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Today went downhill fast. Got in 10 minutes of exercise before I had to stop because I could not stop the crying. I can't seem to handle stress anymore. Things that shouldn't set me off. How does everyone else cope? I'm about to take a relaxing bath LOVECORGIS 6 LADYKRAV
7/7/15 4:42 P
Am I the only one here who is looking forward to maintenance phase, but at the same time is a bit frightened by it. I have no idea why itm makes me so nervous, but it does. ANON76 1 ANON76
7/7/15 4:41 P
One good thing about being out of shape is it takes very little effort to get your heart rate up. Lol. I went for a walk yesterday in my neighborhood where there are hills and it was quite the workout. LANEYTHEGIRL 5 ANON76
7/7/15 4:38 P
I have gained so much weight I don't even know who I am. I don't sit at home and watch TV. I never used to do this. What happened to the person I was? Anyone else forgotten who they are under the weight? I lost myself to this person. LIZZYLAMBDIN 8 LIZZYLAMBDIN
7/7/15 4:37 P
Isn't that weird how far we're somehow pulled away from being healthy and we're learning how to get back to our natural needs like back to factory settings?? We should be proud for realizing the need of change no matter how many lbs each of us is!!! MSFIGGY 6 LOVECORGIS
7/7/15 4:34 P
I'm so ready to get off from work and enjoy my evening walk. I look forward to this every day! So soothing and relaxing all while getting fit, losing fat and regaining my confidence. We can do this friends!! GRUFFIN12 1 GRUFFIN12
7/7/15 4:31 P
I'm new! Looking to connect with some people and share support :) RIGDON3 12 RIGDON3
7/7/15 4:29 P
Does anyone feel really sore muscles after squats? The front of my thighs are sore after two days of about 100 total squats. Is it because I'm just starting again? I added squats to my regular walking routine. Answers please!!?? GRUFFIN12 10 RUNAMOKQT
7/7/15 4:29 P
Has anyone else noticed that when you lose weight it's like a yo-yo on the scale? Down two pounds, up a pound, down a pound up a pound, down two pounds. Very frustrating, especially since I am still trying to get to that 30 pound SPRINGROSE75 10 RUNAMOKQT
7/7/15 4:20 P
Wish me strength today. Last night hubby brought home choc ice cream, and a large marble cheesecake. He also put some Hersheys choc syrup in the silverware drawer, which I found. I also didn't sleep last night because of a barking dog he brought ho ANON76 17 RUNAMOKQT
7/7/15 4:14 P
Just started & lost 5 lbs in less than a week. Should I be trying to loose slower? I still have 81 lbs to go just to hit a healthy bmi. Does loosing it fast at the begining mean I'll plateau sooner? My diet & excercise routine is not extreme. THISISMEEE 11 DSENTY
7/7/15 4:10 P
7/7/15 4:04 P
This was so funny. I did 30 minutes on my stationary bike and 60 squats with weights while my husband was out. He came home and my arms were all shaky and i had drunken legs. He actually asked me what i had been drinking. SMASON6 1 SMASON6
7/7/15 4:03 P
So at work we've had an aadorable pair of size 10 coral capris forever. I've admired them for months wishing I could wear them. Well this morning, THEY FIT! I began my journey in a snug 22 and I just fit into a 10!!!!! Haven't fit there since 17!!! MADAMS0519 28 ILAURIA
7/7/15 4:02 P
Day 2 of water fasting: i now way 174.3 pounds. i feel energized this morning. Overall, i feel great. ZOYAHXD 6 LETO0918
7/7/15 4:01 P
If U R reading this, I dare U to drink a cup of water. SOOKIE 1286 ARISOTA
7/7/15 3:59 P
Took an hour hike along the river this morning. It was fantastic! MELINDAGRASS79 4 GSABASS
7/7/15 3:47 P
I have a terrible headache but still need to go for walk! Please someone push me out of bed to go outside! MAGIRAS322 2 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
7/7/15 3:43 P
I am new to spark people. Looking to make some new friends CURVYBLONDEWIFE 9 TJJAGUARS2000
7/7/15 3:34 P
My sister gets married in 90 days and I would love to look my best. I am very out of shape so its great motivation to loose the 10-20 lbs I want to see gone. What is your motivation? Also looking for friends here that will help keep me motivated! JESSICALEAH 6 MAGIRAS322
7/7/15 3:23 P
I've learned that CRAVINGS are not something we should ignore or stop.Cravings is the sign from our body asking for something it needs.Only we should learn to understand our body,look for underlying reason,which vitamin/nutrient/feeling we need to sa MSFIGGY 18 MSFIGGY
7/7/15 3:11 P
I'm new to this not sure how this works thou..but I'm on the omnitrition diet MAGGIEMILLER201 2 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
7/7/15 3:08 P
I didn't fall off the wagon, I leaped off of it and ran the other freakin direction! But this week is a new week and a new wagon. Back to trying harder this time. Wish me luck! MELINDAAM1982 6 FITGIRL_ALLYSON
7/7/15 2:57 P
Hi my name is Darcy and I'm new to Sparkpeople, and I currently live in Saudi Arabia. Does anyone else have a problem with staying motivated if so what do you do to keep your motivation? DARCYLAF 10 MSFIGGY
7/7/15 2:41 P
Excited to get back into my normal routine after surgery, looking forward to feeling the burn! Its been low key walking and chair exercising since May ~frustrating~ finally released, looking forward and moving on reaching for my goals :-D KELLEY21215 2 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
7/7/15 2:36 P
Newly diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I am glad I found this website. I am going to get healthy and by tracking food, exercise, etc. I am more accountable. If it is to be, it"s up to me. Here we go. LILYBIRD11309 11 KELLEY21215
7/7/15 2:32 P
I just got a new IUD 10 months ago.I had 1 before for 5 years.This new 1 I gain so much almost 20 pounds.I workout several times a day..I need to see a doctor soon. DWPURPLE 15 BLONDY01
7/7/15 2:24 P
kind of a bummer that my boyfriend is a chubby chaser. He's bummed out I'm losing weight. He will just have to accept it. No more fat to play with lol CIN3DEE2 10 LESLIEPN
7/7/15 2:19 P
I've discovered that when I reached 30 pounds weight loss that: my blood pressure dropped and I was taken off my medication; my heart rate began to speed up and now I'll be taken off the thyroid medication also; toxins built up in me so I've detoxed GMATUGS 13 KIATECH130
7/7/15 2:08 P
I am so sick and tired of this. 6 weeks in and only 2 lbs gone. Same 2 pounds as always. I hate this. I work out everyday. I eat clean. Family is annoyed with me for banning junk and not pigging out on crap with them. Been to the doctor been SUSIESPARK4444 23 PURPLEFISH001
7/7/15 2:08 P
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