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#BreakfastOfChampions #deliciousdailymoment I call MRSFITPANDA 5 AKROXIE
7/23/17 11:36 A
BAM ... another 1 1/2 pounds kicked to the curb for a total of 96 pounds GONE FOREVER. MTN_KITTEN 97 COBEBU
7/23/17 5:37 P
So excited about this! Can't believe how close I am to losing 30 pounds or to reaching my first goal C97281 134 LKMANNING7
7/23/17 6:58 P
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 157 DANICONNOLLY
7/23/17 3:47 P
Posted a goal OPOSSUM_GAL 9 YMWONG22
7/22/17 11:22 A
watching what goes into the mouth LEANJEAN6 29 PICKIE98
7/23/17 12:29 P
OMG i did my first 10 min walk today and heaven help me 😭πŸ˜₯ i hurt so bad but im doing 3. 10 min wa DOINITNOTGONNAS 308 BELLACUDDLES
7/23/17 9:14 A
Sad l, but true. Excersise is a must. Lol D87331 59 TAMSHAUMENO
7/22/17 10:59 A
My Hubby is the best! I came home 3 nights this last week to these shirts he bought for me waiting o SMHPHOTOGAL 36 INPRAYER
7/22/17 11:58 A
7/22/17 6:38 P
I stepped on and off the scale about 20 times because I couldn't believe my eyes. I went to my frien MADDIEBSMAMA 197 SPARKLE-IT
7/22/17 4:44 P
Another hot one today folks! Stay cool and super hydrated! Happy Saturday! FITSISTA79 102 ROBINFITZWATER_
7/22/17 2:11 P
Sometimes the scale isn't the only thing that counts, these pants use to fit me like a glove. #losin MOUCHE 105 KBOUGHE1
7/21/17 6:04 P
#keto since May 7 2017. I feel so much better. Phy MRSMCSKINNY 59 AOLSON80
7/22/17 8:24 P
Repeat after me... LPORTER2015 22 PJPEGG
7/21/17 6:34 P
7/21/17 2:59 P
Whoo hoo! 40 lb down - about the weight of a 5 gallon water jug! MAGLITE7 145 MIRAGE727
7/21/17 4:32 P
Good morning everyone!!!! I FINALLY MADE IT INTO T THEJACKIEDEAN12 303 HOLLYM48
7/22/17 9:58 A
After trying and trying and trying to get to the 100s I finally made it I am so excited this was the JENNIFERRVALDEZ 301 QSHEPP
7/21/17 8:08 P
Have really struggled to stay on track the last few months. Feeling ready to work hard and reach som EIRAMMARIE 21 ALICIA214
7/20/17 12:06 P
Got a fresh hairstyle yesterday! Cut off 7 inches. My hubby was flabbergasted and said I was soooo PHOXYM 236 NIQUE50
7/21/17 1:19 A
Good morning day four for me going throu some emotional changes body really sore but Im still pushin STACEYDME36 90 SASHASMOM1122
7/20/17 2:37 P
lost 10.1 pounds since I decided to look "less" for son#3's wedding LEANJEAN6 144 RAINBOWMF
7/21/17 9:18 A
Down below 260lb for the first time in years!!! AMANDADWYERLUSE 172 BOGUSANNIE
7/20/17 4:25 P
Side by side .....u can do this!!! 120lbs downπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ DIANEPAG 260 LONGLEANNLANKY
7/21/17 3:35 P
Well, the pic on the right was after losing a bit and feeling good. The left was a few weeks ago, an OOFELIXOO 251 OOFELIXOO
7/21/17 6:58 A
cottage cheese / strawberries little stevia & cinnamon and 1 hard boiled egg. Followed with h2o and AKPIPER 2 BLAULKEIM
7/18/17 10:26 A
Posted a goal OPOSSUM_GAL 4 DAKOPP
7/18/17 11:10 A
I set a goal to workout at least 10 minutes a day, with my busy schedule sometimes that seems hard t TMOODY84 35 PATJOONWW
7/18/17 11:19 A
First shirt I had to hang up because it was too tight is now the only work shirt I'm not swimming in CHASINTHEDRAGON 113 REDROBIN47
7/18/17 9:54 P
Today is our third anniversary. Our love is truly SKITTLESNINJA 174 REDROBIN47
7/18/17 9:53 P
Happy Tuesday peeps 😎😎. Forgot to share my work coat picture from yesterday so here goes!! The pi PHOXYM 306 REDROBIN47
7/18/17 9:51 P
#TransformationTuesday from 236 lb a size 18w /20w to 210 lb in a size 16 regular. I haven't lost a SKITTLESNINJA 303 REDROBIN47
7/18/17 9:50 P
From 176ish to building that booty!! Im still kinda flabby and have a bunch of stretch marks but im JANETTE90F1 34 GSANGHERA
7/19/17 9:26 P
So I got a little crazy this morning and decided t FITSISTA79 59 CIDALIA_M73
7/20/17 8:25 A
Okay today my first day I downloaded this app yesterday it was hard for me to get up and start my th STACEYDME36 44 GEORGE815
7/17/17 12:45 P
Good morning! Who got up this morning and got a workout in?! SHANNONSSTORY 95 FINDINGWENDY914
7/17/17 12:18 P
I am finally UNDER 200! What a way to start the week! MEG92 151 RODRIGUEZ41508
7/22/17 1:21 P
Woo hoo! Almost to my 50 lbs by 50 goal. I have until my birthday, August 9 to make my goal. I can d MADDIEBSMAMA 220 FITGIGI0102
7/21/17 6:51 P
Under 300 lbs! First goal acheived- such a nice start to the week. Happy Monday! SEYTON84 274 NUTTYGIRL2105
7/17/17 7:04 P
Good morning have a blessed day everyone! #deliciousdailymoment ALEXA707 10 YMWONG22
7/16/17 11:08 A
Downward spirals can be good #Advocare MFIG303 27 AMBLEEBEAR2152
7/16/17 11:16 A
Its so extremely frustrating when you are consistent but your weight bounces up and down. Its so d JPAPUGA27 23 JPAPUGA27
7/16/17 8:55 P
Steep hills and insane stairs made up most of our hike. Such a great leg workout! Plus...look at thi HMARIE1983 52 VIRGINIAGIRL
7/17/17 3:06 P
Happy sunday morning! : 40 min of LS mix and match before church. 2890 steps 243 cals burned. MIMIGEE2 27 1DAY-ATA-TIME
7/17/17 9:14 A
Yea! Almost made it back into the 160s! EATINRIGHT2017 68 SMOOTHIEDANCE
7/16/17 2:22 P
First 5k race in over ten years. Proud of what I am doing! Have a great and healthy Sunday everyone! RANAF222 121 REEBJW
7/16/17 3:35 P
First race since my surgery over a year ago! 10K in 1:18:27. JESSWAHOO99 191 RDCAGAIN10
7/16/17 3:58 P
Adopted this cute little boy yesterday. Let's hope he likes long walks! TRACEE5 230 GLMOM2
7/19/17 8:16 A
I love painting Rocks SOFLOKITTY 17 LISA1273
7/16/17 12:11 A
Posted a goal OPOSSUM_GAL 14 ITORRES36
7/16/17 10:12 A
Finally taking "before" pics and measurements. I actually started a couple of weeks ago, and can alr CEEKAY07 17 MNMSSS333
7/15/17 12:09 P
Newbie to Sparking - feeling motivated! INSHENAPARROTT 80 MRSROBERSON09
7/15/17 12:58 P
Snacking at night is always hard for me. Last night, nothing passed my lips after dinner except wat PARISGRL7 150 RAYMOSSISTER
7/15/17 4:16 P
Need some encouragement this morning. Our 10 year old Corgi mix passed away last night. LJBOWSER1 303 OVERWEIGHT
7/15/17 3:05 P
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 220 REGILIEH
7/15/17 10:26 P
Posted a photo METALMOMMA25 42 LAW06211
7/14/17 11:08 A
Posted a photo MIRANDAMASON603 49 CUIS1NE
7/16/17 10:58 A
So close to hitting my 50lb loss goal!!! I can do this!!! MADMANSMAMA87 215 MCCALI59
7/19/17 12:21 P
Got my hike in early this morning, have a great Friday everyone! AGAINSTMYODDS 138 FISHGUT3
7/14/17 2:42 P
Almost 25 pounds down. 😊 CGILGER1 193 _LINDA
7/14/17 3:45 P
I just finished a 40 minute bike ride to a Tabata timer. I'm pooped but feel good. Time for coffee. JACTIVEX 45 _LINDA
7/13/17 11:01 P
Birthday breakfast: Cheesy bacon hashbrowns with scramble egg only 350 calories and 22g of protein ST3PH 156 _LINDA
7/13/17 10:59 P
Today I ran to walk🌞 DMB024 4 FISHGUT3
7/12/17 1:51 P
Lost 20 pounds since the beginning of the year, it has been hard to stay motivated, lost my grandm ASHLEER1987 58 MDOWER1
7/12/17 4:50 P
I am a diabetic with glaucoma,in end stage renal disease and have fibromyalgia. I have social and ge DAYDAYFITZ 83 SHARESELSIMS
7/12/17 12:55 P
Today is day 5 and I decided to step on the scale. I started at 296.4 which means I have already los NEWMEMARIE 249 GABIRUSZCZAK
7/12/17 10:10 P
I was SO excited to get out of bed this morning because Wednesday is Weigh Day! Not only did the 2 v LKMANNING7 83 BECKYKAY1
7/12/17 12:58 P
Big drop this week, super happy I got my nutrition and workouts balanced! RSCUNU 136 FISHGUT3
7/12/17 1:46 P
Wow!! Last yrs clothes! Hard to believe!! 110lbs gone, 17 to goal! DIANEPAG 303 TAB2017
7/12/17 6:35 P
This is a huge deal for me. Four days of walking! Hoping to do four a week. MARIAJESTRADA 11 MOONGLOWSNANA
7/11/17 3:35 P
So small changes are starting to develop!! I try to do 30 minutes of cardio every day and 10-15 minu MARYBETHJACKSON 47 MOONGLOWSNANA
7/11/17 3:30 P
Posted a photo BLUE_22 80 MOONGLOWSNANA
7/11/17 3:29 P
New Weight Loss Lipstick (LOL) TM403J 110 4METHISTYME
7/11/17 2:10 P
Yesterday I was 11 pounds down!! Whoop whoop! GR03916 99 EASTVALE1
7/12/17 2:02 A

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