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Turned down a double-chocolate donut that was offered to me after I was full from breakfast this mor SUMMARAH 20 TMP0418
10/15/17 5:47 P
Today, I have a new accomplishment! I have limited mobility due to having both my knees replaced wit MARILYNMURRAY 195 MARILYNMURRAY
10/15/17 12:09 P
One-Half of the Landmine Russian Twist... In the gym strength training with my PT Logan. BOOHOOBEAR 17 KILTORE
10/12/17 10:35 P
My journey, I spent my life heavy, always weighing over 200lbs. When I was 18 I dropped 98lbs. I kep PIXIEDGE6 30 ALLYLIZZY
10/3/17 10:44 P
I'm in New Jersey, USA How far reaching is this post?❔☺ POGIRL17 245 CAJUNBUCKEYE59
10/3/17 7:11 P
Which little black dress do you like more? 1, 2, 3, or 4? ALLYLIZZY 303 SUSIEMT
10/1/17 11:50 P
Good morning hope everybody had a wonderful night's rest!! Here it is Thursday already!! We're barre GPALMER29 36 TIGERSEYEHEART
9/21/17 5:58 P
9/19/17 1:58 P
Hey Sparkies! I haven't been posting for quite some time. I was working out, eating right, and seei ODDR1NA 9 TAPPY49
9/18/17 4:06 P
Goodmorning, 2 egg 2 eggwhite omelet w a touch of Mrs dash and .25 cup of cheese. Weighed in at 254. JUSTSTICKWITHIT 56 SPARTANJAI
9/18/17 6:52 P
Yesterday I had to put down my cat of 20 years - I am so sad today. SMORSEBVR 34 KATIE520
9/18/17 11:08 A
This is 75lbs difference. PIXIEDGE6 193 _RAMONA
9/13/17 3:02 A
My stomach is definitely one of my biggest insecurities. It was over 100 lbs ago and sometimes now i THEJACKIEDEAN12 233 KATHRYNGC
9/27/17 6:53 P
I found the downside of becoming healthier. It doe LLOWE30 16 BRENDA_77039
9/11/17 3:33 A
Thoughts,opinions,info on this topic please. I was raised eating meat along with vegetables and frui CHUNKYCHACHI 11 CHUNKYCHACHI
9/10/17 12:10 P
Today I celebrated my 74th birthday. I am so grateful for all of you (my spark family.) KOHINOOR2 11 MORTICIAADDAMS
9/9/17 3:51 P
50 pounds, 22.5 inches released. 30% to goal. SPARKLYEYES71 187 GOTALOTAPETS
9/15/17 11:19 P
Good evening friends, just finished 45 min in the pool and mowing the lawn but what did I do after a JUSTSTICKWITHIT 19 BRENDA_77039
9/1/17 5:30 P
Ok STARFISH1961 would like to see what I look like in a dress shirt because I'm always wearing t-shi GPALMER29 22 DIALYSISCHIC1
8/31/17 12:16 A
Had to go to the doctor while at work my left eyelid has a swollen gland and it's red and swollen . KEENA47 24 KEENA47
8/31/17 6:09 A
#Vegan SparkPeople: how do you reach your protein SREADY 19 SREADY
9/4/17 10:26 P
My wife wanted me to show you folks,....... MY FAMILY REUNION POT! F5-FURY 59 ABUELAMEMA52
8/29/17 5:00 A
Posted a photo SJOYOUS 8 TEAGIRL49
8/27/17 10:32 P
How many calories do you burn tapping and mudding drywall :) oh I'm also tearing up cheap wall panel KOBRIEN13 10 ALALADY
8/26/17 5:57 P
#deliciousdailymoment Love my short hair and new glasses! #makeover EDIESTILTNER 7 ENGELKUH89
8/25/17 11:28 A
So while I was riding my Fitbit hit 10,000 steps... Does it count if I was horseback? Lol! 😂😂😂 ADUKE6 12 KSTEVERSON
8/24/17 6:26 P
I ordered chicken shawarma for dinner on a bed of salad and pickled veggies. I ate half and am savin BIKEORAMA 12 MPLSKEN
8/25/17 12:36 A
My sweet hubby passed 8-19-17. We had been together 41 yrs; married 40. I took off work this week an VHAYES04 306 JTHEALTHY1
8/23/17 6:57 P
Why is the tummy last to go?? Starting to get a "little definition". I'm determined! LAURENPAYNE1978 17 QSHEPP
8/22/17 9:14 P
Dunno if there is an actual, visual difference, but the pic on the left is from this weekend and mar KRYSSIENESS 8 SEYMK12921
8/21/17 2:50 P
40lbs and hair color lol CKEENER33 4 APACHESTEVE
8/20/17 8:50 P
I shared this today with someone and I wanted to p CONSTANCE067 115 JBLESSER
8/19/17 8:43 A
After an emergency visit to the dentist, I am 1 to ANTHROPOLOGY1 16 ANTHROPOLOGY1
8/19/17 12:48 A
Proud of my grandson and granddaughter... they were in a summer reading program and read all require TRAILWALKERJO54 14 KITT52
8/16/17 11:43 A
Hello all! I've been on ketos since 7/3. Not looking great for me scale wise, it hasn't moved for AMORBELLA 12 LYONSFARM
8/13/17 8:35 A
Jade's diagnoses is now a virus. The vet said it hit her hard unfortunately, but will improve. She i ROBINWASLEY 23 SASHASMOM1122
8/11/17 4:48 P
My poor little puppy has been sick now for the past few weeks. I went in with multiple concerns with ROBINWASLEY 14 ABUELAMEMA52
8/10/17 6:39 P
Dang I wore these 2 years ago! KLIPSE 53 MPLSKEN
8/4/17 12:44 A
Im really stuggling with hitting my minimum calorie intake. Im definitely eating more than ever, but K47568 9 XNANNY
8/1/17 8:07 P
I hate the scale with all my heart but Monday morning selfies to track my goals ... still better the CASEY 209 LILYSTARTSOVER
7/31/17 11:20 P
Looks like a simple route and a short walk. But this is the most intense walk I have ever taken. My WILDFIREJSW 27 DJ4HEALTH
7/31/17 12:15 A
Hey guys, I need some recommendations for sitting exercises... My foot is still injured and I am una GLESPEON 10 CHKCHNC
7/31/17 8:36 A
305 lb down!! Think I'm going to just keep going and see how small I can get!! If you go by chart li GPALMER29 37 GPALMER29
7/30/17 4:19 P
Okay don't laugh but I wear regular contacts most of the time but when my eyes get tired I have my P GPALMER29 193 FIT_VERVE
7/29/17 9:21 P
My goal ia to be at 135. I am at 165. I know i can do it. ROSA_83090 35 SYLBA61
7/26/17 7:46 P
Down 90 pounds. I want to lose more tho! Was 340 now 278 F5-FURY 95 AMAYDRAKE80
7/26/17 10:20 A
Well, good news is the doctor called me a "small woman" bad news is that I may not be qualified for BARBEDWIREKITTY 18 PROVING_IT
7/25/17 8:51 P
to add feta or not to add feta? post-workout meal dilemma FITNESS_ELLE 17 WFTGATL
7/24/17 2:37 P
Lost nothing this week, guess its time to step up the cardio because ive been ontop of eating the ri KGREENLAW2 12 MDOWER1
7/23/17 2:31 P
I have been in the hospital with my beautiful mother for the past 3 days. She is 96 and seriously il COURTENAYE 54 KMMR87
7/22/17 7:19 P
Turns out Luna has advanced cancer. Currently at the vet while they perform the necessary procedure SSMITH762 293 MARINEMAMA
7/12/17 7:53 A
Did you have a good weekend? My highlight today was a bike ride. How about you? SPARKGUY 78 LISABL09
7/10/17 5:45 P
Down another lb!! People say i'm starting to look sickly. Afraid to start eating to maintain, afraid GPALMER29 151 TRI2_BFIT
7/30/17 7:22 P
I really don't know what to say! 52 pounds gone since February and 3 weeks cigarette free! It's hasn SUMMERFODRIE 304 KOHINOOR2
7/11/17 12:03 A
When your baby makes you gain 60 lb when you're pregnant with him and then laughs at you for trying BECCA19922 4 BECCA19922
7/6/17 2:02 P
Posted a photo GPALMER29 9 LRJUSTUS1
7/4/17 12:36 P
Was lucky enough to snsp a picture of the Canadian Snow Birds todsy. MIMMA_ 9 JJQR-M
7/2/17 10:12 P
2017 on the left, 2013 on the right NEVERQUITGETFIT 305 DEBWALKER60
7/15/17 11:05 A
Lost a bet to my niece that I could do a handstand for 8 seconds. So here is my new hairstyle, lol. JUSTSTICKWITHIT 72 SUMMERFODRIE
6/27/17 7:24 P
Serious vulnerability alert! Day 1. 220 lbs. I can do this! Right? NEESIE2PT0 287 JOCELYNH711
6/27/17 8:15 A
Roll call... where is everyone from?? This pic is looking over the San tan mountains in Arizona TAMIAZ1 315 BNANCIB
7/1/17 9:23 P
Happy Flirty 30 to me ;) just had baby number 3! And it is time I rejoin the spark ..... take a hard POOKABELLA 24 POOKABELLA
6/24/17 10:11 P
Insomnia... It's horrible, but it gives me a chance to revisit some of my favourite tracks... On ta LADYSUISEI 2 ADYLEIGH
6/22/17 10:51 P
Dinner mediteranean herb salmon topped with diced avocado, squeeze of lime, and feta. #keto #lowcarb KSTEVERSON 19 MYHEALTHYLIFE64
6/30/17 1:15 P
Okay please somebody help me when I started this program I put on here that I wanted to lose 2 lbs a V83852 36 NETTIE08
6/21/17 11:13 P
Down to 256 from 307. Does anyone have advice for flabby arms? AMYBETH5372 22 AMYBETH5372
6/22/17 10:57 A
I can't seem to get motivated to exercise. What does everyone do? I've had a gym membership for four ANNESTONSKI 36 MIDGIEDAWN2
6/2/17 6:08 P
Might be a sin posting this here but I love to create beautiful cake designs and sharing RUBYREDIVY1 28 KRISZTA11
6/3/17 3:31 A
#keto. 15 lbs down in 4 weeks!--172 to 157. Mixed emotions. I feel great about the weight loss, but AOLSON80 10 KSTEVERSON
6/6/17 9:41 A
People say i look like George Clooney!! I don't know what do y'all think? GPALMER29 28 MYTIMEAW8Z
9/20/17 2:14 P
New baby goats born 5/6/17 2 little boys BECKY672 37 -POOKIE-
5/27/17 3:21 A
Posted a photo BLONDEE53 30 DRINKALOTH2O
9/17/17 11:58 A
Does anyone here use this, what is it for? How do you use it? Thank You. KARLIITA13 6 TIME4ME2017
5/24/17 6:03 P
Super raw post. I am my own perfection. My body is a dang good body. I didnt beat obesity in the but LUCKYLISA12002 20 ADYLEIGH
5/20/17 7:41 P
2 weeks tomorrow I'll be going to my Mum's birthday gathering. Need to work on my self esteem and ch SHAPEUPCHELLE 4 SHAPEUPCHELLE
5/20/17 6:30 A