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Well, the end of the second week and I have lost only 1 lonely pound, which considering thanksgiving and 2 trips to golden corral buffet with family from out of town, I guess losing 1 pound is not too bad. I am glad this week is over. Back to normal CHEFSTEVE_6 1 CHEFSTEVE_6
11/29/15 7:45 A
It's going to be a great day😄 CBULLIS1 3 SHUGGY12
11/29/15 7:43 A
Dragging myself out of a warm bed to go running in cold wet woods. If I type it here I'll actually do it :) Okay, ladies and gentlemen! Off I go! ANNETJE 9 ANNETJE
11/29/15 7:43 A
All those who are religious here, pray that I will have the strength to fast soon. I realize we shouldn't announce it, but I NEED the strength from others, and I haven't done one in so long, I also need the cleanse from it, physical AND spiritual. ANON76 4 JS4242
11/29/15 7:36 A
New here...after baby #2 decided need to get back in shape, started going to the gym again and have been GAINING weight. So I thought I def need to track what I'm shoving in my mouth and some accountability. Hope to get down 35 lbs by spring. ASTERIAS16 4 PEGSTOLZ1
11/29/15 7:34 A
Today, on the way home, i felt so thirsty and was thinking about buying a high calorie carbonated beverage. but at last, i was succeeded to make my mind switch to home made lemon juice. yes, i chose the healthier one! i really do love myself. JAFRINA 8 JS4242
11/29/15 7:34 A
Heading out to a turkey trot for the morning! Have to run off some pigging out! Hope all goes well! Let's do this, gang! -HORSELADY- 13 -HORSELADY-
11/29/15 7:26 A
Ok friends could someone please take the time and tell me what they eat .what kind of food or meals do you. Have in 1 day in 1 week just need help teaching out SETHSETH1 13 QUERIDAANA
11/29/15 7:14 A
I ran my second 5k ever today. I knocked 04:39 off my time and managed to run the whole time! It's the small things that keep us going. ALTRIA_FATE 36 LEEFJL
11/29/15 7:08 A
Anyone know how to work on exercise balls without losing balance and plopping off? I just got one, and the core strengthening routines I can't seem to do because I keep falling off. Does this just require practice, or am I doing something wrong? ANON76 2 SW.ARTIST
11/29/15 7:06 A
If you are reading this, I challenge you to post one thing you are proud of yourself for with your fitness journey! MIKANORI 529 JOYCESHUBERT
11/29/15 6:40 A
I'm new any easy ways to work this app NUTIE1 1 NUTIE1
11/29/15 6:27 A
23 y.o. Never had issues with my eating/weight before, had a surgery a few months ago, adopted binge eating and gained weight. Have tried and failed a few times since! 165lbs currently. Need to lose 30 lbs in 3 months. Need motivation and support! JOANNAH92 14 GSABASS
11/29/15 6:26 A
Stress sucks how do you deal with it? AMCELROY4 34 GSABASS
11/29/15 6:24 A
Can't believe November is over! 1BOOMBALATTY 3 GSABASS
11/29/15 6:23 A
New here. Any tips for starting? ACESPLACE 7 GSABASS
11/29/15 6:22 A
How do you get motivated to get moving when you weigh so much? I currently weigh 250 lbs and it's so tiresome and dragging me down. I don't see how others do it. Thanks f2for your responses :) SEXYSIZEME 9 GSABASS
11/29/15 6:18 A
Hard to be around family that isn't supportive of logging food and counting calories. Everyone is different and it's great if they don't need to do that, but I do. Need to focus on the many + voices & not the - ones. KTWEB37 5 GSABASS
11/29/15 6:13 A
There is no hope for me :( G-MACATIE 24 GSABASS
11/29/15 6:12 A
Well, I fell off the bandwagon. Not *too* badly, but I essentially stopped logging for a week due to travel and definitely ate some things I should have avoided. Tomorrow starts fresh! PORTIAFIMBRIATA 4 GSABASS
11/29/15 6:11 A
New to this. I usually start and stop changing my lifestyle over and over again and never accomplish the results I would like. Need some accountability. Please help. LEONA357 11 1BOOMBALATTY
11/29/15 5:43 A
I'm nearly 600 calories short of my 1290 goal for the day any suggestions? HANNAHGOLSEN 27 ANNETJE
11/29/15 3:59 A
This app is starting to annoy me - I can be reading through replies on a thread and it will suddenly jump back to the newest thread! SHAPEUPCHELLE 1 SHAPEUPCHELLE
11/29/15 3:36 A
Just finished my second 5k in 36:14:30!! So proud! Are you running 5ks or more? What was your motivation? Mine is my step mom!! She got me started and is my biggest inspiration!! Xoxo Mae MAEMURCH 17 ANNETJE
11/29/15 3:24 A
Tonight Hubby told me he's scared that he's going to end up like his dad who is very obese and mountains of health problems as a result, so he's jumping on the wagon with me! Hubby's not obese but was on the path. Now we're getting healthy together. OVERCOMER15 23 OVERCOMER15
11/29/15 2:31 A
Today is my last day scale obsessing until Jan. 1st. I am determined to go 1 month without looking at the scale. JMSTURDY 5 HELMENER
11/29/15 2:26 A
Going for my goals , starting with a nice run and a good swim , maybe biking and rowing too . First things first ?????? Lot's of cardio .......i love it ???? 13BUDOKA12 1 13BUDOKA12
11/29/15 1:55 A
Just did my first solo run for distance outside. 4 miles, 37 degrees and rainy. JMSTURDY 12 LIZZHOLM
11/29/15 1:52 A
I'm looking for a buddy or buddies to help keep me motivated MATTISYN-N-EVYN 1 MATTISYN-N-EVYN
11/29/15 1:37 A
11/29/15 1:32 A
I'm on the road, trying to find something good to eat! So much deep fried when traveling' ROWENA118 10 2GEESMOM
11/29/15 1:16 A
My mom has a piece of cake before bed and I joined her. Argh! Can't wait to get back home to my routine. IASM78 1 IASM78
11/29/15 1:11 A
Plenty of rest! It helps! RUNMOM45 1 RUNMOM45
11/29/15 12:56 A
Gonna head to sleep so I'll be ready in the morning! Not a morning person but I'm gonna try! RUNMOM45 8 RUNMOM45
11/29/15 12:49 A
I could use an accountibility buddy, maybe someone i can chat with wheni get cravings. I need to kick my soda habit! Im 30, wanting to lose 30-40 lbs. TURBOGIRLEMMA 2 THERAWISHVEGAN
11/29/15 12:44 A
I went way off track the last few days as far as diet. I did exercise and get my water in though. Been discouraged and not seeing any pounds come off for two weeks..... CHRISTINAMZ 5 THERAWISHVEGAN
11/29/15 12:43 A
Had a break during Thanksgiving now it's crunch time!!!!! Back to exercising! RUNMOM45 5 THERAWISHVEGAN
11/29/15 12:42 A
I'm deiting now not tommorrow NORABEE_77 13 THERAWISHVEGAN
11/29/15 12:42 A
Off the wagon. Just trying to keep everything going on in the right direction. I think i can focus on monitoring water. Exercise and nutrition are an after thought to life crisis right now. All will be better soon SUSIESPARK4444 4 KAHANGI
11/29/15 12:42 A
eating a pear for late night snack. not really excited about it, but oh well. no candy left after i tossed it the other day! ATHENAPHONE 2 THERAWISHVEGAN
11/29/15 12:41 A
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