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Watching game 7, munched down celery to reduce anx BCHARIE 9 SEBARTLETT
4/25/16 10:27 P
So glad I weighed. I lost 3 pounds. Didn't think I KST1969 9 MAMABO03
4/25/16 9:24 P
I just don't understand it. I have been exercising and cutting back on my calories but the scale goe MARYLOUISR1966 34 AMALLOY6
4/24/16 6:24 P
Is 21 lbs by June 30 doable? It's 10 weeks, so it' BECKYISDOINGIT 7 SLAUERMAN
4/21/16 9:45 P
Just made a whey protein meal replacement shake wi EVAMARIE_87 5 BCHARIE
4/21/16 9:22 P
My son is coming to see me :) yay! He hasn't seen LRJUSTUS1 4 DIZZYBRITCHES
4/21/16 9:32 P
I just weighed myself last night and I cried for a AMCLAUGHL45 23 TERRYSPUNKY
4/21/16 9:30 P
I went to my dr today six months since I start and ACSWARTZ 41 ANITASANDERS52
4/21/16 10:47 P
Has anyone tried some of the sparks Recipes? EHOUK3 32 WORKOUT_GIRL58
4/20/16 3:48 P
Black beans and rice for dinner KCONWAY6 4 BCHARIE
4/19/16 9:03 P
Lost some more. Was getting discouraged. Slow but ANAODEM 4 DROBINSONHARRIS
4/19/16 9:49 P
I was 301 in March 5 when I started this journey. THACKL9 81 SKUNTZ74
4/19/16 4:39 P
My mother in-law is no help to me, she said in a a AMORALES60 24 DIZZYBRITCHES
4/9/16 8:31 P
The day after I get out of the doctors with good h COURTNEYDAWN215 12 BCHARIE
4/8/16 8:29 P
Old but new. I was successful once with spark peop JACKIE3943 24 EVELYNJKIDS
4/10/16 1:50 P
Hi Everyone.... I just had surgery yesterday, (car TTMOORE70 7 CTEA88
4/8/16 10:44 P
Before I started my journey, I threw away all my " COURTNEYDAWN215 18 MEGLM10
4/8/16 10:08 P
Man oh man! Who ticked mother nature off? Started TWEDEE777 3 TWEDEE777
4/8/16 8:25 P
After being at a plateau for 2 weeks.......I final AKRYSTYNA89 74 JUSTME777
4/8/16 10:02 P
Down 4lbs in 2wks. Its not much but its a start fo TCUMMINGS96 37 AMORALES60
4/8/16 11:55 P
What did everyone do for exercise today? BDOYLE03 701 KIMBERLY6664
4/30/16 11:54 P
Why does it take me a month to lose one pound but ABCDOPEY 61 SKILMARTI
4/9/16 9:15 A
4/8/16 8:51 P
What is your dinner tonight. Drum roll? DEBSANKS 69 BOBBIE_G
4/18/16 7:25 P
Fill in the blank..... :) Today I am grateful for NMARION3 109 TADOHANSEN
4/9/16 8:23 A
Hi all! I am just starting this and would love any AUBREYSAGE 17 MHEDGE2
4/11/16 11:30 P
Weigh in day and this week the scale didn't move, JULIAFLANAGAN 11 DONNAHALL8117
4/7/16 9:20 A
One more pound gone....4 pounds in one and half we CLAMB76 16 CGARR442
4/7/16 11:10 A
I made a few... Very few... Unhealthy food choices CPHILLIPS22 5 PTAYLOR3102
4/7/16 9:14 A
Metamucil for weight loss, is it true?? SHANELL1128 3 BCHARIE
4/7/16 9:05 A
Skipped the gym yesterday... Opps. I really need a ALEXANDRUA 2 BCHARIE
4/7/16 9:05 A
Today's coach tip is WONDERFUL! Believe in yourse BCHARIE 1 BCHARIE
4/7/16 9:02 A
Start my diet now, wish me luck PJEREMIAH 64 HEALTHYME162
4/7/16 10:22 A
What's the weather like where you are? Here in OH TORRIESJOURNEY 28 KENDILYNN
4/7/16 12:15 A
What kind of Diet is everyone doing??I'm new here GOGETTA41 48 RSLATER2
4/8/16 12:29 P
Losing weight late in life. Is it too late? SPAQDEL654 75 MAMACHAE74
4/15/16 8:13 A
Had a cupcake today. I carefully planned on a des SATURNPOET 5 SATURNPOET
4/7/16 9:26 A
At the awkward in between stage of belt loops! Old HEALTHHERMIT 7 RRODRIGUE275
4/6/16 5:12 P
How do you guys feel about eggs? I just spent a ha FRICKEH 48 CLAVADENZ
4/6/16 5:09 P
Today was hard for me took the kids to the movies TSUMPTER4 8 TSUMPTER4
4/6/16 9:51 P
95 lbs down and wearing size 10 dresses today! Sta AJ0708 1909 ANASTASIA1968
4/29/16 4:15 A
I have hit the 30 pound weight loss mark in three COWGIRLDANCIN 24 SMCCRANEY4
4/6/16 5:05 P
Is anybody out there. Lost my husband to liver ca MOMMYTEACHER 17 TORRIESJOURNEY
4/6/16 5:06 P
Trying to drink more water, but I keep forgetting! NHUNT8 8 HUTTON25
4/6/16 5:15 P
To those of you on the go: What TV dinners do you EHUDSON5 6 BCHARIE
4/6/16 2:23 P
I cried, I swear I cried. I weighed in at 145 toda MCRAYCRAFT 1304 HSARMYWF
4/29/16 12:09 P
Hello abs, we haven't met before. Thank your for b SLMOORE06 24 HELTERSCELTER
4/6/16 2:35 P
Determined to stay on track one day a time...No ex LPORTER2015 3 BABYGURL45
4/6/16 2:37 P
Been using this app for 12 weeks I weighed 180lbs NSTUCKER2 10 BONALESJOCSAN
4/6/16 2:38 P
I got on my water rowing machine today. I have the LTAYLOR31 9 RHIO3TRE
4/6/16 1:05 A
Need some cardio ideas other than treadmill. Tried QSHEPP 16 SEEMELTRI
4/6/16 1:50 A
Does this app help you loose weight? LETSGETSKINNY18 8 BCHARIE
4/5/16 11:31 P
Does this app really help? HACKERJESS43 111 SVIDRINE79
4/19/16 5:10 P
On the plus side im down 21 lbs! Go me! !!!! LAINABETH 24 LAINABETH
4/5/16 1:18 P
Man I have no core muscles for the ab workouts at LOYAL_HEART 10 MMMBUJI6
4/5/16 12:44 P
I'm on Weight Watchers, but I love the details and THRUTHESTORM 53 ABK2066
4/5/16 9:49 P
So I measured my weight and waist when I first started my healthy eating. Weight 230 and waist 50. J TWEDEE777 62 DRAPOSA-H
4/5/16 8:17 A
Successful day. I managed to NOT have any of the c NESSI19 19 JETSERS
4/4/16 11:31 P
Did 40 min of zumba and still stayed within my cal GABYMORRIS 11 BCHARIE
4/4/16 11:26 P
I'm usually not socially active on apps like this, ASHLEYSLONE 15 DOLLYDOLLY951
4/5/16 12:50 A
I'm thinking about getting a food scale, but I'm n JUSTSIMPLYQ 43 LISA_MCNURSE
4/4/16 11:53 P
Talk about divine intervention! I totally caved an SARAH-FERNANDEZ 13 NVRGIVINGUP
4/5/16 12:20 A
Today was a really emotional day. While I'm usuall PERFORMFULLY 3 BCHARIE
4/4/16 11:17 P
I need suggestions on how to treat myself when I have accomplished a goal 5VANDEHEY 30 AMALLOY6
4/5/16 12:34 A
Hello. I'm Travis and I just had respiratory heart failure. So I'm here for a life change. Any sugg TSCHULZ7 25 BCHARIE
4/4/16 11:13 P
We made it through Monday all! Pat on the back to GABYMORRIS 6 BCHARIE
4/4/16 11:11 P
Celery is becoming my friend! What's your favorite NHOLMES87 78 AWHOLENEWROSE
4/5/16 7:40 A
Hi all! Today was day 7 of no binging. And guess w RECOVERING1998 17 SWEATHERH
4/4/16 11:30 P
Made bison stew for dinner, score with my men! G BCHARIE 3 BECCABOO127
4/4/16 11:20 P
Fun question of the day...what is your biggest thi CREATINGKRIS 202 SH3R3ADY
4/12/16 8:00 P
I've lost my first 10 lbs! Feels great to fit back SSMALLWOO7 39 TJB0317
4/10/16 9:13 P
Anyone in the 200 range looking to drop 50 lbs? :) KASSHUSAR 376 ELIZABETHCAL
4/6/16 4:21 P
What are the best foods to make you feel full??? I BRANDYD0007 17 LISA_MCNURSE
4/4/16 4:36 P
I've always been told by gym trainers and all that BRADSHAW35 62 MYJENNI1984
4/4/16 5:36 P
No matter what happens today, be accountable for y JENNIFER1889 4 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
4/4/16 4:26 P

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