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Ever purchased something you regretted buying? EOWYN2424 17 BOB5148
9/23/17 9:20 A
Do you mind when people ask your age? BARBZUMBA 530 SUITABLE
9/23/17 6:59 P
Do you like getting Sparkgoodies from the wheel? DIZENT 39 BANKER-CHUCK
9/23/17 9:00 A
Do you have your own garden? DANCERYOGI30 4862 SUITABLE
9/23/17 7:12 P
Do you have a cheat day? BANDIIIT 3142 KIPPER15
9/23/17 7:36 P
How did you start your day??? PUYALLUPSARAH 6808 SUITABLE
9/23/17 7:13 P
Feeling Positive or Negative? BIGMAMA4U 139838 JANIEWWJD
9/23/17 8:07 P
Do you watch soap operas? ALLYLIZZY 22 KRISUA
9/23/17 1:26 A
I am NOT going to let ________ get me down today! ANDREWMOM 10470 97MONTY
9/23/17 5:27 P
name one non weight related goal for today TRIBEKAH 17978 JANIEWWJD
9/23/17 8:04 P
Did you overeat yesterday? LUNACELTA 141622 JANIEWWJD
9/23/17 8:05 P
Do you like winter or summer best? WESAPHILLIPS 791 SUITABLE
9/23/17 7:00 P
Do You have a Part Time Job ? ARCHIMEDESII 123 BERRY4
9/19/17 2:23 A
What are you grateful for today? ALLEYCATTUS 815 DIGIT00
9/19/17 6:03 A
Bonked around mile 2 of my run today, despite eating immediately before. Also, running on wet sand m GRATTECIELLA 10 GGRSPARK
9/18/17 1:21 A
#Keto. Putting it out there here is a list of my weight weekly since I started a Ketogenic Diet. You KIMBERLY925 15 KSTEVERSON
9/16/17 8:48 P
If you're new here, feeling discouraged today or r FITSISTA79 54 1DAY-ATA-TIME
9/16/17 8:09 A
Day 24 Breakfast! Sardine sandwich with heaps of lettuce, spinach and arugula with a side of carrot FARAH_SAADULLAH 5 SMWATRMLON
9/13/17 11:39 P
I've been walking 10+ miles a day and eating around 1100 calories the weight just doesn't seem to co MICHELLELYN44 34 COLUMBINE2
9/13/17 11:38 P
A year ago I struggled greatly to walk around the local college lake, having to take breaks and huff LOISLEL 53 DJ4HEALTH
9/14/17 12:53 A
93 pounds gone forever. Love this Healthy new lifestyle! It was hard work. Now to maintain. I have m MISAIS 231 TRANSPO12345
9/14/17 11:37 A
What did you eat TODAY that made you feel guilty? MCJULIEO 100 ETHELMERZ
9/22/17 9:25 A
Did you walk today? RICK1947 118380 JANIEWWJD
9/23/17 8:08 P
18 pounds down and tomorrow i start camp gladiator lol praying i dont die on day 1! cheers to fitnes ECOLLINS117 8 BANKER-CHUCK
9/12/17 10:55 P
Sooooo excited!!!! My friend was giving away some home gym equipment and my amazing hubby picked it JEMMSIE 53 TIGERSEYEHEART
9/13/17 10:42 A
Good evening Sparky's or good morning or good afternoon depending on what part of the country you li GPALMER29 30 LOUISE979
9/13/17 7:50 A
Me November 14,2016 and May 20,2017 RONDAGAIL7594 33 TOBYBIRD
9/13/17 1:05 A
This is 75lbs difference. PIXIEDGE6 193 _RAMONA
9/13/17 3:02 A
Just finished my workout! I started at 278.9 now I am at 232.3! It's not much but I feel a differenc M65000 163 MDOWER1
9/13/17 5:47 A
What are your reasons for losing weight? BOOKLOVINFELINE 149 DOUGHBOY1970
9/23/17 6:38 P
Beautiful view from Sunday morning walk! FRUITYSPARKLES 11 MPLSKEN
9/11/17 12:19 A
Having a hard time not eating junk. Really craving chocolate. KWALLACE63 6 HMARIE1983
9/11/17 7:01 A
Posted a photo ANGELEE76 5 KABITAG
9/11/17 12:07 A
Eggs boiled and ready to toss into lunch bags this week. CYNTHIAAJ 18 DJ4HEALTH
9/11/17 12:29 A
Checking in. So far it's been mild in my area of Tampa. But the worst is yet to come. Will have lots KKRAVIG1975 22 MOLUX252627
9/11/17 9:29 P
I've walking a 1/2 mile everyday this week. Today I walked 1.5 miles. 😊 My time was just shy of an RHETTDOG 21 RHETTDOG
9/11/17 9:57 A
Finally came up with a visual aid for my weight loss. KATIE520 75 KATIE520
9/11/17 9:52 A
Did half a workout this morning using the couch to 5k app. Half a work out is better than none! KAYBRITMOODY 84 TIGERSEYEHEART
9/8/17 1:38 A
How do you normally take your coffee? EOWYN2424 571 CARTOON3
9/15/17 5:48 P
Do You weigh everyday? LOSEWEIGHT1212 1211 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
9/23/17 7:46 P
Gorgeous breach run today. Well, the first part was running. I bit off more than I could chew, was g GRATTECIELLA 19 I-AM-TITANIUM
9/7/17 2:13 A
Finally finished the dining room floor over the weekend! Im so happy its done 😆 here's a before & a MWARNER211 152 BRENDA_77039
9/11/17 7:38 A
Was going to make sushi. But work today is just killing me. Feeling proud of myself made a healthy l NEWJEANNETTE 14 JRG208
9/6/17 7:01 P
Today's weigh in was encouraging: down another pound this week, 24.5 total! It's melting away!! And LKMANNING7 207 CASTALLCARES1
9/7/17 12:31 P
Posted a photo JENNAE93 212 R81883
9/9/17 3:24 P
Are you close to reaching your weight goal DRLMAZ 36 FISHGUT3
9/22/17 3:35 P
New favorite!! Cucumber dill sauce!!! Put it on my broccoli slaw with chicken and green beans for lu MYSTIKALSHARYL 8 JAPANGURL17
9/1/17 11:55 P
Back at it. I changed the cal counter -back- to linked with the fitbit. Hopefully seeing those extra SMYRNA38 4 GOODFELINE
9/1/17 3:09 P
9/1/17 2:06 P
Beautiful sunset over Alex Bay last night! Spending the holiday weekend vacationing here with the fa ZIGGYSTARSHAY 19 FISHGUT3
9/1/17 3:53 P
Difference in 4 days! I have dropped 11 pounds and feeling good. I have 10 more days on this diet le B96591 15 CHERYLOLIVER2
9/8/17 2:10 P
Hit my next mini-goal! 35 pounds gone! Next mini goals are 10 pounds by the end of Oct, and another PINKMUSTARD21 142 INCH_BY_INCH
9/12/17 12:13 P
I am now out of the "Obese" range!!!!!!! ANDREWMOM 224 INCH_BY_INCH
9/12/17 12:10 P
8/28/17 10:46 A
Allergies about knocked me out this morning and my meds seemed to be no kicking in. I thought of not NANCYANNE55 6 BERRY4
8/30/17 11:57 P
eating breakfast for once, getting myself back on track! strawberry peanut butter toast EYESLIKE_SUMMER 99 MIAMI_LILLY
8/28/17 3:21 P
I don't look glamourous but am sure as hell doing this!!! Nothing stopping me!! 7 lbs down- wooo SONNY636 27 _LINDA
8/28/17 1:46 P
Woo hoo! I've lost 7 pounds this week! ANAH_ACE 51 ANAH_ACE
8/31/17 12:13 A
Last month I posted a picture of me in July and then me at Easter. Today, I'm going to post one of m PHOUSE99 146 PHOUSE99
8/31/17 11:29 A
50 pounds down and just getting started. KCGREEN82 139 PNUGENT24
8/28/17 10:06 P
I can't believe I am about to post this picture, but hopefully it helps as self motivation. I finish CANN43 262 HARRIETT14
8/30/17 11:09 A
Week 3 Weigh-In: I've lost 3lbs this week which brings me to a total of 15lbs down in 3 weeks!! From SLKIRK487 18 SUNQUEE
7/27/17 2:30 P
Today marks six months on SparkPeople, as well as six months exercising everyday. Here's a compariso DANI_1987 67 SOOZIE12
7/27/17 7:35 P
Still have 40 pounds to go... But from where I started to where I am is insane. SLIMMINGSARAH85 121 GORDONED
7/27/17 11:05 P
Half my size! ~INDYGIRL 121 AQUAGIRL08
7/28/17 6:54 P
Down 70 lbs, making a small reminder of how far i' SPARKE77 310 RASFURY
9/13/17 9:40 A
I took y'all's advice and snapped an after pic las ELLIEGIRL8 240 CAMPING0178
7/27/17 10:25 P
What do you drink most frequently during the day? TRI_BABE 29330 BOB5148
8/29/17 3:48 P
Do you exercise on a stationary bike? MARLENE140 864 MIZKAREN
8/22/17 9:32 A
This is me June 2017 for my 30th bday photo shoot at 306 pounds wearing a 3x dress it was lose but s CRYSTALDIANN87 5 SUEKIMMY
7/20/17 9:53 P
Started June 1st...213..weighed in today at 188..low carbs..exercise...feel so much better! Never m ROSEER 8 ROSEER
7/20/17 11:10 P
Dinner turkey bancon cheese burger wrapped in lettuce with vegetables CORNSHELLY45 10 JULIEA7201
7/20/17 10:16 P
Did you sleep well last night? ILOVESP 40973 SHOAPIE
9/23/17 5:50 P
How often do you weigh yourself? AV_MOM2 19633 SUITABLE
9/23/17 7:14 P
I told my myself by the end of June I wanted to be 230 pounds last week I messed up and had a horrib LILTBOGGIE61 5 SYNCHRODAD
6/30/17 10:43 A