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Day 5: I ate some pie! Was able to resist the rest :) Eating in moderation... BEGINNER13 3 DEEREID2015
5/26/17 9:00 P
It's been a week no sodas, no junk food, no candy and I'm down 11 lbs 👐👐 TBREIGHANNA96 12 NANCYANND55
5/26/17 6:40 P
Off to San Francisco! GRATTECIELLA 15 1CRAZYDOG
5/27/17 11:36 A
What a delicious lunch! 3oz chicken breast with a tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil, pepper, and o SOULOFFIRE15 9 WOMANOFLOVE
5/26/17 2:44 P
Good morning everyone!!!!! Today is weigh in day and I weighed in at 238.6 lbs so I am 89.6 lbs down THEJACKIEDEAN12 303 FITWITHIN
5/27/17 8:41 A
The picture on the left is from October, me being AHONEYCUTT94 95 GINAABRIL4
5/26/17 7:09 P
I'm 12 days in... so I hear after 21 days it becom AR1EL1 18 AR1EL1
5/26/17 10:01 P
Yep, just about how I'm feeling right now. MCASKEY6 18 RAMONA1954
5/25/17 8:24 P
This picture reminds me of how beautiful it is when we see our reflection getting smaller as the pou TIGERSEYEHEART 5 LARENTA
5/25/17 8:10 P
I did NOT want to go to the gym today. It was cold and rainy, and I didn't want to do the 40 minute VEGAN_MANGO 40 KIRK-0517
5/25/17 8:10 P
Posted a photo KKRAVIG1975 13 JMCNEAL-O
5/25/17 10:58 P
It's the the process ( positive self-talking my way out of weight l CHASINGFREEDOM 7 ANNIEONLI
5/26/17 6:11 A
5/25/17 11:33 P
Lost 90 pounds in a year. I dig thing healthy lifestyle change! Thanks Spark and the people that has MISAIS 37 CFITZ1
5/25/17 11:47 P
Went hiking in the beautiful Rocky Mountains today! I'm so lucky to have access to such gorgeous exe SHELBYDUC 26 GINAABRIL4
5/25/17 8:44 P
TBT alittle over a year ago and now!! Had already lost 100 lbs in the left pic!! Total lost 302 lbs! GPALMER29 177 FIT4NET
5/26/17 8:03 P
87 lbs. down.... tracking everything truly helps a ton!! S85244 303 ANDYLIN90
5/26/17 2:04 A
5/27/17 5:40 P
Just got a call about some applications I put in at Cardinal work services. They work with business HALLOWEENLOV1 4 JCARDINAL
5/24/17 3:20 P
My skinny lunch- brown rice and chicken fried rice, plus a side cesar salad with chicken and low cal TATTOOEDMORMON 8 PATJOONWW
5/24/17 3:34 P
Roasted seasoned red potatoes and mushrooms with avocado on top. Blueberries and sliced apricot. GEMINI8715 5 SARAPAPAYA
5/25/17 9:02 P
Day 1. Have to start somewhere! MEGANM3340 12 MEGANM3340
5/24/17 4:08 P
In 3 weeks I have lost 14lbs, im so excited! ADRIANA52881 34 QSHEPP
5/24/17 7:13 P
Height 5'0 Measurements 37/31/38 133.2 as of today REAREAMOYA 34 PINKPIXY22
5/24/17 8:39 P
This is my visual of showing how many pounds to lose. I haven't lost any today since I'm starting my NEWME1025 218 RENEEHUG
5/24/17 6:32 P
Down 53lbs in 3 months. WOOHOO! Finally feeling like I'm accomplishing something. SPARKE77 266 GORDONED
5/24/17 6:04 P
5/23/17 5:02 P
I worked out for an hour last night gonna do it again tonight CHRISTINA332017 3 BABY_GIRL69
5/23/17 5:02 P
Sad today for what is going on in the world, pray for. The families in UK. POSEY440 4 LAPPEROO
5/23/17 5:04 P
Rewarded myself with a few new dresses for my vacation next month and just pretty summer wear 🌞 I h JEMMSIE 19 JEMMSIE
5/24/17 4:26 P
7 Times 3 Equals 21 TEEDEE911 1529 BEVERLEAF
5/26/17 12:03 A
Posted a photo TRAILWALKERJO54 11 KATHYJO56
5/24/17 12:30 A
5/23/17 8:00 P
Late today had much to do. REDGINGER1 5 LOUISE979
5/23/17 4:02 P
Weigh in day!! Woo!! Lost exactly 30 pounds in 9 w DOLLIPS 112 AURORA91
5/23/17 5:59 P
And so another day begins ... be good to yourself! MYBESTLIFEISNOW 6 BABY_GIRL69
5/22/17 4:15 P
Run your own race! JENNIFERBR51 4 BABY_GIRL69
5/22/17 4:15 P
Ready for another great day! JSTETSER 12 LIVEDAILY
5/22/17 7:54 P
5/26/17 10:58 A
5/22/17 4:14 P
Starting the week off right .... 30 minutes water aerobics! 2BDYNAMIC 27 LIS193
5/23/17 12:41 P
Packing snacks to keep me from ordering in late at DRIVEN718 6 CLVRSCRNNAME
5/22/17 4:41 P
I feel like I need to give myself a metal for turning down free pizza at the office today! Going wit NETTIE08 18 DEEREID2015
5/22/17 9:19 P
I've done my weight loss in two big steps since 2005, from 245 lb to 165 lb. I'm done trying to los TIGERSEYEHEART 45 LIZANDRASHAW
5/22/17 9:39 P
Students found a moth today. We will observe it to discuss similarities to and differences between REEDSKI 3 I_ROBOT
5/22/17 4:48 P
I started my health journey back in 2009 shortly a FITSISTA79 97 JENNFOS2009
5/25/17 7:33 P
Started on this site with diabetes, with an A1C of 8.7 5.5 months later I'm down 115lbs and have an TITANC911 165 J38850
5/22/17 7:46 P
March 27 and today May 22 8 weeks difference and in the first picture I was a month into the new lif PHOXYM 306 GOLFGMA
5/23/17 7:06 A
Post 7 messages for 21 points FLYER99 117106 BARCELONAME
5/27/17 5:45 P
As I read alot of positive posts from everyone, it kinda upsets me, but only because I dont have the A64722 35 NANCYANND55
5/20/17 10:18 P
Colorful, healthy lunch. Salmon, asparagus sautéed with light butter and parmesan, and blueberries MHEDIN63 13 LAURELR99
5/20/17 4:29 P
Run in North Shore Beach, Hawaii CGARR442 5 BABY_GIRL69
5/20/17 4:23 P
Before 212 and current 179. Still have forty pounds to go but love the new me KLIVELY7 185 RAYMOSSISTER
5/20/17 5:59 P
I said no, if I get off track it's hard to get back on. LIBBYBIGSEXEE 28 F39834
5/21/17 5:53 P
Feeling extra pretty today!! Happy Saturday, Dolls!! Hugs, Jes MADMANSMAMA87 13 MADMANSMAMA87
5/20/17 9:31 P
Yesterday was a rough day but..... JENNIFERBR51 29 BABY_GIRL69
5/19/17 2:22 P
No matter what you did or didn't do in the past... the future is YOURS to create! You CAN DO THIS!! BEFITSPIRITED 8 MSLZZY
5/19/17 11:00 P
Get out and walk today and don't forget your water! Have a healthy day! Hugs, Rose:) MEMORIES7 10 GLORYB83
5/20/17 9:06 A
Posted a photo JUDITH316 10 JAMER123
5/19/17 11:12 P
Good morning. DYANNE4293 5 EVILCECIL
5/20/17 8:01 A
Highly recommend this if you like avocado! KAYABOBB 11 KINDGIRL56
5/19/17 4:10 P
Enjoying my birthday breakfast and coffee on my balcony before it gets too hot. ADARKARA 191 BLISSFULMOMENTS
5/20/17 6:59 A
My office gets donuts on non-payday Fridays. Today is a non-payday Friday. I love the smell of these LCM797 27 F39834
5/21/17 6:00 P
241.6 lbs feel good...I don't remember the last ti THEJACKIEDEAN12 172 PREJEANR13
5/20/17 12:05 P
Little by little, I can see the change. I'm still a long way from my goal, but at least I know I'm o HMARIE1983 297 MSCANDI_99
5/19/17 6:53 P
5/19/17 6:56 A
Trying to preplan some dinner meals for the weekend as we use the grill exclusivily for cooking. Chi JEMMSIE 13 JEMMSIE
5/19/17 7:08 P
Whether rain, snow, sleet, hail or sunshine, YOU are worth all it takes to get healthy and fit! So n MEMORIES7 12 POSEY440
5/19/17 9:47 A
From 524 lbs to 224 lbs and now the guns are starting to show up!! God is Great!!! Don't give up!! G GPALMER29 113 VEGGIEPUP1
5/20/17 3:21 P
Said no to office donuts this morning! Feeling proud! 👍🏻🍎 JAMIES 207 ELLEYANNA
5/19/17 1:08 A
Sometimes we all need some motivators! COUNTRYNETTERS 7 MDOWER1
5/18/17 5:22 P
My royal walking partner for this morning's trip to the library and grocery store. GRATTECIELLA 20 CTYONIT
5/19/17 3:17 P
7 Times 3 Equals 21 TEEDEE911 1009 TEEDEE911
5/23/17 9:59 P
This #keto lasagna was SO delicious!! Only 7.4 carbs for a generous 1 cup serving!!! Made with cauli ING2FIT 14 KSTEVERSON
5/21/17 6:02 P
5/17/17 9:52 P

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