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I've been at it for two weeks. Already down 5 lbs. EMUNOZ1205 20 DEE107
6/22/17 12:09 A
I bought these cones for my 3 year old, but they work for when I just want a little ice cream. Porti MAGLITE7 43 MIRAGE727
6/22/17 12:27 P
23 lbs gone, gone, gone since May 23. Still need to dump about 8 more. Feeling a lot better. I am LOOSEYLEFTY 15 GORDONED
6/22/17 4:59 A
This is just what we picked tonight from our garden! All the tomatoes went into homemade salsa. LORBAN8 102 _RAMONA
6/22/17 5:01 A
32 pounds gone :) many more to go but I can see and feel a difference in my clothes now! BECKY_US 111 MARINEMAMA
6/21/17 7:15 A
Weather Report of the Day (AAU) KRYS210 5885 DUCKTURNIP
6/22/17 4:00 P
Take off is July 1! Come join us as we race around the world to exotic destinations. Team support, m CERIUSLY 10 AGAPEJOY
6/20/17 11:23 P
I've lost a lot of weight but still on the way to meet my goals! LILYSANCHEZ1 130 WFTGATL
6/20/17 7:07 P
Trying out a spark people crockpot recipe. Hope it turns out as good as it sounds. SILVER_WOLF1221 7 GARDENCHRIS
6/21/17 7:01 A
One month 12 lbs. NONAOFTHREE 15 PWILLOW1
6/20/17 9:33 P
Happy Birthday to me! Peonies are in bloom. Day is perfect! HELEN_BRU 309 MORTICIAADDAMS
6/21/17 12:42 P
Do you eat when you're not hungry? BRANDIW7 71 ELLENGRAY54
6/20/17 3:44 P
Come chat with us on the Front Porch! LADYHYJINX 3954 MARIELLE1944
6/22/17 5:57 P
I had a wonderful time volunteering at my church this morning, helping the 1st graders in VBS. Real PAULAJEAN59 13 2DAWN4
6/21/17 6:19 P
Dinner 6 oz baked pork chop and coleslaw. 260 cal GPALMER29 9 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
6/19/17 7:35 P
Who's all using to premium membership? Is it worth the money? What difference do you feel there is? EW82413 4 AMYISSUCCEEDING
6/19/17 7:11 P
Having a low carb dinner...I love steamed green beans and baked chicken.... STARSUB99 6 CAROL494
6/19/17 7:22 P
Letting myself indulge, in moderation of course! Bbq chicken pizza with onions, spinach, and homemad BORAHDEAU 14 DANI_2002
6/19/17 7:44 P
So I started on March 20th (pic on left) and pic on right is Father's day. Lost total of 55 lbs...n LOOSE1303 178 KAMAHULME
6/20/17 3:56 A
Exercise Inside or Outside Today? TRIKEMAMA1 48908 SANDY776
6/22/17 2:33 P
Spinach salad and roast beef for dinner! The salad is spinach, pepitas, mandarin oranges, olive oil MITCHSTA1232 11 PICKIE98
6/19/17 9:48 A
I decided to replicate at home a salad that I've only had in a restaurant. It was sooo good! Proud o LITTLEGOGO 43 BIKE4HEALTH
6/19/17 2:19 A
The pants I couldn't even get on 11 months ago and a pair that I wear now. 124# really makes a diffe CARTAY25 112 LWLAR7
6/19/17 4:13 A
First 25 pounds gone! April 17th to today. LUANNE613 48 TIME4ME2017
6/17/17 10:21 P
Made crockpot chicken fajitas for dinner & they were quite yummy. Trying to make sure I cook dinner MGRANT4790 18 KOHLRABIGIRL
6/14/17 11:00 P
Delicious and healthy fresh veggie salad! GRATTECIELLA 12 WHYTEBROWN
6/15/17 2:47 P
Biking is love MELISSA-NOW 5 DLD2DLD
6/15/17 8:22 A
Today I got my Bachelor's degree! So I'm rewarding myself with my first cheat meal in a couple of we DFDHILA 57 DFDHILA
6/15/17 4:29 A
I fit into this dress that was collecting dust in the back of the closet! I zipped it up myself and MSMOSTIMPROVED 117 GONNAWORKIT
6/15/17 8:37 A
I FIT INTO SIZE 16 PANTS TODAY!!! Sure it's a squeeze... but I haven't been able to even THINK about DREAMERSPIRITT 203 RYCGIRL
6/15/17 7:41 A
A - Z Occupations KAEDE... 108613 CURLYLADEE
6/22/17 3:37 P
Posted a photo TRAILWALKERJO54 8 KATHYJO56
6/14/17 12:37 A
My 15 month old loves to eat off my plate, especially the veggies. She helps me stay under my max ca JENGLAND09 17 AMYISSUCCEEDING
6/13/17 9:51 P
6/13/17 9:51 P
Posted a photo DGFOWLER 6 REGILIEH
6/14/17 7:57 A
Had another baby boy! LSMALLWOO 140 RAPUNZEL53
6/13/17 5:04 A
Before giving up meat my favorite foods was ribs. Saturday my boss offered to buy anything off a par STUFFY864 5 DANICONNOLLY
6/13/17 5:26 P
I wish I'd seen this quote a week ago when hubby & I were facing a very scary surgery he went throug BLESSED2BEME 6 KEKEIKO
6/13/17 10:51 A
Posted a photo MSJOFUNNSEXY 15 EDWARDS1411
6/12/17 1:08 A
Woooooo hooooo!!!!!!! BETTYWEST824 125 FITWITHIN
6/12/17 5:55 A
A pose with my sweet daughter before church. I have been working to get into this dress for a year. LISA1065 107 MDOWER1
6/12/17 5:59 A
Do You Make Time To Exercise? MJRVIC2000 9914 JERICHO1991
6/22/17 5:03 P
6/22/17 12:30 A
6/10/17 9:34 A
6/9/17 10:44 P
Posted a goal WALLAHALLA 3 LIS193
6/10/17 12:21 P
Low carb cheesecake! Turned out pretty good! SPURTLE1 8 BARBEDWIREKITTY
6/10/17 12:06 A
6/10/17 3:22 P
Vegan tacos? Yes please! Vegan chorizo, fresh pico, squeeze of lime, and all on homemade tortillas! JENNIER13 7 ALOFA0509
6/10/17 12:40 A
My motto of the day! RHOOK20047 11 JOHNWBROCKSR777
6/10/17 3:17 P
LOL......Getting my evening "Hoop" going ! STARFISH1961 71 1CRAZYDOG
6/10/17 12:26 P
Are you feeling Positive or Negative today? BIGMAMA4U 53437 ROCKRS
6/22/17 4:48 P
What are you looking forward to? GBOOMER 8881 4CONNIESHEALTH
6/22/17 2:13 P
Day 10 of no smoking and Day 1 for beginning a new Crossfit work out routine along with a healthier JMASSEY5 35 MANDYP11
6/8/17 9:24 P
My oldest son and I at his highschool graduation SEMPERMOMMIE 8 NICKY6MOM
6/8/17 8:11 P
Met my birthday goal!!! ( my birthday is tomorrow) KAYBRITMOODY 215 INCH_BY_INCH
6/12/17 12:44 P
I made the garlic baked chicken thighs off of SparkleRecipes! Yummy CFOX6868 12 MBLANKFORD
6/8/17 8:51 P
Well scale/nonscale victory. This past month and 1/2 I have lost 20 lbs. I decided I was going to tr BARBEDWIREKITTY 122 SCARLETFERN
6/9/17 3:06 A
As of Thursday June 1st I am down 108 lbs and it HOLLYWOODCORKER 303 I-AM-TITANIUM
6/9/17 12:36 A
I'm down 6.6 pounds in the past 11 days! I know that isn't some huge number or anything but I'm real FATTIENOMORGS 143 MARINEMAMA
6/8/17 5:42 A
Lunch is served! 😋😋 SHEEMIX 6 WFTGATL
6/7/17 6:50 P
Tortilla shell, 1 tablespoon white chocolate peanut butter and an apple! MRSCORNY2015 12 CAROLINAGIRL69
6/8/17 10:04 A
First time wearing a dress to work in over 10 years! RAYMOSSISTER 303 UMUCGRAD
6/7/17 6:36 P
This is the sunset tonight. 2BFREE2LIVE 17 HAPPYSOUL91
6/7/17 10:51 A
I turned on the meal plans yesterday, and I have been happily surprised at how much I love the meals STACIT0571 8 TIBURONA
6/7/17 1:27 A
So even tho the numbers on the scale dont go down my clothes fits a lot looser now which is good CNOVOA85 24 HEATHER736
6/7/17 7:46 A
Did an hour at the pool this morning. SISSYFEB48 8 CASTALLCARES1
6/7/17 12:06 P
My first hike today was to little Manitou Falls as part of Pattison, a Wisconsin State Park. I was g EJOY-EVELYN 17 AALLEY2
6/6/17 1:07 P
I did it!!! 1 hr on the elliptical!!! Sweat pouring down my back!! BRIANNADUNN 71 MERRYMARY42
6/6/17 1:09 A
Chili mac ( mac and cheese, turkey meat, and chili) for dinner KAGILE 10 CJS1MOMMY
6/6/17 12:45 A
Riced cauliflower, veggies, eggs, soy sauce. Pretty dang good. SANDY1969 10 SANDY1969
6/5/17 8:22 P
Hi everyone I'm ashley, today I have been started with my diet and exercise for exactly one week. I' A52144 202 LASTDIET2017
6/6/17 7:31 A
Still got 50 more lbs to lose. But I feel so nice these days. Went out and bought me two new dresses STUFFY864 303 FLASUN
6/6/17 4:13 A
I am 353 lbs beginning my journey to 150 lbs! I am going to do this! CHRISSIANN 305 MERRYJO1
6/5/17 8:18 P
~CHAT & GREETINGS~ & Hi & Hello & Welcomes --DEBY-- 1062 KURTZIE1998
6/18/17 11:19 P

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