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My little munchin was not in a pic mood lol. I would do this weightloss journey all over again for m C30398 51 _LINDA
6/21/17 9:45 P
Anyone know how to get rid of congestion, especially nasal? I'm about to take a wet/dry vac and do m JUSTSTICKWITHIT 16 ALOFA0509
6/17/17 4:02 P
Posted a photo YOUNG76 11 MNCYCLIST
6/12/17 7:42 P
Posted a photo ROCCOCOM 25 LOVELEE00
6/12/17 11:34 A
I'm finally losing again after a long bout of depression. 12 pounds in 3 weeks Hiking is my prefer 4URYOU 11 JEMADE
6/12/17 11:21 A
Weigh-in today.. My weight stayed the same this week. 130 lbs. Rough week I have a kidney infection XGEMINIX 12 PAPAYA6
6/12/17 10:23 A
Early morning walk to watch the sunrise! SPARKLED146 19 MLR_00
6/11/17 8:29 A
Weight loss journey day one. L87734 99 SUSIEMT
6/10/17 4:59 P
I'm in Onederland!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜πŸŽ† Heaviest: 230 SW: 223 CW: 199 GW: 140 STARGAZ3R 233 GORDONED
6/3/17 8:14 P
I am in Gramma heaven once again. Hannah Grace was born May 28th, weighing 8lbs 11oz. Believe it or HEYJUDE58 214 TIME4ME2017
6/2/17 6:26 P
My face is slimming down πŸ˜ŠπŸ€— CPALM55 81 NEW-CAZ
5/31/17 1:30 P
Finally lost the first 10lbs ANNIM80 243 ROCKYCPA
5/31/17 5:06 P
Has anyone else ever tried eating off a kid's plate to help with portion control? JB65773 202 LIVEDAILY
5/31/17 10:30 P
I'm tired of starting over! I never post on any of these sites because I don't want to be judged. Yo AMYJO2486 326 MONANISA
5/30/17 10:44 P
I am tired of starting over, June 1st I am going to work this program , I hope we can encourage each CRISWIFE 182 _LINDA
5/30/17 10:47 P
I'm starting this journey again but this time for life. OAPRIL771 169 _LINDA
5/30/17 10:47 P
Went on my first real hike in years yesterday. I'm sore today but it was a great feeling! SAM0716 152 _LINDA
5/30/17 10:45 P
Hi.. starting my weight loss journey today after 7 months of delivery. APEX81 70 THEGIRL4U
5/30/17 11:23 A
Didn't want to watch TV anyway. 4URYOU 8 FLOWERSOBLUE
5/28/17 3:42 P
Had a mild stroke on Monday. Finally made me realize that at 53 I can't eat, drink and act like I d MDAGNEY 25 NANCYANND55
5/27/17 7:11 P
I'm starting to work on myself I've been,big my entire life and its time to change that so I'm going BDOG090 81 NANCYANND55
5/27/17 6:51 P
Current mood: TAYGRL 11 MARYM1962
5/23/17 7:58 A
I finally gave up added sugar and my depression has lifted 4URYOU 10 SUSIEMT
5/22/17 4:19 P
I have this almost everyday for breakfast... Sometimes I switch it up, but I always come back to my LUNANIEVE 13 MAREANNIE
6/6/17 1:48 A
My puppy loves the sun! LILMEMEJEAN 7 LEEWORD
5/22/17 11:35 A
Good everyone!! Lets see what you guys are having for breakfast I'll start MRSBLACKFUL 15 KITTYKNIT
5/22/17 12:52 P
I finally cut out added sugars my depression has lifted ! 4URYOU 2 KITTYKNIT
5/22/17 12:56 P
Taking it a pound at a time.....the last 20 are being very stubborn...... JANDLP 263 INCH_BY_INCH
6/11/17 11:33 A
I'm hoping to lose 30 lbs. Depression had me binge eating for three months and now I feel terrible a MAKINSKINE 5 LIVNLITE
5/16/17 10:19 A
Yesterday I reached a milestone! I have been alcohol free for 30 whole days now! Without alcohol I s SOKOLUVTRAV 306 MERRYJO1
5/13/17 1:46 A
59Β° and a beautiful sunrise made for a magical pow BJK1961 93 NHEMBERGER
5/7/17 9:44 A
Made it out the door but today was definitely a hard day no energy to do much but I gave it my be HENNYFLOW29 110 JAJABEE1717
4/27/17 1:49 P
Got this as an early birthday gift today!! I am currently cooking sweet potatoes in it! FITSISTA79 16 LRJUSTUS1
4/24/17 12:11 A
this is day one of my hard road ahead wish me luck cause iam going to need it. NEWLIFE5867 305 JUDSTERF
4/18/17 9:51 P
My morning hike; such a beautiful place! SUSANNE777 25 NOCALORIES
4/16/17 11:12 P
February 28 - April 11. Slowly but surely, I will get there. HOL1218 303 AMYBRO1
4/17/17 10:24 A
I am under 200lbs again! Haven't been here since I had a baby! Feeling pleased with the effort I hav -POOKIE- 196 -POOKIE-
4/21/17 6:09 A
Something Springy to make for your next get together. LITTLEREDHEN8 211 LISAMARIE2015
4/4/17 5:06 P
Going down in pounds. And my A1C is 5.1 so I'm doing better. I feel better also. I quit smoking in N DHAMILTON15634 104 _LINDA
3/30/17 1:50 P
Morning!!! KATRINKAKONG 125 TERRI1458
3/29/17 1:55 P
Today was weigh in day and im beyond ecstatic. Been working so hard and its showing lost 4.4 pounds INVISIBLEGIRL06 307 LERLAINE
3/31/17 11:17 P
When the scale refuses to move but you still feel good. Be blessed and stay positiveβ€οΈπŸ’ƒπŸΏ YELIAB21 83 D86917
3/28/17 12:29 P
So I just got married Sunday!! However since moving to Florida I've gained 60 pounds (my husband and FLORIDAGIRL2016 306 FLORIDAGIRL2016
3/28/17 9:23 P
Week one down! I feel so good after I had healthy foods and ditched soda and lowered sugar intake.I BOHEMIANCHICK7 19 BERYLCROPP
3/25/17 10:38 A
Meal prepping is the only true way for me to stay on the track. This is one of my previous preps for FITSISTA79 156 KARENWILL2
4/19/17 11:44 A
Our last family photo with Ace. We're going to miss him so much!!! LIZSPRINGSTEEN 8 1DAY-ATA-TIME
3/22/17 12:01 P
I posted earlier of my 166 pound weight loss it's embarrassing but this is my before and after keep CTRENT2 173 CHRIS3874
3/21/17 9:55 P
Does anyone have any advise on how to stick with eating & exercise plan during stressful times? We h LADYAHOLMES 7 VIRGINIAGIRL
3/22/17 1:53 P
Hope this works been trying forever to lose weight. I lose a little then gain it back plus some. DOTHISFORLIFE90 5 DOTHISFORLIFE90
3/21/17 9:47 A
snow is gone, time to walk the trail. 4URYOU 6 TRISSYINCHARGE
3/21/17 11:06 A
Poor Harley is feeling crummy this morning after his neuter yesterday, but he's still up early with BAKEREJM 19 FISHGUT3
3/21/17 10:14 A
First day here! πŸ˜€Got 100 pounds to loose. Good Morning SALSABLEND7 166 THOMS1
3/21/17 6:07 P
Just got this app today. Hoping with its help keeping track I can reach my goal and loose one 100 lb J57542 27 J57542
3/17/17 8:04 P
Keep pressing on. Don't play Russian roulette with food. It will eventually win. Check out my recent READY4PROGRESS 97 VIVIEFRANKLIN
4/18/17 7:57 P
Rosa thinks she should walk on two legs on our morning walks 4URYOU 11 PATRICIA-CR
3/16/17 2:55 P
Happy 15yrs anniversary to my husband him to no endsπŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘let's turn up tonight.πŸ˜‚ FITNESSCHIC007 125 FISHGUT3
3/16/17 1:55 P
Tried to take my picture but it didn't work out. so, I will try it once more. Today marks 59 days of LOVESWEETS2 210 EO4WELLNESS
3/29/17 8:59 P
3/15/17 2:00 P
Love my air fryer πŸ˜‹ MYJERR4ME 16 MYJERR4ME
3/15/17 8:24 A
Under 300!!! Weighed in at 298 this morning. #wei SIEGESA 121 QSHEPP
10/9/16 9:00 A
πŸ˜„OMG I went shopping tonight and automatically KEASTON7 115 PURKEY01
9/17/16 10:02 P
Oops. Looks like my weight loss will have to wait ANGELDV 45 AWROTEN
9/3/16 3:11 P
Help! My hair is falling out! I have noticed a def JMGM2014 21 MYRTLE531
9/1/16 10:39 P
Woo-hoo, weighed myself this morning since I've b SSMITH762 84 MAMIOF4BONITOS
10/24/16 11:13 A
#firstpost This app is a huge motivator. I'm easi ONEIZUMS 20 BEANZIE9319
8/25/16 9:02 P
Hi guy's.Taking my first step today 2 getting slim KIMMIWIMMI 16 KIMMIWIMMI
8/22/16 8:08 P
I got home and someone bought a case of grocery st FIBROMITE87 17 4URYOU
8/22/16 5:34 P
Guess who's in the 350s and down over 86lbs, total JUSTSIMPLYQ 262 KBICK214
10/12/16 7:39 A
I did it finally under 200lbs first time since mid BETHYANN16 49 LBEEKMA
8/7/16 3:16 P
#health I have been having light headed dizzy epi MAGI_5 28 RUNFREE4ME
6/30/16 5:22 P
I am very new on here .. Glad to meet good people EDDIEOORWX 7 SPARTANJAI
6/27/16 9:12 P
Love the barcode reader #techsupport 1984JENNIFERFRY 9 BANANASLOUIE7
6/28/16 12:21 A
Almond milk. Do you drink it. Do you like it. SEKAMP1 135 MYRTLE531
10/30/16 3:33 P
Weighed in this morning and I am officially down e IMDOINGTHIS4ME 2290 HERGRAMMY2017
3/1/17 4:14 P
Hello, I joined Tuesday June 3, 2014 TEARAYESA 3 SUEARNOLD1
6/5/14 8:01 P

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