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How would one log climbing up and down a stairwell STARVINGMYSELF 6 BITTERQUILL
8/23/16 10:42 P
Only ate 900 calories today can't get in my 1200 c APRILJ73127 2 BITTERQUILL
8/23/16 10:41 P
Maybe this is a dumb question. I don know🙄 but. GRACEE1972 10 GRACEE1972
8/23/16 10:57 P
How did i gain 10 lbs in 2-3 hours And i eat 1200 CHASITEY 9 7STIGGYMT
8/23/16 10:44 P
Is artificial sweetener healthy or ok to have when CHRISSYP123 9 SBEAUTY2510
8/20/16 7:31 P
I've cut out all red meat. Because of this my prot CNSCNS 8 LANAELAINE
8/19/16 8:00 P
My bridal shower starts at 6, and I only had coffe LYNNETTA23 9 B-LESS-ED
8/19/16 4:56 P
I really don't eat much at all but I can't seem to COSTELLO52213 10 COSTELLO52213
8/19/16 4:45 P
This is my first day with Sparkepeople. So I just JOSMARI80 18 BITTERQUILL
8/19/16 12:05 P
Ok, so how many of you actually eat breakfast, lik JENSCUDA16 33 CYCLE3815
8/19/16 12:22 P
Okay here's the big question does leptiBurn really JOYCE7171 11 MSCARMIE
8/19/16 12:42 A
Starving all the sudden. Today is the second time STORMDANCER10 11 GOPANCAKEGO
8/19/16 1:07 A
Im not much of a breakfast eater. Any easy recipes MIMIWENDY 25 BITTERQUILL
8/19/16 12:00 A
I have been having a serious craving for hot cheet ARIN1123 24 KTERHUNE0509
8/19/16 1:10 A
Dude, I cannot get my protein up, highest it has been is 17 percent, any suggestions? I put a prot MISSYJEAN65 21 CLALORIE
8/19/16 12:15 A
Slave to the scale and I need to get away from it. TISHA1120 16 RHIO3TRE
8/19/16 1:43 A
How many calories did u eat today? #motivation #fi JLYNN559 72 BANANASLOUIE7
8/23/16 4:03 A
My weakness - CHEESE! What's your weakness? KRUSCOE 141 JULIENSMITH
8/18/16 6:06 P
Ok I'm struggling... My trainer wants me to eat around 2,000 calories a day since I'm working out. I BBENNETT1210 19 MIZSABRA
8/19/16 3:27 A
How often should I weigh myself to check progress? 601LENA 16 LANAELAINE
8/18/16 3:52 A
Question: Is anyone adding vitamins? I'm low on vi LJKSHD 9 BITTERQUILL
8/17/16 7:38 P
Trying to lose my baby fat . Because I had a littl RANDA4852 12 SANDYREMILLARD
8/18/16 5:36 P
Coffee cream I cannot drink black coffee and am al TERRI683 41 DAYOCK1
1/26/16 7:15 P
I lost 5 lbs but still feel/look fat. Wishing how KGREENE20 15 CAROLBOYD5
1/18/16 9:22 P
I'm 1 week in, making it under my calorie count fo RHAMILTON79 15 DIZZYBRITCHES
1/17/16 6:17 P
Fitbit. Are these worth the money? Is it super har DKUBO04 36 ALICIALYNNE
1/14/16 10:47 P
Subway, if I type in subway melt is that just the J21SANTIAGO 4 LFARRAR3728
1/7/16 3:05 P
I am doing this program for health not weight. How DONNYTHEKID91 9 DONNYTHEKID91
1/7/16 8:22 P
Oh my I'm starting to get frustrated when I starte TFLUEGGE 37 DIZZYBRITCHES
1/7/16 5:08 P
I started a lunch group @ the office. It's a salad TTRAYNHAM 10 TTRAYNHAM
11/20/15 11:32 A
How do you lose weight when your spouse sits in ju MARTYMUSUCIAN64 17 SHODGE48
11/12/15 2:08 P
I've found I like walking outside better than indo CRISTA0318 18 STRETCHYGIRL83
11/3/15 5:02 P
What have you guys changed about your lifestyle th BRITT5252 31 MALUANOVA
11/2/15 8:34 P
How often do you allow cheat days and do you take RIVERTONLOSER 7 BITTERQUILL
10/11/15 8:33 P
Where in WA are you???? GINNJEN2000 1639 SUSIEMAE
8/26/16 5:36 P
Anyone have a good meal planning tip? When I don' DAYCARE1207 7 BITTERQUILL
10/6/15 12:51 P
Has anyone tried the Leaf from Bellabeat? SDEETS1 7 DOCTOROFCATS
10/25/15 11:31 P
Did really well until dinner tonight. Waited too l XRAYKEG 20 XRAYKEG
9/17/15 8:28 P
Anyone else sleepy and tired all the time from doi TINA34S 35 MUSICMA
9/17/15 12:44 A
Juggling school, work, social life, boyfriend, sle ELLIEFITNOW 5 EAMOM2015
9/16/15 10:18 P
My problem is only when I try to access Sparkpeopl LIPBULBZ91415 6 LIPBULBZ91415
9/17/15 2:16 A
What is the general opinion of getting a fitness t NEKON77 11 CARRIELYNNG
9/16/15 9:15 P
I'm interested in trying to use turmeric in my coo SARAHAM24 6 SARAHAM24
9/16/15 9:09 P
Why is there such a large variation between how ma KELTONSMOMMY23 5 KELTONSMOMMY23
9/16/15 8:10 P
Okay kind of weird, but are there any legit workou ROXAMUNGUS 16 MUSICMA
9/17/15 12:37 A
I am opposed to weighing myself. Is it necessary t CLAUERMANN 18 ASHLEYLAW107
9/16/15 8:48 P
Hi! I am a 24 year old stay at home mom of two gir ALTOROCKER 15 BEAKER628
9/16/15 9:36 P
I can do this! I'm motivated. My weight isn't go BOBBIEDAVIES122 3 STRETCHYGIRL83
9/16/15 2:09 P
is there any coaches that can help me. get started POOCHIE78 4 POOCHIE78
9/16/15 2:06 P
is there a place to put in vitiams a person takes BARB246RC 7 GSABASS
9/17/15 9:51 P
Hello, from WI. Today is my second day on Spark, a KAYCIELANEE 24 MSCHERYL10
10/28/15 2:44 P
a healthy baby boy!!! I did it! I made it through FIREFLYRAE417 53 SEXYNARCI
9/24/15 9:29 P
I started eating clean last week. I was doing real PISCES805 4 KATP0716
9/16/15 11:48 A
How often do you guys weigh in? I weighed myself t TAYLOR_S 52 GSABASS
10/20/15 9:58 P
Just curious, what's your calorie intake daily? BSNB3634 36 530GEM
9/15/15 6:56 P
Grr I an really struggling to workout when at home RACHELMADISON 5 GATEKEEPER33
9/15/15 1:36 P
Looking for yummy miffin recipes. I have tried sev FLIRTYFLY280 9 FLIRTYFLY280
9/15/15 2:07 P
I want to get a tracker. I am a no-nonsense kind o CHRISCANN 9 ANGRMK
9/15/15 12:31 P
I've had my Fitbit for less than a week and it is BITTERQUILL 6 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
9/15/15 11:44 A
Do you think green tea helps? I just got a cup ins WINNIEPOOH2014 12 STRETCHYGIRL83
9/15/15 4:14 P
Ok folks van anyone tell me what DH stands for whe TAWNI24 12 TAWNI24
9/15/15 11:52 A
Trying to track my food did good yesterday with tr TRISTANNE 8 BITTERQUILL
9/15/15 11:21 A
I am falling back into old habits. I am eating ton BEBETH001 23 COCOTHADIVA
9/15/15 1:06 P
just ate a with everything. and tha THUNDADIVA 7 STRETCHYGIRL83
9/15/15 11:15 A
Just signed up for spark... Loving it so far, but LEAVITT76 16 STRETCHYGIRL83
9/15/15 11:15 A
I'm the .4lb queen! I go to Weight Watchers meetin PURPLERAVEN72 12 STRETCHYGIRL83
9/18/15 5:32 P
Feel like I'm battling a serious food addiction. I MRSDAN23 35 EMMA101204
9/18/15 1:16 P
Welp, went over on fat and under on protein but st MESS-MAY 5 TANGLECAT9
9/14/15 10:29 P
this blows. tomorrow is my weigh in day and I was JMSTURDY 8 JMSTURDY
9/14/15 11:19 P
I am looking for an alternative to bread for chick LOVELYMISSLACEY 25 PHILSOCO2
9/14/15 10:13 P
I wanna lose weight very fast my sister's engagmen ISRAA115622 6 AJISUUN
9/17/15 5:34 P
Do you care how you look when you exercise in term TRIPTOTOP 43 CHRISTINESIDKEY
9/15/15 2:41 P
coffee is my favorite drink and u like to have som VIOLACEOUS_ART 24 SHODGE48
9/14/15 7:30 P
my weight bounces up and down . I hate it. RETTA71 6 WHYTEBROWN
9/14/15 2:12 P
thrive? I started thrive Friday. take 2 capsules STEPHM1980 13 CRISTA0318
9/14/15 2:42 P

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