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We are very lucky to live so near the Iron Horse State Trail. Use to be the Milwaukee Rail Road, Thi 4URYOU 9 MUSICNUT
1/23/18 12:27 P
Someones putting on his Spring dress . 4URYOU 7 LIBR@RYL@DY
1/22/18 5:29 P
Little Tiger decided he didn’t want his turn as a Purrito! Hopefully Siam talks him into it!!! MIMAWELIZABETH 15 PATRICIA-CR
1/23/18 1:51 P
Face changes from 365 lbs to 292 lbs. SWEETEPIPHANY 207 CANUCKSEW1
1/20/18 1:47 A
Some one was watching me on my walk today. 4URYOU 7 GATORCHAIDEN13
1/18/18 5:48 P
I had a stressful morning and wanted to stop and get a donut on my way to work...BUT I didn't. That' JENNIFERBR51 179 SONIAHUTCHINS63
1/18/18 12:04 P
Our newest Vaughn Child born yesterday about 9:30, approximately 2_hours after Mommy went to the hos TVAUGHN57 281 GINIEMIE
1/16/18 9:54 A
Posted a photo TITO30 13 LIZZIE138
1/10/18 9:07 A
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 15 PATRICIA-CR
1/10/18 5:33 P
Ugh!! Idk why I do this to myself! I was doing so TMOODY84 305 FIDDLISH
1/9/18 5:07 P
I hate taking photos because I don’t like myself, thinks I’m ugly being so overweight. (That’s why a JENNY_NG 16 CHERYLHURT
1/9/18 5:10 A
Freezing rain today will keep me inside. Hoping for a few visitors . 4URYOU 10 RDCAGAIN10
1/5/18 10:45 A
Not too bad at all. ZORBS13 48 FISHGUT3
1/5/18 9:50 A
My oldest and my youngest DMARQUEZ35 6 JOHNMARTINMILES
1/4/18 9:20 A
Gym is closed due to water damage from a burst pipe. Can’t run 2 days in a row (knee), so bundled up ENGINEERMOM 84 BABY_GIRL69
1/4/18 5:11 P
Posted a photo TINABEANA16 35 CHUB2CURVES
1/4/18 10:49 A
We had snow in the deep south yesterday. We get ex LYONSFARM 97 NANCYANND55
1/4/18 8:17 P
Posted a photo HICKOK-HALEY 19 EDLEAR
1/4/18 7:16 A
The day after the storm we got out for a bit. Branches and needles were still coated with ice. 4URYOU 4 SUNQUEE
12/30/17 6:21 P
The skeptical look my dog gives me when I ask if he wants to go out and the wind chill is below zero LESLIELENORE 35 CHERIRIDDELL
12/31/17 12:58 A
We had an ice storm this morning, but it's starting to melt now. 4URYOU 3 WESSBERGERON
12/29/17 3:44 P
setting goals so that I can go play on the beach with Gabby! JSTETSER 20 LIVEDAILY
12/30/17 12:52 P
12/29/17 9:46 A
Setting goals so that I can play with Shiloh Rose! JSTETSER 23 LIVEDAILY
12/30/17 12:51 P
Today will be a lot of cleaning. Going to visit family. I've been testing out my fit bit & like it s MWARNER211 23 NANCYANND55
12/29/17 2:41 P
snow shoeing in Fox Forest JSTETSER 33 ROCKYCPA
12/28/17 11:33 P
I turn 54 today! It just keeps getting better! TIGERSEYEHEART 244 ENGELKUH89
1/8/18 8:30 P
12/27/17 11:13 A
It feels so good to get back to SP . My husband is home now from the hospital from a very serious il GLENNA36121 10 SNS1968
12/26/17 8:21 A
12/27/17 9:06 A
#BeforeAndAfter I turned 40yo yesterday. I have almost lost 20 lbs and I feel so much more self-con WESTYRN 104 BILLTHOMSON
12/23/17 7:04 P
Stay the course, no matter how long it takes! It w FITSISTA79 75 FITSISTA79
12/22/17 1:00 A
15 pounds will be my starting Goal. Ultimate goal 100! #BeforeAndAfter NEWTAMN2018 54 NOTASTATISTIC
12/24/17 12:50 A
Posted a photo POSEY440 24 TUTUNAN
12/21/17 1:00 P
Need some new food ideas.... ready go.... FITBY2016 4 EO4WELLNESS
12/21/17 2:10 P
A train travels though Yakima Canyon. Makes visiting the canyon fun. Great place to hike, camp, or 4URYOU 14 KARABELLA03
12/21/17 11:06 A
I tried Spark People before and did well for awhile, then went off and gained it back with some extr LP4814 43 FIDDLISH
12/21/17 12:21 P
12/22/17 7:07 P
Yakima Canyon scenery for the soul. 4URYOU 10 ADRIENALINE
12/20/17 6:20 P
Pb2 oatmeal Almond milk Banana and sliced almonds. Love it! B30112 20 MOONGLOWSNANA
12/17/17 2:24 P
Just loving the outdoors. 4URYOU 7 RDCAGAIN10
12/17/17 1:32 P
Happy Holidays to all our fur-babies who enjoy this time of year... WAY TOO MUCH!!! BOOHOOBEAR 91 DEE107
12/17/17 8:13 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 8 GGRSPARK
12/19/17 12:52 P
My little piece of heaven JSTETSER 29 MADEINBRITAIN
12/18/17 3:48 A
Lost 5 pounds this week. Happy and blessed!!! BRISMITH29 57 ALABAMASUSAN17
12/16/17 12:07 P
Well I made it to 47. Yay me !!! 😊 In 2003 pregn DIALYSISCHIC1 47 STARFISH1961
12/16/17 7:30 P
#lowcarb. OBSIDYAN2 38 GEORGE815
12/11/17 12:47 P
Planning to enjoy my birthday today since we only get one a year! LPORTER2015 310 KATHYJO56
12/12/17 12:08 A
Another FUN night at Hollywood Beach, Margaritaville & 5'Oclock Somewhere Dancing/Walking over 4 Mil FLASUN 25 JAMER123
12/10/17 12:08 A
I still have a few pounds to go, but my before photo showed up today and reminded me how far I’ve co MOMMALGT 199 LARKDC
12/12/17 7:50 P
Cold weather walking. Rosa loves her coat 4URYOU 16 DESERTDREAMERS
12/7/17 10:54 A
So frigid this morning but taking my little chihuahua for a short walk anyhow. So cold for a little RHEAELIZABETH 23 DESERTDREAMERS
12/7/17 10:55 A
I just wanna say thank you all for being so nice to me and welcoming me💜💜 SANTS77 29 MDOWER1
12/7/17 1:01 P
I'm out here again. Getting it done. Running a few miles today. Look at that sky. Off I go into th DENISEA495 106 CHRISTOPHER63
12/5/17 8:00 P
Being prepared is beyond important!!! Last night at my daughters Girl Scout meeting we made gingerbr ALILIZ78 11 AQUAGIRL08
12/5/17 7:23 A
Good morning! Today's a new day. BRENNERJESS2 5 AQUAGIRL08
12/5/17 7:23 A
Way in the distance a beautiful shade of red is arising....although what is the saying “red skies in OUTSIDEJOJO 27 RYCGIRL
12/5/17 9:03 A
Good morning have a happy healthy day 4URYOU 7 SKEMERICH
12/4/17 11:39 A
Wishing you all a Wonderful December! MIMAWELIZABETH 33 PATRICIA-CR
12/4/17 8:40 P
Posted a photo JSIELKE1944 16 SASHASMOM1122
12/3/17 10:03 A
Posted a photo SCRIBBLES412 16 1DAY-ATA-TIME
12/2/17 9:09 A
When he sits there staring holes through me with one ear up... I know it is time for a nice, long wa LESLIELENORE 38 MIMAWELIZABETH
12/4/17 5:46 A
Today (in about 13 hours) my oldest turns 8. I have no words. MOMMACASSEY 15 CATHYRAEDAVIS2
12/2/17 8:27 A
Sunrise on my morning walk... LESLIELENORE 21 MBPP50
12/3/17 9:38 A
Winters warning, there's snow in them thar hills. 4URYOU 31 YAYOZHIK
12/1/17 8:42 P
Oh my gosh!!! I think I'm gonna cry...tears of joy ST3PH 305 GINATRI1972
12/4/17 10:06 P
This is it, people: the last day of November means tomorrow starts the last month of 2017... Make i MIMAWELIZABETH 8 AMYBRO1
11/30/17 9:33 A
Posted a photo ~INDYGIRL 128 BUBBLYGEEK
11/29/17 1:02 P
5.2 lbs in two weeks. Slow and steady wins the race. A picture of my motivation. VIVIANLANIER 35 REDROBIN47
11/22/17 6:44 P
We have adopted this beautiful guy, we love him alot very thankful he came to us😍😍🙏🙏 KBICK214 158 UMUCGRAD
11/20/17 5:05 P
11/19/17 4:40 P
WONDERFUL MEMORIES! This is my amazing GD Sierra at a few months old, loving her new pink teddy bear MIMAWELIZABETH 14 PATRICIA-CR
11/15/17 10:53 A
Big Horn Sheep seem plentiful this year along the Yakima Canyon Road. 4URYOU 13 SBABEYTA1
11/14/17 10:29 A
My mantra for today! MSLOUIE3 16 TMP0418
11/10/17 8:27 A
One Happy Camper Only 10 lbs to reach my goal. KEN1237 169 ZRIE014
11/9/17 8:53 P