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Oh banana bread....why do you tempt me so??? #help #strong #iusedupallmycaloriesfortheday #funny COCOAGOAL 5 RAINBOFRITE
10/27/16 3:07 A
I have a wedding in March, yes im the bride. No dresses fit ! Because I been eating too many reeces pieces. Time to start loosing the fat I was 145 and now im 175.. Suggestions? SHAYYONEE 4 CAMILLELALA16
10/27/16 3:04 A
I am really so angry and sad i keep on doing diet every once and a while and i go to the gym 3 times a week but i am getting fatter and i hate my body like this HAYAMH 4 RAINBOFRITE
10/27/16 3:03 A
I lost 37 lbs and now weigh 125 lb. I have got 10 lb left to go to reach my goal of 115 lb. Plateaued at 1200, had to drop to 1050 calorie a day to start losing again and it is misery. Any encouraging words to help keep me going. SHELBE48 5 CAMILLELALA16
10/27/16 3:01 A
My new rice cooker came in yesterday. After trying it out on some perfectly cooked brown rice, I think this will be my new best friend! #food D4RKLYNOON 4 RAINBOFRITE
10/27/16 2:59 A
Im going to do it. On Christmas Day my present to me will be a 20 lb weight loss. #20bychristmas SWEETEMTB 5 SFINARELLI
10/27/16 2:57 A
Will someone please please please instruct me in a fool proof way to boil an egg to where when I peel it, the egg doesn't stick to the shell? For some reason, I just can't achieve this seemingly simple task... #Food KELLEYKELLER 44 CATHRINENS
10/27/16 2:54 A
Experiment with not tracking and found that spark is right. Tracking really does make a huge difference. SFINARELLI 1 SFINARELLI
10/27/16 2:53 A
Hi just wondering what's a good sugar substitute WENDI4526 14 PRINCESSIVIE
10/27/16 2:47 A
I've been going to gym for a month, 2.5hrs/day, 3-4 days a week and i follow my colorie count everyday.. But i didnt see any improvement in my body, my weight and body girth is still the same.. What iam doing wrong? I feel discourage.. #coach #help YVES1404 1 YVES1404
10/27/16 2:30 A
Got up in the middle of the night to binge eat. I feel distraught about this as tonight would've marked week 3 since I've not done so. However, now I have to start over. I feel like crying! I cannot do this ever again! It's too emotionally draining! YISKAMIRYAM 6 DENRNAJ
10/27/16 2:25 A
#coach #help i tried a spark people recipe and loved it. I saved it to favorites but cant get it to show up in my food log to add it to my day KEASTON7 5 SPARK_MERLE
10/27/16 2:25 A
I just jogged and walked downtown i burned 190 calories im so proud of myself #steps SAMMIBABI23 23 RHIO3TRE
10/27/16 2:07 A
I'm not feeling well, have a cold, don't want to get full blown sick. Everyone at work is sick. Someone told me when he feels something coming on, he takes Oil of Oregano, in pill form. Anyone ever hear of this, any other home remedies? LOOKBETTA15 24 YISKAMIRYAM
10/27/16 2:07 A
Do you workout when you feel a cold coming on? Icky throat on and off but today seems worse. I skipped Zumba but did a shorter DVD instead. Hope it passes! KRISTENMBATT 2 RHIO3TRE
10/27/16 2:06 A
I totally couldn't help it! I had to see what i weighed this morning after DAY 1!!!!! I lost 2.5 pounds!!!! That gives me so much motivation! #weightcheck S58421 16 RHIO3TRE
10/27/16 2:02 A
So I'm a little late to the party, but my goal is #20bychristmas . I know it's just over the healthy 2 lb per week loss, but maybe I can squeeze it in there. My birthday is 12/22 and I'd love to be under 200 lbs! FORMYSELF80 17 RHIO3TRE
10/27/16 2:01 A
#20bychristmas Joining #20bychristmas Short girl weighing 173 down to 169 today as of Day 6. Down 4, thinking I am gonna make it my gift for Christmas and a new pair of jeans! TWINSMOMOF4 6 RHIO3TRE
10/27/16 2:01 A
I just have to share. I have been working hard to get my weight off, and with my doctors help I went from 262 in May to weighing in at 199 today. There were days I felt that I would never see the scale under 200 and it feels great!!!! ONETEXASCHICK 65 RHIO3TRE
10/27/16 2:00 A
Have been eating 1,200 calories and I'm feeling grate!! CHAVEZLEYDI 8 RHIO3TRE
10/27/16 2:00 A
I had a bottle of root beer. I tracked it and it fit in my calorie allowance, but I am a little worried about the salt and sugar in it. Oh well. More water and stairs for me. Good thing I actually like stairs. I never used to... RIARENE 4 BABYGURL45
10/27/16 1:09 A
I started my new 22 Minutes Hard Corps. Today will be Day 3. Day 3 of working out, and eating healthy. Drinking lots of water. I know they say drink 8 cups of water, but how much water is too much water? I drank 20 today. Is that too much? #motivated KSMITH662 2 BABYGURL45
10/27/16 1:08 A
I hate when my sugar drops... #frustrated #disappointed PATSYB70 6 PATSYB70
10/27/16 1:07 A
I'm trying to lose 30 pounds by February. I'm an avid runner. I would love any suggestions on the macro diet and strength training workouts to tone. I love running but hate strength training help! S00317 5 S00317
10/27/16 1:04 A
I have slipped a little with my #Carb intake, but #determined to get back on track! I am getting burnt out on salad. I would love to know some different recipes 4 something new to eat that is low Carb. Any #suggestions? Or a site I can go to. #coach CHERIKHALEESI 9 KEASTON7
10/27/16 12:34 A
I'm nervous about Christmas dinner when I cook I taste everything that is a bad habit I'm trying to kick. I was wondering if I can get some #advice about how u got though it. PLEASE HELP. MCATLEDGE 6 RITA1956
10/27/16 12:25 A
#advice #lowcarb #paleo So how much credence is the #NetCarbs vs Total Carbs concept really given among relevant experts? Atkins etc. As concerns total effects on hunger and metabolism. TIA. MAO-MIAOWS 9 RIARENE
10/27/16 12:19 A
Ugh! My biggest issue is mindless nighttime snacking! How can I overcome this? #snacking #food RACHAQUINO 26 CJSM86
10/27/16 12:18 A
This sounds crazy, but my struggle is I don't eat....sometimes I forget when I did eat last. Other times I feel like all I do is snack all day. I know to lose weight I need to eat but I can't seem to eat regularly #food APFLIPSEN 10 CJSM86
10/27/16 12:14 A
Day 2 was a wreck! Major stress eating, but I still tracked/logged it all - I was surprised that it wasn't as bad as I expected (it was still bad, don't get me wrong). Learning to have grace for myself & keep going! MAMAMELANIE 4 U1NANA
10/27/16 12:13 A
Today I was thinking about the changes I've made in my life.Over the last 18 months I've stopped using my inhaler,decreased my B/P med&insulin&lost over 45#.Today I turned 60! When I was 58 I couldn't shave my legs.I can now!Older isn't always bad☺ RITA1956 15 CJSM86
10/27/16 12:07 A
So I'm Finished With Day 3 Of The Military Diet And I Lost 12 POUNDS! I Weighed Myself Today And I'm Down From 274 to 262. That Really Gave Me A Kick Start! Now I'm On To A Healthy Lifestyle Because I Didn't Come This Far To Only Come This Far MSTRADER73 25 MSTRADER73
10/27/16 12:04 A
Very stressful week and can't seem to stick to working out daily. That makes it very hard to reach any kind of goal. #stressed MCRAIN16 6 CJSM86
10/27/16 12:04 A
#simplycouture T26091 1 T26091
10/27/16 12:03 A
I had a panic attack in the middle of the grocery store poor husband had to try to calm me down when I got in the car. So tired of the anxiety...I need to get back into an exercise routine! It always seemed to help AMYE22 11 AMYE22
10/26/16 11:53 P
I am trying to eat better and keep my sugar levels even. But I can't get past my snacking habits. I love chips and other junk food. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. HELP!!! #diabetes #diet #food #health TJONES419 84 BEAHATCHER58
10/26/16 11:51 P
Anyone from Rome Ny That needs a walking Buddy? I am looking for one! Just need someone to walk with. The weather sure is colder out! 😊💪 EPEARSON16 1 EPEARSON16
10/26/16 11:43 P
It's been awhile since I've been here. My "weight/belly" I can't lose turns out its a medical condition called Diastasis Recti caused from having c section births. So I'm back to eating healthy and doing disapproved excercises ASKAGGS5 1 ASKAGGS5
10/26/16 11:36 P
I'm looking for some people in my area to help keep me motivated. I live in Phoenix AZ. Please let me know if your interested. MCATLEDGE 1 MCATLEDGE
10/26/16 11:26 P
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