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Fat Bombs 52114ME 11 52114ME
11/24/17 1:38 P
So yesterday my keto meal plan got trashed ... late in the day no less. I was just fine until my bro RONFOXX58 5 52114ME
11/24/17 1:24 P
This was the food that I brought to share at our Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. I sauteed 2 bags of UNIQUE55 20 MPLSKEN
11/24/17 11:44 P
11/21 weight : 207 11/24 weight : 204 I actually LOST weight. Usually I gain 15# over the holiday s MRSMCSKINNY 6 PIPPAMOUSE
11/24/17 11:38 P
 It's Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day, National Day of Listening, and Random Acts of Kindness Frida NANASUEH 3 52114ME
11/24/17 1:14 P
For several years I’ve had a phantom itch on my arms around my elbows. I don’t experience a color o MCASKEY6 23 JULESBEARRIFIC
11/24/17 5:34 P
1 week, 1 pound down. It has been the roughest week though. Started out with a massive migraine and SPYDERLACE 4 52114ME
11/24/17 1:10 P
I have to take the elastic in a bit! ABINATHRA 14 NOCALORIES
11/24/17 5:32 P
Plotting my #weightgoal success for the coming months! Feeling strong!! ANNDIEDR 5 ANNDIEDR
11/24/17 5:05 P
I really don't mean to ruffle anyone feathers, but I see the featured blog are a one man show again. IMUSTLOSEIT1 7 GORDON66
11/24/17 11:19 P
My highest weight and my current weight. I started losing weight seriously a year after that photo w GOODFELINE 165 LORINTY
11/21/17 12:21 P
My little brother lives in Texas and, due to our busy lives, we don't get to talk or Skype much. I HLKING74 10 SMSUZIEQ36
11/18/17 8:57 P
It’s been good to get outside the last few days to hike. QUETZALGIRL 13 QUETZALGIRL
11/19/17 8:37 A
Ran my first official 5K today and did it 3 min faster than my fastest time. Great to have my sons w LKMANNING7 23 DIALYSISCHIC1
11/18/17 8:53 P
Went a bit crazy yesterday, but will be back on track for today. Have a turkey breast in the oven ba SISTER0614 15 52114ME
11/18/17 5:26 P
Today is my first day getting started. I am excited about this Journey SHAMEKAWILLI6 9 52114ME
11/18/17 5:25 P
Broccoli cheese balls anyone? m/baked-broccoli-cheese-balls/ ROBINLABELLE 5 52114ME
11/18/17 5:24 P
Today's #getoutside adventure was a 2.5 mile walk on this trail with my best girl! Followed by a tr BEACHCHICA08 13 JOYCEHARRIS3
11/19/17 6:53 A
What an awesome feeling it is to wake up, grab a pair of jeans you haven't been able to fit in for a ERRKORN 7 52114ME
11/18/17 5:14 P
I noticed that I hadn't measured myself since September 22nd. I measure my neck, waist and hips and AUNTRENEE 3 52114ME
11/18/17 5:13 P
43% to goal! SPARKLYEYES71 115 REBBUL67
11/24/17 12:29 A
Posted a photo KATIEJADIE16 25 MOGLO
11/18/17 11:57 P
Here is my old pants that kept falling off. LINGOD2010 65 GREEN99EYEZ
11/19/17 3:17 P
By going to the Illumination Celebration at Peddler's Village last night, I not only achieved, but s POGIRL17 18 FROSTY99
11/18/17 8:34 P
So far.....20 pounds lost. Very happy. This is hard work! GRACEUNDERFIRE3 13 NOCALORIES
11/18/17 5:38 P
Best NSV ever. My wedding ring fits again. (Yes, they're sapphires) NADINE200 31 52114ME
11/17/17 10:12 P
I did it!!! I started 04/24/17 everyday at 5:00 am. I did 2 rounds of Alpha, 2 rounds of Beta and th DAXXDAY 7 52114ME
11/17/17 10:08 P
11/18/17 12:51 A
I stayed within my calories VAMPIREMOMM 7 REEDSKI
11/18/17 3:23 A
That feeling when you fit into EVERYTHING in your closet? I felt it today! That feeling is worth a WONDAWOMAN2 5 XERXESTHEGREAT
11/18/17 12:03 A
Cuddles with my dog.. yes those are my legs COOLEY135 4 52114ME
11/17/17 4:22 P
Low carb meal plan since 09/22/17. Started at 233, today I am at 220. Progress feels good. MARGARETLEET 19 NOCALORIES
11/17/17 8:57 P
I'm down 53lbs and only a pound away from under 200! #beforeandafter LIL1IAN 62 JAZZPUPPY
11/17/17 9:41 P
Been waiting and working a long time to say this.. JHAACK39 164 FB17CAT
11/23/17 6:40 P
11/24/17 2:26 P
Soooo frustrated. I've been stuck at 217 for 10 days despite having significant calorie deficits eve TXAGGIEARCHER18 2 52114ME
11/15/17 8:40 P
Over the last decade I have been handed multiple diagnosis and challenges. As of right now in my lif MAVANDERAA 6 MAVANDERAA
11/15/17 9:13 P
Has anyone entered a food not listed and then saw a typo after it was saved? How do I go back and f 52114ME 1 52114ME
11/15/17 8:28 P
Posted a photo MSTERRIP 79 HIKINGSD
11/15/17 12:03 A
Posted a photo STACYDJ1962 3 52114ME
11/14/17 11:46 P
Posted a photo DSUE62 10 52114ME
11/14/17 11:45 P
Got school pictures back today and just had to compare to last year's. Oh, my! #BeforeAndAfter LKMANNING7 137 CMARTIN5383
11/22/17 8:31 A
Motivation moment.... RHOOK20047 16 MBPP50
11/15/17 7:48 A
Hello! I'm just getting started. A 33 year old, wife and mother of 2 in Virginia. Just coming off TIFFANIANDCO 3 POLAR63
11/14/17 11:36 P
#Keto So I am 1.7 pounds away from losing 60 lbs. This month had started out slow for weight loss un KIMBERLY925 10 KIMBERLY925
11/15/17 3:36 P
Today was week two of SparkP., my weigh in day! I am proud to say that I lost 6 lbs this week! Tha MONKEYJO10 19 DJ4HEALTH
11/15/17 1:11 A
My shorts are a tiny bit loose. ZOOMTHOM 7 WOMANOFLOVE
11/15/17 6:11 A
I read a Keto Post today. It said to eat total goal weight g in fat, ½ in protein and 20g in carbs. 52114ME 3 FRISKYCRITTER
11/15/17 12:04 A
Posted a photo J94864 23 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
11/14/17 8:10 A
WOOHOOOO! I was 'shopping' in my closet this weekend and came up with some jeans and slacks 1 size s SJLOWE43 5 52114ME
11/13/17 10:57 P
Hitting the restart button today. I've been on my journey for two years this December. 100lbs gone a ASHLEYHELTON143 157 MDOWER1
11/14/17 8:01 A
#keto #lowcarb Supper was roast beef with a gravy made from adding some xanthan gum. With cabbage st DEEO12 13 KANDICANE11
11/14/17 2:55 P
Returned to the gym after not going for a while. Walking/jogging on the treadmill is far easier now SASRA1 4 52114ME
11/13/17 10:49 P
#BeforeAndAfter Herbalife Nutrition!! GRAPHIX13 5 SNAKEYJUNEBUG
11/14/17 3:01 P
Begin the battle. SMAXFIELD0001 11 MEAGOP
11/13/17 11:26 P
#newbie well, here goes... I am generally an antisocial person, but I'm gonna give this a shot. I am KATNIX123 5 FRISKYCRITTER
11/14/17 5:31 A
Hit my half way mark today! CARINA640 28 CONNIET88
11/14/17 7:37 A
Pizza, Cauliflower crust 52114ME 10 PIPPAMOUSE
11/13/17 1:08 P
Today the scale said I lost 6.6 pounds since last week! I'm so excited! It's never that much in one SMSUZIEQ36 5 ALLYLIZZY
11/13/17 1:44 P
11/13/17 11:58 A
Visited friends last night.Was able to make the right choices. I was able to eat spaghetti squash in 52114ME 3 NYARAMULA
11/13/17 11:22 A
I'm starting week 7 of an 8 week Bright Line Eating bootcamp and I'm .8 pounds from my goal - 18 pou BERNI-313 2 52114ME
11/12/17 2:43 P
I've been eating a keto diet for 4 weeks now. I have kept my carbs below 20 grams every day, drank JILLYBEAN1107 14 FIREANDSURF
11/15/17 8:47 P
I recently decided to try to lose weight again especially since when I toss and turn in bed I get sh KYLIE 22 _LINDA
11/11/17 6:18 P
Cold!!!! (23 degrees) Half-marathon trail run around Long Lake this morning. #getoutside!!! I think BRIANSCHARP 24 CGARR442
11/11/17 10:09 P
Military vets ride to Andersonville National Cemetery. It was cold but an awesome 150 mile round tri BLUECAFE 10 KITT52
11/12/17 10:20 A
I fully expected to be flat or gain this week because I lost so much last week. Instead, another 1.5 CANDYLIND 4 JJOHNSON393
11/11/17 2:57 P
Staying on track with food. This morning took my fur babies for a walk. Nice view on the way home. 52114ME 15 _LINDA
11/11/17 6:21 P
So today is my 45th birthday and I’m spending it in my recliner lol I had surgery on the 3rd on my A TWEETYBIRD43 15 ABUELAMEMA52
11/9/17 7:31 P
From 255 to 148 pounds 💪 CRISTALO321 191 SCYANKEE46
11/10/17 1:29 P
20.5 lbs gone since August 23. 40 more to go. Thanks spark people your saving my life! SUELLEN1232 21 SUELLEN1232
11/24/17 9:23 A
#KETO #ketogenic #ketodiet. Hellooo. Dinner! Frie JACKIREI 14 MEGSICLEP
11/9/17 8:18 P
Finally!! Down two pounds! Nothing for weeks, then all of a sudden, boom! IRUN307 12 MPLSKEN
11/10/17 12:47 A
My scale isn't budging much, but I'm down another size! #winning CABINWRITER 8 CABINWRITER
11/8/17 10:32 A
Starting Keto -JAMES- 13 -JAMES-
11/8/17 8:10 P