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TLL - Teachers' Lounge Chats KRYS210 1362 BEACHCOMBER16
2/14/18 8:03 P
wheel points today KENHICKS 51796 PREMAMEHROTRA
2/19/18 7:19 A
Christmas has officially been taken down at my little house on the prairie!! #BeforeAndAfter BDJOHNSON 5 ALALADY
2/4/18 9:04 P
I teach sixth graders, and I am earning my fellow educators for possible madness tomorrow. Rest up t BDJOHNSON 9 PRAIRIEOMA
1/30/18 8:17 A
I am truly content with my son at home for a few days. It still feels like a dream. I am cooking and BDJOHNSON 3 7STIGGYMT
12/31/17 9:44 A
It's 33 degrees outside, and the north wind is blowing 14 mph. My morning walk will be brisk once ag BDJOHNSON 3 HMBROWN1
12/27/17 6:31 A
Did you sleep well last night? ILOVESP 41706 SHOAPIE
2/19/18 11:03 A
What Emoticon Are You Today? FIT4BRIT 39316 ZRIE014
2/19/18 12:46 A
#midnightoil I woke up just a bit before 4:00 A.M. and have been puttering about ever since. It's to BDJOHNSON 5 REEDSKI
12/1/17 7:15 A
I am on Thanksgiving break all week long. #restingtime BDJOHNSON 9 CHEIVOUS
11/20/17 8:02 A
What is your Emoticon Today? post (anything) MRSBOJANGLES2 2093 JANICEONE1
2/19/18 6:32 A
Today I will not... KELLYSHERRON 16030 ZRIE014
1/15/18 7:48 A
10/29/17 10:52 A
I practiced our choral anthem for tomorrow's worship service. BDJOHNSON 2 MCJULIEO
10/14/17 9:54 P
I slept for nearly seven hours. Woohoo! My students had better watch out! 😜 BDJOHNSON 1 BDJOHNSON
10/3/17 7:17 A
I did some strength training yesterday and did not make it up in time to walk officially this mornin BDJOHNSON 1 BDJOHNSON
9/26/17 7:45 A
9/26/17 7:44 A
9/23/17 11:47 A
I walked 1.7 miles this morning. BDJOHNSON 2 YAHUBAM
9/18/17 7:35 A
What's on my mind today BDJOHNSON 5 BDJOHNSON
9/15/17 3:09 A
I walked 2.28 miles as a part of Runkeeper's Paris Marathon Challenge. Complete 26.2 miles between S BDJOHNSON 3 AUNTRENEE
9/9/17 9:21 A
9/17/17 1:00 P
9/23/17 11:35 A
Say one positive thing about yourself each day... TAZLADYOK 34009 MARYJOANNA
1/27/18 11:12 A
The rain outside means some stretching and work with my weights inside. I will try to walk during lu BDJOHNSON 3 PENOWOK
8/14/17 7:38 A
I Realize i haven't lost anything, because I'm not KINYA4571 12 FUNNYFACE101002
8/9/17 9:50 A
I also did dumbbell flies, crunches, and stretching. BDJOHNSON 6 MCJULIEO
8/8/17 4:30 P
I did strength training and stretching today. (12 minutes/6 minutes respectively). BDJOHNSON 3 MCJULIEO
8/4/17 10:04 A
#StrengthTraining #legs #core #stretching BDJOHNSON 3 NANCYPAT1
8/1/17 9:01 A
I made beef enchiladas (cazuela) yesterday for lunch. My son was happy to eat seconds! BDJOHNSON 4 JENNA-KRISTEN
8/1/17 6:33 A
Four miles today! #runkeeper BDJOHNSON 5 _LINDA
7/31/17 2:20 P
#StrengthTraining #TenMinutes BDJOHNSON 1 BDJOHNSON
7/29/17 6:17 P
I am taking it easy today (no heavy cardio walking) after stepping off a curb and jarring my left hi BDJOHNSON 7 RAZZOOZLE
7/29/17 2:06 P
I walked 2.15 miles today. BDJOHNSON 3 MCJULIEO
7/28/17 10:14 A
name one non weight related goal for today TRIBEKAH 18928 BEBAUGH1
2/19/18 11:42 A
#Insomnia #brokenrest #sigh BDJOHNSON 1 BDJOHNSON
7/27/17 4:51 A
I walked four miles today. BDJOHNSON 2 VICKYLYLES
7/26/17 9:40 A
I love my one and only son. He is a blessing from God!!! BDJOHNSON 1 BDJOHNSON
7/23/17 12:53 P
I feel like taking a nice, long nap again today. The joys of insomnia (unexpected waking up at 4:30 BDJOHNSON 2 TWINKLESTARS
7/22/17 12:00 P
#TenFitnessMinutes Core/glutes/shoulder press BDJOHNSON 2 DRLMAZ
7/20/17 9:06 A
7/17/17 8:38 A
Heading to church this morning. BDJOHNSON 6 MCJULIEO
7/16/17 5:53 P
Feeling 1000% better after the end of my recent migraine episode. BDJOHNSON 2 9CRYSTALEE21
7/7/17 5:00 P
It's National Graham Cracker Day!! BDJOHNSON 3 YMWONG22
7/5/17 11:07 A
I write a wee little sports blog. http:// / BDJOHNSON 1 BDJOHNSON
7/3/17 10:37 P
Roasted vegetables I serve during the summer months. I use McCormick's Vegetable Perfect Pinch. Ther BDJOHNSON 26 BDJOHNSON
7/1/17 11:45 P
I helped my husband pick some new frames for his glasses. It had been five years since his last fram BDJOHNSON 1 BDJOHNSON
6/30/17 1:19 P
Time to grill burgers for lunch today! :) BDJOHNSON 2 KOFFEENUT
6/30/17 3:38 P
Did you have a good Tuesday? My highlight was basketball with my son. How about you? Today's blog SPARKGUY 71 INPRAYER
7/7/17 7:30 P
6/20/17 8:58 A
I did some stretching and toning exercises. #tenminutesfitness BDJOHNSON 3 AUNTRENEE
6/20/17 8:59 A
I mopped my floor and dusted before cleaning light fixtures before lunch time. BDJOHNSON 4 BDJOHNSON
6/20/17 8:18 A
Oikos triple zero chocolate yogurt with blackberries for breakfast! Yummy! BDJOHNSON 2 JADIEGIRL1974
6/17/17 11:22 A
What did you eat for breakfast? SHERRY257 3933 RANJINI4
1/28/18 1:23 A
It's National Jerky Day!!! BDJOHNSON 2 MARYJOANNA
6/12/17 4:11 P
I did some stretching and a wee bit of strength training. Sundays are rest days for me, usually. BDJOHNSON 1 BDJOHNSON
6/11/17 8:26 P
This is me with my husband and son after lunch. We had been to the worship service first. #family BDJOHNSON 4 CHERYLSCOTT54
6/11/17 8:00 P
It's National Corn on the Cob Day! I'll be celebrating later on today. BDJOHNSON 11 SOUTHTXXRNNR
6/11/17 11:33 A
It's National Iced Tea Day! BDJOHNSON 6 SPARTANJAI
6/11/17 7:53 A
I did some strength training and stretching today. #Saturday BDJOHNSON 5 HMBROWN1
6/10/17 8:52 A
I am dragging this morning, but it was worth it. My 19 yo son wanted to watch Nanny McPhee last nigh BDJOHNSON 7 MADDIEBSMAMA
6/9/17 10:52 A
I did my walk, and now it is time to have breakfast! Make it a terrific Thursday! BDJOHNSON 1 BDJOHNSON
6/8/17 9:13 A
I walked 2.38 miles and then did some toning/strength exercises. BDJOHNSON 2 KPARISE2
6/7/17 10:46 A
Looks like my 8 week Fitplan just turned into a 40 week Fit Pregnancy! Yaaayyy for baby! 😍💖 CHASINGFREEDOM 300 STAN_ORLOWSKI
6/3/17 3:33 A
I am glad it is Friday!!! BDJOHNSON 6 MANDAWOLFEY
5/12/17 9:18 A
I managed to get in a one mile walk after a full night's sleep. I have not slept a full night for se BDJOHNSON 2 MCJULIEO
4/6/17 10:45 A
20 minute run with our dog Flash! SPARKGUY 65 BAYLESL
4/11/17 11:30 A
It will be chilly outside when I am on driveway duty this morning with WNW winds of 15 mph. BDJOHNSON 1 BDJOHNSON
4/5/17 7:48 A
I think I'll try to finish my book. It's a variation on the "Beauty and the Beast" story by Melanie BDJOHNSON 5 PLCHAPPELL
4/1/17 6:49 A
We celebrated one of my best friends' birthday last night, and it was such a wonderful time to see t BDJOHNSON 2 SEXYMOMMOM1
4/1/17 7:45 A
I've been awake since 2:40 A.M. thinking about my reading lab students' lexile levels. I put togethe BDJOHNSON 3 MCJULIEO
3/30/17 8:02 P
This is my first iris of the season! BDJOHNSON 10 ALADY2BE
3/23/17 5:03 P
I walked yesterday and today. It felt good to be outside early in the morning. BDJOHNSON 2 MCJULIEO
3/21/17 2:06 P
I woke up early, early, early excited about my son's return for spring break. LORD, please let me se BDJOHNSON 1 BDJOHNSON
3/11/17 5:13 A
I have been awake for about half an hour. #InsomniaAgain BDJOHNSON 1 BDJOHNSON
3/10/17 3:14 A