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On top of losing insurance and dieting, I'm gonna KATIEELSWICK 44 HAUP4597
9/30/14 12:03 P
Hey there all you, "Let's lose 30 lbs by Christmas WINTERSSIX 239 SAFFYBLUE
9/30/14 12:01 P
Took a rest day yesterday. On my way to run a mile SAFFYBLUE 2 SAFFYBLUE
9/30/14 11:53 A
Had a big greasy cheat meal lastnight but atleast CHRISABOL7 2 SAFFYBLUE
9/30/14 11:52 A
Trying to get back on track again. Had a baby last GAMERMOM2004 1 GAMERMOM2004
9/30/14 11:41 A
Hello! I'm very excited to be on here. Got a new SCOCHRANE86 6 SCOCHRANE86
9/30/14 11:41 A
I'm so frustrated. I'm 195 lbs and I run. I averag JROCK2378 6 JROCK2378
9/30/14 11:41 A
Have you ever done a dietbet? There's one starting GECKO722 1 GECKO722
9/30/14 11:35 A
I need help on how I can motivate myself on losing ROSALYDIA71 2 JSLEATHER
9/30/14 11:31 A
Today is my first day using this app ATXWOLVERINE75 5 STUCKINMYCUBBY
9/30/14 11:27 A
Hourly commitment thread.. A place to pop in and o JOL1KEY2BOL3 215 STUCKINMYCUBBY
9/30/14 11:23 A
My wife and I are just starting to use this app. I JAADAIR0811 1 JAADAIR0811
9/30/14 11:16 A
Looking for suggestions on a treadmill. I would l GIDIET 1 GIDIET
9/30/14 11:11 A
I need help to gain more self control over my bad RACHELN515 8 HARDSELL
9/30/14 11:07 A
i started only 3.5 weeks ago and doin ok until now --LENA-- 2 CRYSTALDANCER
9/30/14 10:53 A
I'm restarting Spark People and just installed the KIDZNPUPZ2 5 5THROUND
9/30/14 10:46 A
Hey there y'all! It's day 13. Who is still with us WINTERSSIX 36 5THROUND
9/30/14 10:43 A
Any ideas aboout some snacks that you can fix with LOVEDOGZ 12 5THROUND
9/30/14 10:37 A
Hi everyone! I really need friends that can help k MORBIDDOLL0224 11 MORBIDDOLL0224
9/30/14 10:37 A
Hi Everyone, I'm new to spark and have a good 60 INSIDEOUT14 9 GOGETSMOM
9/30/14 10:35 A
Have been doing good this is the second week as o JULESG67 6 COURTNEYL99
9/30/14 10:31 A
In the last 2 years I've lost over 150 lbs. In the LIZZY1786 8 COURTNEYL99
9/30/14 10:21 A
I'm still going strong but it is a everyday battle DFITCH5 2 SHRINKINGSCRUB
9/30/14 10:19 A
How do you log your food on here im not having muc TRAYLES 1 TRAYLES
9/30/14 10:13 A
I'm addicted to sugar. Second day and already gave CYWJESS 15 ALRITEA
9/30/14 10:13 A
Back from Vacation! Even tho I didn't stick to my AFROFITCHIQ 2 LOVEDOGZ
9/30/14 10:12 A
You are Sparktacular! DAVIIY 2 ALICEART2010
9/30/14 9:20 A
Hello everyone! I have been using Sparkpeople on IRONMANBRYAN 4 LWADE1963
9/30/14 9:15 A
My pants are tight. I feel so bloated and fat. Hea GAINERW 8 GAINERW
9/30/14 8:37 A
It is day. Set those goals and get moving. W THINBRANDY2014 2 MISSA526
9/30/14 8:19 A
Sodium category Does anyone know if I can add a.s ALLISONRE14 2 HAWAII5YEARS
9/30/14 7:18 A
Juste join sparkle. Seems quite interesting.been r BEESYJO 2 HEIDILILLEY
9/30/14 6:30 A
Hi im starting my healthy eating plan and want to TRAYLES 5 TRAYLES
9/30/14 3:51 A
Hello! I'm new to this and have a good 30lbs to lo LEXIE4LIFE33 6 KAIWHITAKER
9/30/14 2:51 A
I just started and was wondering about finding and JBENN3485 2 CYWJESS
9/30/14 12:52 A
50lb gain in two years! Anxiety, depression, new b SHAY0019 2 LGAIMARI2014
9/30/14 12:34 A
So I believe I'm tired of being the fat kid. I sa ALKIGHT84 2 JOLEYLEA1
9/30/14 12:19 A
I keep seeing the Christmas challenge but I don't ASMARA103 3 ASMARA103
9/30/14 12:16 A
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