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when I finish my workout I feel so weak.. Idk if that's normal or not for someone who's really out of shape. I'm just doing a 30min workout video. I feel like a limp noodle lol ANGELAMARIEX31 1 ANGELAMARIEX31
12/17/14 3:10 P
Woo another pound down!!! Don't think I'll get my 25lb loss by Christmas but with 20lb gone I can not grumble at that result I'm so happy and I will keep it as motivation for festive season!!! We can do it people xx KIRSTY1982 10 FRAGILEPETALS
12/17/14 3:00 P
Oh my gosh! I dropped a jean size!! Eeeeekkkkkk :) TGLOVER14 12 FRAGILEPETALS
12/17/14 3:00 P
12/17/14 2:59 P
I'm exercising since may. But I have problems in sticking to diet. I haven't lost a gram,.but I feel better. The scale says I have 2 kg less grease in my body...more muscle? But I do need to lose 70 lb. Help!! ANDUCITA06 2 TAYLIANNA2
12/17/14 2:55 P
i make goals for myself every month. January's goal is to lose 20-25 pounds! What's yours? VERONICACLAY 12 ANDUCITA06
12/17/14 2:29 P
Getting frustrated. Dropped 10 lbs at a good pace, but now the scale just keeps wobbling 1 or 2 lbs above and below that number. I'm not cheating on exercise or calories, so why?? I'm not giving up, but it isn't very motivating. BREEGOLD 11 BREEGOLD
12/17/14 2:25 P
Gah! Dieting...changing the way I eat...from unhealthy to healthful has left me feeling grumpy. Does this happen to others? What do you do to make yourself feel better? MARIAYAGER 2 NEED_2_MOVE
12/17/14 2:24 P
Hourly commitment thread.. A place to pop in and out with a quick commitment when needed to stay strong. I've found this extremely useful on the main site. It's often easier for me to keep a public commitment than one I make to myself. JOL1KEY2BOL3 511 JOL1KEY2BOL3
12/17/14 2:23 P
Just finish 68min of zumba I would of done more but had to feed the baby feel wonderful JDLO3084 6 BMCC488
12/17/14 2:09 P
I'm wanting to do the color run this coming year! Any advice? (How to prepare, cost, fun...) JACKIEGIRL95 6 JACKIEGIRL95
12/17/14 2:09 P
i know those height to weight conversion charts are just a suggestion of a good weight for you but I thought it was ridiculous that the one I was looking at said as low as 97 would be healthy for my height.. I'm 5'2 so not THAT short lol ANGELAMARIEX31 16 ILLYMOONCAT
12/17/14 2:01 P
I'm so tired of starting and stopping, I can't figure out why I keep doing this. But, here I go again. ALRITEA 5 MARIR23
12/17/14 1:54 P
I think my stomach is use to eating smaller portions but what do I do when I just NOT Hungry but have to keep my calories up... I don't want my body to go into starvation mode???? MUNKEE23 6 AERO_NERDETTE
12/17/14 1:50 P
I Do 5 sets of Situps (Crunches) 6 times in the morning. I guess you can say 30. For no more than 2 minutes. How many should I do so that I know what I'm doing is working? GOODGYRLGONEGOD 3 AERO_NERDETTE
12/17/14 1:25 P
Has anyone tried water fasting or exercise fasting (burning what you eat). I am looking to fast for about 14 days to get a jumpstart. Obviously check with your Dr first to see if it's right for you. Would be interested in accountability buddies :) _MZCHELE 2 AERO_NERDETTE
12/17/14 1:23 P
How long before u can exercise after bronchitis? I got antibiotics last Thursday. Can I workout tonight? HEATHER9986 2 AERO_NERDETTE
12/17/14 1:15 P
Please ignore my previous post. Newb error and don't know how to delete it. DADDIORC 1 DADDIORC
12/17/14 12:45 P
It's time. 12/16/2014 11:44 PM, by DADDIORC Edit Blog Entry Hi everyone, I signed up for Spark years ago, but never actually used it until now. I've pretty much been a larger person since I was very young, but now it's gotten out of hand. My cu DADDIORC 1 DADDIORC
12/17/14 12:43 P
Can some one plz tell me why there is such a difference w my calorie goal, the pg where it lists the daily summary says 1200-1550, why??? AGOULD24 8 AGOULD24
12/17/14 12:17 P
Woo-hoo! First week weigh in down 5.5 lbs! I'm just patting myself on the back! RYDN_MARIE 10 KIRSTY1982
12/17/14 12:12 P
day 3 of tracking and so far so good however today I feel like I could eat the pantry. I'm drinking lots of water but anyone else have a suggestion on how to fend off old habits? VANESSAJN7 6 KELLBELL86
12/17/14 12:03 P
Hello FAM I'm new to sparks I want to know is there anyone on here follows weight watcher thanks n have a bless day we can do it SNUGGLES555 1 SNUGGLES555
12/17/14 11:56 A
Quiz for you:-) when you come home from a stressful day. What is the first thing you do? A.) Grab an unhealthy snack,B)Exercise at home or at the gym,C) Get on Spark and chat with people to stay motivated. Can't wait to read the responses. I choose C ANEWMEKIA 32 ANEWMEKIA
12/17/14 11:35 A
"The best kind of friend is the one you could sit on a porch with, never saying a word, and walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you've had" TOTALECLIPSE99 3 TOTALECLIPSE99
12/17/14 11:13 A
On board this morning, feeling good and then someone brings me a Starbucks Caramel Apple Cider at work. 😬 Only going to drink 1/4 of it. WYO_CASEY 2 CANNSMITH1
12/17/14 10:43 A
The biggest loser group is here for the next couple of weeks. ..... tune in. .... you'll see where I live. :-) KATHYMAG 1 KATHYMAG
12/17/14 10:40 A
Whoo!! Really bad asthma today! ! Ugh! !! KATHYMAG 5 KATHYMAG
12/17/14 10:39 A
I am eating low-carb high-fat but I cannot change my goals percentage to raise the fat amount in spark people. Does anyone know how to do that? ZUEYLOUIE 1 ZUEYLOUIE
12/17/14 10:28 A
I see so many chats of people struggling with motivation. The truth is, you're not always going to want to eat right and work out. Do it anyway. Sometimes it's easy! But if it were always easy, we'd all be in shape and at healthy weights. RAHRAH_CHIC 14 MELANIEB1974
12/17/14 10:08 A
I decided to split my meals so I have dairy and fruit for breakfast, vegetables for lunch,and grains and protein for dinner. Is that healthy/eating balanced and well? EMBATC 3 TAYLIANNA2
12/17/14 10:03 A
Does anybody know how to find people on here to add as your friends? MIDWESTGANGSTER 2 TAYLIANNA2
12/17/14 9:58 A
Good morning everyone today's question is, what is your favorite workout music rather you at home or the gym? Can't wait to read some of the responses. :-) happy music and always happy chatting. Have a good but healthy eating day! ANEWMEKIA 13 TAYLIANNA2
12/17/14 9:50 A
Happy Wednesday Everyone! 'If you're tired of starting over, stop giving up!' Have a terrific day! MELANIEB1974 7 TOTALECLIPSE99
12/17/14 9:48 A
Emotional eating TXASH1836 1 TXASH1836
12/17/14 9:15 A
How can I add meat to suggestions for meal plans? Thank you. VZE32CZZ 1 VZE32CZZ
12/17/14 9:05 A
I need new friends that will motivate me to work out consistently. AEGISHOT 3 TLWARE9
12/17/14 9:04 A
Anybody have the Jawbone and want to be teammates for motivation?!? WYO_CASEY 3 JAUTEN83
12/17/14 8:48 A
Hi! Just started today and already went over my calorie intake 😩 But, tomorrow is a new day! Yay! Add me, I need friends 😁 CRYSTALDIAZ81 10 WYO_CASEY
12/17/14 8:09 A
I'm wondering how fast I should be running on the treadmill? I am running 5mph right now which I realize is slow but I am also just starting out again. Any thoughts on this? ERINM10 10 MELANIEB1974
12/17/14 8:04 A
skinny feet ? GGRSPARK 6 BSIMON989
12/17/14 7:52 A
Anyone else starting all over again, had lost over 90 lbs by early last year. Put it all back on since October 2013. Time to start again and this time not look back! Anyone in the same boat or any encouragement???!!Β‘ REDELAINE1990 23 SPATIQUE1
12/17/14 6:38 A
New Year, New You weigh-in Wednesday blog post is up. Head over and weigh in if you joined my challenge! TRAVELISSA 2 JENNYPOOH913
12/17/14 6:02 A
Guys I need your help. Just seen the doctor for a check up, I have now lost 41kg, the thing is she is now concerned I am training for an event next year but just don't eat enough. is there anyone I could either message or email for help. AdeπŸ˜„ TOTALECLIPSE99 1 TOTALECLIPSE99
12/17/14 5:52 A
I've reached my first goal of 210 and beat it by a tenth of a pound! I started at 223, and now weigh 209.9 ! Yippie BRITTTREADWAY 65 JAYISOLDEM1
12/17/14 3:51 A
I am going to try the "walk away the pounds" video by Leslie Sansone. Anyone try these with any success? KIMBO1227 13 AEGISHOT
12/17/14 2:11 A
I need help with minimizing my bread consumption. AEGISHOT 7 AEGISHOT
12/17/14 2:07 A
If I get Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana Hero from my local Pizzeria, how do I get the calorie, fat, protein etc etc etc content to put in my daily food log....? JOEYBABY11 3 JOEYBABY11
12/17/14 1:50 A
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