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Posted a photo OBIESMOM2 8 KITT52
1/17/18 1:24 P
1/17/18 1:22 P
My indoor organic Romiane is spouting. STEEPERSLOUNGE 16 TARADAWNEM
1/17/18 12:35 P
This number is so tough for me to accept! I have been really struggling the past few weeks. But inst DMSPEER93 42 RAERAERAE62
1/17/18 9:39 P
I had a stressful morning and wanted to stop and get a donut on my way to work...BUT I didn't. That' JENNIFERBR51 179 ECMSGURL1205
1/17/18 6:52 P
Been having a hard time getting refocused after the holidays, but made up my mind that today is the RAYMOSSISTER 43 WHOAMOM2
1/17/18 9:26 P
Shrimp salad for lunch! With bacon, jalapeños, mushrooms & tomatoes MORGAN_ALANA 11 CHERYLHURT
1/16/18 6:07 P
I'm so proud of myself in one month progress report... my daughter measure me last month and this my MARIAGCOSTILLA1 25 MSMITCHELL2696
1/16/18 6:53 P
Went bowling last week! I didnt do well, but its about FUN!! Before I could not of even tried. Fu DIANEDOESSMILES 13 LESLIELENORE
1/17/18 4:43 A
Hello! 😌 I came across this app today and so far I love it. I’m marking today as the official start LILI1987 52 LILI1987
1/16/18 8:39 P
Dinner is usually my hardest meal to keep on track with. I love carbs, i love meat and potatoes. B HEINZELMAN_FAMI 10 CHERYLHURT
1/16/18 5:52 P
Started at 289lbs woohoo down to 194lbs SORRELLCONNIE 160 MMMMD59
1/16/18 11:34 P
My start weight on 9/12/17: 255 and here I am now 39.6 pounds lighter 😊 I'm seriously loving this n TMP0418 303 TMP0418
1/16/18 9:03 P
Working 3p-11p/ dinner for tonight... * MLOPEZ8912 16 MEEMERS2010
1/14/18 9:49 P
Happy First Birthday Helga! KILTORE 27 1CRAZYDOG
1/15/18 12:53 P
It's what's for dinner this is two servings but I think I'm going to try to eat the whole bag I don' GPALMER29 14 SADIEMYERS
1/15/18 10:55 A
Tomorrow is the first day of my journey, hopefully I can find some positive encouragement along the MORBID2NOURISH 34 POLAR63
1/14/18 7:48 P
Our weekly Sunday late afternoon run/walk on the Robinette’s Apple Orchard trails. After 90 days on B_RAZORSHARP 33 MWARNER211
1/16/18 5:13 A
This morning my son (he's seven going on twenty-one) decided to sneak a picture of me... as I was ge JESSICA_G23 241 CONTENTE13
1/15/18 8:56 A
Long run today 12-13 miles #BeforeAndAfter from 250 to 123lbs HSARMYWF 288 PENNEY13
1/16/18 5:43 P
I'm so excited! I decided in December I was done being overweight. It's started when I went to shop MEL51871 34 MEL51871
1/15/18 9:57 P
Snowed in Saturday, he insisted his monkey needs a bed and a pillow. 😂 KSTEVERSON 8 SADIEMYERS
1/13/18 5:30 P
So this picture is the reason I'm here. I didn't realize how much I had let myself go until I saw t IZAMUM 12 FISHGUT3
1/13/18 3:46 P
Hi community, I'm back! I must confess, I fell of the wagon and sadly have to start all over again. SYLAGUE50 13 DAVENSHERI
1/13/18 3:48 P
Hello everyone!! Well I been at my dietitian yesterday on month progress i lost other 14 lb in one m MARIAGCOSTILLA1 148 DAVENSHERI
1/13/18 3:46 P
June 2016 when I didn't care Started July 1, 2017 ST3PH 136 DEEO12
1/14/18 10:37 P
1/14/18 7:24 A
Sparkpeople has changed and grown so much since I last really used it. Unfortunately, so have I. I f THEHINKS 13 MDOWER1
1/11/18 1:43 P
I couldn’t decide what kind of toast to have so I had all 3. This is only 155 calories worth of brea BETHANYBOO 11 RDCAGAIN10
1/11/18 1:18 P
Made vegetable beef barley soup for my dad. He’s almost 90. Is having trouble with solid food. Nutri PETERMORRIS966 40 AMYINTHEWILD
1/11/18 5:10 P
I started this journey to lose weight on Dec 31st, 2017 at 235lbs, originally inspired by the surpri MLOPEZ8912 119 JENGLAND09
1/11/18 4:38 P
#BeforeAndAfter I hit halfway today! 44 down and 43 to go!! AIMZY72 226 ELSCO55
1/11/18 5:17 P
Our newest Vaughn Child born yesterday about 9:30, approximately 2_hours after Mommy went to the hos TVAUGHN57 281 GINIEMIE
1/16/18 9:54 A
Baby Jensen and big sister Ryder Vaughn. Jensen was born about 2 yrs after Mom got to the hospital! TVAUGHN57 15 PICKIE98
1/11/18 9:33 A
Lil Cat at the vet...he has been wheezing and coughing for the past 2 days. At first I thought he ha PLAINJANEDOE 15 TMP0418
1/10/18 6:26 P
No hiding that sweat - I walked 2 miles on the tre HRCURFMAN 19 TMP0418
1/10/18 6:25 P
Lost 22 pounds so far..... AMYMBUNCH 97 EO4WELLNESS
1/11/18 1:16 P
Pretty proud of this yummy lunch!! JUDYBEAR216 26 BILLTHOMSON
1/10/18 9:35 P
2017 been a good year for me I came in 2018 down 55 lb GLO4LIFE48 182 NYARAMULA
1/11/18 4:18 A
I joined Gold’s Gym yesterday and today was Day 1 of my 90 days to #MyBestSelf! I’ve been able to lo KERIN51 169 KSTEVERSON
1/10/18 8:16 P
While i failed at the no soda challenge. I have been doing well on only 1 soda a day. Im on day 4 of BRENEW 15 ALALADY
1/8/18 5:20 P
Apple Walnut Chicken Salad with Balsamic Vinegarette. 350 calories and super satisfying. JUDYLYNN1980 6 ALALADY
1/8/18 5:16 P
#BeforeAndAfter SLOWER2ND 19 TMP0418
1/8/18 8:03 P
The photo in the red shirt was taken in 2014... I was a whopping 265 pounds. The black dress photo NURSINBABY73 29 MJ7DM33
1/8/18 6:33 P
Happy Birthday to me! PATJOONWW 209 L_DROUIN
1/8/18 6:17 P
Start of the journey. 317 lbs and miserable. I am very motivated to change my life for the better. KENDRA2018 302 MOGLO61
1/8/18 9:46 P
Meeting my goals! Its going to be a great year! Its been a long road. Started out at 185# @ 5'4" las WENDYSU48 237 LTRINH9
1/8/18 7:51 P
#BeforeAndAfter been hitting a bad spot but looking at this now does make me happy. Down 80 pounds a ORIGINALGDP 166 SIMBA437
1/17/18 11:48 A
Hi my name is Brenda my incentive is my son will m MYHORSEILOVE 26 LOSING_FOR_LIFE
1/11/18 1:12 A
My monthly church brunch I made some great choices gave up potatoes, Mac and cheese, stuffing, brocc TMP0418 35 KENNYBARBIE12
1/8/18 10:44 A
227 lbs starting today. Goal is 175 lbs AUDREY_FELDER 30 CIERAPOET
1/7/18 5:25 P
Lunch is served :) Grandson wanted broccoli..yep, Nana can do broccoli ♡ #keto Sounds boring, but di LRJUSTUS1 110 CHEIVOUS
1/8/18 10:16 A
More recent photo of me 2018...@237 lbs. Long way from 318. But I'm trying. JOFIEGIRL 35 CINDYLOVING250
1/7/18 6:06 P
A few years ago I decided to take full control of getting back in shape. I began my weightloss journ LADYBK-FIT 246 ~BRY~2009
1/7/18 8:06 P
First day of tracking. Need to make a fresh start. Whole family started with me, but this year us LYNMCC1 144 CINDYLOVING250
1/7/18 6:05 P
Philly bowl for lunch #ketoapproved PUGHMOMMYX3 5 BILLTHOMSON
1/6/18 6:39 P
I reached my first goal. Yeah! Long time coming. KFQUILTER 127 CHRISTINEMOODY5
1/6/18 11:03 P
Well here goes! Can't believe I'm being courageous enough to post this horrid pic of myself! I curre SMOEII-1 168 MONKEYJO10
1/6/18 9:42 P
I've lost over 70lbs, it is really surprising even to me. #beforeandafter LIL1IAN 96 BLUECAFE
1/7/18 2:09 P
35 down 71 to go 😊 I know it's gonna be worth it and I'm taken my time. Let's do this!!! TMP0418 84 SMOEII-1
1/6/18 5:49 P
I met a goal to get to 214 after a long journey to it. So happy today about it. I am 214 but let me MYEMMANUEL 198 SLVRMANE
1/6/18 5:22 P
I have done it, I have officially lost 30 pounds!!!!!!! 🤸All thanks to you guys and gals that keep KIMBERLYASHLYN 307 LOULOU1709
1/7/18 12:36 A
I’m Festive McSnowflake JUDY1676 9 KURTZIE1998
1/5/18 11:06 P
I'm so chilly today! Wanted something hot and filling. Ham, broccoli and cheddar egg white scramble ELIZABETHDARCY 14 MADDIEBSMAMA
1/5/18 1:28 P
Do you know what is worst then spending 1.5 hours outside scooping/snow blowing the yard? Realizing SOTEIRA75 61 LEGGSMALON
1/5/18 2:25 P
Good morning! This is what I woke up to this morning and the storm is not even over yet in New Bruns MARCY1955 205 8HABIT
1/6/18 9:14 A
I managed to get thru the holidays without gaining weight. Win!!! Happy Friday everyone! STAU1207 175 CFITZ1
1/5/18 6:49 P
1/5/18 7:34 P
Goal is sisters wedding in May, 2018. Want to weigh 185.... 35 lbs total. EILEENIE510 19 IAN2409
1/5/18 7:12 A
Southern NC: this is a site we don't see very often...snow and 27 degrees at 9:30 the teens SYLBA61 28 LOVELY*LADY
1/5/18 7:04 P
Gym is closed due to water damage from a burst pipe. Can’t run 2 days in a row (knee), so bundled up ENGINEERMOM 84 BABY_GIRL69
1/4/18 5:11 P
I was trying to find pictures to compare. I guess I usually have the camera. But this is a 30 lb dif BEVERLY1501 180 NANCYANND55
1/4/18 8:13 P
We had snow in the deep south yesterday. We get ex LYONSFARM 97 NANCYANND55
1/4/18 8:17 P
This is at my heaviest taken summer of 2017. I got back on track Dec 3 2017 and as of today, Jan 4 HOTWHEELZ31 182 _LINDA
1/4/18 8:20 P
400 calorie breakfast 😋 including my 1st pot of coffee🍵 2 eggs, peppers, onions, garlic, mushrooms TMP0418 153 TMP0418
1/4/18 6:31 P