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People say i look like George Clooney!! I don't know what do y'all think? GPALMER29 18 SHAPEUPCHELLE
5/29/17 6:23 P
New baby goats born 5/6/17 2 little boys BECKY672 37 -POOKIE-
5/27/17 3:21 A
Posted a photo BLONDEE53 29 KATHYJO56
5/27/17 12:15 A
Does anyone here use this, what is it for? How do you use it? Thank You. KARLIITA13 6 TIME4ME2017
5/24/17 6:03 P
Super raw post. I am my own perfection. My body is a dang good body. I didnt beat obesity in the but LUCKYLISA12002 20 ADYLEIGH
5/20/17 7:41 P
2 weeks tomorrow I'll be going to my Mum's birthday gathering. Need to work on my self esteem and ch SHAPEUPCHELLE 4 SHAPEUPCHELLE
5/20/17 6:30 A
Can't eat can't do anything in so much pain from the teeth removal ZOMBIE23 6 RENEEHUG
5/19/17 8:06 P
What I thought was just an off blah week, was actually just an onset of a head cold in the making. BECCA_73 3 BECCA_73
5/19/17 7:37 P
65.8 people well 65.7 on scale today. Finally we are getting somewhere. My mini milestone is 65.4 wh IMRAN99 10 NANCYANND55
5/19/17 8:55 P
Cardiologist today again.... Yet another Holter bu JEMMSIE 70 BABY_GIRL69
5/10/17 5:24 P
5/11/17 12:19 P
Going to be giving up my coffee for 2 weeks, I get 2 mcdonalds coffees each day each w 12 creams and JUSTSTICKWITHIT 48 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
5/8/17 5:50 P
Started 1 month ago at 250. Today I'm 236. I see a slight difference. KAGE5209 28 KAGE5209
5/18/17 12:07 P
I'm going to be a grammar-nazi (it's been one of t JENGLAND09 4 ADYLEIGH
5/5/17 11:50 P
happy cinco de mayo ....well today has been hard for me went out to eat but ended up eating a little BEEZY04 2 ADYLEIGH
5/5/17 11:39 P
To Gym? Or. Not to Gym? OMG, when I thought everything was going well I get sick....... Yeste FLBEACHLIFE079 6 ADYLEIGH
5/5/17 12:52 P
I lost almost a half pound this week. It's a small loss--but I'm celebrating! I Am So Close To The PAULAJEAN59 11 PAULAJEAN59
5/6/17 7:40 P
So my family surprised me for my birthday with two floral arrangements, a cake with butterflies and CMARTIN5383 88 BANANASLOUIE7
5/4/17 3:52 A
Did you have a good Tuesday? My highlight was jump rope and sprints. How about you? Here is today's SPARKGUY 41 FOXBAY99
5/3/17 7:55 P
Coming back to SparkPeople after being away for a few years. Have gained WAY too much weight, and no ALLI429 17 ALLI429
5/3/17 10:02 P
I've only lost like 3 pounds, but I'm doing chemo and I'm able to workout. Grateful C44213 3 ADYLEIGH
4/28/17 8:14 P
Yes I know I am THIN! Most people would be so annoyed "how much more weight can she lose?" "She does ASHNIC56 92 DRBARNETT
4/28/17 11:55 A
No excersize and bad diet, someone slap some sense into me!! Not sure what's my problem but this is JUSTSTICKWITHIT 23 HAYBURNER1969
4/26/17 8:06 A
Just downloaded this app hope to lose alot of weight. Would love to get down to 175 by 4th of july. DAISYDOG65 17 JVANAM
4/25/17 5:31 P
Yummy....Greek yogurt, strawberries, and cereal....perfect dessert๐Ÿ˜ SYDNEYBREW 7 GAYLLYNNE
4/20/17 6:18 P
So I was just informed in an indirect way that under no circumstances will I be getting a Harley any JUSTSTICKWITHIT 13 JONIBUSHELL
5/9/17 4:05 P
Does not look delicious to me anymore. How about you. Please share your experience! METTOH 22 MISSJAKE
4/10/17 11:48 P
Lost my little buddy today. RIP were so loved and will be missed. MYBESTLIFEISNOW 74 KEATON753
4/11/17 5:12 P
So today is my one week mark for my diet and exercise. I'm a 38 yr old female 5'6" at 171.0 lbs. K11847 8 K11847
4/9/17 10:53 P
Soooo. I lost inches since last month. COOL right? But then I review previous months and even my FIR SUSANSKI 10 MIMAWELIZABETH
4/11/17 7:45 A
I was having a good day then got a bad nose bleed, can't seem to get it to stop. Anybody have any id J38850 6 J38850
4/9/17 2:17 P
Having hard time findind my challenge s on here MELANIESPLACE 6 ADYLEIGH
4/9/17 9:57 A
Ate all my calories for the day no dinner and I'm hungry MELLOW68 5 WHOIAM3
4/7/17 7:15 P
People keep asking why I'm exercising even though I'm already small. I want to point out that just b NILLABEAN22 12 DGIGGLES3
4/7/17 6:57 P
Did you have a Woohoo Wednesday? My highlight was stretching in the sunshine. How about you? -- chri SPARKGUY 81 EJOY-EVELYN
4/7/17 10:12 A
It's really hard right now....I do believe that I can do this. It's that shame I'm carrying that's d MILOANDME 3 KETIMM01
4/5/17 10:50 P
What is the best way to get rid of a toxic person who is getting worse with each passing year? PATRICIAANN46 16 IAMAGEMLOVER
4/6/17 10:12 A
Hi everyone! I have lost 17 lbs since January 15th but I have lost weight everywhere except belly fa L13165 5 SMUNKNER
4/1/17 8:09 P
So here's a progress photo of me today and one from what'll be 2 months tomorrow! I see the differen COOKSV4 22 COOKSV4
3/31/17 11:35 P
Does anyone recommend a detox plan? I've been feeling bloated lately or anything that would help wit RBWALES 8 ADYLEIGH
3/30/17 4:35 P
Having a bit of a struggle with what I can do to tone and flatten my stomach. I have a bad back and AGRAHAM85 11 KAREBEAR2313
3/30/17 4:27 P
This is me!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ VHAYES04 16 LAH1222
3/23/17 5:41 P
Down 63 lbs since July!!! Excited about that but this past month has been really hard sine losing my DBUCKNER4 58 FISHGUT3
3/22/17 5:42 P
Breasfeeding and trying to loose lbs. Do u guys have any idea how much calories to consume and still ALBA6497 7 ALBA6497
2/27/17 3:12 P
Need protein tips. I have become almost fully vegetarian but I can't seem to get enough protein. I w GHOSTILYUSHA 26 CONNIETEA88
2/20/17 8:24 A
Hey guys where is everyone from? I'm thinking if w BECGAMMON 3072 RUSSELLFORD
5/20/17 1:14 A
Where abouts in Ottawa is everyone from? -FEMALE- 102 LEEDAWGZ
3/27/12 9:51 P
What's in your SP Name? BEFITSPIRITED 43 JOCE86
12/19/12 10:25 P
10/8/16 3:16 P
Questions about this challenge? SPARK_COACH_JEN 1419 GET2BEFIT
12/28/16 7:52 P
Please Introduce Yourself HERE. SPARK_COACH_JEN 6562 IZZY37
5/13/17 2:17 A
30 Day Challenge MOLLIEMAC 18 LIZZIE13
9/12/10 10:08 P
Healthy Canada Group Forum SHMOOPIE 6062 MOMMY445
3/23/17 3:50 P
what was the last vegetable you ate? SIMMPLYPERI 18031 RAYNAC3
2/26/17 9:17 A
Question of the Week- July 16 MOLLIEMAC 8 DONNAD222
7/18/10 8:01 P
Change a Word PRI6909 2430 KOLBOLTQUEEN
5/22/15 10:55 A
5-letter Anagram Word Game (rep. daily word game) SUNSETWATCHER 15234 PRINGLE
5/5/17 6:37 P
A-Z girls names LITTLEWITCH13 243709 RO2BENT
5/30/17 8:08 A
Name an old television show SWEETSILVER 73508 ALFBUNDY
5/24/17 12:09 P
5/23/17 7:58 P
A to Z song titles SOLONGE 14812 BEFIT017
5/27/17 7:55 P
A - Z girl names JEZRAI 80808 SKY214
5/29/17 12:29 A
5/30/17 7:49 A
A - Z Boy names JEZRAI 131289 NIGHTOWLKIM
5/30/17 5:15 A
Last Fruit Eaten? HPOWENS 69064 KAMEL622
5/30/17 8:45 A
Question of the Week- June 18 MOLLIEMAC 33 SASSISPRING
6/23/10 2:04 P
6/18/10 2:47 P
Great opinion piece about oil spill in Huff. Post COACH_NICOLE 2 ADYLEIGH
6/17/10 1:00 P
Repurposing Fun -What have you found new uses for? TRIXEL 33 EXERTIGER
3/13/12 7:17 P
Can You Tell Me ANYTHING Hopeful About the Oil Spi SIRIRADHA 20 RANDIHEATHER
8/12/10 1:46 P
5/9/11 1:13 P
Where is everyone from? TRISHP1961 31 LEPA!!
3/1/11 12:25 A
Moving to the Next Stage ADYLEIGH 10 SASSISPRING
6/10/10 11:39 A
Embracing the "Shorty" but not the "Fatty" KITHKINCAID 2 ADYLEIGH
6/9/10 2:53 P
Hi! I'm new here... BKERMOM32 6 ADYLEIGH
6/9/10 11:27 A

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