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Guide lines for Bmi. I know there are many people out there that say things like "I'm just big boned" and you may or may not have rolled your eyes. The saying, however, does have some merit. Your bone structure does okay a factor in your ideal bmi. MOMAPETERSON 7 GRACEINAZ
8/5/15 12:02 A
how do i find friends on here? and how to i add people as friends? new to sparkpeople and the app. PUNKINSMAMMA 3 STACEYLOSINGIT
8/4/15 11:56 P
WATER, WALKING & WEIGH-INS I am starting today I will drink 80 ozs of water per day, & walk @ least 40 minutes 4 days a week. I will weigh-in weekly. I will post daily results so anyone can see. Would love some support. Have a great day. RELUCTANTCHEF 6 ANGELFBABY
8/4/15 11:35 P
78g of protein in a day? I'm having a very hard time doing that without going over fats and calories any advice please EARTHGNOME 3 SNWANGEL831
8/4/15 11:34 P
Need help with meal ideas I am diabetic and a very picky eater (like no fish/seafood, very limited vegetables, etc.). Where can I find some good meal plans/recipes that I might like? Please help I'm getting so discouraged! DEVILDOG12 4 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
8/4/15 11:33 P
I'm on day 2 of the Whole 3o challenge with my wife and two kids. This may be harder then we thought! MCFLY_BARBER 2 SNWANGEL831
8/4/15 11:33 P
So is it wrong i walk an extra 4 miles a week so i can have an ice cream on sundays with my man? MAGICKZZL 8 RAEANNE84
8/4/15 11:26 P
Tomorrow starts the journey to better myself, lose weight and change my lifestyle. Where to start? lol JENJEN46959 5 RAEANNE84
8/4/15 11:24 P
Any suggestion to help with aching calves? During and after a long walk or run? Thanks! FITGIRLYAZ2015 10 RAEANNE84
8/4/15 11:22 P
Anyone working on getting healthier postpartum? Two months postpartum here, with two children under age two! Super chaotic at times. Any other mommas out there? BSTEFANI 8 BSTEFANI
8/4/15 11:15 P
really need some motivation to work out tomorrow. havent in like 6 days, but am watching what i eat, feel so drained and tired...ugh LAURENL1124 6 ALTRIA_FATE
8/4/15 11:13 P
Are the calories burned for these excercises on here fairly accurate? i have a cheap excercise bike showing me onky getting 1/3 of the calories that this is claiming? is it factoring anything to get to that level or what? OGLCLUTCH 1 OGLCLUTCH
8/4/15 10:57 P
Rediscovered Nutella tonight. Dang it!!! It has always been in the cabinet for the kids, but it had been months since I ate any. That 2 spoonfuls cost me about 200 calories. Worth it??? Maybe. If I can keep out of it. KBILLS78 10 KBILLS78
8/4/15 10:54 P
What are some good exercises you can do at home; burn high amounts of calories? I don't get a ton of time being on swing shifts... BUDSEYBOO 2 MAGICKZZL
8/4/15 10:53 P
A nutritionist/ trainer said I should be eaten betwn 1800 to 1900. And sparks people says calorie intake should be 1200-1500. Am confused I don't usually even up to that sometimes. Thinking 1900 is much as am 5ft1&145lbs.Don't want to add more weight FRANCA19 5 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
8/4/15 10:43 P
Does anyone measure their food? I used to do this with a scale but I burned out & found myself eating very few foods. Now I'm trying to make better choices with food and retrained myself on serving sizes but no over the top measuring. Any thoughts? GNIX87 19 MAGICKZZL
8/4/15 10:40 P
what is your go to or quick protein? ANDERSJESS 16 MAGICKZZL
8/4/15 10:35 P
Anyone have low-calorie sandwich ideas? Good low-cal wraps or bread substitute? FAYEVKLEIN 3 MAGICKZZL
8/4/15 10:31 P
If U R reading this, I dare U to drink a cup of water. SOOKIE 1565 MISSYSCATS27
8/4/15 10:19 P
Did 10000 steps and haven't even gone for my daily walk! Working with children gives you a great workout. CARUSO92 5 JMARTINEZ1415
8/4/15 10:18 P
Looking for advice from runners. I'm needing to get some new running shoes. My pair now are Asics GT-10000 and are getting uncomfortable. Any suggestions as to what I can get that's great but not hard on the ole pocket book? SHERRYBOOBEAR 6 BRUISEME
8/4/15 10:18 P
Spent the afternoon loading a semi for a move.Big boxes & furniture is what I mostly did.It took about 4 hours total & I put that in the app which says I have burned over 3200 calories.I find that hard to believe. any close guesses? BRITHEG 3 TOYPOOH
8/4/15 10:14 P
Oh man I ate way too much for dinner. Now feeling like crap... GIGIBUNNIE 7 GIGIBUNNIE
8/4/15 10:14 P
looking to get a Sixpack any suggestions? JMARTINEZ1415 3 HMOREY77
8/4/15 10:14 P
Has anyone tried any of the new meal planning services? I saw one on TV the other day that said they ship all the ingredients to your home for healthy meals. DMKAISER1 1 DMKAISER1
8/4/15 10:11 P
I haven't been tracking anything for about 2 weeks. I feel bad about it because I Like to see it. I will be getting back on that tomorrow. Luckily I am still losing. Tomorrow is another weigh day though...fx BRANDIE374 5 MISSYSCATS27
8/4/15 10:05 P
good morning! My goal today is to go caffiene free! wish me luck! DAWNSHELL77 13 GIGIBUNNIE
8/4/15 9:58 P
I think am becoming a workout junkie. I've went out for walks twice today. 6 miles total and am still feel like I want to do more. AURORAGIRL75 8 GIGIBUNNIE
8/4/15 9:54 P
Anyone know of a good meal planning app for 6 meals a day? I track here fine, but would really like to have an app help plan better. Thanks.. (please post name of app and the maker's name) DAVIESLIFE2004 2 HAPPYNAPPY14
8/4/15 9:54 P
i am so fed up with people telling me i need to stop now. ive lost enough. yes, this is the smallest i have been in about- well, we wont mention how many years. but i am feeling better all the time. more energy, happier, healthier... PSCHILD 8 LIZZIEWEINBERG
8/4/15 9:42 P
Has anyone seen the new cover for Women's Running magazine? She looks great! PICKLEFISH7 3 BUNCHLISA32
8/4/15 9:33 P
hi all im getting started and lookibg for buddys to keep me goin lol and im try to lose about 140 pounds in tge nexy year lol could use all the help to keep my fat butt goin lol DRAGONGOD131 2 BECCANEL73
8/4/15 9:33 P
has anyone tried the couch to 5k app? I tried it for the first time today and I'm highly disappointed in myself that I can't even slow jog for a minute straight without feeling like I'm dying! DAWNSHELL77 11 PAULACLARK2009
8/4/15 9:29 P
epic fail today. gave in and ate way too much, way to fast, & none of it was good for me or my diabetic condition. I need HELP! TIFFANIGETZ 10 HELLSPRINCESS
8/4/15 9:19 P
Going for a night bike ride. Always ride safely!!! Helmet, blinking lights, and most important brakes!!! Lol. BABYSYRINE24 4 AURORAGIRL75
8/4/15 9:18 P
Day 2 of weight loss challenge (for work). Had a filling but bland breakfast. Ate an extra 1/2 sandwich I hadn't planned on..Cursed at my carrots. Daydreamed of a hamburger. so overall, I'd say I did pretty good. Off to the friggin treadmill! JACI2015 4 SHINEWTHSLENDER
8/4/15 9:14 P
Ok I started a new page cause I didn't know how to edit the previous. I used the same pic so u can see who it is. This means I'm starting all over so help me STACEYLOSINGIT 1 STACEYLOSINGIT
8/4/15 8:59 P
does anyone think a Wendys hamburger is nutritious? 40NOW2007 8 BECKYISDOINGIT
8/4/15 8:58 P
question: how do you feel about regular cheat days? I've heard mixed emotions on this. The last time I lost weight it helped me stay on track, but who knows. Thoughts? SASSYSUE988 29 AURORAGIRL75
8/4/15 8:57 P
I want to start over but I don't know how to edit previous settings STACEYANDDAZ 4 STACEYANDDAZ
8/4/15 8:25 P
Hello, I recently took 2 weeks of steroids prescribed by my dr. I gained 25lbs. I am desperately trying to lose the 25lbs that I gained. Has anyone else had this issue? KATHRYN76MALONE 7 KATHRYN76MALONE
8/4/15 8:19 P
hi everyone. This is my first day here. I'm looking to lose 60 pounds and REALLY need help with motivation and will power. Ideas? Tips and tricks? SASSYSUE988 17 TUBAMOM5100
8/4/15 8:02 P
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