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3/17/18 11:23 P
I turn 50 this year. My dad died last summer. I got divorced 2 years ago. I felt like my time was ov GOODLUCKCHARLIE 30 YOURCAKELADY44
2/19/18 2:33 P
I realized it was counter-productive to cut back o PEARL976 7 SUESALLA1
2/19/18 11:50 P
Lost 1 lb last week....not a lot , however, I reward myself each week if I do lose...This week I wen STARFISH1961 20 DIALYSISCHIC1
2/25/18 5:31 P
What a beautiful day here in South Georgia. Spent my morning with coffee, eggs, and toast, a 3.45 mi LYONSFARM 12 DIALYSISCHIC1
2/22/18 6:58 A
Someone gave me this recipe to try. It's a rice ca AMYMBUNCH 13 WHITEANGEL4
2/19/18 2:42 P
Posted a photo KATEHOLZBAUR 100 ROCKRS
2/19/18 2:35 P
Goodmorning. My cats decided to use me as a sofa. Lol. You gotta love them. The minute it gets colde JUSTSTICKWITHIT 41 COMEBACKKID12
11/7/17 8:41 P
Woohoo! Down 2.7# total since last Monday! And I’m in onderland for the third time in my journey sin TORRIESJOURNEY 134 ZRIE014
11/7/17 7:41 P
Winter can to the prairie yesterday. My backyard was photo perfect. ROVONEYE 80 AUSHAMARIE
11/7/17 12:29 P
Ready for school-- it's been a long time since I felt comfortable wearing white! LKMANNING7 106 MAIZIEPAIGE
11/8/17 11:52 A
Goodmorning. Low fat low sodium sausage, 3 eggs 1 egg white mushrooms and some cayenne pepper. Have JUSTSTICKWITHIT 43 COMEBACKKID12
11/7/17 8:40 P
was up at 5am -on the Treadmill LEANJEAN6 118 RAINBOWMF
11/9/17 10:27 A
Celebrating my princess today! Good morning!! Have a blessed day! ANOJAG 250 JAZZEJR
11/8/17 9:36 P
Posted a photo MSCAPI2017 85 DAWN1830
11/7/17 11:29 A
Me and my 5 grandchildren this past September GEALACH 10 SYNCHRODAD
11/3/17 9:22 A
Progress.much flatter stomach JSPERRY1983 15 JSPERRY1983
11/3/17 4:10 P
New to this community feed KEISHASOONDAR 107 ZRIE014
11/3/17 11:16 P
Lol ST3PH 30 LIZZIE138
11/3/17 10:44 A
This made me laugh! CAROLINAGIRL69 125 BOWDIDDLE
11/4/17 7:34 A
Get that Friday workout on! MARATHON_MOM 47 TMP0418
11/3/17 2:08 P
Gooood Morning... have a bless day.. I love you all πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• KEENA47 35 1DAY-ATA-TIME
10/31/17 10:51 A
Watch for the ghosties and goblins on the streets tonight! Whoooo! GLORYB83 12 JAMER123
10/31/17 11:19 P
Happy Halloween! ATKINSON2001 5 MADDIEBSMAMA
10/31/17 9:50 A
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 22 EVILCECIL
11/1/17 6:24 A
It's tough, grueling. But don't give up! Reminder to myself #noexcuses #hardworkpays #motivated TOLOOSE40 9 MKMILITANTE
11/14/17 12:49 A
Posted a photo GLORIAZ 45 RAUNESCA
10/31/17 9:15 A
Just my early Christmas present the Ionic. Excited loved my Blaze but hey this one even has the weat MYAN1959 10 YAHUBAM
10/31/17 8:07 A
just something funny ITALIANGAL44 33 RUTHSHEPHERD1
10/31/17 9:23 A
My schedule completely changed since I started massage therapy school on October and I am struggling JEANIEEMUMMERT 52 JOHNMARTINMILES
10/31/17 9:29 A
Happy Halloween everyone KATONTHEMAT 136 ZRIE014
10/31/17 5:49 P
Let my husband take this picture of me yesterday. I'm down 75 pounds. Have 10 more to goal of 135. THEURERBGT 83 ZRIE014
10/29/17 10:21 P
Today our church is singing at three different nursing homes. We bought shirts with our Churches nam BEVERLY1501 120 ZRIE014
10/29/17 9:31 P
Posted a photo MSCAPI2017 13 GRAMMYEAC
10/28/17 9:25 A
Keep moving LEANJEAN6 26 MBPP50
10/29/17 5:37 A
Lost 2.2 lbs! AIMLESS549151 12 RYCGIRL
10/28/17 10:46 A
Good morning from Doylestown PA OOKLATHEMOK 86 SPARTANJAI
10/29/17 8:11 A
My very first 5k this rainy/freezy morning. But I’m here and excited! DRUSHKA26 44 POSEY440
10/28/17 10:27 A
Yesterday's total walking steps 15, miles 6.03!!! Danced a lot last night!!! FLASUN 40 CGARR442
10/28/17 11:29 P
Who else has a Halloween party to go to today? What’s your plan to handle the goody attack? I’m eati JULESBEARRIFIC 19 JULESBEARRIFIC
10/28/17 11:09 P
Good morning from Maine! Haven't been on here in awhile. But now I'm back at it been since the begi LEVESQUE121415 28 LEVESQUE121415
10/28/17 1:12 P
I have a busy look forward to SP comments on this site. Enjoy your weekend ITALIANGAL44 10 LOVELY*LADY
10/28/17 9:58 A
Decide to do Breast cancer walk instead of going to gym. BELLSH1BELL 98 TERRI1458
10/28/17 2:16 P
Happy Friday! JMFSPARKLES 5 TMP0418
10/27/17 10:35 A
Good morning! BLUECAFE 12 KITT52
10/28/17 10:30 A
Yay! Weekend AND I broke through for a 9# loss now this week. Plus, awesome motivation: it's not b COFFEYANGEL 6 EMMACORY
10/27/17 9:43 A
Pushing through my early morning workout. Busy day ahead so I must take care of myself first. SADIEMYERS 36 SADIEMYERS
10/28/17 2:04 P
10/27/17 10:29 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 78 SKANTRA
10/27/17 11:43 A
Happy Friday! KKILBURN 66 MOGLO61
10/27/17 8:27 P
So wow guys....I want to cry! I'm seven months in and 50 pounds down. This was my first goal and I f TML267 302 STEPH4NIE
10/27/17 7:36 P
I’m new to the site and looking for friends please feel free to add me I’m in serious need of motiva TXFITNESS39 103 CGARR442
10/27/17 10:29 P
Still awake after two hours of photographing the stars. Maybe I'll make it out for sunrise... INITFORLIFE3 159 RKHATERA01
1/7/18 7:49 P
Today I said good-bye to my younger sister Connie. 55 is way too young to die. May you have no mor DGFOWLER 309 2BDYNAMIC
10/25/17 10:03 P
#BeforeAndAfter 4 months after have a baby. Not where I want to be, but progress is a progress. CELITA3 25 KARENC69
10/22/17 11:43 A
Tweaked sciatic nerve meant a 2 mile walk instead of a 3 mile jog/walk, but it was a gorgeous mornin KKILBURN 43 ZRIE014
10/22/17 10:14 P
Morning All, I am wanting to start with cleaning eating, with maybe one day each week and progress SMKGAL 11 GEORGE815
10/22/17 10:51 A
Baked salmon braised with a Sweet Sesame Soy sauce with stir no-fry vegetables on a bed of rice. FATGURL2LOSE68 19 TMP0418
10/22/17 12:57 P
Going to my first color run today!! Wish me luck!! RUFFIT 72 ZRIE014
10/22/17 9:33 P
I'm glad I took "before" pics because some days I feel as if I still had those 35 pounds and I just LKMANNING7 157 REBECCATKD
10/24/17 5:18 P
I fixed the date, wanted to have a correct one πŸ€— #BeforeAndAfter LIL1IAN 170 TWEETY287
11/17/17 5:41 P
Good morning from Big Sky Country!! Looks like a great time to get in a walk before church!! Hope yo MOM4HOCKEY 41 HOLLYM48
12/4/17 1:02 P
Have a productive saturday ! πŸ˜‰ SHAKARIA3 7 ZRIE014
10/21/17 3:33 P
So close SAMMIE638 33 ZRIE014
10/21/17 3:20 P
My university has an orchid greenhouse I like to visit periodically. Happy Saturday! KKILBURN 57 RAUNESCA
10/21/17 6:27 P
Happy Birthday to me. NO party, NO cake, nothing special at all. RD03875 309 LOPEYP
10/22/17 6:23 P
Good bye 150's! You keep me there last week but I have FINALLY broken through! COUNTRYJACKGIRL 38 ZRIE014
10/21/17 3:00 P
It's officialβ€”I have lost 30 pounds since May following Spark. I have 4 more pounds to go to reach m AMBLEEBEAR2152 133 LISA1065
10/23/17 10:37 A
Good morning today. From 227 last spring to 179 today.πŸŽ‰πŸŽ†πŸŽŠ BEXCANDO 200 CSROBERTSON621
10/21/17 6:43 P
Weekend is here - Let's do this!!!!! MAMACHM 11 SHOCOSS
10/20/17 12:38 P
Wishing everyone a wonderful week! CONSISTENTFAITH 9 CONSISTENTFAITH
10/20/17 3:47 P
Spinach, squash, cheese, egg whites and a full egg. 300 calories. Great start to the day.... after a JMVLOST52 11 HOLLYM48
10/20/17 10:41 A
#BeforeAndAfter In a way, I enjoy when Facebook has that reminders feature so you can share what you SSMITH762 104 CHRISTOPHER63
10/20/17 6:12 P
10/20/17 9:18 A
I'm back on track past three weeks, lost six pounds...eating spicy spaghetti squash with CATSTAR27 44 ALALADY
10/20/17 5:05 P