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Periods and eating

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2/6/14 7:34 A

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Lots and lots of people experience this prior to or during their periods, and I don't think anybody really understands why it happens, though there's plenty of guesses. The important thing is it always passes in a couple of days, so whether you're able to tough it out or whether you consistently "blow it" it's not going to have much effect on your weight in the long run. You will be fine, however you choose to deal with it, as long as you don't let it mess up your head.

For myself personally I find that simple awareness of what's going on ("oh, it's THAT thing again") helps immensely in keeping the nibbles from taking over. Since I know it's not going to last forever, it's not that difficult to just focus a little bit more on good food and good habits on those days, and then soon enough it's gone. I don't worry overmuch about calories (again, just a couple of days, no big deal), but I do try to pay extra attention to those other things, for the discipline and positive reinforcement of it.

There's a whole thread on this sort of thing recently that probably has some things in it that will help. The title is "bottomless pit".

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2/6/14 5:44 A

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While I am not in menopause yet I have had the weirdest periods for the last year. When its that time of the month I feel possessed by food. Yesterday I got in 45 minutes of exercise and then blew it by eating everything under the sun. I don't think its because I was hungry because I ate a good amount of protein, had chicken and sweet potato for dinner with broccoli, then decided to eat a tuna salad sandwich. What is wrong with me?? Why do I not have any self control?
So frustrated!

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