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Does anyone still feel hungry after they eat and drink all their water? RHETTDOG 19 JAMIES
2/26/17 8:18 A
Random question: does your other half know how much you weigh? BRIDEN79 120 JMELVIN4
2/25/17 12:25 P
You know the ads that say "avoid these foods to loose belly fat"? Does anyone know what the foods ar LORI 10 IMNERDY2
2/19/17 3:30 P
I know you aren't supposed to weigh yourself everyday, but I lost 4lbs since yesterday. Maybe the A BRINAHNAH 21 IMNERDY2
2/18/17 7:03 P
Looking for some new healthy chicken recipes. Anyone have any ideas? GINGB1985 9 LSBASS
2/8/17 1:50 P
I'm trying sooo hard to be positive about getting older, but gravity isn't kind, and the gym life is NZSTEPH 10 LINDATWILSON
2/8/17 11:32 A
Hey friends. Was a little discouraged yesterday using this app because having two toddlers and then AKOJESSI7040 6 AKOJESSI7040
2/8/17 3:21 P
If you use a fitbit... do you count your steps, miles, etc... as exercise? Or is it just your day to LINDSAYRHM 18 LTRINH9
2/6/17 7:25 P
#lowcarb how many carbs are correct for an alowence of 1200 calories if I want to drop 10 lbs. DETRIANA 6 JOANNEELIDRISSI
3/6/17 10:47 P
Any suggestions on breakfast cereals high in nutrients and low in sugar? I'm a cereal lover but real IXFALLX2XPIECES 9 BITTERQUILL
2/2/17 3:22 P
I'm cooking ribs tonight I need something else than BBQ to put on it. Help #coach R48156 4 BITTERQUILL
2/2/17 3:15 P
Im new today and ive been on a diet but just today i was given fantasticks 140 calories 1g of satura ZATANNA0934 4 MSCOTT138
2/2/17 3:13 P
My challenge is middle of the night snacks. I do good all day, go to bed feeling good about myself, EDNAEDWIN 10 BYGEM68
1/27/17 1:19 P
Is it bad to work out more than what it says for your weekly goal? FINISHSTRONGXO 7 BITTERQUILL
1/27/17 12:38 P
I am new to this and I tried to put on my eggs and my fajita wrap and I guess I kept tapping it and BABSW1957 3 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
1/27/17 12:41 P
#weighin It's been 5 days. Is it normal for weight to be the same 😕 12DCOLLINS 13 LAURENPAYNE1978
1/27/17 11:12 P
Are naps good for you I went to Dr off ice shopping then to the gym for 60 min water aerobics them h MYJERR4ME 9 BITTERQUILL
1/25/17 3:08 P
Okay so for lunch i are dianmite chips like 1 serving = 140 cal . I know they're bad calories but if GXNXSIIS 15 BITTERQUILL
1/25/17 3:06 P
Hi everyone it would be really helpful if some of you would write down below some healthy foods or s GXNXSIIS 11 RAYEJ53
1/25/17 3:11 P
Does anyone log cheat days? Mibe wax 2700 yesterday and boy do i feel it. Feeling kinda plump toda IMNERDY2 16 PROUDMOM04
1/25/17 3:59 P
Tell me what you ate for breakfast! I ate 1/2 cup of egg whites, and half a whole wheat bagel! With SABRINARUIZ24 42 LASHANH88
1/25/17 12:01 P says my bmr is 2330. This seems high to me. I am 30, female, 5'9", and 255. What is NEWBGINNING 8 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
1/15/17 10:32 P
My fitbit has died😞😞 it's a sad day in my house. DANIRENEE2015 6 BITTERQUILL
1/11/17 11:07 A
Ive already lost 11 pounds but i wanna loose 30 more by july if i eat 1200 kcal will i be able to ob HMCSWEENE 16 BITTERQUILL
1/1/17 7:45 P
Calories everywhere! #food So far I've had 508 cal FATSQUIRRELMAMA 20 CRAFTYMRSG87
11/2/16 7:08 P
I've been losing around a pound a day. Don't know if this is really good, or really bad ROBERTHEN2000 31 ALEX4EVER018
9/16/16 10:54 A
My worst addiction is MT. Dew. I just entered it i KIMMYC0993 14 BITTERQUILL
9/13/16 10:49 A
Beat my personal goal I set for walking last week. MUZKLUVR 22 OLYMUM
8/29/16 2:25 A
Any tips to stay MOTIVATED??????? I feel like a big fat cow. I'm 206 lbs 5'5" But I lose only a litt SWOLOS2 17 MERILEE4
8/31/16 1:39 P
How would one log climbing up and down a stairwell STARVINGMYSELF 6 BITTERQUILL
8/23/16 10:42 P
Only ate 900 calories today can't get in my 1200 c APRILJ73127 2 BITTERQUILL
8/23/16 10:41 P
Maybe this is a dumb question. I don know🙄 but. GRACEE1972 10 GRACEE1972
8/23/16 10:57 P
How did i gain 10 lbs in 2-3 hours And i eat 1200 CHASITEY 9 7STIGGYMT
8/23/16 10:44 P
Is artificial sweetener healthy or ok to have when CHRISSYP123 9 SBEAUTY2510
8/20/16 7:31 P
I've cut out all red meat. Because of this my prot CNSCNS 8 LANAELAINE
8/19/16 8:00 P
My bridal shower starts at 6, and I only had coffe LYNNETTA23 9 B-LESS-ED
8/19/16 4:56 P
I really don't eat much at all but I can't seem to COSTELLO52213 10 COSTELLO52213
8/19/16 4:45 P
This is my first day with Sparkepeople. So I just JOSMARI80 18 BITTERQUILL
8/19/16 12:05 P
Ok, so how many of you actually eat breakfast, lik JENSCUDA16 33 CYCLE3815
8/19/16 12:22 P
Okay here's the big question does leptiBurn really JOYCE7171 11 MSCARMIE
8/19/16 12:42 A
Starving all the sudden. Today is the second time STORMDANCER10 11 GOPANCAKEGO
8/19/16 1:07 A
Im not much of a breakfast eater. Any easy recipes MIMIWENDY 25 BITTERQUILL
8/19/16 12:00 A
I have been having a serious craving for hot cheet ARIN1123 24 KTERHUNE0509
8/19/16 1:10 A
Dude, I cannot get my protein up, highest it has been is 17 percent, any suggestions? I put a prot MISSYJEAN65 21 CLALORIE
8/19/16 12:15 A
Slave to the scale and I need to get away from it. TISHA1120 16 RHIO3TRE
8/19/16 1:43 A
How many calories did u eat today? #motivation #fi JLYNN559 129 DIANAPACK
9/3/16 2:24 A
My weakness - CHEESE! What's your weakness? KRUSCOE 141 JULIENSMITH
8/18/16 6:06 P
Ok I'm struggling... My trainer wants me to eat around 2,000 calories a day since I'm working out. I BBENNETT1210 19 MIZSABRA
8/19/16 3:27 A
How often should I weigh myself to check progress? 601LENA 16 LANAELAINE
8/18/16 3:52 A
Question: Is anyone adding vitamins? I'm low on vi LJKSHD 9 BITTERQUILL
8/17/16 7:38 P
Trying to lose my baby fat . Because I had a littl RANDA4852 12 SANDYREMILLARD
8/18/16 5:36 P
Where in WA are you???? GINNJEN2000 1665 KJONES966
6/25/17 9:50 A
My goal is to lose 132 lbs... What's your goal? AEYLIA 706 JTHOMPSON421
7/6/16 10:32 A
Please introduce yourself on this thread. ASEXYWITCH 87 AMANDACOOP
1/7/15 9:52 A
Where is everyone from? JERBEARSPAWS 1160 TEEKAY70
5/22/17 2:00 P
Exercise Inside or Outside Today? TRIKEMAMA1 48939 LIN1263
6/27/17 12:39 A
Please introduce yourself to the team. GETTO140 2793 ZELDA13
6/7/16 11:23 P
What did you eat for lunch today? SLK347 46828 BIGTOSS03
6/26/17 11:50 P
Did you overeat yesterday? LUNACELTA 139640 KRISUA
6/27/17 2:29 A

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