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Hi everyone new to the over 50 site FLORENCE4 47878 1HKNRN
2/24/17 12:12 P
What's for breakfast? I'm having a cup of tea & pineapple with low fat cottage cheese TORRIESJOURNEY 31 FRANKBELLOFAN
2/16/17 11:35 A
Looking for anyone who understands this. I struggle with overeating/binge eating. Tracking helps a T HUMMINBIRRRD 34 PAMLARAE
2/4/17 10:57 P
Anybody get full fast when eating but then hungry fast like an hour later? How do I stop this from h MADELINEEXILY2 14 1HKNRN
1/20/17 11:46 A
#Keto. Kind of bummed. Following lchf since April, then doing keto since October. Lost 52 lbs - yi 1HKNRN 1 1HKNRN
1/17/17 12:31 A
#Keto. Kind of bummed. Following lchf since April, then doing keto since October. Lost 52 lbs - yi 1HKNRN 6 SEBARTLETT
1/26/17 5:22 P
2/24/17 4:53 P
1/23/17 11:34 A
For those of you on #keto and #lchf, what do you u FLABBERGAIL 55 419BRYAN
1/26/17 5:03 P
I've been doing the low carb/high protein thing... KIKIE1973 6 1HKNRN
11/14/16 9:20 P
11/11/16 12:46 P
I need encouragement in the form of friends suffer FATSQUIRRELMAMA 52 DIZZYBRITCHES
11/2/16 6:21 P
11/1/16 3:14 P
Introduce yourself! Share your plan! CINDYSUE48 768 DIPGAL
10/31/16 10:49 A
While at a water park today, a woman told me to mo TENNISX92 37 MARF_GLASS
10/21/16 5:33 P
Random reminders team forum BUTT3RFL1 5 BUTT3RFL1
10/23/16 2:41 P
I am starting a low carb plan next Monday (after a long run I have been training for). I am reading K76366 22 MOMTOMONKEYS2
10/19/16 9:22 P
Does any of you know if there is a keto diet app? BBENKOSKI 8 KEWALTON
10/20/16 7:22 A
Ready to spark a flame BUTT3RFL1 7 1HKNRN
10/19/16 1:16 P
~ "Never Quit!" Pledge _RAMONA 44 1HKNRN
10/17/16 2:36 P
I'm so out of shape. Does anyone else have lower INMYCOCOON 19 INMYCOCOON
10/14/16 12:58 P
#confused #coach I'm new to the low carb life. I JKGIRLIE82 11 JKGIRLIE82
10/13/16 8:16 P
I need suggestions on something to eat or drink fo TRWRIGHT44 53 KIMS616
10/9/16 2:10 P
Help please! I hate HATE exercise. I have read all the tips, tried all the things, I just hate all o TOASTYDINOSAUR 32 KARYNML
10/9/16 3:03 P
Signed up for a 5k at the end of November. Now I'm SBOYD1982 9 DIZZYBRITCHES
10/9/16 10:35 A
4.5 months lost 1.9 pounds. Talk about stuck. With QIDRAGON 12 LEDOORMAT530
10/6/16 11:16 P
does anyone know if there are any carb friendly no CHRISTYGN0 24 HEP2016
10/6/16 11:51 P
My plateau has hit and I'm stalled in the weight l MRYD16YRS 13 1CRAZYCHICK
10/2/16 1:41 P
I started the Blood sugar diet on Monday but haven't been able to keep my dietary intake under 800 c KALAVCZ 8 1HKNRN
10/2/16 12:18 P
On my morning commute I got stopped by a woman who SMB1980 76 LUISISAWESOME
9/27/16 7:27 P
Hello all. I am 63 years old and 280 pounds. I hav JULIEMACK 84 RALFBIRD
9/27/16 2:14 P
Hi I'm new to this app and begining my weight loss BROKENFAERRIE 32 1HKNRN
9/20/16 2:55 P
Any tips for exercising with back pain and sciatic DANETTEPHILLIPS 9 7STIGGYMT
9/9/16 4:23 P
I worked out 6 days/week tomorrow will be my 7th s MARIEM325 6 1HKNRN
9/9/16 4:13 P
hi there are there any people here who follow a h DEEPER11 13 GOMYMICHELLE
9/6/16 5:25 P
Today I tried doing aerobics from a DVD and could KDICKSON53 53 CLARADAY
9/6/16 5:19 P
Crossfit day - yippee! Can't wait to see if I can 1HKNRN 2 CAMBI2
9/2/16 11:32 A
Thinking of #lowcarb or #keto, not sure the differ HEALTH_NOW 15 WNTMYPREBBYBDY
9/9/16 12:57 A
GM,everybody the exercising part is not going that MRILLANA 3 MRILLANA
9/2/16 11:13 A
Anyone else on the #keto #diet? #lowcarb #friendfinder EUN0IA 50 BONORIYA
9/11/16 3:25 A
11/11/16 11:33 P
9/11/16 11:06 A
Well...a new day a new venture on this weight loss R54771 13 R54771
8/27/16 11:56 A
Lifting weights at over 50 TKDGIRL49 310 FOXIEROXIE104
1/12/17 10:38 P
#lowcarb. Disappointed that the spark article on c 1HKNRN 14 BROKENWING2005
9/12/16 6:53 P
Anyone here ever feel like they didn't exercise en OFFICIALLYME 10 PATYHERM
8/25/16 4:12 P
Doing a low fat diet. progresso hearty tomato soup MOM3GGA 4 1HKNRN
8/22/16 7:35 P
Share your challenge goals here! COACH_NICOLE 11551 MISSJOANY
2/24/17 11:58 A
I'm very good at counting calories but terrible THENEWLYNN 10 TREEW02
8/21/16 10:12 P
How can i lose my stomach im losing weight but my PRINCESS7240 31 CHERIELS3
8/21/16 11:27 A
I having vegetarian chilli tonight for dinner. I c AKELLY45 33 AKELLY45
8/20/16 8:42 P
I need help with some ideas on how to cure a sweet MARICLAR53 117 BANANASLOUIE7
8/20/16 3:05 A
Any tips for someone who's like to get into runnin BLUEBELL6396 12 TERESANAVARRO
8/18/16 12:45 A
I have a hard time with breakfast... I need someth CMMENSCER 42 CSTUART76
8/17/16 3:10 P
My sister was just diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, BECCAISDOINGIT 7 BECCAISDOINGIT
8/15/16 9:54 P
Hi all... I'm new to spark.. I need a weight loss TJONES-AS6 70 SHE_DID
8/16/16 9:24 A
Post Menopause, Next to Impossible To Lose SPARKLECHIMES1 30 MEAGOP
9/9/16 11:29 P
I'm really trying to lose this spare tire around m TNOFTZGER 13 JOSEMOSH
8/14/16 3:06 P
For two months now I have been trying to get below SARABELL2016 6 LRJUSTUS1
8/12/16 2:59 P
Just starting. Need to make a change. My dr gave m THENEWLYNN 13 7STIGGYMT
8/11/16 3:09 P
How do you motivate yourself to exercise when your SASSYGINGER2014 7 MONACANGIRL
8/11/16 3:03 P
#food.....suggestions for low carb high fat? DONNATAPLEY 15 -POOKIE-
8/14/16 9:48 A
What are some good sources of protein, other than ALMOMMA 26 XBABYYY
8/11/16 5:03 A
How many vegetarians here? I eat eggs and dairy bu KYLYNN0 6 MORALESRONNIE
8/11/16 12:05 A
Gave you tried #hiit? It's a hit with our members! SPARK_JOE 24 JUDY1260
2/15/17 10:23 P
Hi Sparkies!! Anyone doing low carb eating??? I'm just looking for pointers... I'm in Atlanta, GA... GSUGRAD2009 21 PAMTHEBUSINESS
8/11/16 2:42 A
Thankful Tuesday: Name One thing your thankful for DSMALLS52 32 SWCHKLT
8/9/16 11:37 P
I've lost 23 pounds! Feeling accomplished! #weigh ALNICKELS 115 ASHLEYODDITY
8/14/16 5:20 P
I need #fitness advice. When your muscles are real MIRIKAM 15 DANAPASSAGE
8/8/16 6:59 A
The worst part about leg day is the feeling when MIRIKAM 12 1HKNRN
8/8/16 12:56 A
Headed to the gym! It's 8:40 where I live. What ti CHELGGRAY 19 VERN13501
8/8/16 9:00 A
#Fitness has anyone ever felt super nauseated whil MOTHER1994 8 K51686
8/17/16 10:19 A
I want to be fit and active but my BF wants to wat MAKINGCHANGES54 43 MAKINGCHANGES54
8/8/16 11:22 A
I started at 256 pounds, and I now weigh 138. I am KITTIE1919 557 GLIDINGIN
2/25/17 8:15 P
What is the food that you have the hardest time co SGENOVA2 25 STEPHYPO03
8/5/16 10:03 P

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