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Post 7 for 21 LAKECHAMPLAIN 151125 PAULIE91952
12/14/17 7:01 A
I made 30 minutes on a treadmill and i was a great day at the gym yesterday. I have been working out TONYRALLS21 21 TCANNO
12/14/17 4:05 A
Posted a photo SAINTBERNARD6 14 ELSCO55
12/14/17 12:22 A
Salmon and kale chopped salad with cranberries MZWRIGHT220 23 PBVHCCVH
12/14/17 12:21 A
So if you don't go over your calories is eating at night bad SWIFT6913221 12 GARDENCHRIS
12/14/17 7:28 A
My baby Red SNOOKY53 16 ZRIE014
12/14/17 1:06 A
Ummm stir fry tonight! KENNYBARBIE12 17 TMP0418
12/14/17 8:17 A
12/14/17 2:39 A
First time in along time i got all done up for works xmas party. Felt great 15lbs down so far! ASH0LYY 83 KELLIEBEAN
12/14/17 8:10 A
It's been a little over 3 weeks and I've gone from 199.6 to 191.8. I "accidentally" started dieting; BJORNSGIRL 7 ALOFA0509
12/12/17 7:48 P
Posted a goal BJK1961 7 ADRIENALINE
12/12/17 1:40 P
Posted a goal BJK1961 8 LIVEDAILY
12/12/17 4:35 P
I'm back! I know, I know I have been slacking! It's just that time of year again. JPATENAUDE1215 12 DIROB57
12/12/17 1:51 P
Tha start of my time! FLORENCEIN2016 20 FISHGUT3
12/12/17 5:03 P
Wishful thought for hard Sparkies ITALIANGAL44 92 TURQUROISE
12/12/17 3:56 P
Happy Tuesday❤ SANTS77 14 SUNQUEE
12/12/17 1:48 P
Posted a photo RONFOXX58 15 ADRIENALINE
12/12/17 1:38 P
#BeforeAndAfter my highest weight in 2015. In October 2016 I turned 30 and made a New Year's resolut GOODFELINE 161 HEALTHYANDFIT27
12/13/17 2:21 A
Posted a photo CAROLINAGIRL69 9 MIRAGE727
12/12/17 9:56 P
The 28 day challenge didn't end up working so hot for me but I'm OK with that rather than beating my ELIZABETH5268 6 ECMSGURL1205
12/11/17 7:14 P
I'm not a big fan of frozen meals, but this was absolutely yummy! TML267 7 ADRIENALINE
12/11/17 2:23 P
Coffee and Water... more coffee ... more water ... Monday’s in the ED! OREGONKATT 4 ADRIENALINE
12/11/17 2:21 P
45 pounds and feels so good. 55 to go. LLUCAS74 22 MDOWER1
12/11/17 6:57 P
I started my weight loss program on 11/13/17 at 251lbs. Today I weighed in at 236lbs. It has not bee AARONGABBY 90 CFITZ1
12/11/17 8:35 P
Took my son out for a little walk this morning walked to the end of our road and back! LS1992 21 ALALADY
12/11/17 5:13 P
Planning to enjoy my birthday today since we only get one a year! LPORTER2015 311 KATHYJO56
12/12/17 12:08 A
Post 7 messages for 21 points FLYER99 133986 PRAIRIECROCUS
12/14/17 1:54 A
Praying for those affected by the fires in California... Please join me... ADIRONDACKMOM1 15 REDROBIN47
12/9/17 6:42 P
A bit disapointing I won't get my run this morning. The forecast for metro ATL was up to 3" turned o SLYDE-GLYDER 19 B_RAZORSHARP
12/9/17 2:56 P
Good Morning ...!!! Hope all Sparkers have an awesome & productive day! BOOHOOBEAR 17 EO4WELLNESS
12/9/17 4:30 P
Posted a photo DRAMAQUEEN926 16 ANNKRAN
12/9/17 9:41 A
Ok it did snow here’s a better picture. Lol DEBSANKS 5 CGARR442
12/9/17 10:59 P
12/9/17 12:46 P
Enjoying my morning with a fire burning hot, cooking maple bacon on the wood cookstove. 19°F outside MRSMCSKINNY 25 KSTEVERSON
12/9/17 8:26 P
happy healthy Saturday everyone TRAILWALKERJO54 25 RAINBOWMF
12/9/17 7:47 P
My grandson DEBSANKS 23 CGARR442
12/9/17 10:58 P
Enjoying some Saturday morning coffee in my new mug, which is a non-food reward to myself. ☕ KATBRUNNER 94 CHRISTISEO
12/9/17 3:47 P
This is unbelievable most snow we've had in well since I can remember 8 in in some places and almost GPALMER29 146 LGSCARRIE
12/10/17 11:40 P
You can't really tell but, here is 330/4x to 273/ 2x. F5-FURY 180 JAMER123
12/10/17 12:08 A
7 4 21 LAGNIAPPE2 20685 DEE107
12/14/17 12:38 A
Post 7 Times for 21 Points ZELDA13 31215 2DAWN4
12/14/17 12:54 A
Click the heart button if you're excited for Christmas! And feel free to comment what you love most ALLYLIZZY 7 BABY_GIRL69
12/8/17 5:14 P
I've been tracking my food for about 9 weeks now, and I'm down 19 pounds! Woohoo. I've ate anything MARILYNMURRAY 36 MARILYNMURRAY
12/10/17 7:30 P
Never be too hard on yourself, talk badly about yourself, belittle yourself, or disrespect yourself. ALLYLIZZY 11 CARTOON3
12/8/17 6:04 P
Despite falling off the wagon and being dragged by the horses I still managed to lose almost 6 pound FIREBRTHR 21 GRACEFULJOURNEY
12/8/17 9:23 P
On my way home from work roads are a little slippery but everything's fine I hope everybody had a go GPALMER29 26 CHERIRIDDELL
12/9/17 1:23 A
I've lost 100lbs as of today. I have a lot to lose so sometimes I don't feel like much has changed u VLS_121 308 KOSHAUBREY8
12/12/17 10:59 A
We got snow all the way down in the Rio Grande Valley, TX (we're about 4 miles from Mexico)! I loved MEMA328 12 COOP9002
12/8/17 6:04 P
I am in the red dress. That was me 230 days ago.I CRYSTALSMITH101 43 BOHEMIANCHICK7
12/8/17 7:06 A
happy healthy Thursday everyone TRAILWALKERJO54 9 RAINBOWMF
12/9/17 7:48 P
We are surrounded by fires and it’s been stressful in Southern California. I quickly found myself wa 1BODY_1LIFE 33 1BODY_1LIFE
12/9/17 6:38 P
This a coliflower with squash and green peppers and zucchini cuts with alittle oilive oil and mozzar STATONJAMES4 10 REEDSKI
12/7/17 9:37 P
Dinner my partner in crime made NOMASHOTCHEETOS 15 LINGOD2010
12/7/17 8:36 P
I've been using Spark People since March and I've lost 72 lbs loves this app it keeps me accountable KERENSA9697 34 AMBLEEBEAR2152
12/7/17 9:22 P
All of my cards are done and mailed out here's to you all may you have a happy and healthy holiday � TMP0418 14 EVILCECIL
12/8/17 6:50 A
I can't believe last year i was barely fitting in a 9/10 today i finally bought a few pairs of jeans WRETCHEDNDIVINE 21 WRETCHEDNDIVINE
12/10/17 8:54 A
Official weight loss for the month of November was 3 pounds. Dr. was happy with that so guess I am t SISTER0614 13 TURQUROISE
12/7/17 9:04 P
Hi my name is Jacqueline. I’m 21 years old and I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life. In Sept THEJACKIEDEAN12 194 CONNIET88
12/8/17 8:21 A
7 Times 3 Equals 21 TEEDEE911 6283 COURTENAYE
12/13/17 2:16 P
Beginning of November I was 185lb. Cyber Monday I was 189. Today at the annual Cardiologist I was 1 OLD-NACL 8 OLD-NACL
12/6/17 5:51 P
Happy Wednesday! MSROZZIE 21 MSROZZIE
12/7/17 6:16 P
That look you make when you realize all that echinacea tea, throat coat tea, and breathe right tea w NEEDBU66 14 PBVHCCVH
12/6/17 4:33 P
Goals! IAN2409 15 NDCAROL
12/8/17 12:08 P
Snow man advice Be a jolly, happy soul Spend time outdoors Stay cool It’s okay to be a little botto SPARKFRAN514 13 ILOVEROSES
12/8/17 9:05 A
Stayed away from the doughnuts this morning and really wanted chocolate this afternoon.... so far I' CLORISSASUE3 8 CLORISSASUE3
12/6/17 5:35 P
Boom! That just happened! SAPPHI1 8 WONDERCUTIE
12/6/17 4:52 P
First time out to eat since I started SP but I made some good choices I had 2 salads and half a piec TMP0418 33 -POOKIE-
12/7/17 12:40 P
My Christmas Cactuses (Cacti?) are blooming! CKOUDSI617 20 PWILLOW1
12/6/17 6:14 P
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 22 JUDITH316
12/7/17 12:36 A
This shirt used to be so tight on me that the spaces between the buttons would stretch and show the KBEGEY 62 NOCALORIES
12/6/17 10:34 P
Have a great vacation coming up. Wanted to lose 20 lbs in 30 days if possible Lost 10 lbs and have SINGINGLADYLIND 22 BELLSH1BELL
12/6/17 7:17 P
Hit my goal today!! 68 lbs! Dropped my last rock i MOMS3KIDS 287 NOCALORIES
12/6/17 10:21 P
One of the exercises done this morning...Sit To Stands! BOOHOOBEAR 160 SCHRADER5
12/7/17 1:49 P
It's not always easy to be honest, but I believe in doing the right thing. Doing the self checkout a SLYDE-GLYDER 19 ALLYLIZZY
12/6/17 1:36 P
Migraine today so this is my only meal today! C#Boiled cabbage and black beans. TBOYD5000 21 333HONEYBABE333
12/5/17 9:32 P