 3:58 A
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 30 JAMER123
12/3/17 10:46 P
Difficulties are things that show a person what he is. - Epictetus JVANAM 9 INSPIRED26
12/3/17 9:48 A
Happy Sunday everyone! MISHAMOOR 17 PATSYGO
12/3/17 5:08 A
Feeling smaller and smaller! #45poundsdown SMAXWELL90 40 ALLYLIZZY
12/3/17 1:18 P
Posted a photo COWLEEN1 17 INSPIRED26
12/3/17 9:46 A
Lol ok here u go. Vibration plate so u guys know what it is. Makes yr muscle work more to stabilize RAWN13 13 LRJUSTUS1
12/2/17 12:11 P
12/4/17 4:51 P
Posted a photo STAN_EASTVALE 7 YMWONG22
12/2/17 2:22 A
#BeforeAndAfter im so freaking close to my goal, am I dreaming.... MADISONGREB 37 BLUEEYEDBETTY
12/4/17 8:52 A
Posted a photo STAN_EASTVALE 15 TMP0418
12/2/17 8:53 A
So mean...LOL πŸ˜„ Good thing I don't have a fire place and a well behaved child. DIALYSISCHIC1 29 PWILLOW1
12/2/17 10:09 A
I'm not going to focus on doing 30mins or 45mins o d exercise at one time! I will now be doing 10 to MOUSE 12 BIGFLABEAR
12/2/17 7:34 A
12/3/17 11:38 A
12/1/17 3:28 P
I just finished logging my last challenge entry for November. My goal was 3000 active minutes, 250 WALKN4WARD 12 TIGERSEYEHEART
12/1/17 3:26 A
12/1/17 3:30 A
My dachshunds hate going out in the snow to potty but the German Shepherd has no problem at all sinc KILTORE 21 2BDYNAMIC
12/1/17 8:56 P
Posted a photo STAN_EASTVALE 25 YMWONG22
12/1/17 7:56 A
Tacos B30112 11 LRJUSTUS1
11/29/17 10:15 P
wishing all a happy healthy Wednesday TRAILWALKERJO54 15 RAINBOWMF
12/1/17 7:13 P
Our afternoon walk. In the 60s here. Someone needs to tell Colorado that it’s the end of November. AMYINTHEWILD 22 AMYINTHEWILD
11/29/17 11:14 P
Morning! Two days to the weekend and counting. I never understood how I could fit in a workout in a TOLOOSE40 9 KATTIEP518
12/3/17 8:29 P
This is a first in almost a week. I was getting a little stir crazy from all the desk work, but even LKMANNING7 20 WOMANOFLOVE
11/30/17 4:09 P
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Even cheating a little on my no-carb diet this holiday, I st MMITCHELL1975 14 BLUEJEAN99
11/29/17 8:28 P
Ugh I HATE this. This was me today..... the night before I start this! I don’t take pictures of myse WYOTIFFANY85 222 JENNGROGAN
11/30/17 11:08 A
Back in June I was diagnosed with "Pre-Diabetes" and got really scared. So, I changed my eating and MARKSKRI 157 FROSTY99
11/29/17 9:56 P
One day at time. Reminding my self of my progress SWIFT6913221 22 MPLSKEN
11/30/17 12:59 A
Got my wedding dress today! 😊 Tracking food and fitness helped me reach a healthy weight and boost ZJ_ZERO 132 SCYANKEE46
11/29/17 9:28 A
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, it cannot be stolen. What a wonder! EO4WELLNESS 11 MARYJOANNA
11/29/17 5:42 A
11/29/17 11:18 A