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6/30/16 10:39 A
Got a question.I don't eat breakfast most the time CASSIEEMERY 21 ALAKE1958
6/11/16 4:55 P
feeling the pants sliding off...time to go down an MJELWELL229 33 123AWESOME
6/16/16 2:39 P
Spark people just a reminder, your weight loss is ATESNER 25 DALEKREBS
6/11/16 5:13 P
Any tips on how to eat mindfully? LONE2397 16 SOULSINGINSISTA
6/11/16 5:14 P
What suggestions do you guys have for someone star BEAUTY_WITHIN 4 LITTLESAPPHIRE
6/11/16 2:06 P
95 lbs down and wearing size 10 dresses today! Sta AJ0708 2322 JODIK1951
6/27/16 2:41 P
Today is weigh day. Didn't lose anything, in fact NAVYWIFE8215 63 AACELESTIN
6/5/16 8:48 P
Day 22 and down 26 lbs ๐Ÿ˜ super proud of myself! JVILLEGAS537 19 JVILLEGAS537
6/2/16 8:13 A
I hit Onederland! I weighed 199# after struggling MISHACHANGE 70 MOMFORLIFE03
6/9/16 10:40 P
Think cutting a tree down would be gardening? Got LAINABETH 10 ANNEHENLEY
5/30/16 4:07 P
I just can't loose anymore weight in pounds. I have gone down a size and everything is loose fitti DIDISKI58 6 GET2BEFIT
5/30/16 4:00 P
So proud of my self. My big family has been celeb WEEZIE2629 2 BCHARIE
5/30/16 3:21 P
Hi i started about two weeks ago into healty eatin SISII052 14 SMCCRANEY4
5/30/16 3:23 P
Im not a breakfast person but I wuld rather eat br LATREZE 9 BCHARIE
5/26/16 6:30 P
Started one week ago today. Total goal is 100 pou BELLAOHA50 29 MCORDS
6/10/16 4:21 P
Dilemma. I agreed to a girls night out @ an Indian FATBIRDY 45 CARMEN213
5/23/16 8:16 P
Since my family doesnt see the big deal, thought I MSAMBER1979 150 JENRON629
5/23/16 5:35 P
When you still have almost a whole salad left and BOSSLADYESCO 7 BCHARIE
5/23/16 3:54 P
2nd day total fail, lets see what tomorrow has in MPERAZA650 17 ASESMITH
5/26/16 5:56 A
I just like food too much, but I know I can do thi SUNNIEM 13 DIZZYBRITCHES
5/23/16 4:13 P
Thoughts on green tea for weight loss DEBC82 9 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
5/23/16 4:56 P
Logged my out of control breakfast and I'm at my c CPHORTON 12 BCHARIE
5/23/16 3:38 P
Does anyone know of a good weight scale? Not a foo KTERHUNE13 3 KTERHUNE13
5/23/16 3:50 P
Can anyone suggest some healthy foods I can make f 22REDBULL 9 RO2BENT
5/23/16 3:54 P
Its about the non scale victories too ๐Ÿ’œ BPRANCE 12 7STIGGYMT
5/27/16 11:30 A
Date night with my 7 year old. His request for din SARABELL2016 12 ELLO275
5/23/16 3:40 P
They say there's a first time for everything, so here I am. #firstpost #letsdoit #friendfinder #jour IAM_ALLISON 44 IAM_ALLISON
5/24/16 12:02 A
Jimmy John's unwich and chips....540cal. Not bad f THERESE1983 12 AMYANN2005
5/21/16 1:18 P
Trying not to be discouraged. Another week of noth LOVEKL49 16 ECAREY6
5/21/16 2:12 P
First day. Such a long road ahead, some days I fee PISCESMN 8 BPETERS83
5/21/16 12:53 P
Having trouble getting past this plateau that I ha KWALLER77 4 KWALLER77
5/22/16 10:15 A
I'm so happy. It's just one week and I lost 5 poun MARLEIDELEA12 33 AMALLOY6
5/21/16 12:44 P
#motivation is key to success! I never really beli CORTNEY9116 27 SSUUEE1
5/21/16 7:18 P
I've given up sugar but now I've realized that che NICOLY 17 KSMITH532
5/21/16 1:10 P
When should you weigh yourself? Right after waking THIS_TIME4SURE 7 WNTMYPREBBYBDY
5/19/16 3:20 A
Good morning. 3 a m. Doing overtime at work. Be h SLIMGRAM4 10 SEGA1122
5/19/16 5:37 A
One step at a time, one day at a time, one pound a MMEQUEEN 23 NUTTYMCGILLICUD
5/26/16 11:14 P
#firstpost Hello this is my first time on here and DETRIASGOAL 25 DETRIASGOAL
5/17/16 5:55 P
Hi spark people! New to the community looking to l AJHOWELL2 22 LISAT78
5/27/16 9:49 A
Just wanted to say I'm down 20lbs. Yay!! It's good CBREWSTER1969 53 GRAMMICHELLE
5/22/16 11:51 A
I discovered yesterday and today that using the wr HELLAKELLA 30 DLR999
5/17/16 9:21 P
Good afternoon! This is my first day on here. My r MRSBJSMOOTH2012 15 SHERRYE2014
5/17/16 6:09 P
What's your candy weakness? I love Bit-O-Honey. IAMHOLDINGON 80 GOODLIL991
5/17/16 11:22 P
Total weight loss since January 19th is now at 26. OLDSCHOOLRIDES 14 PJM1968
5/17/16 6:23 P
Finally 2 more pounds down! Was in a rut for a w 49AJ83 25 PROUDMOM04
5/7/16 12:05 A
Hi. Can anyone recommend a sugar other than stevia EJAQUEZ3 26 CTEA88
5/7/16 1:50 P
My wake up call: My neck started to change color. YCSUTTON 36 PEACHBISOU
5/11/16 10:17 P
I'm proud of myself. Yesterday at a meeting 25 peo MSFIGGY 52 MSFIGGY
5/8/16 1:36 P
What are people's thoughts on using butter? (In mo KCHAZZ 22 CDISHMAN8
5/6/16 1:44 P
I'm looking into getting protein shakes to help su MTHOMPSON46 13 MTHOMPSON46
5/6/16 11:44 A
Listening to the Cut The Fat podcast show. They sa NJSHAR 13 KIBEAR_
5/4/16 7:31 P
I tried a 7 day cleanse I got at Walmart and it fl CLOFLAND 23 WJONES1222
5/4/16 9:08 P
Watching game 7, munched down celery to reduce anx BCHARIE 9 SEBARTLETT
4/25/16 10:27 P
So glad I weighed. I lost 3 pounds. Didn't think I KST1969 9 MAMABO03
4/25/16 9:24 P
I just don't understand it. I have been exercising and cutting back on my calories but the scale goe MARYLOUISR1966 34 AMALLOY6
4/24/16 6:24 P
Is 21 lbs by June 30 doable? It's 10 weeks, so it' BECCAISDOINGIT 7 SLAUERMAN
4/21/16 9:45 P
Just made a whey protein meal replacement shake wi EVAMARIE_87 5 BCHARIE
4/21/16 9:22 P
My son is coming to see me :) yay! He hasn't seen LRJUSTUS1 4 DIZZYBRITCHES
4/21/16 9:32 P
I just weighed myself last night and I cried for a AMCLAUGHL45 23 TERRYSPUNKY
4/21/16 9:30 P
I went to my dr today six months since I start and ACSWARTZ 41 ANITASANDERS52
4/21/16 10:47 P
Has anyone tried some of the sparks Recipes? EHOUK3 32 WORKOUT_GIRL58
4/20/16 3:48 P
Black beans and rice for dinner KCONWAY6 4 BCHARIE
4/19/16 9:03 P
Lost some more. Was getting discouraged. Slow but ANAODEM 4 DROBINSONHARRIS
4/19/16 9:49 P
I was 301 in March 5 when I started this journey. THACKL9 81 SKUNTZ74
4/19/16 4:39 P
My mother in-law is no help to me, she said in a a AMORALES60 24 DIZZYBRITCHES
4/9/16 8:31 P
The day after I get out of the doctors with good h COURTNEYDAWN215 12 BCHARIE
4/8/16 8:29 P
Old but new. I was successful once with spark peop JACKIE3943 24 EVELYNJKIDS
4/10/16 1:50 P
Hi Everyone.... I just had surgery yesterday, (car TTMOORE70 7 CTEA88
4/8/16 10:44 P
Before I started my journey, I threw away all my " COURTNEYDAWN215 18 MEGLM10
4/8/16 10:08 P
Man oh man! Who ticked mother nature off? Started TWEDEE777 3 TWEDEE777
4/8/16 8:25 P
After being at a plateau for 2 weeks.......I final AKRYSTYNA89 74 JUSTME777
4/8/16 10:02 P
What did everyone do for exercise today? BDOYLE03 1261 HAPYGERL
6/25/16 12:00 P
Down 4lbs in 2wks. Its not much but its a start fo TCUMMINGS96 37 AMORALES60
4/8/16 11:55 P
Why does it take me a month to lose one pound but ABCDOPEY 61 SKILMARTI
4/9/16 9:15 A

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