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Got admitted to nursing school for the fall. Was told I ranked no 1 out of 300 students that applied. I couldn't believe it, am like omg. I thank God for everything& all my hardwork paid off. It's just another blessing added along wit weightloss 😊 FRANCA19 13 CSJ522
5/6/15 11:42 P
Suggestions for mild to moderate intensity cardio videos. I. Am pregnant and can't jump, do high kicks, or general bouncing or yoga. TEAMSHEN 3 PROGRESSINWORK
5/6/15 11:41 P
I started 21 Day Fix Extreme today. Should have done the regular one first but it was a gift from my mom. But I recommend to anyone who doesn't like to count calories to give it a try. Meal plan is great. I'm doing the modified workouts. CSJ522 1 CSJ522
5/6/15 11:38 P
hi anyone have a Fitbit that wouldike to join me ? BOOTS1220 2 DEBBMATT
5/6/15 11:37 P
Hi :) I was wondering if anyone knows if Jillian Michaels still sells Protein Powder? I haven't been able to find it in months. Tastes great and only 100 calories per serving. If not do you know of anything comparable and as effective? Thanks!😃 HEATHEROUTLOUD 1 HEATHEROUTLOUD
5/6/15 11:36 P
Just weighed myself. I'm now 232.3 down 4 pounds IMBEAUTIFUL2015 23 HEATHEROUTLOUD
5/6/15 11:31 P
I work out late at night and I know it's important to eat after a work out but I hate to eat late and not sure what I should eat. Last night I had a banana, any suggestions? TIFFANY272 6 KATHYJOBRAD
5/6/15 11:21 P
Is anyone else using daily burn ? SWEETPLUMB 1 SWEETPLUMB
5/6/15 11:20 P
Just finished my first fast day on the 5:2 plan. Under 500cal was not as hard as I thought... Even have enough left for a glass of wine to end my evening :) SLARDIES 2 SHESALEO
5/6/15 11:20 P
Making baked zucchini chips tonight, hopefully they turn out good! I love exploring healthy cooking recipes :) CLARKS15260 4 RACH-AG01
5/6/15 11:19 P
Had a long day and just wanted to snuggle on the couch but managed to fit in a walk with a friend! We're trying to be active together everyday no excuses! Every bit helps :) AEKNAPP 6 SHESALEO
5/6/15 11:17 P
Yay! Just did 30 min of Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat Boost Metabolism workout and it kicked my butt! I am determined to complete the whole video tomorrow. Anyone else try this video?? It really gets you sweatin (: MRIVERA30 6 SHESALEO
5/6/15 11:14 P
im so sick of numbers...counting calories I eat/drink, counting calories I burn in a workout, how long does it take me to do a workout, bills, how long until I have to leave to pick my daughter up from school, how long until dinner, how many hours SHESALEO 6 AEKNAPP
5/6/15 11:08 P
Has not been a good weekend and week. I got really sick. Sinus infection and ear infection. Fever off and on. Then just as I stated to feel better the pollen count goes up over 500. So I feel like crap. I haven't gotten my steps in like I need for SPRINGROSE75 4 BBLUNDON1000
5/6/15 11:05 P
Today I went to the doctors and I got weighed, and I lost 6.8 lbs!! One month ago I weighed 236.6 lbs and today I weigh 229.8 lbs!! I cannot be more prouder of myself!! And all I did was exercise, change my eating habits, and my morning routine!! RAFFIEJOHN 30 IMBEAUTIFUL2015
5/6/15 11:03 P
Anyone juicing out there? Day three for me 😊 ABRACADABRANOW 13 MOSSAMI
5/6/15 11:00 P
Just stopping by to wish you a blessed day and happy fitness journey. ALICEART2010 10 IMDOINGTHIS4ME
5/6/15 10:55 P
Women, what do you recommend for chafing/sweat rashes? I got red and sore from sweat, working out.. want to make it better. ASHBER 8 ASHBER
5/6/15 10:47 P
100 lbs to lose AGAIN! PUFF-N-STUFF 9 PUFF-N-STUFF
5/6/15 10:36 P
I've been feeling sick thinking of food lately and it's hard to eat. I barely made 780 calories today. I'm not pregnant. I just don't have appetite and feel sick thinking about eating STARGAZER531 13 NUTINLOOKSLIKE
5/6/15 10:36 P
So after days of no change on the scale, I added about 200 caliries to yesterday's intake and only exercised once. It seems my body is playing catch up. Today, the scale moved a bit!! Thanks guys!!! HAPPYSUFI 1 HAPPYSUFI
5/6/15 10:30 P
Finding the bright side in having an incontinent dog, I get extra work outs mopping up the accidents! NAOMI_ACOSTA 13 PINKD333
5/6/15 10:20 P
I exercised today. I did some walking/jogging, some lunges and some squats. My legs are aching and it feels great. Today was a good day. SIMSHIZZLE 3 TOFUTHUG
5/6/15 10:01 P
I just watched the documentary "hungry for change" on Netflix... All I can say is WOW!!!!.. Wake up call!!.. NURSENIXON 9 TOFUTHUG
5/6/15 10:00 P
Thinking about do a juice detox to give my body a cleanse.. Any tips/advice?? NURSENIXON 2 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
5/6/15 9:54 P
I lost 90 lbs on weight watchers, have gained 45 lbs back and I can't seem to lose any. I'm starting to wonder if it is my mirena IUD, but before I have it removed I'm going to try this. I need my self esteem back. HILZ83 5 LOVSSUGAR
5/6/15 9:44 P
If you're reading this, I dare you to drink a cup of water. SOOKIE 709 ANGE1396
5/6/15 9:09 P
Need some serious moral support had a really bad pat six weeks after loosing a famil y to cancer then finding out a closing friend is stage four colon cancer sometimes I wish I could hit the undo button.. SHKAJO46 6 HOLLYANN2015
5/6/15 9:09 P
Hello everyone! I'm back. This year I lost 10 lbs in 2.5 months w/the SPP app. Unfortunately I stopped using the the app and gained the 10 lbs back. I learned my lesson and I'm here to stay. Take my advice and stick with it even when you're losing... MRIVERA30 3 GSABASS
5/6/15 8:52 P
Does breaking into our house count as exercise. .lol IMBEAUTIFUL2015 9 CATTONER
5/6/15 8:50 P
cant wait till Saturday!!! Doing the ColorUp5K with my daughters ... Going to be so much fun TXJEN4074 7 GSABASS
5/6/15 8:50 P
I'm going to be doing a 3 mile obstacle course in Aug. Anyone have any good tips? PICKLEFISH7 7 GSABASS
5/6/15 8:50 P
lost weight have been stressed over cancer test stopped exercising and eating healthy gained 11pounds feel bad about myself plus my cancer results came back positive for skin cancer boy now can anyone help me get motivated I need someone to motivate ALLJOYS69 6 CATTONER
5/6/15 8:50 P
Today I had a medium cookie and 3 small girl scout ones. I'm still within my range for cals and carbs and everything but I'll try to have fewer cals this evening. BEHAPPY2000 4 GSABASS
5/6/15 8:48 P
So I didn't feel like working out today but I did and I feel great about it thanks for the support PINKYLYNN55 5 GSABASS
5/6/15 8:45 P
My number is 8044908268 if anyone can text me and help Me get motivated ALLJOYS69 3 ALLJOYS69
5/6/15 8:44 P
how do i log my calories for home made chili? Do i add ingredients seperately? D3TERMINED 5 GSABASS
5/6/15 8:44 P
Well, after a few months off track and gaining about 5 pounds, I'm gonna try again. Living with pain everyday is taking its toll on me, but I'm gonna bounce back...eventually...some how. BEPATT 3 GSABASS
5/6/15 8:43 P
I have noticed losing weight my stretch marks are more noticesble. Does anyone have any sugesstions on how to get them to blend in with your skin. SMASON6 5 KEL_BEL_FX3
5/6/15 8:43 P
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