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I need opinions. I’m 5’11, 150 pounds (at my goal ISABEAUSROSE 53 ISABEAUSROSE
1/19/18 3:30 P
My only intake after 6pm. Whatever I'm craving, I tell myself I can have it in the morning. I used t JESUSLUVSYOU 20 IAMAGEMLOVER
1/19/18 8:36 A
This is my year... whose with me? JENNKING3 12 DININA48MN
1/18/18 11:23 P
I got some new stats today from my training coach: Body fat 28.51% (started at 37.8%) Muscle 29.4% MOSIEOSIE 13 DARKCHILD63
1/17/18 5:54 P
I haven't had a Pepsi since January 1st! That is a big deal for me. I have only craved it once but I KARLEENEAGLESON 16 MIYAMO
1/17/18 5:39 P
So I've reached a dilemma. I have, for the last six years, been trying to lose weight. I have be MCASKEY6 24 BERRY4
1/18/18 12:23 A
Downloaded the app today! Id call this Day 1 but ive already messed up today :( NURSEMJ 25 FIDDLISH
1/17/18 4:53 P
On my way to work to play in the snow I guess but that don't bother me it's the -5 degree wind chill GPALMER29 18 RAWN13
1/18/18 3:05 A
Just me. Day 1. 485 lbs. Why did I let myself do this to me? RODGER1960 304 FRISKYCRITTER
1/17/18 7:15 P
Here is what I DIDN'T eat today...! MRSJEFFL 46 TCANNO
1/17/18 4:57 A
I am new to this and I have a new baby at home! Elizabeth is 10 days old and I am here to drop the b MOMOF2BULLS 20 MOMOF2BULLS
1/15/18 10:06 P
268lbs today that's a total of -15lbs since the beginning of September slowly but surely it's coming SPRINGMARY 16 FITWITHIN
1/14/18 5:06 A
We’re pregnant with our first (and only) baby! We couldn’t be happier and it’s giving me the motivat ERICAANN44 128 MAGGIESUE2016
1/14/18 10:41 A
When you’re in a group photo and you’re the fattes MISSAMY426 37 MISSAMY426
1/16/18 7:18 P
I gave birth almost 9 months ago. I watched myself go from 130 to 192 during pregnancy. Lost weight TOY_BOXX 28 NAMASTE_IN_BED
1/12/18 9:33 A
Happy Birthday to me! PATJOONWW 209 L_DROUIN
1/8/18 6:17 P
I have a very long way to go....📂📝 Got to lose 125lbs CAROLHALL13 229 CAROLHALL13
1/11/18 10:41 A
Good morning! This is what I woke up to this morning and the storm is not even over yet in New Bruns MARCY1955 205 8HABIT
1/6/18 9:14 A
Almost stopped for pizza. I love pizza. So I made my own at home. I used whole wheat flat bread wit DOLLIPS 55 TCANNO
1/5/18 4:50 A
How much is too much? JHWILS97 11 JHWILS97
1/5/18 6:16 P
Who still has decorations up.... lol Happy new year💜💙💚💛 --CHERYL-- 18 CHERIB00
1/4/18 3:59 P
She’s insisting her name is Thelma, even though I got a little personal and told her I don’t like th AMYINTHEWILD 7 ELIZABETHDARCY
1/4/18 12:46 P
Ok so meant to share this earlier but this showed up on my timeline as a high school friend of mine CMARTIN5383 6 SEMIJEWLAVL
1/3/18 9:15 P
Day 1 I believe that I can do it this time!! NOMI_822 16 SPARKLINGME176
1/1/18 3:50 P
Good Morning Sparkers! Happy to be with you today! Hoping all have a wonderful Saturday!!! “New Ye BOOHOOBEAR 4 EO4WELLNESS
12/30/17 11:27 A
The reality is I have to depend on "fast food" occasionally due to our crazy schedule. I typically s CARLI_TDG 8 MSMITH5077
12/30/17 9:52 A
Well, I have been eating everything under the sun JUSTSTICKWITHIT 30 1CRAZYDOG
12/24/17 1:02 P
My niece took my picture at our family Christmas tonight and thought I would share. The left is Apri POLAR63 50 LUCKYCRIM1231
12/27/17 9:42 A
I'm really disappointed with the low amount of likes and comments I got on some of the Christmas col ALLYLIZZY 14 LILIWHEELER
12/24/17 11:57 A
I had big goals last week and this week....but my cat was more important. After 16 years together he RENZRYD 58 HIPPICHICK1
12/24/17 11:49 A
Posted a photo BOOHOOBEAR 12 KILTORE
12/23/17 11:01 P
25th day, an ok day. The day was long. Work and then running to the stores on one of the busiest day IREMIA 9 7STIGGYMT
12/22/17 4:28 P
Thinking about leaving this program for a month as I've not lost any weight in the in 2 week and mig BIGFLABEAR 20 CINDYTW963
12/22/17 11:20 P
Today, Spark Friends, I found out that I am pregnant with my second child. I lost 20lbs before disco SDAVID1114 23 JUNIORSSISTER
12/23/17 9:28 A
Life would be so dull without children in the house. A little suprize from the kiddos. Lol😄😂❤ #ket MRSMCSKINNY 39 KIMBERLY925
12/28/17 8:32 P
It’s Short Girl Appreciation Day! December 21st, the shortest day of the year. DARIALEIGH 16 MADDIEBSMAMA
12/22/17 12:35 P
Ear infections suck! But not even that kept me down today! BECCADIANE3782 3 XNANNY
12/21/17 12:03 A
Chilling with the babies tonight!😻😻 KENNYBARBIE12 25 YMWONG22
12/20/17 2:07 A
Edward Johnson, Thomas Edison's assistant, invented Christmas tree lights in 1882 TBRYAN-LU 9 JENNGROGAN
12/20/17 9:38 A
Great info❤👍 DIANEPAG 23 RDCAGAIN10
12/17/17 1:31 P
I have very strong cravings for sweets. I’m trying ASWANPRINCESS 14 -POOKIE-
12/17/17 3:22 A
I made sweet potato, black bean, spinach and salsa enchiladas. It tasted way better than it sounds. PLUMBO42 36 SKEMERICH
12/17/17 10:23 A
Time for a tea break I am not a coffee drinker. Peppermint is my choice what is your favorite tea? TCARTER29 17 LORINTY
12/13/17 3:52 P
Yesterday the handle fell off my favorite coffee mug and splashed over my laptop eyboard Can you gue JUDYDSJOURNEY 16 CHRISTINEBWD
12/13/17 7:06 P
This is totally my sentiment. I DON'T do mornings! ; ) BERRY4 20 LIVEDAILY
12/13/17 4:55 P
I just had a thought some people have skinny pants or short I have skinny under garments I bought th ECMSGURL1205 9 BLANCASUBWAY28
12/12/17 7:43 P
I remember every house being lit up. As an adult I took my kids to certain neighborhoods that had fa KILTORE 33 F8CONE8
12/12/17 12:12 P
I was 189lbs in the 2014 pic. I got depressed after being laid off again and my 3 yr relationship ta DAWNEOFANEWDAY 21 MDOWER1
12/11/17 6:53 P
How to get in 1500 steps in 30 minutes first thing Monday morning at work: ANTS! All over the offic OBIESMOM2 14 SRWYLIE
12/12/17 8:05 A
Week 2 of 5k training completed in 26 degrees. Is FITHIKER64 24 WLHOPE
12/10/17 8:36 P
💔 2 funerals in 2 days...sad week SYLBA61 8 SYLBA61
12/10/17 8:14 A
Discovered this relatively lower-carb, organic soup, from AMY'S. Thai Coconut soup. In Thai, "Tom Kh MSBOOTCAMP 19 EDWARDS1411
12/9/17 8:05 P
#justsaidno , #DoneGood ~ ~ I made it through a Taco Bell hit and run (drive-thru trip) and all I go LGSCARRIE 9 LGSCARRIE
12/10/17 11:35 P
hello everyone, I just joined this site.I need to lose about 33 pounds to be healthy :(( Could you g ALPSAR 10 ADYLEIGH
12/7/17 8:25 P
Hubby gave me 2 early Christmas gives which I so appreciate - a soda streamer a set of 8 books - Lit MARILYNS69 12 EMMACORY
12/8/17 9:38 P
This counts, right? Who has their tree up already? BOOHOOBEAR 104 DEE107
12/9/17 1:09 A
Tough decision tonight. But 5 miles uphill on the treadmill later - I think I made the right one 😁D B_RAZORSHARP 35 TMP0418
12/6/17 10:35 A
Today, I am implementing the "U Rock" award at my workplace. A way that we can improve inter-office SKEMERICH 12 RDCAGAIN10
12/5/17 12:33 P
So last night I went off w my eating, 5 glazed doughnuts, chips and dip, 2 sausage mcmuffins, 8 ande JUSTSTICKWITHIT 100 COMEBACKKID12
12/4/17 12:10 A
My 13 year old has me smiling from ear to ear... I HERNEENEE 23 BARCLE
12/2/17 5:34 P
This is my goal shirt. It’s hard to tell in the picture but it has the entirety of Jane Eyre (one of ADYLEIGH 15 FLUTTERFLI
12/1/17 7:39 P
Ok... I am going to avoid the kitchen at this time of the day!!! Please tell me this gets easier to SHELLLEY2 17 B_RAZORSHARP
12/1/17 10:08 P
Can’t believe I’m sharing this. It is very embarrassing, but I feel like I need to throw this out t MJLOWRIE4 32 MDOWER1
12/1/17 6:35 P
Lol, that kind of day!! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 12 CONSTANCE067
12/1/17 8:20 A
My girlfriend and I have danced around getting into shape and eating healthy. Now we have committed KILPOPI 6 TCANNO
11/28/17 10:44 P
Monday morning check in: so according to Saturdays weigh in I gained 2 lbs, but that didn't discoura MIMIGEE2 34 ALALADY
11/27/17 3:10 P
Posted a photo BROKEN89 11 RUNSWITHDEER
11/22/17 10:52 P
I have been in the kitchen for nearly 6 hours baking gluten free pies for Thanksgiving. I am proud t BEEBEEFOX5 15 ADRIENALINE
11/20/17 2:51 P
What is a healthy snack besides fruit, veggies and yogurt? I am thinking about making homemade trail SEEKHEALTHYLIFE 7 SEEKHEALTHYLIFE
11/18/17 9:03 P
My morning run started off well. About 3/4 of the way through, a hidden smear of goose grease almost J2002HEIDS 11 ALALADY
11/17/17 5:07 P
Just made me giggle. You know you went back and sang that! :P LGSCARRIE 9 INSPIRED26
11/17/17 10:09 A
How in the world did I gain weight affter my procedures when I haven’t had a thing to eat yet😩#Befo TBOYD5000 19 DEVONSCOTT3525
11/18/17 6:47 P
Hit my half way mark today! CARINA640 28 CONNIET88
11/14/17 7:37 A
Pain levels have been high this week. ☹️ Back to the drawing board. I’m researching how to reduce in RUDITUDI2000 13 MIRAGE727
11/11/17 9:19 P
Early morning walk of 238 m of the Track at the Canada Games Ctr. Halifax, NS. Strength exercises BOOHOOBEAR 283 MDCALIFORNIA
11/5/17 12:16 P