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11/14/17 10:10 A

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I agree with the posters below in that I think you need to answer or figure out whether it's the taste, texture or just the idea of "healthy" foods that you don't like because they need to be dealt with differently. Nirerin below also has great ideas.
Personally, I think cauliflower is a pretty strong tasting vegetable (that I like!) and am surprised that someone who doesn't like vegetables would go for that - so you have a win already! If you really want to eat healthier then you need to think of which strategies will work for you. If you "think" you need to eat healthier but really don't have the motivation to change up your meals a little bit then you are probably just setting yourself up to say, "well, I just don't like that kind of food, so I can't change." I have a son with a lot of food allergies and he LOVES to try different foods because it's always exciting to find something good that he isn't allergic to. And I know "picky eaters" who pretty much set their minds that they don't like certain things and any options you give them are shot down because they deliberately limit what they will try based on what they think they like and don't.

Do you cook? If so, that makes it easier to try to incorporate small amounts of different kinds of vegetables into your meals to see if you like them. For ex. - do you like potatoes? If so, try to substitute a whole roasted sweet potato - it gets soft and caramelized and is sweet. If you make sandwiches/burgers, can you add some salad greens or roasted red peppers or onions to them? Can you switch your buns to whole wheat? If you like lasagna you can add some finely chopped vegetables to it that won't really change the flavor or texture. If you don't cook, look for healthier versions of frozen/prepared foods that include vegetables or beans. Do you eat beans? Hummus? Do you have Trader Joe's or Aldi's near you? They have a ton of prepared foods to try that may be healthier versions of things you like to eat.

I think it's great you are on SP and looking for solutions. In the worst case - you start substituting healthier versions of the carb-loaded foods you like and take it from there! Good luck!

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11/14/17 5:45 A

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You keep trying new things until you find what you like. So you might add 1/4 cup of broccoli to your Mac and cheese. Try broccoli or spinach nuggets. Add in 1/4 cup of sliced zucchini to your pasta. When you try something new make a note of what you did not like about it so that you can make a better stab of it the next time. Because the pickier you are the more you need to keep trying things. Do not force yourself to eat a whole zucchini in one sitting, but do make yourself try a few rounds coated in cheese and fried. Then evaluate. Was it the texture or the taste that was an issue? Texture could mean chopping it up smaller and mixing it with corn and salsa or shredding it into pasta sauce. Taste could mean pairing it with a spicy Asian dipping sauce or a strong cheese. Once you try a little bit move it to the bottom of the try list and move on to the next thing.

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Do you not like the taste of the foods, or are they actually repulsive to you? At a certain point you've got to let go of the idea that everything you eat is going to be delicious, and eat foods that are ok but that are good for you, and that you for ok, at least much of the time. I would love to live a life of steak, ice cream, tacos and smoked salmon, but if I did that my life would not be very long. So instead I eat a lot of salad, because I like veggies much better raw than cooked, and I eat a lot of chicken with Franks Buffalo Sauce on it, because anything Buffalo-flavored is good in my book. Or I have smoked salmon and thin sliced cucumber and tomato on Rykrisp rather than on a bagel slathered with cream cheese.

I don't think you need to force yourself to eat things that make you ill, but at the same time, if you think about food as fuel at least some of the time it becomes easier to just eat the food because your body needs it rather than because it's entertainment.

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11/13/17 9:09 P

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Learn how to cook and healthy food tastes better. Tonight I'm having red potatoes with salt and pepper roasted in olive oil, italian peas sauteed in olive oil, with a little finely chopped shallot and finely chopped garlic, salt, pepper and chicken broth. My protein tonight is baked salmon, with a mustard finishing sauce. It could be marinaded pork loin, or grilled steak, marinated grilled chicken, or roast ham. Last night I went to a local cafe and had 3 French Crepes, served with roast ham and melted gruyere cheese, with a little hollandaise type sauce drizzled over the top. the dish is delicious, high in protein and low in sugars.

The other night I went to a local Sushi chain and had seared Ahi Tuna in a wasabi sauce and topped with micro greens. A california roll (which is simply cucumber, fake crab, avocado and a little white rice). I won't eat eel, or squid, or fish eggs, but I do like that tuna, the cali rolls and even their pineapple cream cheese wontons if I am on a cheat day. There are shakes I make with salad greens, frozen fruit and protein whey I like as much as ice cream. Its sweet and cold. I get the same satisfaction as if I were eating ice cream. It's like a Jamba Juice smoothy but better because I know exactly what I put in it. I sweeten with agave nectar. You are going to have to experiment and try new things to find what you like and how you like it prepared.

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11/13/17 6:31 P

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Hi Everyone!
I just joined SparkPeople! I am trying to lose weight and be healthy but the problem is, I am the pickiest eater on the planet. I eat worse than a child. There is not one vegetable I like (Although I just tried cauliflower and that wasn't horrible). The only fruit I eat is apples, watermelon, sometimes a banana. I like the flavor of berries but I have texture issues so the only way I usually eat them is in a smoothie. I love carbs. Pasta, pizza, mac and cheese. I sometimes eat chicken nuggets. If I eat meat, which isn't often, I will only eat a burger with ketchup or a taco only cheese.
My question is for all of you, how can I start eating healthy when I can't stand the taste of healthy food. Any strategies of how to force myself to eat it because I just can't. Thank you!

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